like an overexcited puppy

BTS reaction to their S/O wanting to shower with them (not sexual)

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Jin would be a little confused but ultimately he wouldn’t mind. He would enjoy the warmth and coziness and he would use the opportunity to get his daily dose of skinship before he has to leave for work.

“You were right, this is really nice. I almost want to fall asleep in your arms again. Hug me loveeee.”

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I feel like Yoongi wouldn’t be the type for joined showers. This man needs his alone time, but he would make it up to you in extra cuddle time before bed.

“You know that I love you, but we don’t have to do everything together, right? I don’t even want to look at myself this early in the morning, let alone somebody else.”

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Joonie would be pretty easy to persuade, and even though he would keep making comments about his virtue and things like that, he would really enjoy the ritual of washing each other. Especially when he’s tired from work and basically melts under your touch.

“Aaaaaaaah, this is so nice. I’ll never tease you about wanting to shower together, I promise.”

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Hobi would be 110% down for it. He would love the whole process so much he would keep asking you if you want to join him every time he would take a shower. He’d be like an overexcited puppy at the prospect of being close to you.

“I’m going to take a shower!!”



“Dooooo you want to join me?”

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Jimin would be a little shy at first, not sure why you would want to shower together, but he would soon learn to appreciate the additional time together. Sometimes he would just hug you and let the warm water fall down onto the two of you.

“Mhhhh, this is almost as good as sleeping in with you! Can we stay here forever?”

*Imagine being Kookie*

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Tae would love showering with you. He would love the intimacy of the moment and use it to spoil you a little. He’d massage the shampoo into your hair and kiss you everywhere.

“This is the best idea you ever had.”

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Jeongguk would find the idea of showering together pretty funny at first. He’d tease you about it, but he would ultimately agree. And enjoy it a lot, too. He would find the process of washing each other really relaxing.

“You do have good ideas from time to time.”

“I would hit you, but I’m too cozy. Count yourself lucky.”

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The morning after your first time together (reaction)

(A/N - I feel like this is a bit repetitive but I tried my best. enjoy!!)


jinho wouldn’t really act any different as to how he does on any other day when you wake up together and he wouldn’t really make a big deal out of it but he’d still be extra caring, you feel?? like he’d ask how you’re feeling and he’d do things he wouldn’t necessarily usually do like he’d be the one to tidy up after you guys had breakfast and he’d be more touchy feely


hui would seem to be quite chill outwardly. you guys would have a lazy morning together and stay in bed past midday just talking to one another. there’d be no awkwardness or anything, in fact the two of you would feel even closer to one another now


would be a bit of a mess when he woke up with you next to him!! you’d still be sleeping and he wouldn’t really know what to do with himself because it’d be creepy if he watched you but he didn’t want to leave and have you wake up alone either!!! when you woke up, he’d be still lying next to you just kind of dozing but when he noticed you were awake, he’d blurt out something dumb like ‘you still like me, right?’

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Re: virtual monsters and Gucci slippers

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+ “I reject the notion that I could ever be too old for Pokemon.”
+ “You mean we aren’t dating?”

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 893
Requested by: anon

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event (requests closed!)

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Twin Troubles

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Grant gustins girlfriend and Dylan obriens twin sister and she plays Supergirl and at comicon when the Supergirl cast and Grant are promoting the crossover with the flash and plays a prank on the reader and Grant and they end up shouting “DYLAN!” At the same time

Notes: So, I hope this is what you’re looking for, I added a lot of Grant x reader stuff in the middle with the hotel and all that, just because I felt like it and it worked well in there, I think (hope). Plus, I just really like this gif and it looks like something that would happen before the panel started in the fic so…Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

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Seventeen: Meeting Their Long Distance S/O for the First Time (Vocal Unit)

Jihoon would be the cutest mess before meeting you. He’d spend hours trying to find a gift for you before finally settling on a small stuffed bear. When he sees you his cheeks would get red. You guys would hug and then talk and talk and talk and never get tired. So basically Lee Jihoon absolutely melts for you and is the softest lil cinnamon bun around.

If we’re being honest, Jeonghan would be quiet but actually quite confident. He would plan the perfect night after you met. Just you and him cuddling and being lazy in his room while watching your favorite movie. He’d see you and without even saying anything he asked if he could kiss you. And it would be the Gentlest™. The kiss to end all kisses. The night would be an absolutely perfect one.

For Joshua, it would be like a scene from a love story. He’d wait outside where you guys were supposed to meet, guitar in hand and a smile on his face. The only problem is the rain would come. Thankfully, it doesn’t take you much longer to get there. And when you did, you’d see Joshua sitting patiently playing his guitar in the rain (even if it’ll get ruined). He’d never miss a chance to be cheesy.

