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Ren Family Modern Christmas Headcanons (+ Alikou & Juhaku)
  • Ren Family gets together to celebrate Christmas each year.
  • Hakuei always makes Christmas cookies, and the rest of the family have to endure them (after years of eating them they are kinda used to it)
  • Kouha is making the Christmas playlist, he also sings a couple of songs himself (because he has a great voice)
  • Kougyoku despite not having the same vocal skills also joins him in a duet
  • Hakuryuu doesn’t want to go to the Christmas party because he doesn’t like his older cousins. But Judal is finding the gathering amusing so they go anyway.
  • Hakuryuu brings Judal with him to the party every year and everyone knows that they are pairing, except from Kouen who hasn’t figured out yet and he still believes that Judal is just another Hakuryuu’s friend (Kouen is clueless when it comes to romance xD)
  • Kougyoku always brings her husband (Alibaba) and their kids who all adore their aunt Hakuei, and like to make fun of their always sleeping uncle Koumei.
  • The Alikou kids are the apple of whole family’s eye. Everyone wants to spend time with them and treats them with love. Except from Judal who likes to tease them,like he once did with their parents.
  • Kougyoku and Alibaba wear Christmas  couple sweaters which everyone except from them finds horrible
  • Alibaba still feels uncomfortable when he’s around his brothers in law, especially when Kouen and Koumei discuss about politics and ask his opinion.
  • Once in a Christmas event, Alibaba said that he would also visit Sinbad during the day and Kouen gave him the “you’re dead to me” look xD
  • Christmas day is very important to Judal and Hakuryuu because it’s their couple anniversary day, too.
  • A couple of years ago, when they were still on university they had gone with their friends to a Christmas themed amusement park. And while they were ice skating, Judal confessed his feelings. That caused Hakuryuu to lose his balance and fell on top of Judal before he was able to also confess.


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