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Wanted to just draw a demon girl She’s edgy and extreme and trapped in 2001. Loves Tony Hawk, Soap Shoes, Bam Margera, and Rocket Power unironically. Also loves Sexually humiliating whimps like me. I imagine she’d sound like Lori Petty from Tank Girl.

She won’t appear in the next issue, but I just wanted to to draw her.

Growing Love -2- Suga

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Growing Love - Suga - Requested by @mxrxxsxh 💜

Parts: Masterlist |01| |02| 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 |

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.152

Synopsis: Marrying someone you didn’t know was something you never thought you’d do but as you didn’t want to defy your parents you decided to do it and when you met Min Yoongi you felt you made the right decision as you both agreed that love needed to grow.

When he placed his lips against yours, you felt a warm tingle go through your body, you actually liked his kiss but he pulled back way too soon and you couldn’t help but look disappointed, he was smirking as if he knew exactly what you were thinking but there was no time to say something as you had to hurry. Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him and you managed to keep a straight face when you faced your parents and after they hugged you, they send you off on your honeymoon. It went all so fast but it was the only way to confuse the fans, you had to change your clothes at the airport, which was ridiculous because the second you entered Incheon airport, all eyes were on you and it was really frustrating but at least there was security.

“You should change,” Yoongi said apologetic and you just nodded and took the bag from him and walked into the bathroom, you had the biggest trouble getting out of the dress and you couldn’t be more grateful to an ahjumma who offered to help with the little buttons on the back. She gave you the privacy and kept others out, so you could change while using a bit more room and when you opened the bag, you were slightly surprised to see the sweats and the simple shirt, he even had packed your Vans, how in the world did he know this was the way you liked to travel? Your mother didn’t even know this and when you found the sunglasses you couldn’t be more thankful because you had spotted the paparazzi and this would definitely throw them off. After you got changed you thanked the Ahjumma a second time and even gave her a little present before running to a waiting Yoongi.

“Wow, I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“Well, you picked this out so.”

“I know, you’re wearing my clothes, at least the shirt is mine,” he smirked and threw his arm around your shoulder and steered you in the right direction and as you got to the check in paparazzi were yelling and clicking away, you even pulled the cap lower, just to hide your face and Yoongi tried to shelter you, without much success but the thought was what counted and you couldn’t be happier when you had checked in and was walking through security. “I’m sorry about that.” you shrugged because let’s face it, this was out of his control and you really should get used to it. “It’s okay but can we get something to eat now?”

“Of course, what do you want?”

“Let’s get some ramen.”


“Yeah, I like ramen.” that made him smile for some reason and together you walked into a store to buy them and when he directed you to the first class lounge, you could tell he had been here before. “I will make your ramen.”

“That’s really not necessary.” you took the cup ramen from him and made them yourself and the only thing he did was stare at you but there was no judgment but only admiration and together you ate the ramen, the silence wasn’t awkward. “So we’re going to Hawaii?” you couldn’t help but ask and he nodded excitingly “I really wanted to take you there, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Are you crazy, I’ve never been to Hawaii before, so I’m actually really excited!”

“Thank God because I had to choose between Hawaii and America.”

“Well as much as I love America, I do prefer Hawaii, I can use some relax time.” you smiled whilst throwing away the ramen. “Do you know how to say hi in Hawaii?” of course you knew this but he sounded so enthusiastic that you shook your head. “Ah it’s really easy, you just have to put your fingers like this.” he actually grabbed your right hand and adjusted them for you, which was the cutest thing ever. “And when you’re done you just have to say “aloha.” and that’s how you say hi in Hawaii.”

“Really?! Thank you for showing me.” you couldn’t resist as you kissed him on the cheek and when you saw his shocked expression you almost apologized but she actually smiled and locked his eyes with yours and before you could sit back he pulled you closer and kissed you gently and this time the kiss lasted longer but he kept it light as he wasn’t using his tongue, this probably because he didn’t want to freak you out. His lips were soft against yours and without knowing it your hands went around his neck and when you pulled him closer he pulled away and pressed a kiss to your nose. “We can’t do this here.” he reached up to remove your arms gently and sat back, breathing heavily. You were also catching your breath and you couldn’t be happier about the chemistry you were sharing, this could be promising because a relationship or marriage without any chemistry is not something you wanted.

“So do you want to know, what I planned for when we arrive?”


“First off, we’re going to buy Hawaiian shirts and we need to do a bit of grocery shopping, as I rented a cabin, that looks out over the ocean. Then we are going to have a peaceful evening because we’re bound to be jetlagged.”

“Okay I like that and what are we doing the next day?”

“Are you afraid of sharks?”

“Well, I can’t say I’m a big fan of them, why?”

“Let’s look at it as a trust exercise but we are going to swim with sharks.”

“Sorry, what did you just say?” you didn’t want to sound like a whimp but you suffered from “Selachophobia”, which was a severe fear of sharks and you just couldn’t get excited about this plan, your face must’ve betrayed you because he looked worried. “Why are you turning white?”

“I downplayed my affection towards sharks a bit but I have Selachophobia, which means I have a severe fear of sharks, so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.”

“No this is a good thing because this way you will learn that you can trust me and maybe get over your fear. I mean we will be safe in a cage, they really can’t reach us.”

“But what if, the shark does get in and you can’t tell me, that doesn’t happen because I’ve seen video’s.”

“I’m sure it’s safe, I did it before and nothing happened so just trust me okay?” you took a deep breath and just nodded but in your mind you were already trying to make excuses to get out of it but then again you didn’t want to disappoint him as he probably did his best to put the honeymoon together. The flight was getting called and together you walked to the gate and when you finally were up in the sky, you felt like you could breathe again and you could use this time to study a bit and as you took all the things you needed, Yoongi stopped you for a second.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m studying, why?”