Seokmin would be like an overexcitable puppy. His contagious smile would never leave his face. When you guys meet he would just hug you over and over and kiss you all over the face. He’d show you off to everyone and be freaking head over heels for you and never get tired of you.

Seungkwan would be the awkward one. Even being so accustom to skin-ship, he wouldn’t know what to do with his hands when you hug him for the first time. It would be shock and awe when it comes to you. He’d just wouldn’t know what to do with himself in general. You would just laugh at him and let him know that he’s cute and you love him.

Request(s): hellooo 👋 so your platonic friends w/ performance team au was so cute!!! would you be able to do one for hip hop unit?? k thanx bye 💕
hello! could you give me some more platonic fluff with friend!svt hip hop unit pls♥ i love your writings tysm!
Members: S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon (svt)
Genre: platonic goodness we all love and adore
Find best friend Performance Unit here: x


  • Another noisy bff lmao 
  • But is also like a Dad bff 
  • One minute he’s shouting with you and getting all hype and the next second he’s lecturing you about your grades
  • “I didn’t ask for a second dad”
  • “And I didn’t ask for another child now sit down and do some math” 
  • The kind of best friend who pays for your food like a real mvp
  • (seriously yall if you don’t have a friend who buys you food GET ONE it’s the shit)
  • When you guys are out you can just forget your wallet at home or say you don’t have enough and he sighs dramatically but really he doesn’t mind paying rlly
  • He’ll show up at your house with food whenever he wants to complain too like “Here I brought you chicken wings fair trade right okay now you wON’T BELIEVE WHAT SEOKMIN AND SOONYOUNG DID TO WAKE ME UP THIS MORNING-”
  • Probably bad with technology and makes you learn how to work tech so that you can help him 
  • “What are you, a 70 year old man?”
  • “If I am then you better learn to respect your elders”
  • “Damn okay savage Cheol”
  • If you want to do something really ridiculous, Coups is on board with no questions asked what a homie 
  • Literally doesn’t care if it’s embarrassing so long as he’s laughing with you 
  • It also helps if you promise to buy him his favorite snacks after words because then he will go all out 
  • Asks you to nag his members sometimes because half the time they listen to you better than they listen to him 
  • Ultimate wingman- he’s got you, take him to a club and he will be sure you get any cutie you have your eye on
  • Plus this way he can watch your back and make sure you’re safe at the same time because he is Swole and clubs aren’t always the safest
  • No but seriously he’s so good at talking you up to strangers ?? Bless him
  • If you get entered in any sort of competition or event he’s in the audience or stands cheering you on
  • Probably makes a huge banner and drags members of Seventeen out with him so they can all hold it 
  • They all have your name written on their cheeks as they cheer
  • It’s so EXTRA but it makes you feel hella cared for so though you playfully complain you’re delighted to see it and let it happen 
  • Buys you guys matching sunglasses and you guys go out in them and Woozi is like “those are literally so dorky” and then the two of you are just like pft yeah whatever he’s probably just jealous
  • Woozi: literally why would I be jealous of your neon pink sunglasses
  • Coups: because we look better than you ever have
  • Woozi: w o w 
  • Cue you and Coups running away giggling while Woozi looks at the two of you with disgust
  • Protective friend, doesn’t want an ounce of harm to come to you so honestly you just always feel very safe with him?? He’d literally fight the universe if it threatened you and you both know that 
  • You always have to tell him to stay calm before you tell him if someone hurt your feelings because he’s already rolling up his sleeves like let me at em
  • Like he’s jokester and everything but he really is a sweet guy and an excellent friend god bless


