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Headcanons for Jumin reacting to a punk MC? Like, with dyed hair, piercings, and tattoos. Thanks!!

hey anon\ (•◡•) /  thanks for stopping by! (and i..honestly can’t remember how long i made you wait but..ehhhh)

hope you like this~ [side note this got so long wh a t ] 

  • mc was understandably very nervous going to meet jumin for the first time
  • because? he was a renowned business man?? and they did not look professional At All
  • they thought he wasn’t going to like them anymore when he saw them 
  • but there was no going back now…
  • the guard knocked on the door, telling jumin they were here
  • “mc?” they heard jumin’s talking to the guard. “let them in”
  • oh boy oh boy oh boy here we go
  • deep breaths, mc. it’s ok 
  • they go inside, putting a smile on while they walk in
  • “hello jumin…” they say, bracing themselves for the look on his face
  • he’s smiling…..what?
  • “mc…it’s so nice to meet you.” he said, voice calm.
  • …what?
  • “I didn’t know you were coming over, my apologies.” he says, snapping mc’s attention back to him
  • “oh, no! it’s fine, jaehee told the guards I was coming..”
  • does he…not mind? 
  • “well, I’m glad you came. Would you like a glass of wine?” “Sure, thank you.” “Oh, I could get you some dinner, too.”
  • they guess……not? 
  • the two of them sit down for dinner and to talk 
  • side note: mc never had a meal this fancy before
  • but anyways, they were starting to get comfortable, eating slowly
  • “may i ask you something, mc? it’s been on my mind for a while now” “of course, jumin.”
  • oh no here it comes
  • “what do your tattoos mean?” 
  • wait that’s also different than what they thought he was going to ask 
  • but they answer. telling him about the one that was a reminder for their bad days, the one they got in memory of their grandmother, that one random one they kind of regret getting..
  • he pays attention to everything. and after they explain all that
  • “do you have anymore questions?” “three.” he says, they gesture him to ask
  • “first, your hair color is interesting. what made you get that shade of green? and what made you get a piercing there? did it hurt?”
  • listen jumin is best friends with V, crazy hair colors probably isn’t a problem
  • overall, he’s more curious than anything. but he totally doesn’t mind!
  • there’s meanings and stories behind those tattoos and he thinks piercings are interesting
  • he makes mc take them off for important meetings and in front of the press, though 
  • but he’s really supportive of mc’s expression of themselves and even though some people think it’s totally weird because they look like the most dysfunctional couple, he actually loves it omg
Nohrian Festival: Leo and Takumi Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Wow, three people requested this one. As expected, the little brothers are super popular. I personally love them because of their original Japanese voice actors (Leo: Mamoru Miyano / Takumi: Yuuki Kaji) and I was so looking forward to listening to them… and then the localization cheated me out of it. 

Their conversation is a bit stiff, so I’m guessing they were making room for just in case if you didn’t get their A Support moment already. Both little brothers are little shits and cutie-pies simultaneously, which is probably why they came in first place (Leo) and third place (Takumi) in the popularity polls. Other popularity polls also have Takumi in first place and Leo in second or third. 

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Woop!! Hello!!😀 I wanted to know if the members (V & Serean too pls) would steal a kiss form their s/o while they are sleeping.(like she would be like "EHHHH!!" or like "AAAAHHH BABE NOOOOO!!" in a joking manner when they are cuddling)

Hello! I hope you don’t mind that I twisted this a little to be “RFA + V and Saeran give MC a kiss to wake them up in morning”



- He wants to take advantage of this opportunity!! Gain some serious boyfriend points!! He wants to gain at least 2 levels in his Romancer status

- So he gets out of bed and quietly makes breakfast for MC and when it’s finally prepared he decides to wake them up like Prince Charming!! 

- “You once promised to wake me up with a kiss - I’m just repaying the favour!”

- MC has to muffle their screams in a pillow - this boy is just too precious


- OKAY MC would have to specifically tell Zen that they don’t want to be waken up this way or else he’ll do it ALL THE TIME

- Zen the monster that he is is a morning person and MC is never able to wake up before him to get revenge

- They’ll probably squirm and jokingly protest about their morning breath

- But he’ll gasp comically and roll them over so that MC is lying on his stomach

- “Ah, True love’s kiss! Hehe, isn’t it so powerful, MC?”