“Wait you really brought homework with you on our honeymoon.” you nodded hesitantly because he made it sound as if you were crazy but he apparently didn’t understand how difficult it was to become a doctor and you really needed to study every single day. “I need to study.”

“Not on this honeymoon.” he actually took away your homework and put it back in your bag, it was something you didn’t expect. “Yah, you can’t do that, it’s not like we can do something else right now.” that’s when he pulled out his laptop and as he opened a file, you were surprised by a number of movies and you couldn’t help but see a few movies that were definitely not meant for others to see. “We’re going to watch movies together, you should relax on this trip.”

“You don’t even know what kind of movies I like.”

“That’s why I have so much. I asked Taehyung what kind of movies women would like and he gave me a bunch of options together with Jin, so I think I’m safe.” you scanned through the list and there were a few good options. There was one movie that you really liked but it was an action movie. “Well if you are forcing me to watch a movie then I would like to see “Need for Speed” you knew it was a bad movie but then again you couldn’t help but love it, you know you had surprised him with your choice but he didn’t say anything but just handed you one side of the earbuds and as he started the movie, a flight attendant offered you some champagne, to celebrate that you were married, this was probably the perks of flying first class. You made yourself comfortable as far as you could and focused on the movie but it didn’t take you long to feel sleepy and Yoongi was playing with your hair absentmindedly, which was really good and you tried to make a deal with yourself for staying awake but a few hours later Yoongi kissed your forehead to wake you up and you were lying with your head on his chest, which definitely meant you had lost your fight.

“We arrived.” he got up and took your hand in his so he could pull you with him and as you got off the plane you were greeted with a lei, which was really beautiful and it brought the cute side of Yoongi out as he was all over the place with his “Aloha.” it was really cute and you completely forgot about the fact that he took away your work because you know he had a point and you should really just enjoy this week and as you collected your suitcase he was talking to the driver, who would take you to the cabin. “Y/n, are you ready?” he called over his shoulder and you quickly joined them and as you enjoyed the landscape whilst driving to the cabin, you couldn’t help but notice that Yoongi was sitting against you, he was also playing with your fingers, which was kind of distracting but you felt happy that he felt comfortable enough to do things like that, he wasn’t afraid of skinship, which was important because you loved skinship.

The sun was already setting when you finally arrived at the cabin and Yoongi kept surprising you as it was a cozy cabin, nothing too big or too small and there was a pool, which you liked, you were an early riser and you always loved to swim in the morning, so this would be amazing, that is until you got inside the cabin because there was a slight problem, there was only one bedroom, which meant, one bed.

“I know what you’re thinking but eventually we have to sleep together, so this is just to adjust and don’t worry I won’t try anything not until you’re ready, so please don’t freak out about it.” It was cute that he was worried about your reaction and to be completely honest you were just a little nervous but that was it, you actually didn’t mind sleeping with him in the same bed because you were already crazy about his scent and his body warmth, so this wouldn’t be a big problem. “I’m not worried, just don’t try anything crazy because I will kick you out of the bed.” you smiled mischievously which made him chuckle and out of nowhere he tapped your butt. He startled himself with this because he immediately started to apologize but you shut him up real fast by putting your hand in front of his mouth. “Really don’t apologize, I don’t mind it.” you left him with that and you quickly started to unpack your stuff, you even changed into shorts and a shirt because it was really warm. “When are we going to buy groceries?”

“Well we’re not, somebody already took care of that and he even bought us Hawaiian shirts.” he pointed at the table and sure enough there were two shirts that looked alike and you couldn’t help but feel all giddy when you saw it were couple shirts. “Well, do you want to go swim?”

“I’m actually quite tired, so if you don’t mind, I really could use some sleep.” you felt a bit disappointed but nodded anyway. “Okay, just get some sleep then.” you gave him a kiss on his cheek but before you could walk away he pulled you back and pressed his lips firmly against yours and this was the first time he touched your lips with his tongue and you couldn’t help but open up for him and as he held you tightly against his body, he also deepened the kiss as one of his hands went into your hair, without realizing you quietly moaned into his mouth when he gently tugged at your hair, which made his body react and if you hadn’t made a deal about having sex, you don;t think you would have resisted him but after a while he let you go and gave you a little peck before he disappeared into the bedroom. You followed him but only to get your bikini so you could swim and enjoy the evening sun and as you changed your clothes in the bathroom you decided not to shock him too much and you actually pulled a sundress over your head before walking towards the pool, you felt his eyes follow you but you didn’t pay attention to it and as soon you reached the pool you dived in and swum a few laps, when you suddenly thought about dinner and that’s when you decided to cook for the both of you and as you were handling the barbecue you suddenly felt were pulled in a back hug but because you were wearing nothing more than a bikini it felt like your body suddenly was on fire but you tried to hide it, as it was fruitless right now.

“Are you awake?”

“No, I’m still dreaming.”

“Really, what kind of scene is this?”

“You don’t want to know.”


“It’s a bit sexy.”

“Really, well then continue please.” you smiled as you turned around in his arms. “Are you hungry?” he locked his eyes with your and nodded. “I’m famished woman.” you chuckled and pointed at the meat on the barbecue and he understood what you wanted, he started to help by placing everything you needed on the table, he even cooked the rice and to both of your surprise, you worked really well together and as you were enjoying the food, the sun had finally set, which meant you could enjoy the stars in the sky and as you had cleaned the table, you went out into the field and just laid down to watch the stars and it was amazing how many there were, you didn’t even notice Yoongi lying down next to you. “Beautiful isn’t it.” you quickly turned your face and wondered when he arrived but the only thing that was really beautiful right now was Yoongi himself, the way the light fell on his face, it was as if he was from some fictional word but you weren’t going to tell him that. “It really is.” you smiled, which he returned, he even took your hand into his and pulled you closer, when he suddenly hovered above you and as he studied your face you couldn;t resist him any longer and you pressed your lips against his and as you were exploring the kiss you never once felt the need to stop and move away from him.