  • A soft friend, a good friend
  • He’s overall a pretty chill friend?? Like he’s really fun to be around but he doesn’t rile you up as much as most of the other members might 
  • He’s very easygoing with any plans that you make, like he’s down to clown with just about anything
  • Wanna go see a movie? Cool
  • Check out a new amusement park? Dope
  • Pull a prank on one of the members at 1 am until they receive a noise complaint because Seungkwan saw you guys sneaking around and screamed because he thought it was a ghost? Neat let’s do it
  • Probably wants to try baking with you
  • Even if you’re a terrible baker, you’re gonna find yourself baking with your good ol’ pal Wonu because how can you say no to him he’s so good
  • One time y’all mixed up the salt and sugar and made the nastiest cupcakes ever but instead of tossing them you just shrugged and left them out
  • The point was to see who was gonna be a Snake and try and sneakily steal a cupcake they thought would be delicious
  • They played themselves tho those things were salty as HELL 
  • Wonwoo was thoroughly amused and was just “Can we do it again?” and you were like “nO Wonu that’s a waste of ingredients Chill”
  • One of those pals that’ll get signed merch for you from all your favorite idols
  • But also slips in signed Seventeen merch that only he autographed
  • You: Wonwoo this is the third time
  • Wonwoo: I know you love it :~)
  • You: Ew I didn’t even say you were my bias stop 
  • Probably buys a lot of candles for people whenever he needs to get gifts because who doesn’t like candles??? 
  • Plus he has like no idea what else to get instead and he won’t let you help him go gift shopping because He Is An Adult And He Can Do It Himself 
  • As a result you have like 30 candles from him wow
  • You two have a codeword for whenever you need the other to go along with a lie
  • Half the time it’s when you’re being hit on and you need a fake boyfriend stat and it’s not even awkward like you two have got this lying thing DOWN 
  • He’s always happy to help his best bro lie too what a mvp
  • Will whack you with his sweater paws 
  • Like he doesn’t even think about it, he’ll just be standing next you and he starts whapping you 
  • You can’t even care tbh he does it so much it’s become the norm
  • Honestly such a good friend, he’s always there to listen to you and make you feel reassured and like someone is actually hearing you
  • He’s very genuine with his compliments so if you ever start to get down on yourself he’s there to encourage you and it fills you with energy and determination to do better 
  • He’s always there on the sidelines, giving you words of advice and reminding you that you’re a very strong person and you most certainly can beat any obstacle coming your way 
  • Who wouldn’t want a soft and wonderful friend like this guy oh my goodness??


  • You’re best friends with an overexcited puppy that’s amazing and I’m genuinely happy for you but also get ready to deal with some ridiculous shit
  • Probably buys lego sets for you guys to do together because he is a five year old child 
  • INSISTS that you do them together on his days off so half the time when you guys hang out for longer periods of time you’re drinking tea and doing these lego sets and like it’s fun and relaxing 
  • But also Hell because Mingyu is so tall I’m convinced he wouldn’t be able to see lego pieces on the floor from up there so he steps on them like three times in an hour lmao
  • You definitely have to stop him from adopting like 20 dogs
  • Mingyu: BUT THEY’RE SO CUTE???
  • Mingyu: ,,,in my coat pockets?
  • Real talk that would be adorable but Minyu No  
  • He pouts about it but he knows you’re right and he can’t own a dog right now 
  • He perks right back up when you promise that you’ll help him pick out a dog when he has more space for one in the future though 
  • He’s so easy to please and so much fun to be around it always feels like an adventure to be around him???
  • He just wants to have fun with his best friend so he lets you pick where you guys go most of the time so that he can guarantee you’re having fun
  • If you take him on a rollercoaster he’s gonna be clinging onto you and shouting into your ear though beware
  • He cooks for you a lot!!
  • If he finds out you have to go a distance away for a day or two he packs you a lunchbox and like leaves you a note in it and you’re like omg thanks mom??
  • Probably plays along when you call him mom and pinches your cheek and tells you to call him when you arrive to let him know you’re safe
  • Waves you goodbye with an apron tied around his waist and says something like “Ah my child is growing up so fast” and Wonwoo is like “wtf you’re like 20 chill”
  • Wants to watch spooky things with you but is a big chicken and winds up spazzing out and clinging onto you and sHOUTING 
  • You: Mingyu stop screaming into my ears all the time I’m gonna go deaf by 45
  • Mingyu: I CAN’T I’M SORRY
  • Literally turn off any spooky things he watches immediately and just save yourself some trouble because not only is he going to scream he’s going to call you at 2 in the morning when he can’t fall asleep because he’s certain there’s something in his closet and Minghao won’t let him sleep in his bed with him
  • He’s so tall. Is he okay up there.
  • But real talk if you need anything from up high he’s got you but he’s also definitely teasing you
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re two feet shorter or just an inch shorter- if you’re shorter he’s gonna run it in your face
  • But it’s nice because the two of you take care of each other?? It’s such a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship
  • You’ve got each others backs, him making you food and you making sure he doesn’t scare himself shitless all the time, and the both of you knowing exactly what to say when the other is upset
  • Your best friend is Tall and Sweet treat him well