- To be honest Jaehee and MC generally wake up together to the sound of Jaehee’s alarm clock but one morning she happens to wake up a few minutes before the alarm and just happens to remember a certain scene from the musical her and MC watched together the previous night…

- Well it couldn’t hurt to try out, right?

- Okay in the end - Jaehee is the one that’s embarrassed

- MC teases her relentlessly - quoting the musical cheekily and over-delivering every line

- In the end Jaehee throws a pillow at MC in jest


- Jumin almost always wakes up MC this way

- MC is NOT a morning person and Jumin is highly aware this is the best way to wake them without incurring their wrath (that and pancakes)

- He’ll tell them “good morning, my love” but between each word is a kiss

- Any look of tension on MC’s face slowly drifts away and Jumin has to smile a little at the effect he has on MC

- In return, MC kisses Jumin in the same way before he goes to bed


- Seven doesn’t wake up MC with just one kiss - he wakes them up with a BARRAGE of kisses - this is WAR

- “Agent 606 - prepare yourself!”

- Litters MC with kisses all of the place; their face, their neck, their stomach - occasionally tickling them and blowing raspberries

- “The best secret agents are ready for an attack at all times!”

- But MC knows the best ways to win against Seven - go for the kill

- They suddenly pull Seven into a long passionate kiss and he falls over beside them, needing a moment to recover 

- F A T A L I T Y


- Sometimes V just really doesn’t want to get out of bed 

- Why get out of bed when he could just stay curled up with his beautiful MC?

- And he knows if he wakes MC with a tender kiss, they’ll be sure to stay in bed with him for most of morning, cuddling and whispering sweet nothings sneaky sneaky V

- MC just has to sigh because it’s not like they’re objecting because tired V is even more romantic than fully-awake V but suddenly they know their productivity is shot for the day

- not that they’re complaining though 


- Admittedly Saeran tried this at first just because he was curious

- But he LOVED MC’s reaction

- MC tries to greet him good morning then tries teasing him then tries scolding him almost all at once but words just DON’T FoRM 

- So he just kisses them again and he just has to laugh at their red face!

- Saeran just loves flustering MC and this is just about his favourite fluster game to play with them!

Wow that was SOMETHING.  Happy 100, y’all!

I have a lot of thoughts but it’s late so I think I’ll sit on them a while longer.  My main takeaway right now however aside from being REALLY EXCITED about BIG PLOT ARC KICKING INTO GEAR is… …I’m glad Scanlan started giving people the apologies they deserved, now I want them to start giving the apologies back that they also owe him, because Scanlan still does not understand how much the team loves him.

For my money best scene of the night was Scanlan and Vax because 1) MY BAES 2) MY SHIP 3) VAX ACTUALLY APOLOGIZED HE WAS THE FIRST SO FAR and also when he was like “are you happy” and Scanlan was like “ehhhh” you could probably PHYSICALLY HEAR MY HEART BREAKING BUT ANYWAY

good night friends see y’all tomorrow


You finally agree to talk to Taehyung

Caught Cheating Series:
Part 1 :: Jimin and Yoongi
Part 2 :: Namjoon and Jungkook
Part 3 :: Seokjin and Taehyung
Part 4 :: Hoseok

Road to Recovery Series:
Part 1 :: Yoongi and Namjoon
Part 2 :: Jimin and Jungkook
Part 3 :: Seokjin and Hoseok
Part 4 :: Taehyung

Make-Up Series:
Part 1 :: Jimin and Jungkook
Part 2 :: Yoongi and Taehyung
Part 3 :: Seokjin and Namjoon
Part 4 :: Hoseok

Break-Up Series:
Part 1 :: Seokjin and Jimin
Part 2 :: Namjoon and Jungkook
Part 3 :: Hoseok and Taehyung
Part 4 :: Yoongi

Now all we’ve got left is break up and make up series~ I wonder who I’ll do first… >:) Get ready, y’all~

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15, 20, 65, 72, 117, 135, 143 💕🐙🤗 (also i hope these are the right numbers bc I'm on mobile 😂)

15:Favorite quote?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.“ - Gandalf, Lord of the Rings

20:First thing I notice in new person? 