“Let’s go to bed,” he whispered this to your lips and for a second you were afraid he wasn’t going to keep his promise but as he led you into the room he gave you some privacy to change your clothes and this was going to be interesting as you only slept in an oversized shirt and underwear, you weren’t planning on changing that habit, so you were really curious about how he would respond but before he got the chance for that you were already under the blankets but he was the biggest surprise because he entered the room in only his boxers and you know your eyes grew big because it was quite revealing. “You like what you see?” he asked cheekily and you couldn’t help but hide your face under the blankets but he quickly pulled them off and you saw the appreciation when he saw you weren’t wearing much either and the fact that he was checking you out, made you all tingly. He pulled the blankets back and crawled under them and as you half expected him to move his back towards you, he made sure he was facing you.

His arms went around your waist and gently he pulled you closer until you were at kissing distance, which he took advantage off but this time he didn’t put much strength behind it, which drove you even crazier because there were so many sides to him and you were curious to see what treats you hadn’t encountered but for the time being, you were pleased enough with him just kissing you like this. You started to feel sleepy when he finally pulled back and started to play with your hair and as you closed your eyes, you couldn’t remember if you ever had been happier than you were now.

The next morning, you woke up because someone was smothering you but it wasn’t uncomfortable and as you opened your eyes you looked straight into Yoongi’s face and this really did your heart melt because he was so peaceful, which made you feel good because this probably meant that he felt comfortable with you and you had a feeling that this arranged marriage wasn’t such a bad thing after all and as you were enjoying the view you suddenly remembered what you were going to do today and that’s when the nerves kicked in because you really didn’t want to swim with sharks and as you felt a panic attack rise, you decided the best way to get rid of it was by taking a cold shower and as you stepped under the shower, you instantly started to feel more relaxed and as you were mindlessly brushing your teeth after showering, the door suddenly opened, showing a disheveled Yoongi. “Good morning.” he just mumbled something unintelligent and you just had to chuckle at this because he definitely wasn’t a morning person and as you walked out to give him his privacy he stopped you for a second.

“You’re beautiful, please make me breakfast.”

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Tumblr hates these?

I’m glad you asked,  my friend. This allows me to say all the groan worthy things I’ve read about these plot-lines.

Redemption Arcs - “But Character A used to work ripping poor people off. How am I supposed to feel bad for them now as they struggle to help other people out? How am I supposed to think they care now? Smfh.” There is no chance to learn how to become a better person. Ever. You’re either born good or born bad.
Dying For Your Lover - “I would have preferred if Lover had saved themselves. Icky.” You should be able to function independently of your lover, and get yourself out of that dungeon! One hundred percent of the time. If S/He respected you, they would have let you do it yourself. Dying for you is a fundamental lack of respect.
‘Beauty and The Beast’ Pairings - “That’s an unhealthy relationship and Character A is putting themselves in harm’s way for Character B who is unworthy of love. S/He should find a nice girl/guy instead of them. You shouldn’t have to teach werewolves not to eat people. #RomanticizingAbuse.” No love for Dracula, damn it! Love is not a powerful motivator for redemption! 
Backgrounds for Villains - “Sometimes people are just born bad. Stop making there be a reason that they want to take over the world/conquer death.” No one is better rounded than someone who goes out of their way to do evil acts with no motivation!1!!!
Waiting Through ____ For Your Lover -  “It’s unhealthy to expect someone not to move on and get some during WWI. It’s disregard for women’s sexuality to expect her to wait for him to get home.” This goes hand-in-hand with someone who is a widow/widower not remarrying. How dare.
“I Did It For You” - “Why can’t they just do it for themselves? Why does it have to be for their lover/mother/brother? Ugh.” Love yourself. Fuck everyone else. Even the memory of your dead loved ones!
Undeserved Forgiveness - “Character A shouldn’t have forgiven Character B because she hasn’t done enough to redeem herself.” Especially because she can’t change, remember?
Sweet Gentle People Staying Sweet Gentle People - “But I would think the nun was more powerful if she had beheaded some people, instead of forgiving them and caring for their wounds. Weak. I want powerful cat-person characters, not ones who go around acting like a bunch of whimps.” Because only brute force is a true sign of strength! Bash some heads, dang it!

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Guys with an incredibly clingy s/o?

Of course Anon ! I’m kinda clingy soo guess this request is perfect for me … Enjoy ! Sorry if it’s bad !

DRV3 Boys with a clingy S/O

Amami Rantarou :

. Let’s be honest, this guy is kinda clingy too so it’s not a problem for him if you’re clingy . He finds it adorable to be honest .

. He loves being affectionate with you and you two cuddle often . The fav thing you love doing is to sit on his lap and rub your face on his chest . He’s more into littles kisses and kiss marks on the neck mostly .

. When you two are in public, you two hold hands and whenever you see girls trying to flirt with him, you’d cling on his arm and make them understand that he’s yours .

. However , when he sees guys trying to flirt with you, he’d simply pull you closer or kiss you . Don’t touch Amami’s girlfriend/boyfriend ! He’s so jealous !!

. You often spend time with him talking with him at school or at your place . He enjoys being with you and it breaks his heart when he sees your sad look when you two must be apart .

. Sometimes , you feel like you spend too much time with him and you’re scared that he finds you too clingy and leaves you . It makes you cry and be depressed a lot .