  • Memesol gets worse when you guys are bffs I’m js
  • Learns every single meme dance in like a week because he randomly decided that he wants to annoy the shit out of you 
  • Super into movie nights with you, like y’all can whip out the snacks and cereal and fluffy blankets
  • One of those people who gives his own commentary throughout the whole movie and you’re like Hansol shut up I’m trying to watch and he’s just like no you shut up you know you love my commentary
  • And you kinda do because half the time it’s full of terrible puns
  • Gets super into TV shows with you like even if you guys can’t watch a new episode together you best believe you’re both recording it until the very next moment you’re both free
  • And then he’s calling you like “oh my god you’re watching this right I can’t believe Santiago and Peralta kISSED”
  • You’re like “I KNOW how emotionally invested are you in this right now”
  • “Extremely, and I’m willing to bet that you are too”
  • Tried to do a lyric prank on you once and you were like literally we listened to this song three days ago did you really think this was going to work Vernon
  • Will come over at random times like “Hey I finished recording early” and you’re like “Hansol I’m doing my laundry” and he’s just “Cool I’ll help fold your shirts”
  • He literally doesn’t care he just wants to chill with you lmao 
  • Makes you learn some memey rap lyrics with him so the two of you can just burst into this insanely dorky duet together at the very mention of the song titles 
  • You were like “Ew no I don’t wanna do that” but he was like “Don’t lie- you love memes”
  • You do clearly otherwise you wouldn’t be his best pal so you’re like lmao fine and did it
  • One of those people who makes bets with you all the time but y’all rarely bet money
  • Typically it’s like “Loser buys the winner their favorite snack” or “Loser does the winner’s dishes for the whole day”
  • He’s terrible at winning bets though he always psychs himself out and winds up losing like 70% of the time 
  • But for some godforsaken reason he still keeps betting you but you’re just “lmao even better for me then” 
  • Sometimes gets dramatic when he loses and you’re like oh my god literally you just have to take my trash out for me Chill
  • Takes videos of you whenever you guys are out having fun or you’re doing something memey
  • Sends you meme pictures of yourself and fully expects you to send meme pictures of himself right back
  • Hell he’ll be disappointed in you if you don’t
  • Vernon: I don’t tarnish my visuals for photos only to have you not save them and use them against me I can’t believe you’re my best friend
  • You: oh my god why are you like this
  • Makes you guys try new things together and always just like. Tosses the instructions aside and you’re like “don’t we need that-”
  • “No it’s more fun this way”
  • You guys wind up completely fucking up whatever you were trying to do or create most of the time because of his awful anti-instruction attitude 
  • But that doesn’t mean you don’t have fun?? Hell it makes you have more fun and you wind up laughing like a hundred times more
  • He’s not always the best at cheering you up or offering advice because he’s pretty young and he feels like there’s a lot he doesn’t know
  • But he still always listens to you and is ready to make you laugh afterwards and honestly that’s enough for you to know that yes, he does care and he’s really trying
  • Protect this friend he’s a Good
Bud - Part 2

Pairing: Chris Evans x Female!Reader and a special guest appearance by Dodger the Wonder Pup.

Rating: T (for this chapter)

Summary: Chris gets home from his project and you share some news with him.

Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff and Chris being a giant meatball.

A/N: So I wasn’t going to do a part two to this but then a lovely nonnie suggested it. And I succumbed to peer pressure.

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anonymous asked:

How would the 2p Allies and Axis react to a pregnant SO???

China: Freaks the fuck out. He’s excited, yeah, he just never felt like he would be the kind of person to have kids. Becomes paranoid that you and the kid might get hurt and becomes really protective. Tries to quit smoking for the kid. Tells everyone he knows that he is going to be a father. Never shuts up about it and always wants to feel your belly for kicks. 

Russia: Suprised. Didn’t really want kids. Of course, you can keep it if you want to, it’s only going to tie you to him even more anyhow. Buys parenting books. Kinda worried he will be a shit father. 

England: Insanely happy, he loves kids, and now that you two have one on the way there is no way you can leave him. Starts planning everything out and baby proofs the house. Pampers you as much as possible and keeps you with him 24/7 to make sure you and the baby are okay. Always has a hand on your stomach to make sure the baby is okay.

America: Super excited. His life is turning out just like he wanted it to. He has a wife and a child on the way, he is on the way to living the American dream™ and will do anything to protect that. Becomes really protective and won't let you out of his sight. Wants to listen to your stomach and talk to the baby all the time. Honestly amazed that you two made a new human together. It has a romantic sentiment to him. Out of love comes new life. 

Japan: His plan is going well. You can’t leave once you have his child. Makes sure it’s impossible for the child to get hurt. Proud that he is a father and becomes oddly protective of you despite his intentions. Makes you rest a lot.

Germany: Once you announce it to him he pretty much screams incoherently for the next five minutes. Like an overexcited puppy. Kinda worries that he won't be a good father. Starts treating you like you’re made of porcelain. Wants to cuddle 24/7 so he can talk to the baby. Tries to clean up his act so the baby will have a good home environment. 

