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Hey, hey, hey! When you reading this, I would have 1K followers! I can’t believe I would have gotten this big number, so thanks so much! I want to get active, so I thought maybe I should do my very first tumblr awards! This is to celebrate everyone for following this shit blog, thanks for still staying here, baes. <3<3

Rules to Enter & Info: 

  • Follow this neville trash (he’s amazing ok)
  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • Follow this network (optional, but recommanded)
  • one winner and two runner-ups per catergory 
  • enter before June 11, 11:59 pm  - results would be out soon, probably the following week 
  • this must get 50 notes or I’m deleting this!

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100% OOC

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome, I didn’t expect my post would reach so many people. I thought there’d be like 10 people at best, but bOI AM I WRONG

So here’s me giving back! I’ll pick a winner and I’ll do a vector of your character in a similar style:

There’s a catch, though!
1. Must be a follower

(it is a follower giveaway! I’m ok with new people joining in!)

2. Only reblogs are counted

3. Deadline is Next Saturday, May 20th 12am EST

things you shouldn't say to people with ADHD/about ADHD

Ok so I see a lot of posts like “please understand you shouldn’t say/do this to people with anxiety/depression,” but I never see one for ADHD so I’m making one. Please understand I myself have ADHD and am currently unmedicated so while I will try to keep it short it may end up getting a bit long. I also would ask that you reblog although I will not look down on you if you don’t - it is a bit hard to spread awareness if no one does any actual spreading and honestly ADHD people tend to be the only ones who talk about it at all.

- (Said to me by a classmate) “You don’t need medication, you’re just suppressing your true self!” No we aren’t and yes we do. The level of severity varies from person to person, but I personally *literally am unable to function around people without it*, let alone deal with school.
- (Directly after previous quote) “Yeah you’re not the only ADHD person to tell me X was wrong, but…” Well perhaps the ADHD people know more about their own brain than a neurotypical person, hmm?
- (Actual comment on a steven universe episode) “lol he must be ADHD, no one cares about the stupid book we wanna hear about the gem history!” (or just, ‘wow they are enthusiastic about a thing, must be ADHD!’) Let me get this clear. Enthusiasm about something DOES NOT equal ADHD. ADHD is always inattentivity, but not always hyperactivity (ADD is ADHD without hyperactivity), and even when someone does have hyperactivity it is not the same as being enthusiastic about something!
- “lol I totally zoned out in that boring class, I’m so ADHD! *isn’t actually ADHD*” Does this one need explaining? ADHD is the literal INABILITY to pay attention, even if you are trying to! Getting distracted once - especially if you’re not really trying to pay attention - does not make you ADHD!
- “I won’t repeat myself because you should have been listening and if you weren’t you obviously don’t care.” This is honestly one of the most terrifying things I can hear because no matter how hard I try to pay attention I get distracted by something - I frequently realize I’ve been focusing so much on the fact I need to pay attention that I’m missing what the person is saying! If an ADHD person asks you to repeat something, please don’t assume they don’t care about what you said - we do, I promise, and that’s why we’re asking you to say it again.
- “But you dont act ADHD! You don’t *cites ridiculous stereotype such as getting distracted by a butterfly*!” …Does this one need explaining?
- “ADHD isn’t a real problem, stop whining. It’s just an excuse to pump kids full of drugs, not an actual disorder.” Well then would you like to take it from me? Try living in my brain for a week, or hell, even a DAY, and see if you still think it isn’t a significant problem!
- “Wow your meds really help you focus? Can I borrow some?” NO! ADHD medications, such as amphetamines and methylphenidates, are controlled substances and illegal to take without a prescription! They also affect ADHD brains differently from neurotypical brains. What is good for us is not necessarily good for you, and also it’s illegal which should really be your primary concern here.
- Not a quote but just something to keep in mind, as well as for ADHD people who haven’t heard of it - Even many ADHD people haven’t heard of this, but most (not all) ADHD people also suffer from something called rejection sensitive dysphoria, which means rejection affects us more easily than others (dysphoria means “unable to bear.”) This is because of the mental hyperarousal caused by ADHD, which stimulants do not help with although there is medication for it. The severity of this can vary, from mild (like my mom) up to almost completely controlling your life (like me and my dad.) This even applies to friendly teasing for some people, so just… keep that in mind, ok?

