like after all they've been through


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@ y&b anon, i thought the EXACT SAME THING. mmith and ftdt remind me of how empty & lonely H is. sott makes me think of when he was crying at his piano. only angel and kiwi remind me of how he'd sleep around etc. woman reminds me of how louis would get jealous seeing harry at parties with ppl all over him etc. two ghosts is after they kiss and H disappears. and sweet creature is like, when they're happy and in LOVE after everything they've been through and the moon knows. :') i'm crying

…………….wha  thfuc k i’m….oh my fucjing god

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Back into angst territory and based off a fic I read: Wash telling Carolina this can't be what gets them after all they've been through and survived. Carolina goes quiet for a moment before saying she doesn't know and sounding like she's given up all hope and Wash completely freaks out and panics.

You guys just love angst, don’t you?

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I still can't get over the fact that Murphy actually cried saying goodbye to Raven ugh... I don't ship them romantically but they care about eachother so much, even after all they've been through. Brotp soulmates

They recognize like souls in each other. And I don’t think it’s romantic either. But it is stunning and deep.

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Hello I love your blog! And I just want to say that I'm still horribly scarred (yes after all this time) by naruto's ending :( as it was one of the first series that got me into anime. I would just like to hear about your thoughts on the fact that naruto couldn't make sasuke stay despite all they've been through. Would you consider naruto as oc by then? Because his nindo was to never give up and swore to bring sasuke back to the village one day but he didn't

Thanks for lovin this glorious trash heap (blog) :) ppl like u keep me goin’

Tbh I think Naruto fulfilled his nindo- he did bring Sasuke back

And then, because when you love something, you set it free, he let Sasuke go. That was all in character. At this point, Naruto finally understood Sasuke on that deep soul level. He saw that there’s nothing left for his friend in Konoha. It would have been selfish to make Sasuke stay, and Naruto is not selfish. Not when it comes to that guy. 

My ideal ending would be for Naruto to take care of any loose ends in the villiage before following Sasuke. Sasuke was always more important to Naruto than being Hokage, and he wouldn’t like being Hokage with all the paperwork and other boring shit, stuck in the village, unable to be with his precious person. He already got everyone to acknowledge him so… 

Between Sasuke’s departure and Naruto becoming hokage, canon stopped meaning anything. I think that’s when Naruto turned super ooc…Idk if that answers the question or makes sense but ya thx for the ask :)

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I've been feeling rather out of sorts lately (read: depressed) and I was wondering if I could get an angst to fluff imagine of Spencer Reid comforting the reader when he realizes that they've been acting odd so he goes to visit them at home?? Sorry its worded weird! I hope I was clear enough x

I’m really sorry that you’re feeling like this, you don’t deserve it at all. You’re a beautiful person and the sun will break through the clouds for you, I know it. I hope this is what you’re after, fluffy.

THE GIF IS NOT MINE! I spent longer than I should have looking at gifs of this beautiful man…

TRIGGER WARNING - MENTIONS OF DEPRESSION BUT TURNS CUTE (if any of this is portrayed wrong, then please know that no offense is meant, and you can drop me a message and I’ll change it).

Italicised - actual quotes said by Spencer at some point.

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You were sat on your couch, in two-day old pyjamas and a vacant expression on your face, a stone cold mug of coffee held loosely in your hand.Your mind was a whirlwind of torment, your thoughts making no sense as they raced through, leaving destruction in their path. 

Before you sank deeper into The Pit, there was a knock at the door. Two quick raps, and then silence. 

You sat there for a moment longer, before you sighed and stood up, walking slowly to the door, trying to delay the inevitable.

The door swung open, and you almost couldn’t remember reaching your hand out to release the catch and pull the handle down.

In front of you stood Spencer Reid, your close friend and confidante. He gave you a tight-lipped smile and looked just past your shoulder, into your house. 

“Hey.” He murmured.

“Hi.” You forced a smile onto your lips, though it faded as quickly as it came when you saw Spencer frown. “What?”

“Don’t do that.”

You frowned. “Don’t do what?”

“Smile through the pain.”

“How did you-”

Spencer cut you off, having already anticipated your next question.

“I know you, Y/N. You’ve been acting odd lately at work, and we’ve all noticed. But I’m the closest to you, so I offered to come see how you were doing.”

“Thank you. But, I’m okay.” At Spencer’s disbelieving look, you insisted. “Really.”

“No you’re not. Listen, Y/N, I know what it’s like to be afraid of your own mind. And I know -”

You reached out to take his hand, squeezing slightly as an act of silent comfort. He smiled at you, his lips quirking up in one corner.

Spencer inhaled sharply, and you tugged him into your house, shutting the door behind him. You led him to the kitchen, still holding his hand, and fixed him his coffee the way you knew he liked it.

With the drinks fixed, you both moved into your living room, still in silence. 

Only when you were sat next to each other, did Spencer speak. “I feel like there are two types of people in this world. The ones that get over their grief and move on and the ones that descend into some sort of endless misery.

You didn’t know what to say to that, so you said nothing. 

You leaned your head on Spencer’s shoulder and he put his arm around you, bringing you tighter into him, his slender fingers splayed across your shoulder. You wrapped your arms around his waist, and you sat like that for some time.

You weren’t okay, but with Spencer, your best friend, right beside you, you knew you could make it.