Canada: Paniced™ and worried he will be a terrible father. Afraid that he will be like Francios. Acts awkwardly around you. You need to reassure him that he isn't going to hurt you or the baby. 

Romano: *High pitched screaming* “I'm gonna have a little me?” Kinda afraid for his designer clothes in the future, but also excited to dress up his kid. Determined that this child will be the most fabulous human in existence. After all, he chose the most fabulous person next to him for his wife, this child will be on a new level entirely. 

Italy: All part of his plan. He gets an heir and protege, as well as tying down his s/o. Plans to train this child to take over after him. Becomes protective of his wife and makes sure they have a bodyguard with them at all times. Constantly speaks to the child, and when he’s with you he will always try to keep a hand on your stomach. When walking, he has an arm over your shoulder, making sure you don't trip and fall.

France: Don't want a kid. He’s a shit father and he knows it. Tries to get you to get rid of it initially. Stand your ground and he will give up. He’ll make a promise to himself to try on this one. Cuts down on his smoking around you as well. Once he feels the first kick, he becomes almost affectionate towards the child, and it really throws him off. Becomes protective and he feels off because of it. 

Prussia: Can’t believe it initially. Kinda anxious that he won’t be a good father. Baby proofs the house even more than he did for your kidnapping. Likes spending time with you, feeling your stomach. Becomes super protective of the child. 

Dick Grayson/ Nightwing and Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- It’s Worse Than You Think

Okay, I got this idea from @axa-vega and I couldn’t wait to post it.  I will post the photo that inspired this after this is up!


You were out with Jason on a date, and that meant Dick had his apartment all to himself.  You were a little hesitant to leave him alone in the apartment since the kitchen accident from last month, but Dick promised to you that he would stick to cereal when you were gone.  He could tell you were a little hesitant, but he was your older brother and a grown man who could handle being alone for a few hours.  You swore that he acted like an overexcited golden retriever puppy sometimes.  

“You guys go have some fun without worrying about me all the time,” Dick said and directed you to the door.

“Okay, but call me if you-”

“I’m going to be fine, (Y/N)!” Dick interrupted, “GO!”

You were pushed out of the apartment and landed in Jason’s arms while the door was slammed shut.  Jason quickly pulled you up and glared at the door.

“I swear if he’s going to do that again-”

“I will replace his cereal with oats,” you interrupted and smiled maliciously.

Jason smiled and wrapped his arm around your waist, directing you to the elevator, “This is why I love you.”


Dick slammed the door shut and grinned. He finally got rid of you and now he could do what he wanted without you interrupting or laughing at him.  He smiled and ran into his room and pulled out the outfit he was planning on wearing for a long time.  He had bought the outfit as a dare a few months ago, but he had never gotten the chance to wear it.  You had been living in Dick’s apartment since yours was being knocked down.  Jason had recently offered for you to live in his apartment, so you were still moving all of your belongings.  Once the outfit was on, he ran into the living room and pulled out one of the many workout videos that he had stored by the television.  He grinned once the menu appeared on the screen, pressed play and threw the remote onto the moved couch.

“Hey guys and gals, welcome to Workout Mayhem! My name is Fernando and today we will be melting away all of those fat cells and feel great!”


“I’m telling you, (Y/N), that lady spit in my meal,” Jason swore.

“Why would she spit in your meal?” you questioned him and rolled your eyes.

“I don’t know!”

You laughed lightly and pulled out your keys to the apartment, “So tomorrow are we finally going to get the last of my junk from here?”

“Sure, but we can’t use my motorcycle obviously,” Jason said and plucked the keys out of your hand.

“Hey!” you shouted and tried to grab your keys, “ There’s a reason why I have a Blazer, Jason.  It’s badass and has plenty of space.”

“That piece of-” Jason said, but cut himself of, “-wonderful machinery?”

“Nice save, Jay,” you laughed.

He smiled and opened the door, but froze when he saw your brother in the living room.  He was wearing a leotard and skin tight shorts with leg warmers.  You were stuck behind Jason and didn’t see the ridiculous attire Dick was wearing.  Jason quickly backed up and shut the door.

“I need to bleach my eyes after that,” he deadpanned.

“Why?” you asked and realized what he was talking about, “What did he do?”

Jason pushed you away from the door and said, “It’s worse than you think, (Y/N).  Let’s just go see a movie and hope that you won’t have to see the monstrosity I just saw with my own two eyes.”

Fine, Jay, but I swear if the apartment was in flames….” you huffed.

“Like I said, (Y/N), it’’s worse than you think.”

