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do you reckon in like 4th, girls and boys that were kinda friends w remus would attempt flirting w james, sirius and sometimes even peter, and moony felt really self-conscious abt it, until he found out they were just trying to get to remus? bc I feel like hot remus accidentally "friendzoning" //everyone// is a thing that definitely happened

  • remus lupin hitting his growth spurt over the summer between third and fourth year and walking into hogwarts at the start of the year
  • and all of a sudden the majority of the year level is looking at his collarbones
  • ‘holy shit when did remus lupin get tall’
  • and like
  • people notice
  • and during the summer instead of holing himself up in his room he’d escape to the meadow on the outskirts of his property, curl up beneath the big oak tree and just read for hours
  • so remus lupin is tan
  • and all of a sudden you have this tall, glorious remus who looks like he’s spent the summer in italy
  • everyone has like
  • a fucking heart attack
  • bc his hair has grown out into loping little blonde curls that fall into his eyes and he has this habit of running his long fingers through that get caught in the ends
  • the freckles on his face are way more pronounced
  • like there are these gorgeous little smatterings of them along his cheeks and nose
  • and his lips
  • like
  • oh my fucking god
  • these really sinful, pink, perfectly-shaped, full, full lips that send half the school into overdrive
  • and remus is fucking oblivious to it like for a smart kid he really doesn’t pick up on it
  • by the second week most of the girls in fourth year are crushing on him
  • and even the oLDER year levels are really taken with him
  • and remus doesn’t even notice the subtle glances all the fifth years are giving him
  • bc he’s a good kid who tutors students and all of a sudden the prefects are looking for any reason to preen him bc gOD they want this kid in power
  • they invite him to sit with them in the great hall and he tends to politely refuse but one day he’s passed alexa carroway and roger mason who are both like, aggresively chatting him up
  • and james, sirius and remus are sitting down the other end of the table
  • james narrows his eyes and has his scheming face on
  • very slowly he’s like, ‘…boys. i think our moony has some admirers’
  • remus gets a reputation for being really elusive and for like, not gettin the fuckign message
  • like he literally just interprets everything as friendly so after weeks of people trying to chat him up everyone gets super frustrated
  • ‘hey so d’you wanna hang out in the library this saturday?’
  • ‘sure! d’you need help with study or something?’
  • ‘no, i mean like, d’you wanna hang out in the library on saturday’
  • ‘i don’t believe i’m following’
  • *queue half the population of hogwarts face-palming* iT’S BECAUSE THEY LIKE YOU LUPIN
  • he’s basically just really kind-hearted, but like, really fucking oblivious
  • so people resort to chatting up james and sirius in the hopes of getting closer to remus
  • like girls will sidle up to james in the halls while he’s chatting to the boys and keep giving subtle glances in remus’s direction
  • on several occasions sirius walks past groups of people and hears them talking about ‘the hot one’, he assumes they mean him
  • he’s cornered by a hot fifth year who asks if he wants to hang out sometime and when he says yes, she winks and tells him to bring ‘the hot one’
  • he’s somewhat dumbfounded, bc of course he’ll be bringing himself, he’s not stupid
  • there’s a moment where he wonders if she meant james, but of course she didn’t mean james, james is a fucking idiot
  • anyway he like goes back to the common room with a stupid smirk on his face, flopping down onto the couch
  • lily evans lowers her copy of witch weekly and raises an eyebrow
  • ‘what are you so happy about?’
  • ‘i just heard nancy reynolds refer to me as the hot one’
  • nancy reynolds? like, gorgeous, raven-haired, 5′9 fifth year nancy reynolds?’
  • ‘yes, why?’
  • lily shakes her head and just says, ‘oh, sweetie, hate to break it to you, but she wasn’t talking about you. she was talking about remus’
  • sirius falls off the couch
  • he’s in some kind of a stupor for the rest of the day
  • they’re at lunch in the great hall and james is clicking his fingers in front of his face
  • ‘sirius? sirius? oi, you git
  • james punches him
  • what the fuck was that for?’
  • ‘i was in the middle of detailing our next prank on snivellus, and, if i’m honest, it’s a little rude to see you ignoring the finer details. you haven’t been paying attention all day. at first i just thought it was because it was divination, and we all know how boring phelan can be - ‘
  • ‘everyone thinks remus is hot’
  • james stops talking mid-sentence, peter drops his spoon, remus is frowning
  • ‘what gave you that impression?’
  • ‘don’t tell me you haven’t noticed’
  • remus raises an eyebrow, reading through that morning’s prophet, ‘enlighten me’
  • sirius starts explaining why clancy goshawk keeps hanging around in the library, why the group of third year gryffindors keep blushing whenever he walks into the great hall, the subtle glances the fifth years keep casting in his direction
  • james seems pretty pensive, and peter just looks dumbfounded, but by the end of it, remus is just sitting there with this absent little smile on his face, holding the ends of his hair distractedly
  • legitimately they just use it as an excuse to good-naturedly take the piss out of him, throwing themselves at him in corridors, fake-swooning when they see him, sending him really immaculate valentines day cards, being really overly physically affectionate, like kisses on the cheek, arms around his shoulders, calling him ‘cutie’ and ‘hottie’ and ‘darling’, telling him how much they love him
  • like several times a week they’ll just be staring at him lovingly from the other side of the table in the great hall while he’s furtively reading his daily prophet and he’ll look up at and say ‘what?’ and they’ll just sigh and tell him how dreamy he is
  • ‘shut up’
  • ‘you’re so cute when you’re angry’
  • ‘i said sHUT UP’
  • like what begins as a totally genuine series of events bc remus lupin is a local hottie ends up being a massive show of affection between them
  • they take every possible opportunity to show him how much they love him and how valued he is despite his lycanthropy
  • they have such a pure, unconditional relationship i can’t

