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10 actors: Bradley Whitford

It’s so much fun, as we can see everyday, to shame and humiliate people who you disagree with politically, but it does not get anything done.


in which I edit beautiful black sails caps (part I)

“Civilization is coming, and it means to exterminate us.”

bifidosmetana  asked:

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before... but we all know that silver and blue are the colours of the Wings of Freedom. And that perfectly match with the idea of why they made Erwin and Levi wear blue suit and silver leggins respectively. On that recent official art they are even placed on both sides from the kids just like the Wings of Freedom - silver Levi's on the right side and blue Erwin's on the left.

Oh my god! You’re right @bifidosmetana.  Now we know the real reason for this fashion disaster! 

i put this shardilver sketch on twitter like a million years ago but i just saw it in my folder and was like. wait. that was really cute wtf.

also there’s like 0 shardilver stuff on tumblr which is Lame so i’m just gonna… [tosses messy sketch into the void]


You think so much of what you and I can accomplish together. You and her.


Incorrect Black Sails Quotes

Britta: Your friends were counting on you.

Jeff: Yeah, well, that’s their fault. I have carefully cultivated a persona that screams, “You’re on your own.”

- Community

You’re not a true fan until you’ve made a springlock suit and got springlocked yourself
—  my friend and co-worker, to myself as I talk about my springtrap cosplay plans

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: feuilly & combeferre

moroccan mint tea, the smell of wood and old books, thinking big, arms slung round shoulders, attending public lectures, falling asleep at your desk, absent-minded sketching, running away with ideas and off on tangents, getting tattoos together, keeping your word no matter what, head-to-head trivia challenges, finding the dorkiest jokes funny, wearing that one same pair of shoes forever, not being able to rest until you’ve found the answer. (requested by @silver-soliloquy)

MORE STUFF! Timing has pretty much been established and I’m quite pleased! Still need to just clean stuff up and add in some details. I have NO idea what I’m gonna do about silver’s hair :[

(Yeah, also what’s the etiquette on posting WIP updates? It hasn’t been that long. Should I reply to the existing posts and add on, or is a new post like this cool? Or no precedent? Also, anyone know any good animation tutorials or classes? :P <3 )

So Ghetsis is confirmed for USUM but please Nintendo/Game Freak, where is N? I’m going to be rather disappointed if he doesn’t show up in Alola but Ghetsis does. I’d love it if N shows up to help the player character combat the villains, or at least to fight Ghetsis if no one else. Seems like that would be something that would call him to action and necessitate a cameo appearance, please and thank you very much. 

N better be all right. He better be happy, well fed, gotten plenty of sleep and hugs, and is loved. He needs an island vacation.