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The following exchange happened between me and a potential client.  It should be noted the potential client does not have any graphic design experience.

Client: What do you use for design software?

Me: Depending on the project either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Client: Is that a subscription service or do you buy the software?

Me: I paid for the software like five years ago. Wasn’t cheap.

Client: Is there any way you could make a copy of it?

Me: What do you need it for?

Client: I’m looking to do my own lettering for this project of mine. I had a falling out with my former graphics guy.

Me: You do realize that you’re asking me to pirate a copy of software I make my living on so that you can do the kind of work I get paid to do, right?

Client: No offense. I’m just tired of settling for what I can get other people to do and I keep asking for changes and can never get them to do it.  Never mind, for what little I’m going to do, I’ll just handle this myself.

Want to know if freelancing is for you? 


Off to hopefully fix my lappy, ahaha. It basically died over the weekend and at this point I am just hoping I can get the data off it;;; I want to post pictures!

I’ve been checking the actuallyautistic tag and one post made me remember that my Software Architecture professor always used “autistic” as an insult (his words, roughly translated, were something like “Software developers are not autists or freaks, we actually have to interact with other people and we can’t stay hidden in our caves”) and I spent like half of the semester dying to tell him that I can’t not be autistic when I actually am… But since no one outside my core family knows about it, it would have been weird…

no baby it’s just a bad night i’m absolutely fine: a collaboration between the sainted max and myself


In “honor” of @julialepetit‘s amazing attempts to draw Pokémon with nearly zero knowledge of them (a series that I hope @drawfee keeps going forever), I decided to mock-up a couple of old-school GameBoy inspired covers for them.

(I do plan to do one with her Spheal and Shuckle… like a back cover, but I don’t have good software, so it’ll take time. I don’t have the money for Photoshop. I’m literally stuck with MS Paint. Ugh.)

So two years ago I made a redrawn fame from SnK and I thought: “why not try again?”. Well… my style has changed, I feel it looks more expressive, rough edges in coloring (not too much blending) which I like a lot and i changed my coloring software. SAI was good but Potoshop got me. Hope you like it!

are you sapphic? do you like video games? have you been looking for some new friends to play with or just casually chat with?

this is a group/discord server for woman-aligned people who would like a chill space to talk about games and find others to play with! we focus on having fun pretty much! there is a separate chat isn’t just limited to gaming, and voice chat isn’t at all required to join! we’re open invitation, but you have to send an ask or and fill out a small form here to be eligible to join!

nonbinary sapphic people are definitely allowed! sapphic trans women are definitely allowed! sapphic aces are definitely allowed!

(discord is kind of like skype! it’s a text chat + voice chat software that you can also use in browser! think teamspeak but free! see more information here!)

- must be sapphic/wlw (lesbian, pan, bi, etc.)
- cannot be under the age of 16 (sorry!)
- a mic is not required! a camera is not required! discord doesn’t require cameras at all!

- no terfs / swerfs allowed.
- religion is a shaky topic and shouldn’t really be brought up! this rule is pretty loose and very situational. arguing over religion or bashing someone’s religion isn’t okay at all!
- try not to bring discourse™ into the channel! (it’s okay to talk about your experiences and to vent!) -
on that note, discussions should be civil and peaceful. arguing should be taken outside of the group one-on-one!
- be mindful of upsetting or potentially sensitive topics!
- no nsfw discussions, even if you’re just showing someone a game! if need be, a second channel/chat will be opened for people over 18.
- there are some things that go without saying, general bigotry is not at all tolerated.
- keep in mind the ages of others, please keep what you’re saying appropriate for the channel you’re in.
- don’t spam! warn other people before pasting long messages into the chat, and wait until you get a few oks before sending!
- swearing is allowed! you shouldn’t join if you aren’t comfortable with it, sorry!

if you can’t follow major rules, you’ll be kicked temporarily from the channel only once. after that, any major rule breaches can result in a ban! please be respectful of others! don’t worry too much, the admins are really understanding and making mistakes is ok! it’s ok to forget sometimes and as long as you’re respectful and do your best, you’ll be ok! no one will be mad at you for making a mistake!

wondering more about what discord is? have any questions? want to see the other rules? you can look at our faq or send an ask! anon is on but will be turned off if abused!