. When you feel like that, Amami  would hug you and tell you that he doesn’t care that you’re clingy and that he’d never leave you . After all, he loves you the way you are !

Ouma Kokichi :

. This boy is clingy af ! He always climbs on you everywhere you two go ( even in public) and he’s super affectionate ! If you don’t give give him enough attention , he’s going to pout and cry like a child !

. Also, he’s super jealous when boys talk with you . He’d pull you on a french kiss and even thread his rivals with a cutter when you’re not around .

. Sooo it’s totally not a problem for him if you’re clingy ! It’s heaven for him when you’re affectionate with him and it could turn on a make out session sometimes ;)

. When you two are apart , you’d often text him and call him during 2-3 hours . He enjoys talking with you bc he feels so lonely without you !!! You can imagine that when you two see each other after a long time, you two are a sobbing mess .

. If you feel depressed or anxious about being too clingy, he’d immediately hug you and cry like a whimp . He doesn’t like when his S/O is sad !

. “ Awww, of course not ! As a supreme ruler, it’s normal for people to be clingy with me ! However, I love even more when it’s my dear S/O who is clingy with me, nishishi ~~ !!!!”

Shuichi Saihara :

. Oh god ! This boi feels so blessed when you’re affectionate with him !

. Whenever you two cuddle, he hides his blushing face behind his cap . You’re sometimes obliged to steal his hat to kiss him .

. When you two are in public, he’s kinda nervous when you climb on his arm but he always holds your hand ! He likes the feeling of your warm hand but would pretend it’s bc of the crowd .

. Sometimes  when you help him for his work, you always give a dark look at every girls who talk with him ! He’s yours and you’re not going to share him ! The poor boy is always confused when you do that …

. One time at night, when he was coming from work, he found you crying alone in the dark . It hit his nerves to see in this state and he immediately asked what’s wrong . You explain him you’re too clingy and that you’re afraid that he leaves you bc of that …

. “ No that’s wrong S/O ! I would never leave and y-you’re not clingy by the way ! Even if you are, I don’t care because I-I love you and that’s all that matters ! “ Cute dork

Kiibo :

. Kiibo and you are always stick together . You spend most of time teaching him new things and new feelings ;)

. He kinda heats up when you’re very close with him but he enjoys the feeling . Like really . And in return , he’s super caring and affectionate with you !

. When you two are in public , you become easily jealous mostly if Iruma is around bc you can’t stand that she can be so close with your boyfriend .

. You can’t blame him bc he’s so pure and so innocent . But, you can’t help but feel so insecure … What if he cheats on you ? What if he doesn’t want to see you anymore ? What if he finds you too clingy ?

. At one point, you ended up crying … The poor boy was so confused when he saw you like that so when you explained him your insecurities, he stopped talking .

. “ I’m sorry S/O but I didn’t get the point … Being clingy is a bad thing ? If so, even if it’s a bad thing, I want to be clingy too so you won’t suffer anymore ! “

Korekiyo Shinguuji :

. Since your first meet, he knew that you’re clingy . He doesn’t need to be the SHSL Detective to find it .

. But he doesn’t find that annoying . He finds it very interesting actually .It’s really interesting for him to see how you react and act when he’s around .

. The thing he likes the most is how affectionate you are with him and oh god, he loves when you two cuddle .

. The fact that you’re easily jealous when girls are around him is soo adorable but he’d never play with your feelings and keep his distance with girls .

. However, there was that time when you felt really depresssed and hide yourself with blanklets and pillows . Then, Korekiyo came and just whispered at your ear .

.” Did you know that the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul ? Well, I find this fact true because it doesn’t matter how much you can be clingy or anything, you’re still gorgeous and that’s the most beautiful thing I love with you ..”

Momota Kaito :

. Kaito and you are always together . He loves being with you and shows to everyone how great his girfriend/boyfriend is amazing . and it’s kinda embarrassing tbh

. He just loves when you’re affectionate with him and obviously, he’d take that at his advantaage and is kinda kinky with you …

. He’s super jealous when a guy talks with you but when girls are talking with him, he’s super chiil and doesn’t understand why you’re looking him with a dark stare .

. Wherever you feel down about the fact that you think you’re too clingy, he would just act like he doesn’t care and listen to you .

.” How can you be so nonchalant about that ! It’s really something that makes me suffer !”

.” I know but who cares about that ? Ya just the way you are and it doesn’t stop me for loving you ! If it’s someone who told you  that, tell me who and I’m gonna beat his ass ! “

Gonta Gokuhara :

. As a gentleman, Gonta would never leave your side and so you two spend a lot of time together .

. He loves the sweet and affectionnate part of you and would do anything to make you happy . So when you asked him if you were clingy was for him something unexpected .

. It’s true that you’re always by his side and you sometimes glare with a strange face at some girls who talked with him but it doesn’t mean that you’re clingy .

. By the way, being clingy is a bad thing ? If so, a gentleman would never tell at a lady that she’s clingy, it’s way too  rude !

.”Well , S/O-san, Gonta doesn’t really know what’s clingy but if it’s something bad then Gonta would definitely not find you like that ! Gonta thinks that S/O-san is very caring and kind with him so there’s no way that you could be something like that ! “

. His innonence made you smile and reminded you how much you love your pure boyfriend …

Hoshi Ryouma :

. Ryouma and you are most of the time together . He doesn’t really like the fact that you’re too afectionate, mostly in public . It makes him embarrassed .

. However , when you two are alone , cuddling on the sofa, he’d would not say no  to a little hugs session … He can be a good cuddler actually …

. One time, one of your friend invited  you two at a party . After a huge moment  to convince him to go with you, he finally said yes . Totally not for you huh

. Once at the party, some girls started to talk with him and at moment saying bullshit about you, mostly the fact that you’re clingy …

. You acted like you didn’t care but seeing him not reacting made you feel like he agrees with them … You hide somewhere far from them and you began to cry .

