like all the parents weren't thinking it

It takes some time to put them up at home, and they have to go on the ceiling because his room doesn’t have beams to accommodate them, but Akira stretches up on his tiptoes and presses another little star onto the ceiling above his bed.

There are two quick knocks against his bedroom door, and then his mother is peering in. “We’re going out to–” She stops, looks at the stars on the ceiling as Akira carefully climbs down from where he’s standing on the mattress. “Akira. Don’t put those up. They’ll leave residue when you take them down.”

“Sorry.” He sits down on the edge of the bed and looks up at her, hand curling around the remaining stars lying on his bed.

Her lips are pinched into a frown, and she sighs before continuing. “We’re going out. We won’t be back until late, so don’t wait up.”

Akira nods. “Have a good time.”

She leaves the door open when she leaves, and Akira waits until he hears the car start outside before he goes to close it. She doesn’t do it on purpose, he’s sure. She just hasn’t lived with him for a year. She doesn’t know what he’s been through. She never will.

He looks across the room, looks at the stars scattered about his ceiling. He has no intention of taking them down.

He finishes putting them up instead, and turns the light off when he’s finished. They’ve been collecting just enough light that they glow faintly in the almost darkness. It reminds him of Leblanc. It reminds him of the planetarium. It reminds him of the place that has come to feel like home itself, and the people that have come to feel like family, and more.

Why is it, he wonders, that that almost feels better than what he has here?

He misses them, that’s all. He had missed his parents and friends here at first, too. The hollow feeling in his chest will soothe over in time.

Besides, it’s not as though they’re gone forever or anything.

Akira reaches for his phone off the desk and snaps a picture. It’s of him, in that almost darkness, with the stars barely visible in the picture. He tests out some filters and decides against it, sending the photo as is. It’s imperfect, but honest. No more masks. Of any kind.

He’s barely settled back into bed to gaze up at the stars before his phone chirps. He picks it up from the bed and pushes his glasses up his nose to read it better.

Now that IS a true work of art.

He only just stifles his laugh.

No, they aren’t gone forever. They are still with him, even after the end. Even after they have no reason to be, they are still there. He is still there.

Akira smiles, closes his eyes. Rests his phone on his chest and places his hands over it protectively.

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Shane is Jeremy Dooley-shaped. Short and broad. And capable of really putting on the muscle if it weren't for depression and alcohol. He probably looked more like it back before Jas' parents died. I imagine Shane played a lot of soccer back then. He was never skinny or lean, but very solid and honestly just think about Shane working on his spouse's farm. I like to think that he builds up some upper body strength from the work, bc I'm weak trash for shoulders and arms tbh

Yes good, this is all wonderful

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this is kind of an old subject, but what if keith isn't human at all and that's why we weren't told his ethnicity? what if he's just entirely alien? i highkey want him to be related to shiro but what if this is the case

mmm personally i think keith is human. actually i have a more… complicated theory about his parents:  we know that most likely the galra went to earth more than once right? keith was born on earth (at least…i guess?) and we know almost certainly that keith’s mom is galra. or at least…half. we don’t know if full galra women exist. so far.. the ones we’ve seen are half galra.

what if….keith’s mom is half human and half galra? it would explain why keith looks so human???? like in the blade of marmora the word choice is very important i feel like. they say “galra blood runs through your veins” opposed to “you’re half galra” maybe his galra heritage is a minor percentage and that’s why he only shows human traits? 

If I was in DMMD
  • Me: Are you sure your parents weren't mean to you because you were too noizy?
  • Me: *puts on gas mask* Have I made myself Clear?
  • Me: Minkle minkle little scratch, grab Aoba and slap his ass.
  • Me: Really cool that Ren never Ren away.
  • Me: Why have a trip for two, when you could have him all to yourself?
  • Me: *Clear falls from a roof* Looks like the weather's Clear today.
  • Me: If you think you're gonna be sick, try to stay away from Virus.
  • Me: Aoba, Sei something.
  • Me: Make it quick, I dont have much Tae-m.
  • Me: You're so fabulous, do you live in Glitter?
  • Me: Ouch, scrap! Was that a "snap"? ..Wait, did I just Rhyme?
  • Me: I think I scrapped my knee falling for you.
  • Me: Hey guys, don't fight. You're AllMates, right?
  • Me: Mizuki, are you drunk? So you had to Mipuki?
  • Me: Koujaku, I know you don't like Ryūde-hōs very much.
  • Me: *hears Noiz shouting in the background* Let's not talk Aoba that here, there's a loud Noiz.
  • Aoba, using Scrap: Stop.