Apart from obvious stuff like their height, physically its their eyes and in terms of personality I guess their sense of humour

65:Do I believe in luck? 

Ehhhh not particularly, no. I think lucky things can happen and people can be lucky but I don’t pay much attention to it really

72:Can I touch my nose with a tongue? 

Nope, nearly though (definitely didn’t sit here trying that for a few minutes)

117:What concerts have I been to? 

I haven’t really been to any proper concerts, I’ve been to a few free concerts where like an orchestra plays but usually those are just chilled events so I don’t know if they count as concerts

135:How many kids do I want and what will be their names? 

I’ve always liked the idea of 3 kids (2 girls and a boy) with one of the girls being called Grace, and getting the name Jaime (obviously) in the boys name somewhere and the name Aurora (my best friend from school who is the reason I’m still alive) in one of the girls names

143:Favorite pizza topping?

Chicken and bacon or pepperoni

Thank you for asking lovely!! <3

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For the album ask thing do danger days!!!

Favourite Track: The Kids From Yesterday or Summertime tbh
Least Favourite Track: aaaaaah, Bulletproof Heart. It was the first song I learned on bass, but I don’t like it at all
Underrated track: definitely Summertime
Overrated Track: Ehhhh, Na Na Na

//send me an album

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I'm having a hard time getting into star trek... like from what i saw it's great but at the same time I feel like i wont understand all the science stuff

Aw star trek has like no real science, you ever hear Sciencey words it’s basically all made up buzzwords !! The original series might be a good place to start because I feel it’s really fun and accessible and gorgeously period. TNG is also alright but be aware the first like 3 seasons are kinda ehhhh but then it gets really good. Meanwhile ALL of deep space 9 is fuckin top quality and you can forget that Voyager and Enterprise exist

Translated the Nagisa/Rei Interview from the Free! ES Vol. 5 DVD~

Today we will be interviewing the Iwatobi Swim Club members Nagisa Hazuki and Rei Ryugazaki.

Nagisa: Thanks for having us!

Rei: Yes, thank you very much for having us here.

Nagisa: Hey, Rei-chan, you nervous or something?

Rei: There is no need for me to be, with someone like me! How about you, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: I’m pretty nervous myself hehe.

Rei: Please don’t lie.

Nagisa: Ehehe!

Rei: I guess it’s kind of pointless to ask you if you’re nervous, but anyway, let’s get started!

Nagisa: Roger!

All right, then first, please tell us about how you two met each other.

Rei: I used to be affiliated with the track team before, but then Nagisa-kun invited me to the swim club. Since we were in the same class, he wouldn’t stop talking about it, and I guess it started from there.

Nagisa: Yup yup! I was in charge of recruiting new members, so I tried my best! And then afterwards when I saw the name on your shoe box, I was seriously super surprised! But more than anything else, when you flew over that high jump, I thought it was really beautiful, so I thought to myself that if you were to swim, it would be just as beautiful!

Rei: I still don’t get why you thought my name was valid reason to invite me…

Nagisa: Hey, but it’s all good though! Rei-chan is a great name! Rei-chan, Rei-chan, Rei-chan, Re–!!

Rei: Gahhhhhh, please stop saying people’s names like that!!!

All right then, now we would like to introduce a theme for you two to talk about! 

Nagisa: Aw yeah I’ve been waiting for this!

Rei: Why do you know about this, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: Cuz this is the third time I’ve done this type of interview ☆ I’m a super veteran!

Rei: I suppose you do have experience in this field then… 

Continuing on with the free talk, the theme that we would like to introduce to you two today is the following: You wake up and SURPRISE! You’ve switched bodies! What do you do?

Rei: Absolutely unbelievable.

Nagisa: Hey hey, it’s just a what-if scenario. W~h~a~t~I~f!

Since you two seem to be quite opposites of each other, please let us know what you would do if you were in the place of the other? What would you want to try?

Rei: Such an absurd illogical thing…saying it would be…

Nagisa: If I were Re—

Rei: Absolutely not.

Nagisa: But I didn’t even say anything!

