like all the time

me translating words from other languages to people
  • person:so what does this word mean?
  • me:*gets excited*
  • me:oh yeah I know this word it's easy
  • me:*forgets all the words in native language*
  • me:it's this thing when you do that thing that you do you know when
  • me:you know
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:you know right

Earlier today I was reflecting on my formative years– back when I was a wee lad in Mexico. You know, looking back on things, and considering the shows I grew up watching, I am not surprised I ended up being the person/writer I am today :0

I mean

it all kind of

makes sense


I really dont get why people are so upset about the fist bump

you hug people when there’s no tension, that’s what you do…because you’re in your comfort zone

Iris has hugged barry all her life with no cerimony because she felt safe

now she’s conflicted and lost and the fist bump is a huge indication that she’s afraid to let herself get too close to him now because THERE IS TENSION, and by that I mean SEXUAL

and that my friends. is proof that she’s starting to see him under a new light, not ‘just barry’ anymore

she’s nervous and anxious about the possibility of any physical contact

and we should be fuckin ecstatic about it