like an attic

so I accidentally adopted a bat I guess?

This tiny little bat army crawled under my door and into my room. After researching for hours, i came to the conclusion that no bat sanctuaries, or any animal rescue places that will handle bats, are anywhere close enough to where I live. And since he’s not orphaned, and his mom [and siblings] are still very much in my attic, i decided to just deliver him back to his mom for the time being.

That was last night, and he has made his way back to my room two more times since then.

So I laid out a towel with a damp patch of honey and water, so he doesn’t dehydrate while he’s here, and I’m honestly just letting him chill in my room.

He crawled up to my bed to hang off the ledge of it earlier, and now he’s back on the towel drinking some honey-water.

he’s very smol

how he managed to crawl from the attic to my room three times is beyond me.

I never pranked my parents again after the incident.

by reddit user Eigengraulogy

I was 11 years old when it happened.

As a kid, I knew that something wasn’t quite right with the events that unfolded at the time. Even though it was never brought up again under any circumstances by either one of my parents, it’s something that always stuck with me. I can’t say it’s a memory that I tried to suppress seeing as it was always there at the back of my mind, bothering me like an itch that wouldn’t go away unless properly scratched.

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Haru Okumura rocks.  I expected a generic soft moe character, but she’s pragmatic as hell and also took me to see Saw.

Hiveswap Teaser #2 Analysis

So, first of all, HYPE. Although I never stopped being Hyped but. MORE HYPE. Before I start talking at all about the teaser trailer, I gotta say, I’m glad WP are taking their time refining and bug-fixing to make a great game for us to enjoy, and knowing how far along it is and how close the release date might be, we’ll wait to see how it comes out!

Okay so the teaser, first we start with what seems like Joey peeping into the attic of the house through a hole. That already makes me feel we’ll get the little tease of knowing where to go but forbidding us from seeing what’s behind the cool curtain until we find the key that opens the door there.

There are a LOT of guns, some sarcophagus, tons of horse imagery, statues in the background, mirrors, Jake sure loves tossing stuff he finds during his adventures around the house! The multitude of items frame the centerpiece of the portal quite well, and the eerie glow gives-


Okay, wait, what the FUCK JAKE.



We start /well/ if this is the kind of shenanigans Hiveswap has prepared for us, oh my god. This means that by this point in the timeline, Jake had access to SBURB stuff, though, so that’s an interesting thing to have in mind.

The camera zooms on the portal, and then Joey appears, reaching over to expose it, before cutting to the title. Hiveswap.

Can I say, I’m really glad about the direction they took with the 2D stuff. Everything looks so good, Joey’s expressions and movement are so sweet. I love her already.

The next scene cuts to Jude using a flare gun (Which we see later in his inventory) likely to warn Joey or to use it as a distraction somewhere else? The pile of leaves right under the window makes me think he’ll have to hop right off the window and into it in the future. There’s also a fountain on the wall that looks like a Lich, further confirming Jake’s already gone hunting to the Medium by this point. Also, the sky, the clouds, the background, looks absolutely GORGEOUS.

Then the flare lands in front of the house, and here we can see a few things. First of all, the statue. Of course. And also, I bet Jude cut the bushes to look like Nessie because he’s a cryptid fan. However, there’s a thing I just realised. I don’t know if this was a detail in the prior trailer or not but…

Doesn’t the house look just… Not taken care of? The previews of the inside, all the stuff just thrown everywhere, I assumed Jake was just kinda like that, messy. But the look of the house on the outside, with the broken pillars and the vegetation growing everywhere. The broken glass is likely from the monsters, but otherwise…

Jake. How long have you left those two poor kids alone? Not to say, wherever ‘Hauntswich’ is, there doesn’t seem to be a soul ANYWHERE in the surrounding area except for their creepy neighbours.

Next, Joey is crawling through the vents, either to get in or escape from some monsters, and while happy, soon the vents shake and her expression shifts. The way her expression dynamically changes like that, I love it, makes me think a lot about some Homestuck panels. That being said, either the vent is shaky, there’s something BIG and lumbering down the halls of the manor, or the damage to the house is more extensive than it appears.

Then, oh boy the UI looks neat! Worried Joey wanders the halls of her basement, I presume. The X at the top-left might be to make the UI disappear, or perhaps a quick quit to the game? Options on the top-right, help… Then, the inventory seems managed with Captcha Cards, of course. Easy to access and drag around to combine with stuff. Then there’s her battle… Stances? Weapons? There’s what seems like a ‘stomp’, her normal shoes. Then ballerina shoes, and her flashlight.