The New Normal.  (I like outline now)

I’ve always thought that I was a panster. When it comes to first drafts, I usually sit at my computer and write and write without any real plan. I just let the words come and hope the story makes some kind of sense. If it doesn’t make sense I shrug it off and say, “hey, it’s just a first draft. It’s supposed to suck.” Once the first draft is written then I usually print out the manuscript, go through it page by page and then write my scenes on index cards just to see if the story works. 

I have seen the truth. This is no longer my most efficient way to write. 

As you guys know, I finished draft 1 of Pretty: For A Black Girl last month and I sent it out to beta readers. Ok, sooo apparently beta reading takes a long time. Some of my beta readers have had the book for over a month and I have yet to receive notes even though they assure me that they’ve been reading. Either the book sucks hard or they are slow readers. There is also the very real option that I am simply impatient. I will accept any of these possibilities can be correct. So, I am waiting for feedback and notes before I dig into draft 2. 

While writing draft 1, I decided that I NEEDED to be finished with the book.  I just needed to get it out. Needed it on the page, so that I could breath. So, I stopped by pantser ways and literally sat down and outlined the last 4 chapters of the book. I used scrivener and wrote synopsis for every chapter and outlined exactly what needed to happen.  I churned out those last 4 chapters like it was nothing.

So now, I am taking a break and enjoying being back in New York, but because I am me…I came up with an idea for a new novel that currently has the working titile of, “Tunnel Vision.”

So, far, Tunnel Vision is the easiest write of my life. Last weekend, I sat down and outlined the entire novel. Every chapter, every scene and every event. I broke down my story and plotted every detail.

I didn’t touch my scrivener file for a week, but during the work week while on the subway, while in the shower, in the moments before bed, I let myself be taken away into my characters world and decided exactly how I wanted certain things in the story (already outlined) to play out.

Yesterday, a week after plotting the story, I sat in Panera bread and wrote 10k words. I got to Panera at 10:30am and I left at 7:15pm and in that time I just wrote and wrote. 

It turns out that I am not a panster. I work really really well with outlines. And, it’s not a big deal. I’m still being super creative and my characters are getting away from me and I am discovering things and situations that I never saw coming. But, having a plan is amazing.

I took some screenshots of my scrivener file in order to give you an idea of how I’ve outlined my story and how it’s coming together.

Below are some links to help you outline. Let me know if any of these options works for you!

For Scrivener Users:

A Scrivener Tutotial: Outlining
Simply Scrivener: The Outliner
How to Use Scrivener to Create Easy Outlines

How to Outline:

How to Outline a Novel (Even If You’re Not an Outliner)
7 Steps to Creating a Flexible Outline for Any Story
The Snowflake Method For Designing A Novel
Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes  
Plot outline creation: 7 smart methods

CORE: Log Entry: One

The doctor reached to a nearby table, and handed me an on-hand set of scrubs to cover up with, which I donned quickly to maintain my modesty as best I could in the situation. My eyes were still adjusting to the bright lights in the hallway, and putting on the shirt blocked it for just the right amount of time for them to adapt once I’d pulled it over my head.

I was still barefoot, but at least I was wearing something. The sea-green scrubs weren’t exactly the epitome of high-fashion, but I was in no place to really complain. The bottoms of my feet were in a permanent chilly state, which made traversal at least moderately more comfortable somehow.

“There you go. It wouldn’t do to have you walk around in the nude. I have a reputation to maintain,” Gaster concluded.

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I'm using photoshop and the lines I draw are severely wiggly. I remember you saying that clipartstudio has pen stabilizers, so should I get it? Like by how much percent will my lines become smooth? Thank you!

This is just my personal opinion but I really don’t like drawing in photoshop because I’m someone who uses lineart alot and photoshop. Can’t. Line. At all. I mean if you’re doing lineless painting, then photoshop is ok but the lines are so unstable and aren’t smooth at all. For that to happen you’d need to buy a plugin (Lady Nezumi)…Pretty sure this is because photoshop is ACTUALLY meant for photo editing, not for drawing. I recommend getting software that is really meant for art, like ClipStudio, which is pretty much a cheaper version of photoshop but with a stabilizer.

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For the last anon, I'm currently an intern at SpaceX and I can tell you that we look for everything beyond comp sci degrees. We still want mechanical and electrical engineers as well as software engineers, like your professor's husband. Take a look at our careers page on the website, there are a TON of opportunities. We are very selective, though.

Just some reference for the anon, and anyone else looking to pursue a career at SpaceX

A software problem which has already been solved, but not everywhere.

