like as in their expressions

It’ll be YEARS but this will never not happen.
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new concept: u nd i as michael nd geoff, in palette # "I fucking hate horror games"

riley really hates horror games, and i love to laugh at riley hating horror games so here we are












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why ata?

ata in brazil is an expression like: “oh ok” or just “ok”
onde você estava? (where have you been?)
estudando para a prova. (studying for the exams)
ata (oh, ok)



Little girl lost in the studio (part 4)

A few minutes later Justin came back from talking on the phone to his manager. He had this face expression that i did not like, he did not look happy at all, like he was forcing himself to stay with us because he promised but he really does not have to stay. “Justin you really don’t have to stay,” I said getting his attention “I understand you’re in a bad situation right now and i really don’t want to make things worse.” 

“You’re not making things worse,” he said with a calming tone “you’re actually good for me right now. I don’t want this to be over.” 

“Okay..” I whispered looking over to malia who was choosing the flavour of her icecream. “It takes so long for her to choose.”  

He chuckled “Yeah, but it’s totally normal.” he got up from his seat and walked over to malia, together they chose something and they came back to sit. I had already told them what i wanted so i was looking through my phone, instagram was boring, facebook also boring and no one even texted me. They came back with our ice-cream and Malia immediately started eating. 

“Princess don’t eat so fast you’ll get a brain freeze!” He said playfully, he was like a child when he was talking to Malia. 

My phone started vibrating in my pocket so i got up “excuse me, gotta take this.” I left the table and walked somewhere far from the table. It was James.. “What do you want?” 

“What the fuck is my daughter doing with that son of a bitch,” He yelled in my ear, I put my phone away for a moment. “Talk.” 

“What makes you think you can talk to me like that?” I snapped back. “You have no right to come and act all jealous right now, Justin wanted to be with Malia and you said you couldn’t come pick her up.” 

“I don’t fucking care, i’m coming to pick her up.” 

“I don’t think she would want to come with you.” 

“Oh yeah? Watch me.” He said before he hung up the phone. What an asshole. With a fake smile I rushed back to the table. 

“Y/n?” Justin questioned looking up from his phone. 

“Where’s Malia?” I asked worried because she wasn’t sitting on her chair by the table. “Where’s she?” 

“She’s playing with other kids over there y/n are you okay?” He asked putting his hand gently on mine. I let out a deep breath as i watched her play with two other girls, they were running around the playground and Malia was all sweat already. “Y/n?” 

“I’m okay.” I said briefly. I don’t want him to put his nose in everything. 

“Tell me,” He insisted “You don’t look ‘okay’,” 

“Justin let it go okay? Just because you’re somehow good for Malia doesn’t mean i’m gonna tell you anything about my private life.” I snapped and i immediately got guilty. I just pushed him away and i’m not happy about it. His face expression changed and now he was looking at me with disappointment in his eyes. “I didn’t mean it like that.” I tried to save my dumbass. 

“I totally understand where i stand in your life,” He said looking at his phone again. “You don’t have to say more.” 

“I’m sorr-” I could not finish my sentence because of someone loudly yelling my name. James, oh how i’m ashamed right now, how did i ever agree to marry someone like this. And how is he here so fast? And how does he even know we are here? “James?” 

“Daddy!” I heard Malia’s voice excitedly and saw her run up to her dad. “I missed you!” 

My eyes started watering, although she said she hated him and although i kind off hate him, he’s still her dad. I have to accept the fact that he’s her dad and i nor someone else can put some other guy in his place. I watched him take her in his arms, hug her tight, kiss her temple, her cheeks, her chin and her nose and then he started talking. 

“Who are you playing with?” he asked looking at the other kids that were waiting for her. He waved at them and they got shy and ran away. 

“Melissa and Esme,” She said with a big smile “Melissa told me her dad owned a candy store,” her eyes were shining “I told her you are playing in movies!” 

He laughed and I looked over at Justin who was super interested in his phone at the moment. Why isn’t he paying attention to me?

That’s right princess,”

Justin looked up, there was something weird in the way he looked at me. Would it be because James never says princess to Malia? She told Justin he never said princess, that she liked it a lot, how does James know about this? Justin hit the table with his fist, wow, i would not think it’d hurt him so much. 

“I have a surprise for you,” James whispered in Malia’s ear, he whispered but it was so loud even Justin could hear it who was sitting 3 meters away from me. “You want to come with me?” 

“Yes!” Malia yelled before looking my direction. “Can i go with daddy?” 

“Sure baby,” I said bending my knees so i’m at her height. She walked over to me and I kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear. “What about Justin?” 

“Oh,” She said looking his direction, she walked over to him and gave him a hug. “Will you get mad if i go with daddy?” 

“Of course not princess,” He put her on the ground and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “We can always hang out right?” 

He was so sweet, Justin is husband goals and i still married James, how smart? Malia said her goodbye’s and walked out with her dad, leaving Justin and me in silence. He was looking at me with a disappointed smile. 