This makes me wonder how the combat system is. Furthermore- Joey seems to have the shoe selected! What’s that for? Maybe to hint that’s what you want to do in a sneak attack? Or is it not the weapons, and just something more like her ‘stance’? But if it was her stance, wouldn’t the flashlight be the one chosen right now? We’ll see how that works.

Of course, more to the right, there’s the character… Selector? Right now we have Joey, and you can talk with your Jude with a Walkie-Talkie. Straight-forward enough.

Also Jake, please.

Jude’s side of things isn’t looking too hot. That mansion looks fucking MASSIVE. It looks more like a village, but everything’s too… Bunched up together for that to be the case. Lumbering shadows, just there. Staring. The view is amazing, but very, very eerie. Here we see he only has a flare gun- Which we see him using earlier. Again, straight-forward enough.

Now is when things start getting interesting.

First of all, the new design of the Cherub Key is amazing. Cherub Teeth are the fangs, with the Calliope-Caliborn spiral in the middle, and the snakes coiling up. But also-


Creepiness aside, I like this much, much more. The one preview we had when it was still 3D had Joey actually reaching in to turn it on herself, just out of pure curiosity. In this situation, however? She’s being /dragged/ by the key, forced to open the portal, not by her own volition. This makes much more sense narrative-wise, and also makes me wonder if the key itself is a Juju. The lollipop forced Jane to lick it after all, and Jake has the CLOCK, so a Juju key with a Juju teleporter? Yeah, that fits.

The cherub snake-beams activate and… Okay, while the glow of the energy is red on the Caliborn snake and green on the Calliope one, both the eyes AND the sparks around the energy are green on both sides. Maybe the teleporter uses First Guardian energy in some capacity?

Finally, we switch to the Trolls! Xefros is a cutie, and that’s some RADICAL VIOLET BLOOD riding a… Bronze grub. That sure’s a way to promote the drink. Anyone can decypher what the can says?

Then we have a first GOOD look at Xefros’ Hive! There’s a picture of the Sloth Lusus, Xefros and Dammek. Cute. Also there’s a tree going through the entire top, maybe his hive is like Terezi’s? It could be, his Lusus IS a Sloth, and Joey switches with Dammek, so it’d make sense Dammek is the one with the more urban hive.

We see an Alternian Phone, some videogame, with HEXAGONAL DISCS. I don’t care if it’s more bug-like, that’s so incredibly inconvenient and asinine, Hussie, What Pumpkin. >:V Then of course, theres Trizza broadcasting her memes permanently on the TV, and the first look at Xefros’ weapon of choice! Which seems to be a… Cricket bat? Cool.

Then Xefros slams the can of soda against his forehead to crush it. Nice.

This is a lovely look at the urban look of Alternia. It’s curious, Trolls are nocturnal so I expected to see more activity at night. Then again, Drones have been taking Trolls to cull, so it’d make sense if they’re all hiding.

ALSO DAMMEK’S LUSUS! They’re riding it around :D Likely going from Dammek’s place and towards Xefros’ if he does live in a tree-Hive. The background of the Alternian Landscape is absolutely haunting.

We have a VS Screen! Not only that, but Joey’s reaction to each enemy and situation seems to vary from one to the next. That’s a nice touch.

Joey, you’re being unnecessarily extra. That’s Jude’s pigeon though, and the bat monster seems surprised by Joey’s dramatic entrance!

Okay so, the thing at the bottom seems like it’s maybe the battle system? The right arrow points at Joey, so maybe it’s her turn and when it’s the monster’s it points left. Then the three spikes at the top might expand into something like. Abscond, Abjure, Aggrieve? Again, I have no idea how the system will work. Also, the bat seems confused and bouncing around. It’s hard to tell if this is RIGHT after the Vs Screen, and being surprised made it flip the fuck out, or if Joey did something that confused it and made it bounce around.

The state of the kitchen really drives home the fact Jake has been an absent father for a VERY LONG TIME. Have they just been ordering noodles to eat all this time? I can see some adorable pictures on the fridge.

There she goes. What do you wanna bet that in Hauntswitch Act 1 we get a scene exactly like this but with Dammek’s silhouette going down the red shaft?

Me too, Joey. Me too.