. At one moment, you heard footsteps and feft like someone was hugging you . It was Hoshi who once you left, shut the mouths of those bitches and now he feels so bad for not defended you …

Karl Anderson - Prompt #25

Prompt: Prompt #25 from this list “This would be a perfect time to shut up.”
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 600+

When you found out you were pregnant it was the happiest day of your life. You and you husband Karl had been trying for over a year. It got to the point where everyone on the roster was invested. 

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Dean x reader 

This is a short one about a plus sized OC. Dean upsets the reader but quickly realise what he has done and reveals his feelings for her. 

Dean didn’t know what to do, he was sitting on the edge of his bed in the bunker his elbows resting on his knees. He could hear you crying in your room next door and the sound pulled at his heart strings. Not that he knew why you were crying, the two of you had been in the library, you researching and him on his laptop. He had accidentally hit the sound button and the porn he had been watching echoed through the room. You had flipped right there and then about him watching ‘crap like that’ when he should have been doing research. Sam was out with Cas and the two of you were supposed to be making sure they had all the info they needed.
The two of you had stayed at the bunker because you had been hurt on the last hunt and were still not up to full strength with a set of broken ribs and a sprained wrist. The argument had gotten heated quickly with both of you shouting. Dean had no idea how it had gotten that far or why he had felt so angry at the time, but now all he could do was sit and listen to your tears through the walls. He replayed the conversation in his head.

“Seriously? You’re watching that crap when your brother and best friend could be in danger?”
“I needed a break.” He had shrugged at you.
“A break? Don’t you think we could all use a break from this? We can’t have a break Dean not when we are in the middle of a hunt!”
“Look it isn’t that big of a deal, I watched a bit of porn to clear my mind.”
You shook your head, getting up from the table cautiously to return the lore book to the shelf and find another.
“Maybe you should try it sometime and get the stick out of your arse.” Dean scoffed.
“What?” You turn back to him.
“You’re always so uptight these days. You just mope around then get angry for no reason. I don’t understand it’s just porn.”
“I’m uptight? It’s not just porn, I am right here Dean.”
“And that’s supposed to stop me from watching it?”
“Well…I…” You bite your lip and look down.
“You’re no fun any more. You eat all the food, take up the sofa.”
You feel the tears prick your eyes and Dean sees them but he can’t stop himself from going on.
“You dress like you’ve just fallen out of a tree everyday, I don’t think you’ve brushed your hair in a week! I have to put up with you being a moody ass all the time and now I’m not allowed to watch a bit of busty Asian beauties cause you disagree with it. Well boohoo sister. Doing research when I am the best hunter of all us is boring but at least Sam can get on with it out there without having to worry about you getting hurt all the damn time!”
You didn’t speak for a moment just looked to the ground, he could see you were breathing heavy and knew it would be hard for you to do so with the broken ribs. finally you brought your eyes up to meet his.
“Okay.” Was all that came out of your mouth and Dean only just heard it as you turned and left the room faster than you had moved for a long time.
He stood there for a moment before sighing and going to his own room.

