like an awkward little bunny rabbit

The Doughnut Shop

Austin was used to getting the odd glance from people but this guy was really starting to annoy him. It was one of his days off and he wanted to enjoy it. Normally he’d have some kind of work as a bouncer or security guard. It was pretty much the only thing he kept him going. He was a big dude and knew how to throw his weight around. Most everyone knew to stay out of his way. But this dude just kept staring at him looking down at his phone and then start staring at him again.

“You got uh problem?” his voice was harsh and gravely. The guy practically threw his phone in the air out of fear.

“N-n-no,” the word finally formed in his mouth. “No problem here. Sir.”

“Good,” Austin huffed. He didn’t feel like dealing with stalkers right now. All he wanted to do was enjoy his doughnut in piece. He rarely got to enjoy his cheat days. He took another bite. The guy kept doing the same thing. “You got sumthin to say?”

“Uhhh…” he was practically out of breath trying to form that. “Do you recognize me?”

“Do I reckonize you?” Austin tried to figure it out. “No. Shood I?”

“Uhhh… No… I was just uhhhh checking. It’s just you uhhhh look kind of familiar and I uhhh just wanted to make sure.”

“You know a lot of guys my size?” Austin scoffed.

“No… It’s just that uhh I thought that I met you before,” he pulled out his phone. “Do you know him?”

There was a picture of some guy in a suit on his phone. He had his black hair stylized and thick rimmed glasses. Nothing looked out of place on him. Everything about him looked rich, fancy, and self-entitled. He probably went through life with a silver spoon in his mouth while someone like Austin had to work his ass off for people like that to get through the week. “Looks like a real cock sucker. But no. Never seen ‘im.”

“It worked…” the guy said under his breath. He stared at the phone again, almost in disbelief. “He is. Or was… I’m not really sure how this works…” There was another long pause.

Austin finally interrupted the silence, “Got anything else you wanna say?”

“Uhhh… Yeah… One uhhh second,” he started typing furiously onto his phone.

“You know it’s rude to be on your phone when you’re talking to someone.” Austin said it gruffly. He realized it came out a little harsher than he wanted it to. “Little buddy,” he added.

“I know. I’m uhhh sorry. It’s just I needed to uhhh check on something first.” He smiled vacantly towards Austin. His face was starting to flush red, “Can I uhhh… Can I uhhh touch your uhh arm?”

“What?” it almost sounded like a statement as it came out of Austin’s mouth. The guy practically panicked. He threw his hands in front of his face clearly expecting to be hit. Austin felt bad for scaring the little guy. He probably didn’t mean anything by it. There wasn’t any reason to get mad. “Sorry. I didn’t mean it to sound so harsh. I just don’t have many people ask me that so bluntly.”

“Sorry! I just got over excited. I didn’t mean to make things awkward. I know it’s weird but those biceps are just so big and I wanted to touch them. Sorry for asking!”

“Aww c’mon buddy. Don’t be like that,” Austin felt bad for scaring him. The bodybuilder wasn’t known for giving people nicknames but this guy looked at him like a little bunny rabbit. It just felt right. ‘It wouldn’t be that bad right?’ he thought. “If you want to feel it it’s not that big of a deal.” He tightened his bicep. The guy’s eyes lit up brightly. Austin smiled at how excited the guy got. People always gave him more weary looks cause of his size. ‘Can’t trust someone that big and stupid,’ they’d tell him. It made him feel worse because of how wrong it was. Despite that he ended up just spending more time in the gym. Feeling big felt way better than the insults those people would throw at him. Because whenever someone would look at him like this guy did, he’d know exactly why he wanted to be so big.

“Can I!?” Austin nodded and the guy leaned forward. He still approached slowly.

“C’mon feel it,” he flexed it again making the thick ball jump. The guy jumped slightly but finally grabbed the thick muscle. He tried squeezing it and moaned softly. ‘This is probably the best day of his life,’ Austin hid his smile. He didn’t want to seem too excited. He still wanted to keep up the tough guy act while this guy praised him unconditionally. The guy couldn’t get over how strong he was.

Then he leaned forward for a kiss. The guy looked so confused and then mind drifted slowly away. Austin almost thought he fainted. But then he started to moan loudly. He wasn’t very good but Austin was going to be more than happy to help him practice.