Rei: You don’t need to say anything for me to already know. For example, you would say “If I were Rei-chan hmm~ In the morning on the way to school I’d go running with butterflies for a bit~ Then  challenge the train to a race a win, then for lunch I’d get super sweaty while joking around with Haru-chan and Mako-chan, then I’ll swim butterfly the wrong way, and on my way home I’ll pole vault back using only 5 steps!” or something like that.

Nagisa: ……..

Rei: You seem to have a serious face of “HOW DID YOU KNOW I WOULD DO THAT?!” Don’t tell me I actually got it right!

Nagisa: Nah, I’d pole vault home in 3 steps, but pretty close though! ☆

Rei: What is exactly “pretty close?!”

Nagisa: Hey now, how about you, Rei-chan?

Rei: Ah….that’s right. If I were to do this then well, as the saying goes, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Fufufu….muahahahaha~~~

Nagisa: Re…Rei-chan…what exactly do you plan to do with my body?

Rei: Please do not refer to it in such a indecent way! I uh…that’s right! The first thing I would do…is wake up at 5am and drink a super healthy green shake (T/N this tastes like shit lol), then give all my beloved strawberries to my sisters!

Nagisa: EHHHH!!?!?!?

Rei: And then #2! On my way to school I will read the math book that I love so much and then do some arithmetic by timing myself mentally.

Nagisa: What?!?!

Rei: And #3! Lunchtime. I would break apart the Iwatobi Surprise bread and give it all away to pigeons!

Nagisa: But that’s my lunch…!!!

Rei: But that’s not all! #4! Swim Club. I’d do chest exercises, back exercises, and 300 push-ups before going into the pool!

Nagisa: Gou-chan would kill me!

Rei: And lastly, #5! On the way home I’d give my strawberry dessert to my sisters and then go to bed by 9pm!

Nagisa: That’s…if I were to do that my body would definitely break and spontaneously combust!

Rei: Fufufu…Do you understand this now? If I were to become Nagisa-kun, exactly what I would do…

Nagisa: No! I do not want to change bodies!

Rei: That’s good!

 You two seem to get along very well in class, but how about outside of school? Do you hang out often?

Nagisa: We always go home on the same train, and we often go back to Rei-chan’s house to hang out.

Rei: Nagisa-kun visits very often, so he is very accustomed to my entire family. 

How do you spend time at Rei-kun’s house?

Nagisa: Well, there aren’t any manga books in Rei-chan’s house, so we would watch DVDs, talk, and also study and do homework.

Rei: Your grades have definitely improved, so you really are trying your best, right Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: Hehehe, you’re making me all embarrassed…Rei-chan’s the one who taught me after all, so even though I was really bad at math before, I’ve come to understand it now!

Rei: If you concentrate on the problems before you, I’m sure you’ll be able to pull through.

Nagisa: Thank you for everything always, Rei-chan ☆

Rei: You’re very welcome.

All right, then the next question we have for you is what do you think about your senpai, Haruka Nanase-kun and Makoto Tachibana-kun?

Nagisa: I love them of course!

Rei: Yes, I do as well. The two of them are very respectable senpai.

Nagisa: Ah, that’s right! For this question we need to…hold up…*fumble fumble* AHA! ☆

Rei: A…video camera? 

It’ll be good to use it! 

Nagisa: When I did this interview with Haru-chan last time, we forgot to bring it so, all righty then, Rei-chan, come here~

Rei: Is this going to be a video letter? Nagisa-kun, don’t you think you’re a bit too close? Shoot this properly, please!

Nagisa: Ah, I just got a shot of your glasses!

Rei: ……

Well then, first please record a message for Haruka-kun.

Rei: Ah, yes…well…”the reason why I wanted to enter the swim club was actually thanks to seeing Haruka senpai’s swimming. When you taught me how to be free, I was very happy. I hope that no matter what times you go through, I want Haruka-senpai to swim in his own free way.”

Nagisa: Ah, thanks!

Rei: And what about you, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: I already did it last time, so it’s all good.

Thank you very much. Next up is a message for Makoto-senpai.

Rei: Thank you for always being so nice to us kouhai. Makoto-senpai is the core of the swim club and always lets me feel very warmly welcomed. You’re a very reliable captain. But we hope that from here on out we will be able to grow ourselves and perhaps in the future, Makoto-senpai will be the one who will be able to rely on us instead, so let’s do our best from here on out!