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I saw many antis (not sasusaku ones) saying that Itachi was an abuser and that he never loved Sasuke and all he did was wrong and just for fun. Tho I am sure that many times in the manga Itachi showed how he really cared for Sasuke even if his methods weren't the best (not including head poke here). Do you think such proof exists like I do?

The vast majority of antis are ItaSasu lovers, so if you came across some who bashed their relationship, you’ve come across a special bunch :)

But anyway Anon, if you ever come across anyone who claims that what Itachi did was “just for fun”, and that he never cared for Sasuke, just show them these panels:

Look at the unimaginable pain that Itachi is suffering through, as his parents hold no resentment towards him at all for what he is about to do. Rather, they are praising him for it, and are understanding of his actions. I’m sure that actually made it harder for him to go through with it:

And look at how Itachi, the perfect shinobi, is unable to hold back his tears here after mentally torturing his beloved brother. To think he never loved Sasuke is ludicrous:

That night was obviously the hardest thing Itachi has ever had to do, and by no means was it done “just for fun”.

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I figured I should put in a request while I can! 😀😁 okay so can i have a Donghyuk scenario where you've both loved each other since you were little, but you didn't think you were enough for him since you weren't korean? (Foreign exchange student) Thanks sosossoo much! 😄💋👍XOXO ~TheAnonie

Originally posted by teambgasm

I changed the request just a tiny bit so you’ve known each other since the beginning of high school rather than all your childhood. I hope that’s alright~!

When you were around 14, your parents told you that you would be moving because of your dad’s job. This wasn’t uncommon. You were used to it. But this wasn’t like the times where you moved a city or two over and even to the next state to the right. You were moving to Korea. To get ready, your parents had gotten you a tutor to learn the language but even then, by the time it was time to move, your skills were still super basic.

When you started going to school, you were anxious. You were a giant bundle of nerves, fully prepared for the worst case scenario. You stumbled your way through the stupid self-introduction that teachers seemed to find necessary regardless of what country they were from. After messing up a bit with your pronunciation, you fully expected everyone to make fun of you or something.

But the day was mostly filled with people asking a lot of questions about where you were from and having you pronounce your name properly for them to make sure that the hangul was correct. The teacher had designated one boy in particular to show you around and tell you how everything worked around the school.

His name was Donghyuk and you found out later that he was the class representative. He was a pretty nice kid and seemed to be the most responsible out of all the kids which made sense. He was really nice, though, and did his best to make sure that you were comfortable.

At first, you were trying to stay a bit distant just because you weren’t sure when exactly you were going to be moving again. But when your parents made it clear that your move to Korea was going to be pretty permanent, you let yourself start to make friends, Donghyuk being the person you got closest to.

As you got older, it wasn’t uncommon for the two of you to go over one another’s houses and to have dinner together. You were spending pretty much all of your free time together by the time you got into your last year and school and he had been helping you nonstop since you had arrived. By the time you were in your last year, you could navigate the city almost as well as he could and your Korean was basically flawless.

In that time, though, you had started to have feelings for Donghyuk. You really liked and appreciated him for everything that he had done and over the course of a summer you had started to realize just how handsome and sweet he could be. Some of your other friends thought that it would be good of you to confess but you could never bring yourself to do it.

Even though you had gotten used to the culture and you were doing a pretty good job with the language, the fact still remained that you weren’t Korean. You liked to believe that Donghyuk was a great person and you not being Korean never got in the way of you actual friendship but you weren’t sure if he would think differently about dating you.

When your friend kept pressuring you to confess, you told them that and they gave you a strange look. It was a second before you realized that they weren’t looking at you but over your shoulder. You felt your face heat up, cheeks undoubtedly red, when you noticed Donghyuk standing behind you. Your friend gave you a quick pat on the shoulder before running off towards the library.

