like at first i was all ehhhh

Gemsona REsubmissions.

This is to all the owners of the 100 previously submitted gemsonas that could appear on New Home.

I’m not taking new gemsonas right now. Not until a few days from now. 

I’m asking you to resubmit them because I wanna murder some of them and it occurred to me you might not like that. (Some of you love it though, weirdos.)

I also need you to add information! It turns out a lot of you were missing more information than I thought… and I may have… lost some.

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In the wake of all these updates and while we wait for the last one, a thought crossed my mind.

At first I was all like “ehhhh I dunno tho, Jack suddenly being like “I have feelings” seems a bit rushed” but then I remembered this comic is from Bitty’s POV (with like minor exceptions here and there) meaning we, the readers, do not see ALL of Jack’s development and we, the readers, also are not aware of Jack’s feelings and thoughts.

Therefore, if Jack does confess to some type of “feelings” (anything from “hey I’ll miss you too bye” to “I like/love you”) in tomorrow’s update, sure it might seem sudden, but then again, it’ll be whiplash for Bitty as well, because he’s been blocking it out himself. (Never fall for a straight boy, etc.)

Whatever is in store, it’s gonna be grand.

Stay strong, friends.