Ice Skating

Prompt: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader where they go ice skating and the reader is terrified.

Words: 1175

Author’s Note: This is my first posted-to-tumblr fic, so I hope you enjoy! Please, please, -please- let me know what you think!

“Come on sweetie, it’ll be okay.”

 (Y/N) looked up at one of her boyfriends and shook her head, hugging her jacket tighter around her. He was standing a few feet in front of her, carefully balanced on his skates at the edge of the ice. She looked at his hand, held out patiently in front of him while waiting for her to stand up and take it.

 “I can’t Herc. I’ll fall,” she whispered quietly, like she was sharing a secret with him. Not that it was really a secret at all. (Y/N) had never been ice-skating before in her life. She had been excited about the prospect of getting to learn with her boys to help her. That was, at least, until she had actually gotten the skates on her feet. Now she could hardly imagine standing on them, not to mention actually going out on the ice.

 “I won’t let you fall, (Y/N). I promise.” Hercules smiled at her, and she felt her heart drop. She knew he meant it, every word, but she still couldn’t bring herself to move. The idea of falling on the ice terrified her. She didn’t want to look stupid in front of her boys.

“Go skate,” she said with all the confidence she could muster at that moment. “I’ll be ready in a little bit.”

 Herc tilted his head knowingly; she would turn down every offer to help teach her to skate to hide the fact that she was scared. They stared each other down for a brief minute before he looked away and sighed. He would leave her be for now, but would return and get her to join them on the ice.

 “Okay, sweetie. I’ll be back in a couple minutes to check on you.” He turned around and skated off.

 (Y/N) looked around the empty skating rink, trying to calm herself down. Alex and Lafayette were skating around in circles, holding hands and grinning cutely at each other. John was by himself in the middle of the ice, dancing to the song that was playing through the speakers.

 Laf had been so excited when he had gotten home the night before, announcing that they were all going ice-skating together the next day. One of his friends owned the rink and had given him a set of keys and his approval to go enjoy themselves on the days when it was closed to the public. They had all been ecstatic. John had jumped up and down like an overexcited puppy; he had loved ice-skating since he was a little kid. Even Alex had agreed to put down his pen for a few hours to come with them, without any convincing from the others.

 She felt bad for disappointing them by refusing to go skate, but couldn’t seem to get past her overwhelming fear of falling. She pulled out her phone and started to scroll through tumblr in a pitiful attempt to distract herself.

 It had only been five minutes when she heard someone step off the ice and walk over. A hand grabbed her phone and pulled it away from her, stuffing it the pocket of their jacket. She looked up finally, pouting.

 “Alex, give it back!”

 She lunged forward, trying to grab him, but he jumped backwards before she had the chance. He smirked victoriously at her as he retreated onto the safety of the ice.

 “Come and get it from me, (Y/N)!”

 She glared at him and folded her arms. She knew exactly what he was doing, and refused to give in.

 “Give it back,” she repeated in a menacing tone, still staring at him angrily.

 “You’ll have to get it yourself,” he responded, teasing her.

 She watched as he skated away from her too, her phone safely tucked away where she couldn’t reach it. All of a sudden, she was overcome with her fear and frustration. She started to cry. It didn’t take long for the boys to notice, and soon all four of them swarmed over to her.

 “What’s wrong,” John asked obliviously, having been too caught up in his dancing to realize what was happening.

 “Alex, give her back her phone,” demanded Herc, who had watched the whole scene. Alex then threw his hands up and cried, “I was just trying to make her laugh!”

 “Love, why are you crying,” questioned Laf, sitting down on the bench beside her. (Y/N) let him wrap his arms around her, leaning into him as she sobbed.

 “You’re all having fun,” she babbled, shaking a little bit in his arms. “And I don’t want to skate, because I’ve never done it before, and I’m going to fall and look stupid, and get laughed at. And Alex took my phone and I feel so dumb because you’re all so good at skating and I’m not.”

 “Why would we ever laugh at you, (Y/N)?” John spoke up, finally understanding the situation. “You don’t have to worry about that at all. And you’re not stupid, we all had a hard time when we first started skating.”

 The other three murmured their quiet agreement.

 “We would never let you fall, darling. We’re all right here to catch you.” Alex smiled sweetly at her as he sat down on her other side, reaching for her hand. (Y/N) shifted herself so she was leaning against him, and he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. They all stayed like that until she stopped crying.

 When she finally looked up, she saw Herc grinning at her, reveling in his silent “I told you so”.

 “Okay,” she said quietly, looking at each of them. “I… I think I’m ready to try it now.”

