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I chose Team Mystic because I like blue and I like Articuno and I liked the look of the logo; I had chosen to be mystic long before the game had even come out in the UK.
But the more I see/think about the teams, I suit Team Instinct a LOT more - The eggs, the attitude with pokemon etc. I don’t have the attitude the stereotypical Mystics have XD I’d probably choose Instinct if I chose again XD
I also have THE BIGGEST crush on Spark like my GOODNESS


I dunno why I went for a classroom setting, but I bet Spark would have lessons outside XD


“When you’re in love with somebody, everything looks colorful.”
     ━ Dedicated to Selma

imagine a Fairy Tail Celebrity AU where Lucy’s an idol and dealing with nosy-ass reporters asking “What’s the most you’ve ever gotten from a guy?” and she’ll be thinking of Natsu first thing for some reason and answering, “A headache.”

:) a potentially bad friday turned out to be filled w/ good news, peaceful n fun! i hope all of you are doing well love you lots gn! <3

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FrUK for number 32 please?


THEME: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” / Arthur is in a ‘relationship’ with his professor but is really growing feelings for him.


It was never meant to turn out this way. This sort of thing wasn’t suppose to happen between them. The relationship they had was shallow, without any feelings. He didn’t need anything more than the short rendezvous after hours in his professor’s office.

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ILLUSIONS SHATTERED.     can i just say i’m not really interested in shipping,   unless it occurs naturally ;   i’m all about that slow burn kind of relationship   & this,   is very typical of natasha,   when she loves,   she loves with her whole heart but it takes some time to get there.   still,   shipping is NOT MY PRIORITY on this blog,   not just because of natasha’s general abstinence but also because i’m more interested in CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.   i want threads to challenge her,   make her feel something,   make her change her thinking,   put her into difficult situations   & etc.   i’m just getting tired of people not being interested in writing with me once i say i’m not interested in ships,   i am not here for that.   i want long term plots,   worlds   & universes.   i want something i can invest myself into.