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10 actors: Bradley Whitford

It’s so much fun, as we can see everyday, to shame and humiliate people who you disagree with politically, but it does not get anything done.


in which I edit beautiful black sails caps (part I)

“Civilization is coming, and it means to exterminate us.”

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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before... but we all know that silver and blue are the colours of the Wings of Freedom. And that perfectly match with the idea of why they made Erwin and Levi wear blue suit and silver leggins respectively. On that recent official art they are even placed on both sides from the kids just like the Wings of Freedom - silver Levi's on the right side and blue Erwin's on the left.

Oh my god! You’re right @bifidosmetana.  Now we know the real reason for this fashion disaster! 


You think so much of what you and I can accomplish together. You and her.

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: feuilly & combeferre

moroccan mint tea, the smell of wood and old books, thinking big, arms slung round shoulders, attending public lectures, falling asleep at your desk, absent-minded sketching, running away with ideas and off on tangents, getting tattoos together, keeping your word no matter what, head-to-head trivia challenges, finding the dorkiest jokes funny, wearing that one same pair of shoes forever, not being able to rest until you’ve found the answer. (requested by @silver-soliloquy)

You’re not a true fan until you’ve made a springlock suit and got springlocked yourself
—  my friend and co-worker, to myself as I talk about my springtrap cosplay plans

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WAIT. idk if this is a question on that ask, but you should totally WRITE A LINE OF FIC just one sentence (haha you thought you were gonna get away with not writing story ahahah!)

Dean woke up late and he’s still groggy, kind of sore and still tired after clearing out that creepy-ass house of ghouls outside Jonesboro. He scratches his belly and squints at the ceiling, a little hard and a little horny from whatever dream he’d been having. The bed beside him is empty, and he rolls his fingers slow over his balls, thinking woozily that maybe he’ll just take care of it himself, but–

In the kitchen, Sammy’s standing there leaning against the island in just his boxers, his hair fucked up, cradling a cup of coffee to his chest. “Morning,” he says, when Dean shuffles in, but Dean just plops down on one of the stools at the table and beckons him closer. “What,” Sam says, but he rolls over to Dean anyway, and when he’s close enough Dean clutches him greedily by the ass and pulls him in close, puts his mouth right against the soft bulge in his boxers and breathes out hot. “Oh, hey,” Sam says, putting a hand on Dean’s head, and Dean tugs the waistband down and there’s Sammy’s dick, soft and big and tasty, waiting, and he sucks it in, salt warm skin, mm. Just what he wanted. “Uh, okay,” Sam says, a little breathless. Dean squeezes his ass, settles in for a good morning.

Draco Malfoy aesthetic.

“I watched Treasure Planet last night, not expecting it to be too emotional, but I ended up deeply, deeply resonating with Jim, due to all the emotional neglect he had thanks to his dad. I have a really sweet mom too, but when only one of your parents visibly loves you, it can be super damaging. The “I’m Still Here” sequence was absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad I watched this movie, and I hope that I, too, can find someone like John Silver, who’s actually proud of me.”

trying to get jumin’s route

when ur in love with seven

n u have to be a douche 2 him