Nagisa: All right! Thanks for the content ☆! Let’s have a viewing next time since I have Rei-chan’s, Mako-chan’s, and Haru-chan’s messages!

Rei: Wait…if you say that you don’t mean…no one has recorded a message for you?

Nagisa: Ah, is that so? Maybe?

Rei: Wait, that just won’t do! I suppose it can’t be helped. I’ll be the one who will record it next time, from Haruka-senpai, Makoto-senpai, and also from me as well!

Nagisa: Wait, it’s fine really!

Rei: No, it’s not! Why would Nagisa-kun put others in front of himself? Here, please lend me the camera.

Nagisa: Ehehe, thanks, Rei-chan.

In closing, please leave a message to everyone who is reading this interview!

Nagisa: Thanks for reading our interview! Doing an interview with Rei-chan was super fun! I hope that when times are bad for Haru-chan and Mako-chan, they can look back and think about the good times when we were able to laugh and think that everything will be all right. I hope we can give them that assurance. That’s why please cheer us on from here on out—we’d be very happy if you did!

Rei: Thank you for reading this far. I cherish all the time I spend with Haruka-senpai, Makoto-senpai, and Nagisa-kun, and with all of our power, we would like to continue swimming from here on out!

Thank you very much for your time!

Episode 9: You guys were really trying your best even until nighttime!

Nagisa: We repeated our exchanges so many times that we basically etched the time into our bodies!

Rei: Doing the exchanges was indeed interesting and fun—quite different from track actually.

Nagisa: I know right! So then let’s train again today~

Rei: That is a most excellent idea.

Haruka-kun is quite a celebrity.

Nagisa: As expected of Haru-chan!

Rei: Why, it should be obvious since Haruka-senpai shows his real self when swimming!

Nagisa: Captain Mikoshiba also went to a kind of swimming university also!

Rei: Well, he is a very strong person after all.

It seems that Rin-kun and Makoto-kun were talking about something important.

Rei: Ah, it is quite a surprise to see that Rin-san was there.

Nagisa: And it really hurt when he flicked me on the forehead! I must plan my revenge.

Rei: Don’t get too ahead of yourself. Even though it was a bit surprising, it was good to see each other again.

Nagisa: Yup! And next time it’ll be war!

Episode 10: Unfortunately, you were not able to make it to your own individual events.

Nagisa: Well, that’s what you get from regionals, I guess.

Rei: We realized that what we have been doing so far really hasn’t been enough.

Nagisa: Well, at least during that time Mako-chan also didn’t make it, so we were all pretty worried…

Rei: That’s right. But at least Haruka-senpai was able to come back to our side in the end.

Nagisa: I wonder if we were able to swim well that time?

Rei: Of course we did!

The interaction between the two competing teams was very hot and cool, though!

Nagisa: I thought that no matter what, I definitely can’t lose to Ai-chan!

Rei: What about me?!

Nagisa: And Haru-chan said he wanted us to give our all to compete with Rin-chan’s team so…

Rei: Yes, it really motivated us strongly!

Nagisa: Mako-chan was also super heated up!

Rei: That’s right. It was a very reliable moment!


The Reigisa is strong in this.

Racist Dan.

I’m actually proud of how this turned out considering it’s my first art-gif-doodle-thing edit: honestly I’m kind of sketched out at myself for making this I feel like it was maybe not such a good idea to choose the racist one and make it all cute and sparkly? I just liked the facial expression but now I’m kind of ehhhh


Mathieu Ganio and Olesya Novikova, Giselle, 2007, Mariinsky Theatre, uploaded by judithbooth