Oh hell. He knew where he had gone wrong. Why had he gotten so upset about it? You had a point after all. He stood up resolved to go in and apologise when his phone rang. It was Sam so he answered it.
What the hell Man?” Was the first thing Sam said not even letting Dean get out a hello first.
“(Y/N) just text me, what did you do?”
“Nothing…all right I messed up but come on it was just porn!”
Dean, you are such an idiot. Fix it before she leaves.”
“Leaves? Why should we think she is going leave?” Dean was confused.
Because the text I got said that she was going to find a motel tonight.”
“Son of bitch!” Dean dropped his phone on his bed and flew out of his room, your door was all ready open and the draws strewn about. He felt his heart stop for a moment. How could this be happening? You couldn’t leave not now. He ran through the halls to the front door.
“(Y/N) Stop.”
You did stop with one hand on the stair bannister and the other clutching a holdall bag. You didn’t look back at him.
“Please I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things, I didn’t mean it.”
“It’s okay, I know you did, I know I’m slow, and I get hurt. I tried to lose weight and be fitter but I just can’t seem to get it off. I haven’t brushed my hair because it hurts to get my arms up above my head at the moment, but I should just deal with it, I know. I don’t pay any rent but I eat the food you guys buy, I shouldn’t. I’m sorry I am so moody Dean, I’ll just go so you don’t have to worry any more.”
“Not worry. (Y/N) I always worry about you. Please just…” His tongue darted out to lick his lips as he tried to find a way to make you stay. You went up a few steps, wincing at the pain in your chest and wrist.
“You don’t have to any more, you can forget about me know.”
“Forget about you? I don’t want to forget about you.” He rushed forward. “Please just stop, come back down here so I can talk to you.”
You turn around, and look down at him, not ready to get to close to him.
Dean stood there for a moment looking to his feet, trying to find the words.
“I don’t care if you’re  not a size zero, I like your curves.”
“My curves, the curves that stop me from getting down narrow paths? curves that mean I have stretch marks on my stomach? Curves that don’t fit into my jeans properly?”
“Curves that brush against me when you walk past and shivers through me each time. Curves that fit perfectly against me when you hug me.”
You looked down to you feet.
“I like your curves. I like you’re silly t-shirts with video game characters on them. I like that you’re short and fit under my arm. I like that you walk around in converse instead of heels like most girls I know. I like that you’re always changing your hair colour. I like it when it came down your back and I liked it when you cut it off short and I like it now, how it sits just on top of your shoulders. I like your brown eyes, I get lost in them sometimes trying to find my way out is like falling deeper into a well.” He stopped taking a breath and looking at you.
“But I’m clumsy and always getting hurt on hunts.” You take a step down towards him.
“I worry about you, a lot but I think sometimes you get hurt because I worry too much and I try to hard to keep you safe.”
“Dean I?”
“I was watching the porn because all I could think about was how you were right there, and we had the whole bunker to ourselves but I couldn’t touch you.”
“Why couldn’t you touch me?”
“Because you don’t feel the same… please don’t go.”
“Why should I stay?”
Dean looked at you his green eyes wide and sad. He stepped up to you taking the bag from your hand and then wrapping his fingers around yours. His other hand came up to your face cupping your cheek, his thumb stroking over the tear tracks.
“I don’t know why you don’t see it.”
“See what?”
“How beautiful you are. Every time I look at you I can’t understand why men aren’t knocking our door down to get to you. When we are in bars, I see them looking at you, and you don’t notice them, you’re always just with us, with Sammy, Cas and me. I wish you could see what I see in you. Please stay. I need you to stay.” There was a tear threatening to fall from his eyes as he looked at you. Even two steps up on the stair case he was still taller than you.
You nodded your head. You knew you would stay, the moment he called your name you had known you would stay. You felt Dean let out a long breath as he stepped closer and pulled you into him his arms snaking around you to hold you tight. You winced again and he pulled back quickly.
“Oh God sorry, did I hurt you?”
“I’m okay.”
He licked his lips, his eyes flicking to you lips. Slowly he lent forward, slow enough that you could have stopped him if you had wanted to. You didn’t. His lips were gentle against yours, as if he was scared he might break you. Your eyes flickered closed as you melted into him and he deepened the kiss. After a moment he broke the kiss and lent his forehead against yours.
“Dean, do you mean it?”
“I mean everything, when I first met you, you were just some weird girl that Charlie knew. Another geek who spent to much time on the internet and didn’t care about how she looked. You knew more than me about everything; even lore. Then I found out how you met Charlie, how your parents had died and you had been a hunter for longer than you should have been, and you saved her ass. We took on you on a hunt with us and you kicked ass, so much you made me look like a whimp, yet you’re still scared of lightning and spiders. I don’t know how you can be so bad ass and still be so girly at the same time. How do you get me to be like this?”
You tilted your head and furrowed your brows.
“You get me to talk, I never talk about my feelings and here I am spilling my guts to you.”
“I don’t know.”
He let out a breathy laugh taking your hand in his.
“so lets go back to my room, we’ll watch a movie, that one that you really like about the wizard kid.”
“Don’t lie, you like it too.” You laughed.
“I like everything you like (Y/N).”

Dear fallen angel of love,

Friends?! What the hell kind of upside down universe do you live in? Heeeello? We’re Shadows! And as if anyone could seriously be friends with a worthless whimp like him, anyway!

And yet, you push that little pest on and on in his attempts to grow stronger.

Well, duh, of course I am! Somebody’s gotta remind him to keep things exciting, or I’m gonna die in here of boredom! Can’t have that, can we??

Of course we can’t have that. I still need that little rat to pet my ego. How else am I going to make myself feel superior to you all, as I should!? As worthless as you all are, he is just as worthless. As long as I keep that fact on his mind, he will need to keep the vermin close to find some semblance of worth. Hah.

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The Real Ghostbusters

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Summary: It’s Halloween and you and the Winchesters decide to stay in for a movie night.

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader [Platonic]

Warnings: none I can think of. Includes some fluff & a cute ending

A/N: Inspired by a convo with @supermonkeypizza over our love of Halloween, [but not so much for horror films!😅]

Happy Halloween folks!

“So, what do you feel like watching?” Dean settled down on the couch in between you and Sam, a bottle of beer in one hand as he set the large bowl of popcorn on the table in front of you all. 

Sam turned on the TV, remote in hand as he casually began flicking through the channels of what was on, “There’s a showing of The Conjuring, The Last Exorcism-”

“-Hey, how about IT?” Dean gave his brother an amused look as he saw the film title show up on the list. 

Sam clenched his jaw a little. “Shut up,” he threw his best bitch face look Dean’s way before looking over at you.

You were focused on your phone in your hands, snuggled under a blue blanket as you scrolled through your missed messages over the last week. 


Looking up from your phone you gave Sam a quick smile, “sorry, I was miles away.” Putting your phone on the table, your eyes flittered across to the TV screen, wincing a little as you noticed all the movie titles on the guide. 

“I’m not watching any of that,” you gestured to the TV, before pulling the blanket higher up your body. “Can’t we watch Casper or something?” 

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A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Part 9                                                              

‘Okay, but we cant be long, cause I really do need to finish my work.’ you say, as he drags you down the front steps of the office a few minutes later, having suddenly stood from the sofa telling you he was going to take you somewhere- although so far you had no idea where 'somewhere’ was.

'Yeah, yeah, I got it.’ he murmurs, although by the way he smirks to himself and continues to pull you along happily, his fingers gripping yours fiercely, you think he probably wasn’t listening to you as much as you’d hope.

'Why are we going so fast?’ you complain with a giggle, almost crashing into him when he suddenly slows down, and ending up laughing when he quickly throws his arms out to catch you before you fall down.

'Sorry.’ he chuckles, stilling momentarily as he stares at you with a smile, eyes flickering to your lips, before he blushes, dipping his head in embarrassment and finds your hand again to begin pulling you along the path once again.

'Okay, but seriously, where are we going?’ you ask, clinging to his arm now that he wasn’t practically sprinting down the path and looking up at him curiously as you wait for him to give you an answer.