 Lafayette and Alex both stood up, still each holding her hands. They helped her stand up, each with an arm on her to make sure she was steady. Together, they guided her hands into Hercules’, who was the most experienced skater and also the strongest of the four of them. He smiled at her again, this time to comfort her, and carefully led her out until she was stepping onto the ice.

 She looked up at him, eyes full of fear.

 “I’ve got you sweetie, just relax.”

 (Y/N) let him lead her further onto the ice, carefully following his instructions and keeping herself steady. She could do this; she could learn how to skate. She would not fall, and if she did, they wouldn’t laugh. Everything would be okay. The other three followed just behind her, ready to catch her if she lost her balance.

 Within the hour, Herc had her skating circles by herself around the rink, although at least one of the boys always stayed by her side to make sure she was alright. They spent most of the day dancing and skating around each other.

 That night, as they were lounging on the couch together watching a movie, (Y/N) curled up in between Herc and Alex. She couldn’t imagine a better way to have spent her day than letting her boys teach her how to skate.


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Pairing(s): Peter Parker x reader, Natasha Romanoff x teen sister!reader

Summary: This “Civil War” business is complicated enough for you, a Romanoff with powers over electricity. Throw a cute boy on the enemy’s side into the mix, and you’ve got one of the most ridiculous battles you’ve ever fought on your hands

Warnings: Violence, swearing

A/N:  I’ve written part 2 already, I’ll post it tomorrow or the day after, let me know if you’d like to be tagged :)

Originally posted by figma

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Cherchez La Femme: Plus que ma Propre Vie (Final)

A/N: This is the final part. Good Lord, I can’t believe I’m done. This has gone on since JUNE, everyone. JUNE. And I’ve been writing it since October of 2016. I wrote it, edited it, edited it, typed it up, edited it again, and edited as I posted. It’s been quite a mess. But a good mess.

This fic is the reason I started a Tumblr. Back when I began writing it, I was coming out of a really horrible place in my life and I felt like I could start writing again, so I decided to start off easy–with fanfiction. I thought having characters and settings, etc, that were already developed would help me out, but this actually turned out to be one of the most in-depth, complicated things I have ever written. 172 pages (on a Word document, it was over 300 handwritten) and 107,500 ish words later, it’s actually finished. Done writing it, done posting it, and I’m not going to go back and edit the posts, even though I really, really want to. 

I have so many people to thank, for giving me ideas or for encouragement, so here goes:

@captainamerotica: You are actually half of Cherchez la Femme. All those scenarios we came up with? This is a conglomerate of all of those. Also, Drina is based on you, and I’m so glad I included her. So thank you for being there from the literal beginning.

@find-me-here2: You were my first Tumblr friend, and back when I was still complaining about how writing was going on this site, you were diligently reblogging everything and shamelessly promoting my fic even before I was certain that I was going to post it! Thank you for nagging me to finish it. 

@persephone-is-here-omg: Thank you, first of all, for your all-caps, paragraph-long reactions to every. Single. Post. I love seeing them, and I happen to like that your phone doesn’t understand that you definitely put paragraph breaks in. I think it’s hilarious. Thank you, my lovely wifey, for nagging me continually to post it as I teased you with bits and pieces of it (get ready to do it again for Twisted Satin and Diablerie). I treasure you and your wonderful comments.

@thecrownedrose: Thank you for your marginally less screamy reactions to this fic. They were no less entertaining, but definitely a little less punchy. I’m sorry I made you cry so much, but unfortunately, you can’t blame me for all of it; it’s Marvel’s fault. No angst, no Bucky! Thank you for reading and commenting on every single post despite the fact that you are now dealing with screaming, annoying children. Thank you, also, for nagging me to post this, even when I bitched to you about not wanting to, and as I said above, get ready to do it again for Twisted Satin and Diablerie! I love you, I love you, I love you.

@abovethesmokestacks: Thank you for reading and reblogging on every single post! Your reviews were amazing, too; they satisfied my inner English major when I needed someone to analyze things with in-depth. Seeing you reblogging always made me happy. 

@rebelslicious: YOUR GIFS. YOUR GIFS. Thank you for every single one of those. I usually burst out laughing whenever I saw them because they were so perfect. 

@suz-123: I know you weren’t there since the beginning beginning, but I’m so glad you found Cherchez! Thank you for every single one of your reblogs and comments! 

@betsy1066: Thank you as well! You have stuck out this whole thing, and I really, really admire you for it, because it was starting to get ridiculous. @rainbowrobotmarkerz: You started in the middle, but I’m so glad you saw it and enjoyed it! Thank you!

@genesis-d-winter: I’m so glad I met you at that convention! I loved talking to you there, and thank you so much for reading this and reblogging it. Hopefully we can continue talking, and we’ll see each other again at another con.