Finally, “The door is nearly open” seems like a reference to the little line on the Hiveswap page: “First thing’s first. You need to open the door.”

Conclusion: I NEED THIS GAME NOW. Patiently waiting for it to come out, still very hype.



attic bedroom

So I’m thinking of starting a new series where I compare different LIW adaptations of the same source material and look at what works and what doesn’t and why. Some of these series are still in progress, but others have finished, and so I can get to writing those if people seem interested.

Potential comparisons:

Much Ado About Nothing (Nothing Much To Do, Much Ado About a Webseries, and A Bit Much)

Anne of Green Gables (Green Gables Fables and Project Green Gables)

Emma (Emma Approved and The Emma Agenda)

Northanger Abbey (Northbound and The Cate Morland Chronicles)

Little Women (The March Family Letters and The Attic)

And several others that also have several adaptations but I’ve either only seen one of them or haven’t seen any. Give me recommendations so I can add to this list!

I have this really soft fondness for a WWI AU

Conner, Wally, Dick, Roy, and Kaldur are sort of a squad of misfits. Probably why they’re put together, commanders thinking they’d be decent canon fodder. But they get on like a house on fire once they get to know each other.

 Kaldur’ahm is constantly battling the incredible amount of racism as a biracial soldier. His father was African American and his mother was a Pacific Islander. 

The you have Wally, the smart talking red headed Irish American who deals with that prejudice, but damn can he run. He wanted to be a soccer player - got drafted instead. 

Conner is a tank, but he’s got some major authority problems and anger issues. 

There’s Dick, who would be the model soldier - but he faked his age when he signed up for the army. He went in under the name Robin, aged 18 but when the team finds out he’s only 16, they cover for him. They’re pissed, but it’s too late to send him home now. They become a little protective of him.

Then there’s Roy, their sniper. Nothing odd about him, he’s just a jackass. 

They would look out for each other. Like, they insist on Kaldur being their leader despite higher command sputtering and refusing to give him rank. He gets it anyway. Wally and Dick end up falling in love, and they all keep the relationship quiet. 

okay this is going to get long so readmore

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P5/P5 Fandom in my point of view:

  • *BREATHES* He’s cute when battered.
  • Mama Sae—-
  • KEK
  • Delicious pancake
  • Hello my hacker child, mama loves you
  • “Honey, I’m home.”
  • AkeShu/ShuAke is homopho—
  • Pitbull looking DADDY
  • 3 Character w/ dead moms 
  • Coffee Daddy 
  • Best Brojiro
  • Pancake
  • Shido is buff as fuck
  • gunplay
  • “Akechi sucks bc he hurt my waifu”
  • “You like Akechi? I hate you then.”
  • Thank you for Satan, Mama Sae————-

anonymous asked:

would you happen to have any ridiculous Lestat quotes? im looking for new tattoo ideas thankssssss

Oooh! That’s a cool idea… Fandom, let’s gather some ridiculous Lestat quotes for a tatt on this post. Mention the book it came from, too, if you can.

Here’s some I grabbed from IWTV, they’re not all ridiculous but they might work as a tatt, anyways. They all sound like canon to me, but check a legit copy of the book bc these are from an unreliable PDF.

Ridiculous Lestat quotes from IWTV: 

I’ll play the drum if I like! 

[^fanart by @garama]

  • Stop looking at my buttons,
  • Don’t fall so madly in love with the night that you lose your way!
  • You’re dying, that’s all; don’t be a fool.
  • You’ll have to bed down with me this morning. I haven’t prepared you a coffin.
  • If I want to sleep all day and drink all night, I’ll do it, damn you!
  • Now, I’m getting into the coffin, and you will get in on top of me if you know what’s good for you.
  • The hell I won’t!
  • He’s dead, you idiot!
  • Don’t be such a damned idiot. Haven’t you ever seen a rat?
  • Rats can be quite nice
  • [Re: a shattered crystal glass that he shattered] You don’t mind, do you? I surely hope you don’t, because there’s nothing much you can do about it if you do mind.
  • I’d like to meet the devil some night, I’d chase him from here to the wilds of the Pacific. I am the devil.
  • I ought to drive your horse into the swamps. You’d have to dig yourself a hole and smother!
  • You whining coward of a vampire who prowls the night killing alley cats and rats and staring for hours at candles as if they were people and standing in the rain like a zombie until your clothes are drenched and you smell like old wardrobe trunks in attics and have the look of a baffled idiot at the zoo. (<— This is probably too long but a piece of it might work, like “Staring at nature like a baffled idiot at the zoo” which is my tag for cool nature-related stuff, and some ppl have even adopted it from me.)
  • You’re being morbid! It’s almost dawn.
  • I can give you death more easily than I gave you life!
  • Did I kill him or did I not kill him! What’s your guess?