I never really paid much attention to Novikova, mainly because I thought she was just one of those many pretty Russian ballerinas with perfect technique but less depth to their dancing. This performance has proved me wrong. I’ve only just finished watching the mime scene in the first act, but I’m already blown away by how well Novikova brings Giselle to life: it’s like im actually hearing Giselle and Albrecht talk! She also doesnt quit acting when the mime scene is over, like when Giselle’s friends enter and she mimicks ‘wait here, I’m gonna say hi to my friends for a sec’ at 7:30. She keeps herself in the role of Giselle the whole time, sneaking glances at Albrecht, keeping him in sight at all times. When Mathieu touches her arm at 12:20 you can almost feel the shiver down her spine yourself, like she cant believe this beautiful mysterious boy is paying attention to her. Also a very cute moment is at 8:20, before she starts her tiny solo, she makes this tiny gesture at him as if to say 'look, i’m dancing for you!’. So cute and considerate, with most dancers I feel like they are dancing for the audience but with Novikova’s Giselle it’s all 100% for Albrecht. But what I love most so far is the imperfections she (deliberately!) incorporates in her dancing. for example her dancing with Albrecht isnt perfectly synchronised or when Mathieu does a double battement she only does one, she does has a heart condition after all. I don’t like the first act of Giselle at all (not into the whole pure, simplistic innocent peasants-thing) but all these tiny little details make the character of Giselle less two dimensional and more of a real girl made of flesh and blood, rather than the ditzy innocent virginal peasant-princess others tend to make of her (or maybe thats just how I see Giselle, I reeeally do not like the first act…). She reminds me of Carla Fracci, also because she has this sweet heart shaped face, very fitting for the role of Giselle.

Ehhhh this turned out to be longer than I expected and I’m only 15 minutes in lmao… I’m gonna continue watching it, and you should too, if you havent already!

Gemsona REsubmissions.

This is to all the owners of the 100 previously submitted gemsonas that could appear on New Home.

I’m not taking new gemsonas right now. Not until a few days from now. 

I’m asking you to resubmit them because I wanna murder some of them and it occurred to me you might not like that. (Some of you love it though, weirdos.)

I also need you to add information! It turns out a lot of you were missing more information than I thought… and I may have… lost some.

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5SOS’ first Instagram pics are like reflections of their personalities.

We have:

Ashton: being all deep and stuff

Michael: being the diva that he is. Look at that amazing fringe!

Calum: it’s all about friendships

Luke:….ehhhh I give up…

anonymous asked:

i know its okay to like problematic media as long as you acknowledge the problems but what if its as problematic as two and a half men or amanda palmer? is it still okay as long as you acknowledge the issues?

ehhhh I don’t know if I agree with the first part, like, it’s a good intro line to get people understanding that studying the effect of media isn’t  equal to “YOU MUST HATE EVERYTHING” but, it’s flawed in its simplicity/reductive quality

like: it’s not “okay” to like a rape joke that belittles victims just because you say, “yep that’s a rape joke, technically bad but I’m going to like it, did my part to acknowledge the problematic.” 

It doesn’t mean you’re an evil person for understanding a type of “humor” we’ve all been taught since we were little. BUT, I think sometimes this phrase functions too much as an escape hatch for avoiding deeper critical thought about what we like, and what we’re allowing to happen when we continue to allow problematic themes/shows/concepts to profit off us. 

It’s useful as an introductory phrase but I think we sometimes get stuck in a loop of saying it over and over to each other, and it gets said more often than “hey, this is why X is a problem, and why we should think twice about throwing money at it even though we like other parts of it.”

That was sort of a roundabout way of answering your question but hopefully it helped. I’ve only been familiar with criticisms of both things you mentioned — haven’t really watched two-and-a-half-men for more than 10 minutes on my own, in other words — and I’m sure both eventually have “good parts we can enjoy”

but… you know. Yes, it’s “okay to like them,” no, I don’t think our focus should be about alleviating our guilt by figuring out whether it’s okay. We can’t always control what we like. We can control how we attempt to shape media for the future.

(I’m not 100% positive I’m making sense and I think people have expressed better than I have the reason I’m not this phrase’s biggest supporter.)