Donghyuk took a step towards you, readjusting the straps of his backpack. He was frowning a bit.

“Do you really think that?”

“Donghyuk, I-“

“(Y/N), we’ve been friends for years now and you really think I’d care about something like that? I care about you a lot, regardless of whether or not you’re Korean.”

He looked a little hurt that you had ever thought otherwise. You were going to say something, try to apologize, but he didn’t give you a chance. Donghyuk pulled you into a tight hug, resting his chin on top of your head.

“Don’t ever think about yourself like that, okay? I really like you, and I hate to think that you feel those kinds of things…”

He held you out at arm’s length and gave you a soft smile. Donghyuk let you go, interlocking your fingers and pulling you down the hallway towards the exit.

“Wait, where are we going?” you asked.

“Let me buy you lunch.”

“But we’re not supposed to leave campus for lunch.”

His grinned back at you as he pushed the door open before saying, “Just this once won’t hurt.”

  • Neil: [Neil Perry finds Saetia V-Neck Dude sitting alone on the roof] Hey!
  • Saetia V-Neck Dude: Hey.
  • Neil: What's going on?
  • Saetia V-Neck Dude: Nothin'. Today's my birthday.
  • Neil: Is today your birthday? Happy birthday!
  • Saetia V-Neck Dude: Thanks.
  • Neil: What'd you get?
  • Saetia V-Neck Dude: [indicating the Orchid record lying beside him] My parents gave me this.
  • Neil: Isn't this the same record...
  • Saetia V-Neck Dude: Yeah. Yeah, they gave me the same thing as last year.
  • Neil: Oh.
  • Saetia V-Neck Dude: Oh.
  • Neil: Maybe they thought you needed another one.
  • Saetia V-Neck Dude: Maybe they weren't thinking about anything at all. The funny thing about this is, I-I didn't even like it the first time.
  • Neil: Dude, I think you're underestimating the value of this record. [He picks it up] I mean, who would want a American Football or a Modern Baseball or...
  • Saetia V-Neck Dude: Or a Beau Navire.
  • Neil: Or a Beau Navire, if they could have a record as wonderful as this one? I mean, if-if I were ever going to buy a record, twice, I would probably buy this one. Both times! In fact, its shape is... it's rather aerodynamic, isn't it? [walks to the edge of the roof] You can feel it. This record wants to fly! [hands it to Saetia V-Neck Dude] Dude? The world's first unmanned flying record. [Saetia V-Neck Dude throws it off the roof - the booklet fly everywhere and things crash and clatter to the ground] Oh my! Well, I wouldn't worry. You'll get another one next year.
#16: He meets your ex-boyfriend
  • Ashton: "Why do you like movies like that?" Ashton questioned, shuddering slightly as he thought about the hour and a half of demon possession you'd just made him sit through. "Oh come on, it wasn't that bad," you smirked, giggling when he wrapped an arm around your waist as you walked out of the theater. "Y/N?" a familiar voice asked from behind you. "Nathan? Oh my god, hi!" you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck to hug him. "I haven't seen you in a while, I hope everything's okay?" he asked, glancing back and noticing Ashton. "Oh, you must be Ashton. I've heard a lot of good things about you. I'll let you two go now, but it was really nice to see you again, Y/N. Nice meeting you, Ashton!" Nathan rushed out. You knew he probably had plans. "Is that your gay friend or something?" Ashton wondered, wrapping his arm around your waist again. "Ex-boyfriend," you answered. You felt his arm stiffen against your back. "Ex-boyfriend?" he repeated somewhat curtly. "Oh, don't be like that. We ended on good terms and he's engaged now anyways. You have nothing to worry about," you said, stopping and standing on your toes to press a kiss to his lips.
  • Calum: For your birthday, Calum made sure that he was able to come visit you. You two had spent the entire morning together and from how good things were going, it would probably be an all-day thing. As you stood in line at Starbucks, the door opened and you turned to see who came in. You snapped your head back around when you saw your ex-boyfriend. The two of you weren't the best of friends, but you didn't hate him either. The two of you ended on extremely awkward terms and weren't sure how to approach the other after you had broken up. Calum turned to see what had made you uncomfortable and snorted under his breath when he turned back around. He knew every awkward detail about yours and his relationship and always had a good time making fun of you for it. You felt his hand slide down your back and rest on your ass, making you jump slightly. You glanced up at him with furrowed eyebrows. He smiled and shrugged, leaning down to whisper in your ear. "I'm showing him that you're mine now and he's an idiot for letting you go," he said, giving you a squeeze. "Calum," you yelped in surprise, earning a chuckle from him as he kissed the side of your head.
  • Luke: The boys had been on tour for almost six months and since you weren't able to visit him while he was touring due to school, he wanted to make up for lost time. After visiting with his parents, he flew out to see you. All day the two of you had been together. You went to a movie, played laser tag, went bowling... and now you were at an Outback Steakhouse. "Do you feel like you're at home?" you teased when you entered the stereotypical Australian restaurant. "Do you think you're funny?" Luke teased back, poking your side as you were led to a table. When you were seated and your waiter had shown up, you wanted to throw the water the hostess gave you at him. "Y/N is that you? Hard to tell since most of the time you were underneath me." Luke knew who he was. He knew who he was and he looked just as pissed off as you were embarrassed. When you didn't reply, he went into his job-mode. "Are you ready to order?" he asked with a smirk. "No, we're going to go somewhere else. Thank you and goodbye," Luke said before you could get a word out, standing and holding his hand out for you to take before walking out of the restaurant.
  • Michael: When Michael came to visit you, he knew that you had promised your friend that you'd go see his band play at a local show. So Michael being the amazing boyfriend he is (as he liked to say) tagged along with you to watch your friend's band. When you got there, you paid the entry fee and stood in the back of the venue, watching the first band set up. A familiar face walked by and you glanced up, quickly looking away when you realized who it was. "Who is that?" Michael asked the question like he knew the answer already. "Don't worry about it," you replied when the feedback screeched. "Hey Y/N," his voice sounded from beside you. You looked up and saw that he was smirking. You smiled and inched closer to Michael, "Hi." Michael wrapped an arm around your shoulders, "Did you need to say anything else or are you just standing here to be a jackass?" Michael asked with a slight glare. Your ex stepped back a little with his arms up defensively, "I'm not looking for any trouble--" "Then leave," Michael cut him off. Your ex stood in his place for a few seconds before going back to his group of friends. "Thank you," you smiled, hugging Michael from the side.