Bad Vampire Chronicles Aesthetics: Interview w/ the Vampires

u whining coward of a vampire who prowls the night killing alley cats and rats and staring for hrs at candles as if they were ppl and standing in the rain like a zombie until ur clothes are drenched and u smell like old wardrobe trunks in attics and have the look of a baffled idiot at the zoo.

(Inspired by Bad Shakespeare Aesthetics!)

Don't judge me 'cause it's 1am

But does anyone find it ironic that Hawk Moth designs clothes, but m o t h s e a t c l o t h e s

Godmother's favor (there's only one)

Something I wrote, because I adore EU, fairy godmothers and use of kindness as dangerous force. Hope it is good.

Library of Elsewhere University is strange place, even by their standards.

Even “mundane” libraries hold magic. How could they not? Ink and transmuted corpses of trees  and ideas and unslept nights and hopes in material form, walls upon walls of books. There is power there. And here, where Veil that keeps madness and beauty at bay is thin, where Gentry hold domain, where alien and Other magic that cares not for our rules  (sometimes not so) subtly creeps in, where liminal spaces are so common, strange things are bound to happen.

It is known, by some students of forbidden major and in-between staff, by Good Neighbors and crows, by desperate students and  world itself, that there is old woman who dwells in heart of library (it isn’t only place where she dwells. Churches, graveyards, other chools and markets- where there are stories and crying people she waits), in cave of children’s tales shaped like attic, fireplace filled with ashes and burning with dreams, waterfall of tears her cloak. She may look like your ideal grandma or have colours and angles that don’t exist but you will trust her.

When you are at your most desperate, when you are lost, without any hope, if you wander library at twilight, if you are abused, you will find her.

You will find her, broken as you are. She will accept you and she will mend you.

You will be drawn in, by honest kindness that shines within her, by lack of judgement in her deep, deep eyes, by comfort her hands caressing your hair ( if you don’t mind it, she asks first), by experience in her voice (older than time), by joy your head upon her lap brings. 

By wand of silver bone, plain and straight, held tightly in her hand.

She will speak, and she will be perfect. All that ails you, all words and tones that make you flinch will be gone ( pretty trap to lure in prey some would say). You will cry and scream and be honest and bare your soul and she will assure you and dispense advices.

And she will help. Maybe she will tell you to take particular path and you will meet friend that will free you of stress and fear and disappointment. Maybe she hands you number of hotline that will deal with your parents and courage to call it. Maybe she will mend your bones,muscles,organs, cells, and your trainer’s abuse will be exposed. Maybe she will conjure car and money ( true things, no glamour, and you don’t think about fact that she can call forth steel and fire, that she doesn’t flinch from iron and salt) that will bring you to your new job and ligjt future.

There are rules. Never speak of her. Never try to find her again. Never intentionally seek her out. Never wander through library at midnight. And never, never sneer at fairy tales. You will be wicked and selfish and inconsiderate. If you are lucky, only chill and needles in your bones will follow you forever. If not you will be gone forever.

Gentry don’t speak about her. They know, but they don’t talk.

Humans lie about hidden beauty and prince savior and pretty dresses, but Fair Folk know about girl. Ugly, would be plain if her stepmother had been kinder. Stumped and scrawny, visible bone and bruised skin, scarred and bloodied muscles and burned flesh, broken nails and ruined teeth. Infected wounds and bones not properly healed, ash and rags, frost and manure all over her, and scars on her mind (fear and despair and hunger for love, perfectionism and reasonless guilt and self-hatred) much worse. But her will was strong and her kindness so great that world itself cherished her, wind and trees moving aside, and even cats themselves bowed to her. So great, that she could wrap it like rope around people’s bodies.

Some say that her blood wasn’t just red and salty, but Fair and Good too. That her eyes were too big or too small, her shadow too light or too dark. That her teeth were sharp and nails long, her ears strangely shaped. That her kindness was her magic, that she took beauty and madness that were her birthright, took brilliance and potential for impossible and nestled them in her heart, let her soul drink and bask and become one with magic till she was so kind that it hurt humans to look at her and Gentry didn’t believe that she had their blood.