“Tastes like chocolate,” the guy smiled.

Austin couldn’t hide his smile anymore. This guy was way too cute. “Yeah,” it was the first times he couldn’t maintain eye contact. “Anyway… I’ve got the rest of the day off. Would you like to go somewhere else? Maybe get to know each other a little better?”

“Yeah,” the guy said. “That’d be great!”

The two got up and started walking away from the doughnut shop. He wanted to hold hands but Austin put his whole arm around the guy. He fit snuggly underneath his arm. As they were walking Austin realized something, “So who was that in the picture? You don’t need a hit put on him right?” he joked.

“Oh God no,” the guy laughed. “That was my boss. But you don’t need to worry about that. He’s not going to be a problem for me anymore.”

The Violet Diaries: No Longer Hopps

Nick and Judy take Violet to Bunnyburrow…

           “What is wrong with you?” Judy snapped at her parents as Nick and Violet left the diner.

“We just…you caught us by surprise,” her mother said. “We didn’t think you’d start to date the fox.”

“Honestly, fox or not it’s bad enough he got you pregnant,” her father said sternly.

Judy cringed, “That was just as much as my fault as his.”

“That is another thing,” her mother’s mouth was a disapproving line. “Everyone makes mistakes, Judy, but this…we expected more from you.”
“I told you Zootopia wouldn’t be a good influence on her,” Stu muttered to his wife.

 Before Judy could reply the food arrived and the rabbit tried to breathe out her anger as her parents informed her they’d just get a motel room.

She could fill her anger flooding her insides, overfilling and getting ready to spill.


           Now it was a few months later and for some reason Judy decided it was a good idea to take Nick and Violet with her to the family reunion, her optimistic side thinking bridges could be built.

It was her big sister Amy who met them at the train station, making Judy inwardly sigh in relief. Amy would be polite to Nick and Violet; in fact she had actually made a habit of checking in on her niece via phone calls. She couldn’t visit because of a demanding job and home life.

           “Judy Moody!” the rabbit cried happily when she and Nick walked off the train, the fox holding the suitcases and Judy holding the kit.

“Amy!” Judy held out her free arm, her sister pulling both her and Violet into a hug. “I’ve missed you.”
“Not as much as I missed you,” Amy replied, pulling back. She grinned at Violet, “There’s my little foxy niece.”

“Wanna hold her?” Judy offered and her sister happily accepted the kit.

“Oh my gosh, this red fur,” Amy cooed, “And her eyes, she’s so pretty, Judy!”

Judy wanted to cry over how well her sister was taking it. Amy then turned her attention to Nick who had been watching the bunnies quietly, she smirked at the fox, “So you’re the boy who sweeped my sister off her feet.”

Nick chuckled awkwardly, “That’d be me.”

“Well, let’s go,” still holding Violet Amy led the two to her car, “Everyone’s waiting.”


           Judy stepped out of her sister’s car and into the yard of the Hopps burrow, feeling a wave of nostalgia as her siblings and other miscellaneous relatives came out to greet her. And for just a second everything was fine, and then Nick got out of the car.

Eyes widened and ears fell and even a few took steps back.

Judy immediately pulled away from her brother’s embrace and stepped back to stand next to her boyfriend, taking his paw. “This is Nick,” she introduced with a firm expression, the fox waved awkwardly.

“And this is Violet!” Amy hurried out of the car to Judy and Nick, still holding their baby who smiled at the fluffle of bunnies.

Seeing the unusual little kit gave the children and a few of the younger adults the courage to walk over to see her. Violet squeaked in delight as they neared, waving her paws happily at them.

As everyone headed back inside Judy’s siblings asked her how life in Zootopia was like, Amy handed Violet back to Nick with a friendly smile, he returned the grin but was sure it looked awkward, which was understandable as he was freaking out! Why did he agree to come to a rabbit reunion when it was obvious Stu and Bonnie didn’t like him? Maybe when he had been wrestling with McHorn he had gotten his brains scrambled. That was the only thing that made sense.

           Seeing Violet snuggled against Nick encouraged some of the younger kids to walk with the fox, even offering a smile or two.

