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as a bisexual i’m honestly so sick of yall calling bisexual erasure for fictional characters with undetermined sexuality as soon as anyone dares to say they could be a lesbian, just because they’ve been with men in the past like 1) do u actually know any lesbians irl??? like it’s not uncommon in fact it’s very likely that they’ve been with men in the past before coming out 2) just admit u hate lesbians lol

(Urgent) Dear followers, mutuals, etc..

I’m sorry to interrupt your scrolling, but there’s something I need to ask of you, if you live in the USA. There’s a document that’s very important to people in the US school system who have ADHD, and it’s being threatened at the moment. We have until midnight tonight Wednesday, Sept 20, to act to preserve the rights of kids with ADHD. This is important, as accommodations are what got me through high school, and without them, I may not have graduated.

This video explains what is happening, and what we need to do. The links are in the description. Please take ten minutes to fill everything out and submit it. It’s worth it, I promise. Help a kid like me.

Boyf? What does that even mean?

I spent like 3 hours doing this whoops


mood for today: take a shot every time a nt asks to touch or play with one of ur stim toys, says it “just makes u more distracted” bc it doesn’t work for them personally, or makes a comment mentioning the words “baby toy”

I have a lot a lot a lot of feelings about eggsy fully thinking harry was dead. Eggsy getting caught up in his head because he could have loved harry if only he’d had more time with the man, he never had a chance to thank him for treating him better than anyone ever has, never had a chance to explore the budding feelings he had until it was too late and he comes to the conclusion after lying awake for the millionth time that if he was already half in love with him and god what he wouldnt give to tell harry that, to hold him and be held by him and simply feel him existing like he doesn’t think he’ll ever get to again