Thank you for reading and again I would very much appreciate it if you were to reblog, although I will not look down on you if you do not - this isn’t one of those “reblog or else” posts! ADHD is a serious problem and I don’t think very many non-ADHD people know much about it - even other neurodivergent groups frequently dismiss ADHD as not being serious, but it is and I want people to understand and possibly help other ADHD people not feel as alone as I frequently do. If you want to know more, as well as its magazine (ADDitude) are a fabulous source of information! Thank you!

Blog hunt! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


I recently cleared some of the blogs I was following and need a little bit more content to follow. If you have these for about 90-100% please reblog/like. If you’re a graphic maker it’s a bonus. If you have a Tagging and Queue system even better. NSFW are very much welcome. No hates, antis, none of that shit. No kpop blogs please. Lovely mutuals if you can, signal boosts are appreciated. Thanks!

Haikyuu!! (Multiships/exclusives are ok) | Voltron (preferably a SHEITH blog) | Boku no Hero Academia | Yuuri on Ice (preferably a VIKTUURI blog) | Killing Stalking

HEY HEY HEY I’M ASH and this is a brand new roleplay blog for a very canon - divergent  headcanon based  yandere - kun from the game lovesick : yandere simulator  !   can you please give this a like and/or reblog if you’d be interested in interacting with him  ?   thank you so much  !!  

i have recently just started accepting the fact that i may indeed be an ace. however until now, i feel like i dont have the right to declare it (just yet). because honestly i still fear the possibility that i will actually be sexually attracted to someone/anyone one day. and you know what problem it might cause? judgemental people talking behind my back because ‘supposedly’, sexuality is something that is permanent, not temporary. i fear the backstabs, the critical eyes, the possibility of being the center of a party anecdote. but you know what i’ve learned recently? screw what other people think! im only 18 for crying out loud and it’s alright that i still haven’t completely figured myself out. the mere fact that i am trying is more than enough! as a matter of fact, i should actually be proud of myself for finally embracing my sexuality. i know it’s still a lot of work but trust me, this little step already means a tad to me. i feel like im one step closer to finding my genuine self and not just the person or the facade that i wanted you all to see. and i dont know, there’s nothing more i could ask for.


Hi there! I’m about to change jobs and money is going to be a liiiiittle tight for a couple months. That’s okay and all but my new job isn’t nearly as close to home as my current job so I’m going to need to drive there, and registering my car is WAY more expensive than I realized it would be!! Unfortunately it’s not in my very tight budget to get it registered soooo! Art time!

With all of that being said, I’m opening up FIVE COMMISSIONS SLOTS!!
(I’m still employed full time so even though I would like to do more than that I really really can’t without overwhelming myself!)

$5 for icons
$10 for waist-up
$15 for full body
+$3 per additional character


And just to hint at the rules…

NSFW is okay!
Gore is okay!
((P much everything is ok just pls run it by me first!))

Again thank you so much! Anything is very very very appreciated!

A message for the JSE community.

The @therealjacksepticeye community is honestly a large family of good people and friends. I was very down today. I am by no means fully recovered but…i am able to type this. The JSE community is an amazing thing. I am proud to be apart of it. And even though jack can not reach everyone of us. We can. Through him we are a family. When one of us is down on their luck, sad, or their darkness is consuming them, the community helps. You may think that you are one person but that one person can save a life. Just a simple “hey man you are cool” can help. A like, a reblog, a comment, all of these bring us closer together. I want to thank those of you who messaged me when i couldn’t see the light from my darkness. You. You saved me, and in turn i will save others. I know this has been a long message but it is very much needed in these times. You are not alone. We all have darkness. Some are unable to defend against it and thats ok. Do not be ashamed to ask for help. Even if its just saying “hey.” to a friend. Thank you @therealjacksepticeye for giving us a means to help others and a amazing way of thinking. And thank you…all of you that follow this …page of mine. And all of you who are reading the tags. Thank You.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry for asking but do you know if there is a way we can email Hosoyan? I wanted to draw something for him since I heard about his poor throat :( and email him but I'm not sure if that's possible. I think on his website there's an email format but it looks like it's directly on the website. If you know, thank you in advance and if not that's ok and thank you :)

Hi there Anon! 