'Well…when you, uh, after I rapped for you last night…I thought of something that I wanted to show you. And since you seem to have this strange impression that im 'soft’…I figured i’d show you now.’ he explains, smirking at his own crypticness and squeezing your hand gently as he suddenly turns down a side street that was lined with dark looking shops and clubs, half of the street lamps being busted.

You don’t realise you’re tightening your grip on him and trying to tuck yourself into his side, until he slows to a barely there shuffle, looking down at you with concern.

'Are you okay there? You’re holding my hand a little bit tight.’ he murmurs, frowning with amusement crossed with worry as he stops walking and turns to face you.

'Uh…yeah…just- I don’t particularly like the dark.’ you confess quickly, biting your lip nervously as you look up at him to see him watching you, first with a look of ’seriously?’, before you look at your feet and you end up missing the smile that stretches across his face that said ’Jesus, she’s adorable’.

'Its okay, hold onto my hand and i’ll keep you safe.’ he murmurs, his mouth suddenly very close to your ear, and the feeling of his breath ghosting across the skin of your neck has you shivering as adrenaline races through your veins at how close he was to you.

However, all you can do is nod in answer as you glance up at him, smiling when you see him grin at you, before getting your breath snatched from you as he drops a quick kiss on your lips. He doesn’t even give you time to recover before he’s began walking down the street once again, pulling you gently along, and smiling happily to himself when you end up grabbing tightly to his arm, keeping your hand clutched in his.

'Its not much further anyway.’ he murmurs helpfully, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles to calm you as you walk alongside him, before suddenly turning toward an even dingier, darker side street and pulling you towards a couple of bouncers stood by a plain looking entrance, from which loud bass was being pumped.

'Hey guys, how’s the night so far?’

'Not too bad, Yoongi…. I see you’ve brought company tonight.’ one of the big brooding looking guys comments, his eyes scanning you suspiciously and you subconsciously grip tighter to Yoongi’s hand as you lean subtly into him.

'Oh, yeah! Guys, this is Melody she’s… a friend of mine.’ he says, his face for some reason turning stiff and unsure as he says the words, whilst the bouncers both raise their chins slightly as their attention turns to you.

'Have you got I.D on you, Miss?’ is the only thing they say to you, their stern expressions making you nod your head immediately as you shakily pull your purse from your tiny bag hanging from your shoulder, showing it to them and instantly seeing their faces brighten in reaction to seeing you were of legal age.

'Well i’m not sure what such a beautiful girl is doing with Yoongi here, but you’re quite welcome to enter, Melody.’ one of them says, grinning at you pleasantly and chuckling when he looks to Yoongi, and you look up at him yourself to see him rolling his eyes, his lips pressed into a hard line.

'Anyway, we’ll be going in now.’ he grumbles, pulling you after him as he walks past the two chuckling bouncers, and you almost have to jog after him as he drags you inside, the bass vibrating your feet as you stumble along after him, only slowing once the short corridor opens up into the main clubhouse.

'Welcome…to The Underground.’

You widen your eyes at his words, swallowing down your surprise and anxiety, and nodding slowly.

'Right…so this is what you wanted to show me?’ you ask, getting jolted into Yoongi when a rowdy group passes by you, and when you look up to see his expression, you find him glaring at the group as they walk away.

'Not just this.’ he murmurs, suddenly slipping his arm around your waist and pulling you tightly into him as he proceeds to walk further into the club, greeting a few people as he walks down a crowded walkway, and appearing for all intents and purposes, like a prince returning to his castle. You shuffle along behind him, staring wide eyed at all the dark, serious looking people, who all turn friendly when they see Yoongi- although he himself keeps a serious, polite expression as he passes them.

He doesn’t stop walking until the two of you reach a door that read 'backstage’ and he pulls you through without pausing, the person guarding it not even batting an eyelid as you pass.

'Where are we going?’ you ask quietly as he continues to pull you down a narrow corridor, clearly heading towards a door at the end, which was the only place there was to go.

'I just figured i’d introduce you to a few of my friends before the show.’ he explains, continuing to guide you until you were just outside the door, but before he can reach his hand up to twist the handle, you pull him back to force him to look at you, only realising as you were stood face to face with him just how loud you were breathing with the adrenaline running through you that was brought on from being in an unfamiliar place.

'Hey, whats wrong?’ he murmurs, his free hand coming up to cup your cheek as he frowns with worry at your slightly scared expression.

'Nothing…I mean, this place is just…its loud, and dark-I…God…I sound like such a whimp- you know what, I think i’m just gonna leave-’

'No, wait! Melody, come on-’ he cuts you off, grabbing you before you can walk away and holding your arms as he dips his face into your vision, smiling at you to try to get you to smile, and frowning when you don’t.

'Hey…its nothing to be scared of- Its just a few of my friends that I wanted you to meet, and then I was going to perform…to show you my music.’ he explains, watching you carefully as you look at him, before slowly beginning to nod and dropping his gaze to the floor.

'Or we can go…if you want…I dont mind, as long as you’re-’

'No…no…I-uh…just give me a minute…just stand here with me a minute.’ you murmur, clutching his waist tightly, and nervously leaning into him, only relaxing when he winds his arms around you and holds you warmly against him.

It worked for about half a minute; the heat from him warming your stomach and chest where you were curled into him, and the feeling of his arms wrapped around you securely makes you feel safe in the most bizarre way.

But just as you’re about to pull away from him the two of you are interrupted by the door in front of you opening.

'Yoongi? What are you…-Melody!?’