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Honestly, I didn't even know that Zayn's parents weren't divorced. This is awful.

Yeah, I only learned about it a year ago? I think? I’m not sure but yes majority of the fandom doesn’t even know he exists and he’s still in the picture. Out of all of them (as well as Liam) he had the ‘ideal’ family. His parents are still going strong. Based on what I’m hearing, Yaser is an amazing father and it’s sad that he was erased just to fit the ‘POC’ single mother stereotype. The more amazing thing is that I only knew like last month that Maura and Bobby have actually been divorced for a long time… Can you see how fake everything is??? Their images are so crafted and finely tuned to fit stereotypes and it’s really sad and annoying

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Hello, about the whole Magnus and Alec age difference, a point I saw a lot is Alec is very young so like the 'stereotypical teenager and not mature'. I personally disagree with that. So far in the show the only thing Alec has been is mature (and maybe jealous). Then in the books he kinda raised Izzy and Jace a bit. Like his parents weren't exactly the best, and he was the oldest. Also there is life experience but I think if you're at war with constantly. There's enough experience to go around

Anonymous said to dailymalec:

it’s so weird people suddenly criticizing malec relationship bc of how old magnus is yet there are so many movies/tv series like all those vampire ones where hundred and something year olds are dating 17-18 year olds and nobody has problems with them

Anonymous said to dailymalec:

if people wanna criticize the ages (in the book), why don’t they criticize cc - who wrote them and was in charge of everything - instead of essentially calling a bisexual man a predator, as if there isn’t a long history of blaming gay/bi men of being predatory towards underage boys… also, if you criticize malec, why not criticize cc for writing pretty sexual scenes between clace and sizzy, who were 15-17? why only focus on the same-gender couple and insist its sinful and gross? /side-eyes

Anonymous said to dailymalec:

I don’t understand why everyone is going on about age difference. In the books (although I don’t know if this is the same in the show) Alec is considered and adult and therefore can have a relationship with someone older than him but Magnus stops ageing and is basically 19 (physically). Power has nothing to do with age and I assure you Alec is not a “reckless” teen. It has been shown many times throughout the show (and books) that’s Alec is mature and responsible. Both men are of age

All of this ^^.