That’s really very nice of you! I’m sure he would really appreciate it ^^

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to email him/people who rely information to him other than from the link on his website…
(In case you need it: www. yoshimasa-hosoya. com/mail /index .cgi) 

If anyone knows, please feel free to reblog this post with information on how to email/mail things to him! 

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Nemesis submitted: I made this last night when I couldn’t sleep after I read the last chapter of Just Like You again. Not so satisfied with it but tell me what you think. Thank you for inspiring me.

Thank you so much for all of your beautiful works, Nemesis. ♥  As usual I adore everything you draw, this is perfect to me. I think you should be very proud of it. ♥ I am so happy and honored to have inspired you.

costumepartycosplay  asked:

I so don't understand why people think it's ok to harass you the moment you post something controversial.'re a fan with an opinion not the end all be all on all things Steven Universe. I hope you're doing ok. Your blog makes me happy (especially when you reblog my additions to your posts!) and I just wanted you to know that :)

Yeah, I know what you mean :/  Some people need to chill, I think.

I’m not doing too bad today though, thanks! 

Thanks so much for the kind words, it’s very much appreciated :)

Thank you very much! I tend to try approaching things slightly differently in every drawing. Since you reblogged the Link (I’m not a stalker ok =m=), I’ll assume you’re mainly asking about that one. If this is not the answer you’re looking for, please let me know. 

Step 1: Rough “skeleton” sketch. My skeletons rarely turn out to be much like the final thing, so I don’t really take this part seriously. Maybe I should…

Step 2: The real sketch on another layer on top of the skeleton. Since I was using much thinner lines than usual, I thought it was more important to do things in longer strokes. I forgot to do that for about half the strokes though, lol.

Step 3: Color skin and hair on a new layer. I used the first Oil brush in Clip Studio Paint. I believe the blending settings are on default, but I had messed with the size setting so that it makes sharp tapered points (basically it works like a pen brush). IMO it’s a lot more challenging to color like that so I wanted the practice, and I also wanted to see if I could potentially make an interesting style out of it. At the end I used a strong golden color on the tips with a soft airbrush. These colors are on one layer BTW.

Step 4: I made a layer on top to add red, green, and blue to the hair. I had trouble picking a good green. Oh well, maybe next time.

I made a layer underneath the hair/skin layer for the clothes. I used two shades of green, a very dark teal for the shadows, and yellow for the highlights. For the strap I used a dark red-brown for the shadow. As a last step I airbrushed a yellow on top of the hat and sides of the shirt, and a bright blue under the hat and on the top and bottom of the shirt. It’s my first time doing that, and I think I can make it work better next time. These are all also on one layer.

Step 5: I did the eyes and made a layer on top of everything else. I added some white with the pen brush. Pure white is okay for watercolor-y styles because it looks like the white of the paper, but I found white doesn’t work so well for other styles.

Step 6: One more layer of highlights. I used purple on an Add layer. I like diamonds because they make things look crystal-like, maybe. Some of the edges looked too sharp, so I blended them out.

Step 7: Color adjustments, disable the first sketch layer, crop, and done! :)

If you were/are interested in anything else or have questions, feel free to ask. :) I’m not sure if what I answered was what you’re looking for. orz

wow! first of all: thank you very much for - ̗̀ 17k ̖́ - that’s a mind-blowing amount of audience and im still very #shookt !! ok… so anyway, the last time i had my faves page, i only have like less than a third of my followers now (that was like, last year) so i thought maybe to thank you guys for being so lovely, i should finally update it !!

don’t delete the text bc it wont even show up on your blog ✨

what you must do:

  • must be following me (@peachisty)
  • reblog this at least once (likes = bookmarks only; more reblogs=greater chances)
  • pls let this be a thing bc if this won’t reach 20 notes, i’ll pretend it never existed
  • ends on: im not really sure but prolly when i hit 20k (3-4 months?)!