“What now?” I asked sitting on a chair beside the table. “since she’s gone there’s nothing holding us from going our own ways.. right?” 

He rolled his eyes, “I can’t believe you.” 


“If i wanted to go i would already,” He said, he was angry. “But since you want me gone, let’s go.” 

“Where are we going?” I asked confused. 

“Well ‘we’ are bringing you home.” He said annoyed. His face expression was so annoying, he was enjoying this and he was getting on my nerves with his actions.

I grabbed my bag angrily and walked over to the cashier, took out some money and hand it to her. “Keep the change.” I said smiling at her, but it was a really fake smile. I headed outside and searched for a bus stop, i saw one on the other side of the road so i waited for the lights to turn green. I looked back at the entrance of the restaurant we were at. Justin was nowhere to be seen, maybe he already left. He better be, because i can’t stand his ass. The lights turned green and i headed to the bus stop as i felt someone angrily pull me by my arm. 

“Ow,” I mumbled turning around. “Thought you already left.” 

“Thought I told you I was going to bring you home,” He grumbled pulling me with him.  “and how dare you pay while you’re with me.” 

“What you’re a gentleman now?” 

“Always,” He added, “take this.” 

He took the 50 dollar out of his pocket i gave the cashier and hand it to me. I refused to take it and headed to the car. He followed me and i felt his hand in my pocket. 

“I said take it,” He demanded “I’m not gonna say it again.” 

“Alright christian grey,” I mumbled rolling my eyes, “Oh i’m sorry, you’re even worse than him. He’s cute.” 

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#18: Asaara Adaar - @darkkittymews

#19: Ruslan Ar Fánaíocht - @arrowmaker247

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I mean when you read stuff from poc expressing their anger/unhappiness at white people like yeah, for a second it makes you feel bad, but then you think about it critically like "why is this person expressing this unhappiness? maybe it's because me, and ppl who look like me have consciously and unconsciously oppressed them and ppl who look like them for no reason." Like yeah it doesn't feel good to have ppl say they don't like you, but if you actually wanna be an ally, you get the hell over it.

^^^^^^ yup

Lance had come storming into the room, arms flailing about wildly he looked almost cartoonish. Keith was the opposite, following behind him slowly with a passive expression on his face and looking like he’d rather be anywhere else.

Lance stopped in front of the others where they sat, and he turned to look at Shiro first. “You-” he spat, “And you-” he turned to Pidge, “And especially YOU-” he pointed an accusing finger at Hunk, “My BESTFRIEND and my TEAMMATES, who I thought I could trust with my LIFE!” He wailed dramatically while Keith continued standing there. “Here I am, going about my day, where I thought NOTHING could go wrong because let’s face it - my life is PERFECT and you’re all just JEALOUS,” he coughed the last bit into his hand, “When I happened to walk past Allura talking to the mice about how YOU THREE,” he paused for effect, “Have been calling me and Keith HUSBANDS behind our backs, and let me tell you - we are both outraged, RIGHT Keith?” he turned around for confirmation.

Keith gave a shrug.

“See?” Lance whipped back. “Keith is FURIOUS.”

college student im jaebum
playlist: remember you by g-eazy

• studying music
• in his third year
• looks super intimidating but is actually so sweet
• like he has such a caring soul
• but he doesn’t get to express it often because most girls take one look at him at run in the other direction
• his friends try setting him up with girls all the time but jb either gets disinterested or the girls just get bored
• he’s a tough person to crack but once he breaks down his walls he’s such a nice person and really goofy
• he doesn’t do parties or things like that
• instead he’s more focused on music
• he’s actually the on campus radio dj
• everyone who is everyone tunes in
• he also does podcasts that people listen to as well
• he’s the dad in his group of friends
• him and jinyoung are always having to keep tabs on the others
• he doesn’t mind too much
• he’s among the oldest so it makes sense
• he can actually be such a child sometimes though
• blind dates have become a new trend in his life
• he doesn’t want to do them but his friends insist that he go on them
• so he tries whatever he can to leave during the date and go make some music
• but you were different
• he was actually twenty minutes late but to him it was just a plus to get to leave sooner
• you were annoyed beyond belief but even then he thought you were beautiful
• you cussed him out the minute he sat down and he actually felt guilty
• he didn’t think the boys would be able to pick someone he was interested in
• he quickly apologized and you ever so slightly let it go
• you were still annoyed but he was being sweet
• you didn’t understand how people could think he was an asshole
• the date went so smoothly and you two got to a point where teasing was something you just did in your relationship
• he loved making music for you and his singing was your absolute favorite thing ever
• you two had everyone envious because how could two people be so in love but also insult each other at the same time
• “hurry up and get your fatass out here.”
• “don’t call me that dickhead.”
• “i’ll call you what I want…..ow why’d you hit me?”
• “cause i can.”