Please consider a TitanicAU! with MiyuSawa where:  

  • Kazuya is an elite.  His dad owns a steel company (which is about to go bankrupt, sorry) 
  • Eijun wins tickets to board the Titanic where he can start a new life (*cue Rapunzel’s ‘When Will My Life Begin*)  

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AkaKuro: Afternoons
  • <p> <b>Kuroko:</b> "Hey, Akashi-kun, can we go to the movies tonight?"<p/><b>Akashi:</b> "Oh? And why is that? You know I have paperwork piled up from the firm that needs to be squared away as soon as possible."<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> *sigh* "Nevermind, Aomine-kun has been wanting to go see the latest film with me anyway. I'll just tell him I can go-"<p/><b>Akashi:</b> *narrows eyes* "Go with Daiki? No, you won't. My schedule can wait, it seems I'll be able to go with you after all. He can go with Kise if he wishes."<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> *giggles while Akashi kisses him on the nose* "Jelouse, aren't we?"<p/><b>Akashi:</b> *pulls kuroko towards the door* "I have no idea what you are talking about."<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> *rolls eyes while smiling*<p/><b>Ooc:</b> ehhhh, this is my first time doing this sort of thing, it really sucks. Tell me if you'd want anything like this again in the future ~ Roo<p/></p>



advice when commissioning a person

if you don’t like a thing, be polite about it

artists aren’t mind readers and they’re usually receptive to making small changes if there is a mistake, but don’t complain about it. They aren’t in your head, they can’t see what you expect of them, and it’s stressful to hear something that implies screwing up without any sort of guide on how to fix the mistake.


“but don’t complain about it”

That is HORRIBLE advice, Jitters. What the fuck are you even thinking? If he paid money he has the right to complain. Maybe not the right to have it fixed, but if he doesn’t like something he can and SHOULD at the very least tell the artist politely, like this guy has. And when in doubt the artist should always try to communicate with their commissioner unless they were specifically told to do whatever they wanted. AND if the artist doesn’t want to fix it then they shouldn’t not, under any circumstance rub it in and give a rude response like “yeah I’ll keep your money anyway fuck you”

But nah let’s just hugbox artists when they are criticised instead of helping them so they could do better next time I’m sure that will be really fucking helpful in the long run.

Woah, calm down. Jeese, was the swearing even remotely necessary?

How do I even remotely explain myself here when you misinterpretation basically what I was saying and ran with it?

“if you don’t like a thing, be polite about it”

There is a huge difference between “I don’t think I like it” and “Excuse me but do you think you could change this little detail here? I think it needs ______, sorry for the trouble.”

You think I’m saying people don’t have a right to complain if what they payed for isn’t what they wanted and that’s not what I meant. Ugh I’m really not in the mood to explain this right now. But what I mean is, it’s better to be helpful and polite to the artist and EXPLAIN what is wrong rather than COMPLAINING that something is wrong.

When you complain, all it does is make the artist feel like shit and it sounds like you’re demanding compensation. When you politely ask for a change, it allows them to fix the problem without feeling like they disappointed you.

Most of us WANT happy customers, we want people to be happy with what they buy from us, and when they aren’t happy we blame ourselves and feel like shit about it. ESPECIALLY when they demand things like refunds when we worked so hard to make something they would like.

You said what he said was polite, but it wasn’t. It really wasn’t. First he sent a complaint about the expression (and didn’t ask for it to be changed) then he said “I don’t know if I like it or not”. That is honestly very rude and vague.

Can you please lay off the girl? Jesus christ she just got out of a mental hospital and a shit situation and you’re sitting there whining about her being ‘rude’ when someone essentially rejected something she worked on all day without giving her a solution.

We want to hear “I love it, thank you so much!” not “Ehhhh I don’t knoooow it’s not what I was expeeeecting” without even a thank you.

It’s downright disrespectful. If you want to continue this, take it up with me and stop reblogging on her post because she doesn’t need this shit right now.

In the wake of all these updates and while we wait for the last one, a thought crossed my mind.

At first I was all like “ehhhh I dunno tho, Jack suddenly being like “I have feelings” seems a bit rushed” but then I remembered this comic is from Bitty’s POV (with like minor exceptions here and there) meaning we, the readers, do not see ALL of Jack’s development and we, the readers, also are not aware of Jack’s feelings and thoughts.

Therefore, if Jack does confess to some type of “feelings” (anything from “hey I’ll miss you too bye” to “I like/love you”) in tomorrow’s update, sure it might seem sudden, but then again, it’ll be whiplash for Bitty as well, because he’s been blocking it out himself. (Never fall for a straight boy, etc.)

Whatever is in store, it’s gonna be grand.

Stay strong, friends.