what you will get:

  • follow from me if im not following you yet !!
  • a spot on my faves page and/or friends page
  • huge chance to get a new adorable buddy (hint: that buddy is me)
  • daily/regular dose of cute messages from smol bean (in the form of me)
  • maaaany, maaany reblogs & likes from meee !!!
  • an automatic selfie-reblogger bc i lyk ur face
  • also my queue-bot will depend on you REGULARLY!!
  • u get a special birthday greeting (if fate permits and i remember)
  • also prolly a url doodle if i have time !!

how to increase your chances:

  • be my friend! like send me cute messages, tell me how was your day, let’s talk/chat! (?)
  • tag me on your posts: your selfies, day, etc using #peachisty && i’ll gladly reblog + like ‘em
  • be a nice human bean
  • follow me on instagram: flower.kid and like sum of my posts (send me ur user if u did)
  • have a similar blog maybe? (indie, bambi, art stuff) but it’s fine otherwise
  • have a really nice blog because this one’s basically it

i’ll be picking around 10-20 blogs depending on the number of entries!! thank you very much! keep on reblooping and i hope you guys will join!! ily !!! ily !! <3

[Translation] Wedding! Isn’t My Haru Cute? {MakoHaru DJ, Part 2/2}

Managed to finish this earlier than I thought so enjoy! {Part 1} is here btw o(^◇^)o

Usual disclaimer. Nothing is made from this, nada, non. Please do not use my pictures or translation without permission. If you enjoy this, please support the artist whenever possible. Without further ado, please enjoy!

Warning: NC-17, more of mako-chan being a kinky oyaji with wedding dress fetish ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Title: Wedding! Ore no Haru kawaii deshou? (Wedding! Isn’t My Haru Cute?)

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revolutionkeeper  asked:

i can't believe?? you held dan's hand??? you've been blessed. And you've gotten close enough to smell him? wow. It sounds creepy but I'm curious-- what did he smell like?? also i just wanted to say that those pictures you reblogged? the dramatic ones? I looked at those and out of reflex i very softly said "oh no" and then had to look away because maintaining eye contact with Dan Smith even in picture form is like looking at the sun

ok ok Dan is a masterpiece thank you so much and yes dan high fived me twice but like one of the times he squeezed my hand and I haven’t shut up about it since so, like, religious epiphany right there. I cried for that entire concert and on the four hour drive home. And he smells really nice and manly and flowery and stuff. Thank u for asking me :)


so I’ve hit 200 followers and I’ve only had this blog for about 1 month
but I’ve been in the fandom since like 3 months.

any way during this short time I’ve made some really great friends
and you have all made me feel so welcomed and loved.

I am extremely happy for all the 200 of you and I hope
to meet a lot more of you awesome peeps.
and this is my 200 followers follow forever

so let’s start with a few people that made my experience the best 
and gave me an awesome start, people I love and cherish, people
I love to talk to and fangirl with

my two adoption mamas, Ana ( chesnutcastiel ) who very
quickly wanted to adopt me, a long with Saph ( chesnutsammy )
I love you both a lot and I am honored and very happy to be your
adopted child. the funny thing though is that i’m older than both of them.
haha. thanks for giving me a home here on tumblr and in this fandom <3

Josie ( angelsandcas ) you were one of the first people I started talking
to. you are the sweetest and I’m happy to call you a friend :) <3

Mel ( cursedornotremember ) you are my cuddle/netflix buddy 
and we are stuck with each other for all eternity
and that is an amazing thing.
I love you a lot!!!! let’s hug forever <3

Paula ( castiels-playdoll ) you are just the most amazing human being.
I always laugh my ass off when we talk. you are hilarious and we are
so much alike sometimes.. especially with our infatuation with misha.
you will forever be my fangirl/misha feels buddy. I love how naughty
we can be about misha and how much we go bananas in our tags.
yes your tags was the reason I started following you and it was the
best decision ever. I love you, A LOT! <3

Ursula ( chulatardis2113 ) I always smile really big when I see that
you reblog and like my posts, it really means a lot. you are so cute 
and sweet :) thanks! 

