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Sending you a character: Madara! (really did you expect anything else lol)

Is there truly anyone other than Madara? (to Madara, the answer is, of course, NO).

  • First impression
    • The first attractive Uchiha.  Too bad he’s batshit crazy.  Voted ‘Most Likely to be an Actual Bag of Salt in a Trench Coat’ 15 years in a row, by Obito and the Zetzu Gang.  But damn if that wasn’t the most badass character introduction I’ve ever seen.  Let’s pause the episode and look up some fanfiction (I literally did this ahaha)
  • Impression now
    • The second most attractive Uchiha (Shisui beat you there, because he’s not crazy and I love his personality).  He actually is batshit crazy (who would willingly live in a cave connected to a tree? Only you Madara, only you). Probably obsessed with his hair.  Very fun to tease (in fact, he’s my favourite character to poke fun at.  Sibi likes to torture Madara a lot little bit 
  • Favorite moment

Originally posted by ohthatsyowaifu

    • LOOK AT HOW EXCITED HE WAS AND THEN HOW DISAPPOINTED!!!  Pouting Madara is my favourite Madara.  Have I mentioned recently that I love teasing him?  That is the essence of how I write him XD
  • Idea for a story
    • So many!  I actually have a MadaSakuKaka story that is veeeery roughly started.  The premise is this: Kakashi and Sakura are celebrating their engagement, when the doors to the restaurant open, and both start panicking.  Why?  Because their ex just walked in the door.  That ex?  Madara, of course.  Both Kakashi and Sakura start kind of panicking, because it was a bad breakup, and neither knows the other dated him.  Things get interesting from there, if you know what I mean (insert all the winking faces—no, insert Jiraiya’s pervy, sorry super pervy grin).
  • Unpopular opinion
    • Hashirama was a bad friend.  He didn’t fight enough on Madara’s behalf, and didn’t support Madara half as much as a man grieving over losing the last member of his family needed.  Instead of standing up for Madara when people were discriminating against him because they found him intimidating, Hashirama is shown (again and again) just doing what everyone else (the village, the daimyou, Tobirama) wants him to do.  If Hashirama made more of an effort to be an actual friend instead of treating Madara as a means to an end (ie to form the village) then Madara would have been happy and not gone off the deep end.  Hashirama was right that Madara needed something/someone new to love after Izuna’s death, but at the first sign of resistance to his ideas, Hashirama would always give in.  And Madara is the type of person who doesn’t think he should have to convince others to care for him.  It’s either you do or you don’t (and if you do, then it’s completely).  Hashirama showed that he didn’t really care for Madara as Madara, he cared for him as the Uchiha Clan Head.  And once Madara had relinquished that position (or been kicked out of his clan) then Hashirama didn’t really see any value in him.  Hashirama wanted Madara around for selfish reasons.
  • Favorite relationship
    • I really respect Madara’s relationship with Izuna.  We don’t see a lot of them together, but I really like the Uchiha Version™ of love (even if it makes them go a little crazy).  It’s the type of Ride or Die love that Hashirama couldn’t give Madara, and maybe because of that, all other forms of love are seen as lacking—pale imitations—to an Uchiha who loves so completely.  Could any type of love ever measure up to that level of devotion?  I don’t think most people give that much of themselves to others, and maybe that’s why Hashirama couldn’t fill the gap Izuna left in him.  I totally understand why the Uchiha go crazy when their loved ones are gone.  If I had to chose a fictional brother, you can bet your ass it would be Madara.  He’s far from perfect, and he’d probably be overprotective and snappy because of it, but he’d have your back no matter what.  And I’ve found, in my own life, that those types of people are indispensable.  There is nothing more reassuring, more confidence boosting, than knowing that no matter what you do, you will be unconditionally loved.  When you have that type of love, you feel like you could conquer the world.
  • Favorite headcanon
    • This is actually something that I think @thetoxicstrawberry or @kunoichi-ume brought up, I can’t remember.  But I like the idea that, when she was alive, Madara’s mother used to brush his hair for him at night, making sure it was always tame and tangle free.  (I think that) when she died, he cut it off in his grief, and then automatically regretted it.  He has never cut his hair since, although he doesn’t give it the care his mother used to, which is why it’s so wild.

Here is the ask meme!  Send me a character, OC or canon, or even a pairing. Coming up next is Kakashi then Shino, Tenzou, Gai, and Genma, Hidan, and Adult!Obito but I’d be stoked to answer this for anyone else!

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1)the free speech button is a awesome touch on your blog 2)it's great to see that not all feminist are in fact batshit crazy people

??? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll…

You see, 


I’m actually ironically a feminist?

So like? Like??? LIKE ??? *hipster talk intensifies*

I’m an individualist egalitarian (liberal/individual justice) against collectivist egalitarianism (marxism and feminism/social justice), that’s what my URL means - I’m a liberal against collectivism. Feminists pretend that all egalitarianism inherently must mean a commitment to feminism (which is a soft-conversion strategy to trick liberals into speaking in terms of their marxian narrative, they really love controlling the context of language and political discussions, and it’s a silencing tactic against liberals who speak out against feminism and their collectivist/socialist/marxian goals), and so I just call out the contradiction for what it is, and wear it as my URL. If I’m a feminist, and I’m against feminist theory and social/socialist/collective justice altogether, I must be a feminist against feminism. Well how about that absurdity? Extending from individualist premises, I believe people are equal in their innate right to self determination, their value, agency, and responsibility as an individual, and none of this was posited by feminist theory, none of these ideas came from feminist theory, I did not learn these ideas through the vessel of feminism as a school of thought, these are liberal ideas of egalitarianism that predate both feminism and it’s 💦 Daddy 💦 (Marx). The collectivist idea of equality posited by marxism and by feminism are fully compatible, synchronous, both against individualism, and historically tied together, but they were conceived separately from liberalism and incompatible with the liberal idea of equality I just explained. And so there are actually mutually exclusive concepts of egalitarianism one could subscribe to.

The ambiguity of the word equality allows it to be its own antonym (“equality? equal what?”). So, if feminism means equality, and all who believe in equality are feminists, and if they disagree that they’re a feminist then they’re magically a bigot (all of which is what feminists often claim), then all those who believe in feminism or equality are feminists against feminism - no choice! you dont get to decide your own label! You dont get to think for yourself about it! You no thinky, you heary. I’ve already rolled your political identity off the assembly line and prescribed your political identity for you without you involved in the process at all, you’re stuck with and not allowed to criticize. Defend our god -the label feminism- or you’re an unhyperbolic fucking RACIST MYSOGYNIST RAPE APOLOGIST NAZI. You are now forcibly under my distorted context and understanding, and if you disagree, you’re a FUCKING BIGOT. Join my FAF cult or you are the oppressor that needs to be brought down By Any Means Necessary. *blinks eyes separately*)

I did not create this contradiction, feminists trying to recruit me into their collectivist cult did, I merely pointed out the absurd contradiction they created and took on an absurd label that is a fruit of that nonsequitur point of theirs - the bs thought stopping notion that “feminism just means equality”.

Also, I stole the free speech button idea from a libertarian