In the early days of the WWW, some websites were a lot better than others. Some places you would fill out a form and it would log you out and forget your stuff; the meaning of icons varied across the web; ….

Nowadays, there are a lot of Standards. There’s a certain way things generally work. Visual cues consistently mean the same thing and work the way I, as a semi-daft user with a lisp and a peg leg, would expect it to, without any further thought or research.

How did this wonderful increase in usability and optimisation happen? I think it’s due to JQuery.

For those who don’t know, JQuery is a bunch of software libraries that do common tasks like “initiate twitter-like pagination” or “build a form” the right way. In other words, some people who had seen a lot of good and bad choices, wrote some functions that any other programmer can use, and wrote down all the best 500-line programs so that other people could do them with just 1 line(If you still don’t understand what I mean by a “library”, look at the third or fourth lesson on an introduction to C++ tutorial – somewhere in the beginning the instructor will explain why sometimes you want to take a long program and split off bits of the code as separate functions.)


So here are several problems that have all been solved very nicely. The problems were that:

  1. not everyone has the time/funds to perfect every last nanometer of their website
  2. not everyone has the expertise to do everything perfectly
  3. consequently, users had a bad experience
  4. consequently, less business was transacted online
  5. many people were solving the same problem
  6. too much code was being written to solve the same problem in different places
  7. consequently, management’s and programmers’ interests were disaligned.

The problem was solved through specialisation, as well as programming techniques like abstraction, callbacks, encapsulation, so on.

How far can this Library solution be taken? I mean both in the sense of economic viability and in the sense of programmability.

  • If I’m typing in some random stuff into R, I kind of expect that sparse matrices are multiplying in the best way possible, or in general that calculations are being done as quick as they could be.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if every data structure could automatically tap into any relevant mathematical theorems that reduce calculation time or provide insights?

    For example the computer shouldn’t literally add the numbers 1+2+3+…+97+98+99+100 because mathematicians already know that 1+100 + 2+99 + 3+98 + 4+97 … = 101 × 50, which is way quicker to calculate.

    Wouldn’t it be great if data structures could automatically “know” (via libraries) any theorem about curvature, graph traversal, Yoneda lemma, and so on, without the programmer having to be a maths textbook him/herself?

Is this impossible? Or has it just not been done yet?

    A Very Short Fact: On this day in 1995, Microsoft’s “Windows 95” went on sale.

    “President supported vigorous anti-trust campaigns involving high-profile government lawsuits against Microsoft, Intel Corp, and American Airlines. In its case against Microsoft, the Department of Justice alleged that the software giant – which held a virtual monopoly over desktop computer operating systems – had deliberately attempted to squelch competition by requiring major computer manufacturers to include its own Microsoft Explorer Internet web browser package along with its entire Windows 95 operating system software. Under these conditions, software companies like Netscape, which produced their own web browsers, would be unable to compete on a level playing field.”

    [p. 63, Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction by Manfred B. Steger and Ravi K. Roy]

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    Image credit: Military Field Computer running Windows 95 - National Cryptologic Museum. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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    Hey ! Could you tell us how do you proceed to make a pixel art ? Do you draw it first ? Is there software to use ? Things like that °w°

    Well all that infos on my about page/description but i cant remember rn if this is in there, but no i dont draw out my pixels traditionally (if that’s what you meant?). I do usually have a picture in my head of what i want it to look like though, then i like, scribble draw the linework so i have my basic form then work over it 👌👌 not the best or the only way, but its my way, i’d encourage ppl to just find what works for them really but yeah this works for me


    Here are my lock screen and phone background 💗💗💗 I’ve been tagged to do this over a million times (lol I love exaggerating) After getting a new phone I finally figured out that it was the best moment to do it 😘

    Seems like the software update hates jungkook and wants to hide his faceuuu 😂😂😂My bad jeon… I tried but it would just keep on staying there till it’s actually updated .

    I tag
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    Some thoughts on drawing software

    I’ve dabbled around with a few drawing applications over the past few years. This is my own subjective opinion, and the situation around each software is very likely to change down the road from here (August 2016)!

    Painttool SAI -

    It was my first drawing software back in 2010 and I do still love it a lot. I no longer use it much though -  the lack of filters and text input can be quite frustrating. However it’s still a really solid software to start with and tons of amazing artwork get produced on it (iirc the top chinese artists on pixiv all use SAI).

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