She was kindest of all humans, say those who saw that interesting race be born. There will never be another capable of holding a candle to her, say those who will outlive humanity. Something like that couldn’t not be noticed.

In depths of Faerie, a wild, free thing dwelled, older than time and greater than cosmos, capable of observing threads of fate it predated. It is said to have given humans speech and writing, word and letter, and it cares only for one thing-stories. It seeks out bravest and smartest, cruelest and strongest, and either nurtures or steals potential for legend. Girl was finished, for she was greatest prize, the kindest of kindest, so Gentry near her home thought.

Thing sent a tiny piece of itself in world. A scale of dragon, drop of ocean, spark of star. It came, and thought girl’s home was beyond river and filled with dust and cold iron, she dreamed of deep, dark water and eldritch voices, and since that day Sun always seemed small and weak to her.

But she spoke to the creature, her eyes shut to escape strange visage, spoke and asked it how it was doing. Spoke, and with each word she bound creature, whole of it, not just aspect.

And when she was queen and dying and invisible fingers grasped her palm, she asked one final wish from her godmother.

“Protect them. Those who are alone and chained. Protect and guide and aid them as you aided me.” And she died.

So if there was fey willing to talk about old woman in library, it would tell you three things.

Never try to look beyond glamour, for piece is just as terrifying as whole.

Remember that it is soulles and merciless as all of them, that it is bound by bargain and if you try to cheat it’s rules, you will beg for death.

Remember that often, kind word is thousand times stronger and more dangerous, painful and harsher than cruel act ( and godmother contains reflection of greatest kindness, that of cinder girl, who endured and forgave).


anonymous asked:

any headcanons about archie and jughead being roommates?

hoo boy do i ever!!

- Jughead sleeps on an air mattress on the floor, and Archie trips over him every morning. Every. Morning.

- Both of them snore, but sometimes one of Jughead’s snores is wayyyy louder than the rest of them and he wakes himself up. Then he blames Archie.

-Archie’s posters have been up for a while, and they’re only up with tacks, so there’s space between the back of the poster and the wall. Once, it got too hot in the room and they left the window open. That night, they had the lights off and were whispering to each other complaining about a project for science when there was a slight thwump on Archie’s bed. Archie flicked on the light and a fuckhuge katydid

this motherfucker

was on the covers, right by Archie’s leg. Cue instant panic. They trapped him in a solo cup and brought him outside, silently screaming and stage-whispering “holy fuck, holy fuck look at this huge bug, look at it’s FEET” all the way.

-they didn’t learn their lesson. They thought they were safe. They left the window open, and made sure the screen was on securely. Not securely enough. They come home after a long day at school and head upstairs to do their homework. Archie casually opens the door, they walk in, everything’s peachy. Fred calls them down to dinner. Moment of truth. There’s three yellow-and-black striped insects clinging to the door, one directly on the doorknob. Jughead actually screams. Archie goes pale, and he has to ask 

“Dude are those bees or wasps?” 

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” 

“Look it up!” 

“Fuck. I’m pretty sure they’re wasps.” 

“We’re trapped inside. We’re gonna die in here.”

- Veronica, Betty, and Kevin come over once and they walk into the room, exchange looks, and immediately step out. Betty rummages in her backpack and pulls out a can of febreze. “I was doing shopping for my mom,” she says. “But you need this more than she does.”

In regards to dibs…

Lardo is graduating so that’s one room, and Holster and Ransom are graduating so that’s another.

It’s more of a question of who has to share and who doesn’t.

So it can either be Dex and Nursey sharing which would be hilarious and possibly dangerous.

Or one of them gets the room and the other has to share the attic with somebody else. (One of the tadpoles more likely than not…)

And the third, less likely option, is that the attic is given to only one of them.

My guess? Dex gets Lardo’s room, he deserves it after all the repairs he has done around the house and he’s more the type to need his own space to study otherwise he’ll implode.

Nursey will share with Tango. Why? Because I can’t imagine anything funnier that Tango asking him a million questions and Nursey has gotten distracted by a beautiful leaf, so he doesn’t hear a single one, too busy composing a poem about nature.

Or Nursey and Whiskey which would be kind of interesting, and I can see them getting along pretty well so…

Also something random to consider, do Ransom and Holster pay less rent because they share a room? If so, would Dex rather share the attic to get a discount? Mmmm just things I wonder while avoiding sleep.