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remember that one interview during mitam promo with grimmy where harry had to use that voice app and it was SO OBVIOUS that everyone in one direction loves and enjoys each other???  what a great interview.  It really warms my heart.  


i started this like at the beginning of the month and now the main points of my voltron american high school au is complete

this little squad forms when they find shiro with a prosthetic arm after he hasn’t shown up to school for 3 months

(yes i did remember coran and allura but i am quite lazy)


You know these quys for so long and back then, you’re likeI want be that” or just your own thing or “I wanna be a part of  what they’re doing and create something like that?

“I always been very, you know, I admire what they’ve created. I mean, all my favorite bands have created something like that, like a collective energy and a collective force that’s carried them on into the future and carry them toward new musical heights and new musical creations. Everytime the make a new record or whatever it is, I’ve always admired that, I’ve always wanted that and to be asked to join there, it’s always an incredible honor.”  — Josh Klinghoffer interview by Devo Brown.  - 4th February, 2017.

    • Red Hot Chili Peppers “I’m With You” photoshoot by Clara Balzary, 2012.

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i started listening to mariana's trench and? i'm dead? ever after is a masterpiece?

yesssssss. mt is so good! ever after and masterpiece theatre are like my favorite albums of any band of all time!! 😭

I just read a comment that it’s “stupid” for a band “to disband because a band has to think about their fans first”. And it made me really angry.

No, they don’t have to.
If a band you love disbands it’s fucking sad. It takes away a place from you you could go to when you felt sad or needed distraction. It takes away people from you you felt close to (even though you might have never met them) and the possibility of new music that you love. Yes, of course they make fans sad with a disbanding!

But what’s the point in continuing only for the fans if you’re not happy with what you do and can’t dedicate yourself to it anymore?
A band consists of individual human beings with individual lives and no, they don’t have to think about their fans first. What they have to think about first is their own happiness and future. Because every human being is responsible for his/her own life - the only life they have. If band members decide that their band will disband then they have every damn right to do so.


BRICK WALLS | listen.

“Really, Gisborne? Is this the best you can do?”

Guy breathed heavily, his eyes squeezed shut so tight spots of color were all he could see. He pressed his face against the brick wall of his loft, now painted white, and took a deep breath before stepping back to punch the wall forcefully.

“Do it over - again. God, you really are useless.

Three more punches. Tears stung his eyes as he threw a fourth. He lost count after that and eventually fell into a heap against the wall, sobbing.

“Any more of – whatever – this incompetence is and you’re out of here, Gisborne. And you know I mean it, too.”

Head pressed against the wall, now sitting, he shakily reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and his Zippo. He lit up, hands shaking so hard it was difficult to light the cigarette for a moment. He inhaled deeply and shut his eyes, knuckles stinging. 

“Useless,” Guy mumbled to himself. “Incompetent.” He opened his eyes and looked down at the bloody scratches on his knuckles, smoke filling the air. 

“Useless,” he repeated, cigarette between his lips.

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Hello! I've been following your art trail from DA to here and I never knew you liked Stars! They're so fantastically underrated and my all time favorite band. What is your favorite Stars album? Keep up the great work, it's been such a pleasure following your progress!

Im not really familiar with their specific albums but my favorite song by them is Calendar Girl 

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the lovely @dabwons tagged me to answer 30 q’s! yay

  1. nickname: i don’t really have one!
  2. gender: female
  3. star sign: scorpio
  4. height: almost 5′8!
  5. time: 7:49 p.m
  6. birthday: november 16th
  7. favorite bands: monsta x, nct, vixx, exo.. i also still love all my baby emo bands like p!atd, bmth, ptv, chiodos~
  8. favorite solo artists: troye sivan, dua lipa,… those r like the only solo artists i listen to a lot sacjk
  9. song stuck in my head: new rules by dua lipa lmao
  10. last movie i watched: coraline i think
  11. last show i watched: the office/buzzfeed unsolved
  12. when i created my blog: december 2016
  13. what do i post: mx/nct, memes,… thirst posts
  14. last thing i googled: jon snow
  15. do you have other blogs: yes but the only sideblog i keep up with is my hate blog
  16. do you get asks: sometimes! 
  17. why did you choose your url: i love yuta and also the fact we share the same sign
  18. following: 541 (DAMN IT DOES NOT FEEL LIKE IT)
  19. followers: 323~
  20. favorite colors: black, deep red, brownish pink, mauve
  21. average hours of sleep: it really depends.. a lot of times like 10, but its usually during the day which is no bueno lmaoo
  22. lucky number: 6
  23. instruments: i wish 
  24. what am i wearing: a black t-shirt, adidas trackpants + slides
  25. how many blankets i sleep with: one
  26. dream job: i don’t have one.. prolly be a teacher tho
  27. dream trip: south america, east asia, australia..
  28. favorite food: anything.. sushi.. mexican food.. dominican food
  29. nationality: american (latinx + black)
  30. favorite song rn: i pretty much only cycle between the whole cherry bomb album

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  • what I say: i'm fine
  • what I mean: i wish i got to see ampas live it would have been the best day of my life i mean there was kisses and band jokes and like all my favorite bands maybe i would have met a best friend who likes the same bands as me but no i'm sitting on tumblr with ice cream and pizza while crying because why couldn't I have been there it's not fair
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md-a needs tips on how to be a normal human being and how to get to know her co-intern as a regular human being using appropriate questions and activities before her hormones take over and she blurts out something stupid like “you are smart and kind and snarky how do we jump straight to making out.”

And yes, the person in question is my wards team partner. Dammit.

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Interview: Osa Atoe

New Orleans

In 2008, Osa Atoe was touring around the country with her punk band New Bloods. When we met her, she had changed gears, steering her focus to concentrate on the kind of art you can hold in your hands. She makes her life and living now as a terracotta potter in New Orleans, Louisiana, her color palette vast in its temperature if not its hue, both defying and defining the heat of the city. 

Osa’s bowls and dishes are elegant vessels, radiating with a staccato drum beat of angle and line. The geometric patterns in her ceramics recall the drawings in Shotgun Seamstress, Osa’s self-published zine about Black punk and political activism. A passion for personal and societal transformation, DIY ethics and the vocalization of the under-represented are the driving forces in everything she does, manifesting themselves in media as disparate as terracotta, punk and art historical essay. Her work is her voice: loud, unfettered by form and resounding in revolution.

We spoke to Osa about the relationship between punk music and ceramics, what a vessel stands for and the richness of New Orleans’ craft heritage. 

Portland punk band New Bloods.

What is your relationship to the the process of creating pottery, especially in relationship to punk and DIY aesthetics? You mentioned that you’ve been a punk musician since you were 19. Does that play into how you make ceramics now? 

I think I always wanted to work harder on punk bands than I actually could while collaborating with people. I was always very clear about the fact that I wasn’t in bands to make money; I wanted the music I was making to be purely about expression and participating in the legacy of punk and American indie rock. Unfortunately, I think that when you’re not getting paid for your craft, it can’t take as high a priority in your life. You’re always spending such a large chunk of your time working for money to keep food in your belly and a roof over your head. I would’ve loved to work on being in a band as hard as I work on pottery, but when you’re working with other people, you have everyone’s schedule to take into account. In the end, the longevity of your project also relies on multiple people.

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