That moment when Takeru decides to casually ditch the blazer and making fangirls pass out from the hotness


EXO Click and Drag Game | Christmas Edition!

Omg, this is such a cute, little game, and imagining these things honestly ruins me emotionally, but only in the mos wonderful of ways~! xD So thank you to both @ohsehunniebubbletea and @baekhyunniebias for tagging me!♥

o1.) Hot Chocolate Date With: Suho! → Awh, this would honestly be the cutest thing ever. I can totally imagine just snuggling up and getting comfy with Suho. It’d start with super relaxing conversation, but he’d probably become a massive dork and like, accidentally spill his hot chocolate on himself or something and we’d just dissolve into giggles because his reaction would be way over-the-top.

o2.) Snowball Fight With: Kai! → This would not be a snowball “fight.” This would be an all-out snowball WAR! Kai doesn’t strike me as the type to go easy on anybody in competitions like this, and I’m no different. It’d probably be so intense and by the end of the day, we’d be totally wiped, but it’d be so much fun!

o3.) Kissing Under the Mistletoe With: Chen! → How dare you choose my current bias-wrecker for this portion of this tag, you darn game! Ugh, this would just be so amazing. Depending on his mood at the time, the kiss would probably be either super sweet and gentle, or he’d just tease me mercilessly, but it’d be glorious either way~

o4.) Decorating the Christmas Tree With: Baekhyun! → Is it bad that I’d imagine a tree decorated by the two of us would just be a hot friggin’ mess of sloppily-placed lights and pretty, little ornaments thrown together? haha I feel like Baek would just make it so fun that I’d entirely forget trying to make it look presentable. Like, at all. xD

o5.) Netflix and Chill With: Lay! → Omg, talk about a dream come true. Click-and-Drag-Game, you know my heart so well! Honestly, I’d love nothing more than to just chill out with this little sweetheart, especially knowing that he’d be taking it easy on himself for a change~

o6.) Ice Skating Date With: Chanyeol! → This would probably be buckets of fun! I mean, Chanyeol can be kind of klutzy, so I imagine he’d be all over the place on ice, his long-ass limbs flailing everywhere as he skated, but we’d both likely be laughing our asses off the entire time.

Here is the link to the original game~ Everybody, go do it, it’s honestly just so adorable~! And I shall tag @lankyeol because I tag you for everything. ;)