Omg okay so I hope you like it. I’m always here for you, for anyone, if you’d like to talk. Stay safe, my lovelies! <3

ok so i have been thinking about what eiffel would do after he got back from space and i like to think he opens a flower shop? 

  1. flowers are way more colorful than space
  2. they need a lot of natural light to live, in contrast to the harsh lights and darkness of the station 
  3. he can grow them himself and take care of them and surround himself with living things instead of the dead emptiness / ghosts of space
  4. they make people happy, usually, and eiffel is tired of seeing people sad 
  5. communication through flowers!!!! 
  6. in loving memory of the plant monster

+ bonus: lovelace sues goddard industries and wins and the reporters ask what she plans on doing next and she ALMOST SMILES!!!!! but then she glares at all of them and says “i’m not going to tell you that” and a week later she shows up at eiffel’s flowershop and asks if he’d like an extra pair of hands

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i just can't believe that after all these years, all the moments ichigo and rukia had together and all of the things kubo nicknamed them and stuff and the looks they exchanged and how kubo can't draw one without the other and you know those times where rukia was the one who dried his rain and stuff and like he had a reason to fight and stuff but he didn't have the means to and she offered him those means, and after all they've been through you're telling me this is all a lie?? i don'T THINk SO bud

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Yeah, it was funny when i first read it, like "haha, Annabeth is annoyed by Percy and his constant playing," but then i really thought about it. She's annoyed with him? Nu-uh. I don't buy it. There should be next to nothing (especially that trivial) that should get her that salty considering all they've been through. It doesn't add up to me. (Plus, band AU crushed and I'm salty as hell tbh)

e x a c t l y  that entire scene sounds so much like twelve year old annabeth that i can’t buy it. she and percy are so far past this point of her snobbily thinking he ‘goofs off’ all the time. 

it reminds me of that line from just after they get out of tartarus, when someone says percy couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag and annabeth agrees??? like no. na-uh, rick, that is not on. especially after we got her internal monologue down there, there’s no way that sixteen year old annabeth would think or talk about percy like that.

What I really love about this is that the last time they were this close with his arms wrapped around her, they were on the beanstalk, they’d just met and were on completely different sides.

Then two seasons later, they’re in the same position, but feelings entirely different as her arms are also embracing him just as his are.

It’s like a full circle has been made. And I love it.

A really unpopular opinion but I feel like the 5sosfam doesn’t really deserve to be the fandom of the 2015 has been total shit for us. There was SO much unnecessary bullshit drama and I just feel like a lot of other fandom a deserve it way better than us tbh

Acceptable Gallavich season finale scene:
  • Mickey: Ian you're coming home with me and that's fuckin final.
  • Ian: Why? So you can look after me? Treat me like a fuckin kid? I don't need you to look after me Mick. Fucking hell I can look after myself, I don't need you!
  • Mickey: *yelling* WELL MAYBE I NEED YOU! Did you ever fucking think of that?

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ok so i really loved the episode but i felt like it was in a completely different tone than the previous episodes. like they've always been more serious and this one seemed like comedy to me? it was beautiful and i loved it but i'm just really confused as to why this episode made me laugh 90% of the way through when i expected it to be really heartbreaking after waiting so long for it. did you feel that way at all?

yeah i feel that way too and i think there are two main possibilities

  1. it was such a tough deep shit they didn’t want us to dwell on it (i mean we’ve spent two years crying over this stuff maybe they thought it’s enough) too much so they made it all light-hearted and funny and oh-look-it-wasn’t-that-bad maybe they even tried to console us
  2. they’re up to something extremely painful and they wanted to give us one nice thing because the rest (and i’m assuming the rest is the series final) will leave us dishevelled and empty and we’ll all die in agony and pain

you choose the right answer

in honor of hannigram day: how i came to ship it
  • me: well yeah i mean i don't really pay attention but i'd bet my life people on tumblr ship it.
  • friend: yeah it's two guy best friends, tumblr would be all over that.
  • me: i mean, i can kinda see it? i mean *i* don't really ship it but i could see why they would.
  • friend: i can see that too.
  • me: they've kind of got this dynamic of like... a divorced couple who despise each other but are still have a lot of sexual attraction.
  • friend: lol yea
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • friend: u ok
  • me: ... shit
  • friend: oh my god, did you just start to ship it
  • me: I THINK SO?!
  • friend: AFTER ONE SENTENCE?????
  • friend: JESUS CHRIST
  • me: I KNOW
  • me: I'M WEAK

i’m yELLING are people actually worried about this spoiler? yes, they do kiss, but robert looks like he’d rather be literally anywhere else. this whole thing just feels like a complete plot device to make robert realise how much aaron means to him, just in time for the proposal to go tits up and for aaron to get hurt, which will further make robert understand that aaron is the one for him. trust me, guys, we’ll be sitting back and laughing at all this negativity someday bc i’m willing to put money on this whole kiss thing shoving robron and robert’s character in the right direction.

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What kind of a friend is he that he would turn his back on his best friend like that?! I would never do that to my friends. I'm legit mad right now. Stiles deserves better, after everything he's done for Scott. After all they've been through together. I get the moral compass thing, but to not even hear him out or have an inkling of understanding. Oh god sorry I'm 'mad rambling.'

they are both at fault. stiles for not telling him sooner, before theo brainwashed him, and scott for not believing his best friend. tbh its all theo’s fault