Once they crossed the threshold Nick lost sight of his girlfriend, the room full of bunnies. Nick swallowed and held Violet a little tighter who smiled at the sight of the Hopps clan. Not wanting to stand in the middle of the room and stick out more than he already did he found an empty chair and claimed it as his own, sitting Violet on his lap.

           Instantly they were swarmed by little bunnies, some staring at Violet who stared right back but some taking an interest in Nick.

“Are you married to Aunt Judy?” one of them asked him.

Nick winced, “No, just dating.”
“What’s her name?” they pointed at his kit.

“Violet,” he answered.

“Like the flower?”

“That’s pretty.”

“Her fur is so red!”

“Look at her eyes, they’re different colors!”

One of the young bucks noticed how Violet was so calm in Nick’s lap, “She’s not scared of you.”
“That’s because I’m her daddy,” he said, tugging at one of his daughter’s ears playfully.

“I thought she was Judy’s baby,” one of the does said.

“She’s both our baby.”

“But you’re a fox!”

Nick swallowed, “Yeah, I am.”

           “Kids, come away from there,” one of Judy’s sisters walked over to the small bunnies and started to shoo them away, “Don’t bother Judy’s…” she glanced at Nick with sharp eyes, “Fox.”

With vocal reluctance the children followed her out of the room. Violet looked up at her father with a stricken look, as if it had been her fault they had left. Nick tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. Oh great, he thought bitterly, Now my kit can’t have friends because I’m a fox.

“It’s not your fault,” Nick soothed, rubbing his paw over her ears. “It’s mine.”

Violet grabbed his paw, lying on her back and playing with his paw pads and claws. Nick scratched under her chin, making her purr.

           He spent a few minutes teasing his daughter before she let out her hunger wail. He picked her up, holding her against his shoulder and started sniffing around for Judy, she had done the packing and he wasn’t sure which suitcase (that was still in Amy’s car) had the diaper bag.

Catching her unique scent toward the kitchen he headed toward there, just before he reached the doorframe words stopped him:

“He’s hardly who I imagined as your mate, Judy.”

Nick pressed himself against the wall, ears pricked and clutching Violet tight. The baby was silent as if she could sense her father’s dread through his paws.

           Judy stood in the kitchen, her parents peeling potatoes while a few aunts and sisters, one of them Amy, were messing with the oven and fixing drinks.

Judy glared at the aunt that had said those words. Amy quickly tried to lighten the mood, “Come on, we didn’t expect Judy to get married period.”

“But she’s not married, Amy,” one of their sisters pointed out.

“It’s not like I’m the only rabbit to ever give birth out of wedlock,” Judy mumbled.

“No, but you’re probably the first rabbit to get pregnant with a fox,” the same sister mumbled.

Here we go, Judy thought with disgust. “None of you can ever let that go, can you?”

Bonnie gave her daughter an apologetic look, “Surely you see the problem, Judy.”

“No,” she snapped, “I don’t. Did I plan on getting pregnant? No, but I love him and he loves me and he’s a wonderful father. I’d figure that would be enough for all of you.”
“But you’re still so young, Judy.” Bonnie’s elder sister replied. “You can still get a nice buck who would be happy to help you raise your kit-”

“I don’t want a nice buck!” Judy snapped furiously.

Stu glared at his daughter, “Don’t yell at your aunt, Judy.”

“I’m grown I know what I want out of my life,” the rabbit growled, her voice still enraged. “I don’t need any of you to tell me what I should do!”
“You should calm down,” Stu replied sternly, his expression still angry. “You’ve never raised your voice like this to your family. Not until you moved to that crazy city and met that fox. It’s like your not even a Hopps anymore.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t be!”

           Judy’s words brought utter silence to the kitchen, Nick’s eyes widened as he sucked in a breath of shock.

In the kitchen Stu stood up, his expression in utter disbelief, “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, that I will walk out that door and you’ll never see or hear from me again,” she replied, her voice ragged with anger as she pointed out the kitchen. “I’ll go back to Zootopia without the name Hopps.”

“Don’t say that,” Bonnie rushed over to her daughter’s side, her eyes swimming with grief, “Please don’t say that.”