@sad-af1121 and @papi-chulo-bucky: Thank you for reading and reblogging. I see you every so often in my notes and I love it. Also, @papi-chulo-bucky, that anon’s ask made my year, thank you for thinking of my fic. Church flames is actually a good title. @avengersandlovers, thank you for reading this, too! I love how you attempted to call me out for whining about your angst, but I’m going to, even though my blog is the Angst Den. I’m so glad you enjoyed Cherchez, despite all the sads.

@erisjade: Your messages every so often were awesome, thank you so much for that. They usually came at just the right time and kept me going.

@adminsup and @mo320: I see you messaging and liking all the posts. You guys are absolute sweethearts, and I know we never talk, but I see it, and you make me happy. 

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON MY TAGLISTS. Whether you stuck it out from the beginning, found it in the middle, or saw the post a few chapters ago, thank you, thank you, for telling me that you wanted to read it and you thought it was important enough to be notified about. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO READ IT OR IS READING IT. I may not see you on the notes, but I know you’re there and I wanted to say thank you for giving it a look. This thing is my baby and I love it, and I love all of you. @charliexowrite and @bi-diana-prince, I know you guys are like me and are going to binge read now that it’s over, so ENJOY!

If I forgot anyone, I am so sorry, but I’ve had this in my drafts now for a couple of weeks. Thank you all. The fanart, the comments, the reblogs, the likes… thank you.

I will probably make a playlist on Youtube soon, and make a post about that. I’m working on a Spotify, too. 

WARNINGS: FLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFF, small children included, engagement, swearing, marriage



SONG: I’ll Be Seeing You–Instrumental

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Patience Pup

Summary: ‘The idea was quickly abandoned that night, both of them somewhat frustrated but laughing it off as just a failed experience and having their usual, breath-taking sex after, deciding that, okay, maybe pet play isn’t for them. Or maybe it was.’

Holy shit guys, I’ve been writing this for the longest time and I’m so sorry for the wait? But I hope you guys enjoy it. It was a fun one to write, even despite being so difficult, and you can definitely expect a follow up in the future because I didn’t get everything in that I wanted to.

This fic contains; Dominant/Master Yuri, Submissive/Pup Otabek, Pup hoods, Tail plugs and a whole lot of porn. Mutual Masturbation, Handjobs and Rimming are all to be expected and I hope you enjoy seeing the more playful side of Beka. As always, don’t like my porn, don’t read my porn. Dedicating this fic to @puppybek because the name was my inspiration and they’re a cool dude. - Abby.

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celestialjoon  asked:

18 + Jungkook 🌚

“I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.”

pairing: ghost!jeongguk x reader
wordcount: 1.2 k
warnings: mentions of death and blood
A/N: i am so sorry i did this :’)

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

“Y/N!” He greets you the second you open the door, and step into the living room. He is sprawled out on the couch, one ankle dangling over the back rest as he holds a book up over his head, and you are not sure how he manages to read like that, yet choose not to question it. “I haven’t seen you in ages! Where were you?”

“Just busy with life.” You sigh and he moves his legs out of the way so you can sit down as well. Your curl your legs under yourself and your jacket tighter around you, trying to ignore the cold breeze that always seems to dominate the old house.

“Oh yeah, you started college, right? How’s that going? What’s your major? Are you enjoying it?”

“It’s alright. Just a lot to do.” You mumble, a small smile that does not reach your eyes tugging at your lips at his frantic questioning. He always was like this, an overexcited puppy that wants to know everything there is, but never listens to a word said.

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amozon28  asked:

The story behind the scars on obis legs. Or obi telling shirayuki the story

When spring bleeds over to summer, the sun saps the earth dry and sparse vegetation crackles with the heat, flaking off into the brittle, snapping remains. Plumes of loosened dirt rise up from the roadways so she has to hold her scarf to her mouth to breathe. Still, the dirt speckles her eyes, makes her squint and blink until they are rubbed raw, dried up until she’s sure that they too will crack like the silt in the empty riverbeds.

It will be better once they are out of the city, she is informed.

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Karl with a K (Rajila) - Azra Ink

A/N: So hi, this is my first drag race fic! I go by the pen name Azra, as you can see (it sounds pretentious but the other options were much worse, trust me) and some of my main ships are Rajila, Biadore and Trixya! I have a soft spot for Ravila and Vatya too though. I was actually going to submit a chaptered Biadore soulmate AU for my first fic, but then a Rajila soulmate AU happened instead because I’m soulmate AU trash I guess. Don’t get your hopes up over it being good though XD x

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