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Fine Stud Lexa can do hair like no ones business Like it seems slightly out of character to Clarke but one day she realizes that Lexa always has her hair in intricate braids and it's different on most days but she doesn't have a stylist so she obviously does it herself, and one day Clarke asks who taught Lexa to do hair so well and it turns out to be Lexa's nanny or something from when she was younger cause her parents weren't around often with their jobs and all (Continuing)

(Continued) and this nanny was basically family to Lexa and would always tell her “now ms. Lexa, your parents have all these housekeepers and cooks and stylists and Bette very successful, but do you think they could get by without the help? No. You’re growing up into this but you’re gonna know how to take care of yourself.” And so she taught her basic skills like how to use a washer/dryer, how to properly iron clothes, and how to do hair (TBC)
(Continued) I headcannon FSL! With no housekeepers because that spectacular nanny taught her all she needed to know and she feels like she could honor her in no better way then to live without the extra help because that wonderful nanny made sure she knew how to be a functional human and not rely on a team of people to take care of her.

I love this and I support this

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Why are you against welfare? Would you rather that those who were struggling financially weren't able to get the help they needed? (And before you say "get help from a charity," let me remind you that it makes no sense at all to think that getting financial help from the government is wrong, but getting financial help from a charity is perfectly okay.) You know, I'm on welfare, and I'm damned proud of it. It's helped me to become financially independent from my parents.

I would like to begin by saying that no one should be proud of being on welfare, now, do not that that as people should be ashamed of being on welfare. There are times in the lives of many people that they need some help, and in the current system that help comes from government welfare. You say that being on welfare makes to financially independent of your parents, that is not true.  Welfare is provided by the state, which gets its money from taxes, your parents pay taxes, therefore you are still getting money from your parents, and from everyone else who pays taxes. So, if anything you are now more financially dependent than you ever were before.  

You said that before I say charity should be the place that people get help that “let me remind you that it makes no sense at all to think that getting financial help from the government is wrong, but getting financial help from a charity is perfectly okay.” So before I say that charity is the solution let me remind you that charity is something that people give money and time to voluntarily, when I give money to the Red Cross, for example, I give it because I want to.  When I give money to Social Security it is because if I don’t the IRS will send a SWAT team to my house, kick in my door, shoot my dog, and take me to jail.  The reason that charity is better than state welfare is because charity is voluntary.  

I have spent a lot of my free time working with private charities including Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, and the Episcopal Church. The difference between private charity and government welfare as far as the way in which it is administered is that private charity is actually concerned with making the people they help independent again, getting them off of the system.  Government welfare doesn’t care about getting the people out of the system, if anything it wants more people dependent on it. because if no one was on social security the people working for social security would not have jobs.  If no one needs private charity the people who volunteer their time and money will just use it for different things.  

The final reason that state welfare is bad is because it is unsustainable.  in the 2010 fiscal year the federal government collected between 2.1 and 2.2 trillion dollars from all of its sources of revenue. It then spent 2.128 trillion on mandatory spending, mandatory spending includes only Social Security $701 billion, Medicare $519 billion, Medicaid $273 billion, the interest on the national debt $202 billion, and 400 billion in other mandatory programs such as pensions and other unemployment programs.  This means that if the government did not spend money on anything accept these programs, that means no Army, no Navy, no Marine Corps, no Air Force, no Coast Guard, no congress, no president, no NASA, no EPA, no FBI, no DEA, no ATF, that the government MIGHT, and that is a big might, break even and not run a deficit. but in all likelihood would still run a deficit.