Tiffy ( mishas-angelic-nipple ) you might just have the best fucking url on
tumblr… it’s perfect! just like you, yes you are hella rad and I enjoy talking
to you a lot. keep being awesome! lots of love to you

Rossella ( paiolomagico ) my beautiful Italian friend. you are great! 
I enjoy talking to you very much. you are so cute and nice.

Thea ( sshdean ) no matter what you say, I think that you are insanely
gorgeous, you’re the best sweetie!! ok. I love you!

Zuzanna ( how-to-get-away-with-destiel ) what can I say,
you kill me every time with your amazing Misha gifs spams
they’re the best thing, yet very frustrating and yes you know..
any way you were also one of the first ones I started talking to
and I love you!

Sarah ( caughtinthisstate ) I’ve followed you for quite some time,
first on 21badsteels and now on this blog, I love you a lot.
you are amazing and I love talking to you. <3 

Sofi ( castiiel ) yes she’s my “sort of” url twin, because
she’s the angel version of Castiel and i’m the human version
you make amazing themes and you are so sweet and nice to talk to

ooops, that got long… ok here’s the rest of the follow forever

# - 50shadesofsupernatural

A - addictcastiel, adorkablejensen, angelwingscas, apollodean

B - baby-in-a-trenchcoat, birdcagesanddemons, bravecas, bubblestiel

C - casteile, cuddly–cas, captain-of-supernatural-addicts, cassbutt,
castielcaptures, castiol, chevroletdean, chatcat98, careworncastiel,
castielsfanboy, castielsblackpanties

D - destiel-is-so-canon-it-hurts, daisy4days, deanmon-cass, deamoncas,
deansbootyjams, divineclaire, dorkcas, dorkyhunter

E - ephemeral-castiel

F - fallengrace-castiel

G - gabrielsfeatherybutt, guardiansofthegalxxy

H - hallowedbecastiel, huggingmisha, humanitycas,

I - i-have-a-acklehol-problem, iamthetwickster, imperfectcas,
ilookatyouboyimademishacum (love your new url haha)

J - jodirochester, jacksondora

K - kaffefilter, kat4gamer, kittensintrenchcoats

L - littlegirlwithacrush

M - maturecas, misha7collins, mishas-assbutts, mishascupcake,
mishasexual, mishaskrushnic, mishasminions, mshacolllns

N - nerdycastiel, neverlandcas

O - omg-itscastiel, overlordkrushnic

P - pizzahutcas, purgatorycas, purgatoryhug

Q - qadreel, quirkycastiel

R - rebellioussam, run-devil-run-run

S - spn221, samuletsam, sassydean, singinglucifer, slayercas,
snowflakeydean, starlesscas, sunlitcas, sunrisejensen

T - tabbycas, thankcas, thesideoftheangelshastheimpala, topcas,
trickstears, trulycas

U - unfortunatecas

V - vodkasam

W - woman-of-lettters, whiskeyjensen

Y - yuumichelle

thanks to all my followers and all my future new ones.
I appreciate you all and yes go follow all these amazing peeps

take care every one and remember: family don’t end with blood


Both names included, but this is the fruits of all the labors of everyone who commented on the post!

(Just gonna @ everyone who reblogged it if that’s ok)

@thecx @scalding-karn @epixxshadowzzz @ichiryuu111 @ezurad @derevi-empyrial-tactician @dragonfanatic @erdbeerstreuselkuchen @omnath-locus-of-mild-irritation @gigaguessmtg @shattin @masonraus @recapdrake @tibalt-the-fineblooded @waterygrave-gravecrawler-go @the-moon-sage @moxperidot @gitblog-monster @blogging-phelddagrif @the-last-punbender @storm-harnesser @queen-marchesa

I really hope I didn’t leave anyone out/mis-tag someone! Thank you all so very much for reblogging the post and talking about it and stuff! It really meant a lot to me, especially since I just kinda threw it out there on a whim and it looks like it’s been liked a lot!

Once again, thank you all so much for that!