“You’re giving me no choice,” Judy’s voice cracked at the last word. “You think I can’t see it in your eyes? In all your eyes? You’re disgusted that I had a kit with a fox. You didn’t come see Violet after all this time because you didn’t want to! You don’t give Nick a chance no matter how much I love him because you can’t get over the stupid, unimportant fact that he’s a fox!”

She stepped away from her mother, not looking at the tears in Bonnie’s eyes. “If you can’t accept Nick you can’t accept me.”

“I accept him, Judy,” Amy hurried over to her sister’s side, her expression desperate. “I know you love him I don’t care that he’s a fox and Violet is beautiful.”
Judy smiled warmly at her sister, rubbing her paw over her shoulder before dropping it to her side, she looked to her parents. “What about you? Can you go in there and kiss your granddaughter on the cheek? Can you shake Nick’s paw and tell him you’re happy he’s here?”

They stared at their daughter with the most helpless expressions she had ever seen and Judy shook her head, her eyes becoming blurry with tears. “That’s what I thought…”

           Judy turned away and headed out the kitchen, ignoring her mother’s and Amy’s cries.

Nick jolted in place when she came out of the kitchen door and spotted the fox with Violet who was looking at her mother with a scared look having heard the yelling.

He opened his mouth to apologize for his eavesdropping but then Judy silently grabbed his paw and led him out of the house, and she didn’t look back.


           They checked in at a small motel in town, having gotten their bags out of Amy’s car.

Nick placed Violet on the queen sized bed while he unpacked the suitcases, not knowing what to say and needing to do something with his paws.

Judy was in the middle of the bed, her arms wrapped around her legs and her chin resting on her knees.

Violet crawled over to sit on her mother’s feet, staring up at her with big eyes. She batted at Judy’s cheek. And the rabbit broke into tears.

 Guilt clogging his airway Nick walked over and sat next to her, taking the sobbing rabbit into his arms. Violet broke into tears at well, this was the first time she had seen her mother so sad and it terrified her.

“It’s okay, Squeaker,” Nick cooed through the tightness of his throat. He pulled her to him and Judy with his tail.

“I didn’t want to!” Judy spoke against Nick’s chest, her paws clutching his shirt. “But they wouldn’t stop! As soon as we got there they kept going on and on how we shouldn’t be together. One of my brothers actually sent me a link to a dating website for rabbits! They’d rather me be miserable with some stupid buck then be with you.”

Nick held her closer, bringing Violet in as well, “Carrots, I’m not worth disowning your family for.”
“Maybe if they weren’t so small minded and maybe if you weren’t the best thing to ever happen to me,” she said through a fresh wave of tears. “Please don’t start saying I shouldn’t be with you, Nick. I can’t deal with that right now, it sounds like you want to leave and you and Violet are all I have left.”

She suddenly stilled in his arms, “Do…do you want to leave.”

“No,” Nick said so sharply that Violet flinched. “I’d never do that!”

Judy’s shrunk under his tone and Nick released a breath and spoke more calmly: “Carrots, look at me.”

He held her face between his paws and lifted her head so she could look him in the eye. “Do I think you deserve better?” he began, “Hell yes, I do. You deserve more than I can give you. But Carrots, I love you more than I thought I could love anyone, same with Violet. If you want me to go then I’ll pack my bags and do just that. But I’d never, ever, just walk away from you like that…You two are all I have too.”

Judy buried her muzzle in his neck and wrapped her arms around his neck, she was still sobbing but he felt like she had calmed down just a fraction. Nick wrapped one arm around her while soothing a still upset Violet with the other.

“I’m so scared, Nick,” she moaned into his fur.

And she should be, Nick had met animals who had walked away from their families but none of them were rabbits. Rabbits were family-oriented, they held their clan over anything else in the world. And Judy had just thrown that all away for him.

“I got you,” he swore. “We’ll get through this.” Violet slipped in between her parents arms, “All three of us.”

To be continued…

about the dancing in gm semi formal

yes everyone was basically jumping around like little awkward bunny rabbits but news flash!!! they’re in 8th grade!! they’ve only ever been to one other dance and they’re awkward teenagers who don’t really know about how to properly dance yet!! i actually really liked the fact that they were just jumping and found it hilarious because it was so true to life. middle school dancing is a lot different than high school dancing. deal with it.