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More art of Fareeha plz she's ADORABLE! XD

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Henrik could be slightly avoiding gay roles because he doesn't want to forever be known as Even from skam. Maybe trying new stuff establishing himself as and actor. It kinda reminds me of Thomas Haye(William) who also didn't forever want to be known as his character. The have never said that he wouldn't play gay roles in the future, I kinda get what the agency meant(badly worded tho), the industry is based on type casting, and gay roles are limited in the industry at the moment.

I don’t have a problem with his new agent saying “Look, we’re going to find you something very different for your next role to show off your range! We want you to get away from Even so next time, you’re going to play a villain who never smiles! You’re going to be a period film! You’re going to take a character part with no romance at all where you only talk about your passion for cheesemaking!” and Henrik going “Great!”. However, lgbt+ roles shouldn’t be their own “genre”. Ideally, we wouldn’t be living in a world where anyone would feel you could be typecast doing them and therefore need to distance from them. Realistically, I know that behind closed doors people in this industry likely are going to be thinking, “Well, it’s okay if you play gay but not too gay.” It sucks but I don’t really expect better tbh.

What I really have a problem with is that they felt the need to write this big No Homo right under his name. Henrik Holm, followed immediately by No More Gay. Maybe the best way to think of it is by flopping around what they’re saying this way: they essentially said, “whatever the next role is, it’s going to be straight”. Did they need to say that at all? When the vast majority of roles are already going to be written to be straight? Did they need to boil all roles down into “gay” or “not gay”? They may well have been pursuing a role for him next that features him as a Straight Male Lead to show his bankability but there is no excuse for them skywriting that across their press release. It’s homophobic, it’s sloppy, and it’s a shame.


I think my ❤ is gonna burst! I’m inspired by ALL of you. #ThankYouFor sharing ur stories and hearts with me. I see, hear, and love you all 😌