Prompt: “Hit me again, I dare you.” Bucky Barnes x Reader // One-Shot

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A/N: If your on the tagged list and you think wtf?! It’s because I am in love with your blog and think your name should be shown because of the amazing writing and works you do! Always feel free to ask for your name to be removed or permenantly added to the list! I always will make sure to respect your requests :) 

Being chained to a very cold metal pole in a winter-looking country by a HYDRA agent? Was not on the list of “Things the I Like To Do” but being an Avenger, or even being seen with one held it’s price high, and so I guess I’m a double whammy; a trained, soldier from the Israeli government that came to America when she was the one that helped Tony get out of a hostage situation so long ago…

Held hostage to bring him near, Dany wasn’t one for cliches and this one was dripping in it.

“Save Me, I’m A Damsel. Go to hell, you little shit.” I kicked him in the shins as he walked by; knowing he’d never use the gun in his hand to kill her; not until Bucky was here to get Dany, and take her home. This man clearly didn’t know James Barnes and his training as a sniper.

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Exo Scenario: I Dare You with Jongin ~

Hi! Can I request a Jongin scenario where your friends dare you to go up to him and his friends and kiss him. You’re about to pull away before he pulls you back to kiss you more and he meets you later at lunch to ask you out or something. (He’s popular) Thanks so much!

This sounds cute :) I hope you don’t mind that I made the reader/”you” a little timid. Hope you like it and please let me know what you think.

You didn’t want to do this, but your friends insisted that you go over there while you waited outside for class to start. The teacher was always late, and across the hall was a group of boys that were relatively popular at your school. 

“Come on. You never pick dare. You have to do it, just this once.” one of your friends demanded, pushing you a little bit out of the collective circle while the other two nodded in agreement. You scowled at them and their insisting.

“Just this once.” you said, pointing your finger at them all, “But if I get in trouble, or he asks why I did it, I’m blaming all of you.” you rolled your eyes and them, but then started walking across the hall to the group of boys that seemed to mirror your own friend group. You didn’t want to do this - well, no that was half of a lie. You did want to kiss him, just not under these circumstances.

The boy that your friends had dared you to kiss was Kim Jongin, also known as Kai by the majority of the school. And though you had never really struck up a conversation with him, you definitely had a huge crush on him. He was in your grade, though most of his friends were older, and over the course of the last few years, the two of you had similar classes, but never really sat close to one another. You remembered freshmen year how he had asked to borrow your notes, but that was about as complicated as your relationship had gotten since then. Now you were seniors and soon to be graduating. You still hadn’t worked up the courage to talk to him for more than a minute at a time - and only ever to ask what he had done over the weekend.

You felt your face flush at the idea of kissing him, and like the whimp you were, you planned on only pecking him on the cheek, too afraid to do much else than that. You were just glad that he wasn’t standing at the center of his friend group, thankful that you wouldn’t have to push your way through them to get to him. All you had to do was lean up on your tiptoes and press your lips to his cheek…

When you actually got closer, your stomach fluttering with butterflies, you didn’t know if you were actually going to do it until the last second. Leaning up on your tiptoes, you got ready to press your lips against his skin only for him to turn at the last second and for your lips to meet his.

Standing in shock, you were too slow to move away before he pulled you back to him, his friends all laughing and jeering at Jongin while the two of you kissed. With his lips against yours, you could hear your own friends shouting from across the hall, giggling like maniacs. When the two of you finally pulled apart, your fingers went immediately to your lips, running your fingertips over your bottom lip with the pressure of his still tingling there. 

Flushed and frozen still, Jongin grinned down at you, too proud of himself. His eyes flicker away from your face to glance up at your friends across the hall, who are now avoiding his glance, but still giggling behind their hands, trying to hold it all in without it seeming too obvious who had put you up to this. He figured it out anyway.

“They dared you to come over here and kiss me?” he asked, his sweet voice making you want to swoon. You had always loved his soft, sweet nature, though you knew he had the capability to act sexy, almost like a bad boy. 

When you nodded, looking back at your friends and seeing that they were trying hard not to look over at the two of you, you blushed even deeper. Oh, you were going to get them back for sure.

Jongin’s fingers touched your chin, making you look back at him and his beautiful smile.

“Maybe I should thank them later, then.” and that had you confused before he explained himself, “Did you want to sit with us at lunch?” and he nodded toward his friends that were still watching you there behind him, all of them with smiles and strange looks of their own, “Your friends are welcome to join us, of course.” 

“I, uh…” but you didn’t know what to say in response to that.

Jongin obviously caught onto the fact that you were nervous, so he grinned and shrugged, “If you don’t want to, that’s okay. But promise you’ll grab dinner with me sometimes this weekend?” and his smile was brighter now than it had been a few seconds before.

Wanting to get out of this awkward and embarrassing situation, and also not really knowing what to think of this, you nodded slightly, “O-okay.” and you tried for a smile, though it probably came out funny. Jongin chuckled at your expression and nodded toward your friends.

“I’ll see you later then.” and his smile was too beautiful for words, his teeth straight and whiter than you had seen them. You still didn’t know what to say, so you just nodded and bowed your head before you were hurrying back to your friends, your head down cast.

“You’re all so dead.” you murmured threateningly when you made it back to your friends, which only made them laugh.

Peaking back at Jongin and his friends one last time, you tried to hide your smile when you saw him still staring at you. When he caught your gaze, he winked and waved, which just had you blushing again.

I think all my otps are already canon in Edolas.

Since in Edolas 7 years actually passed:

  • Since after meeting Earth Natsu, Edolas Natsu showed he wanted to become stronger, so I bet in those seven years he did. Not as close as our Natsu but pretty good development. I think Edolas Lucy after meeting her counterpart and they were kinda freed, she started becoming a bit more gentle, not completely but kinda. I bet she even grew her hair out again. So with them having such development they obtained somewhat of our nalu relationship in Edolas, and in seven years Edolas Natsu obtained the courage to ask Lucy out and they became canon.
  • I think because of time slowly Gray took some clothes away to a decent number of layers and became cool, and I think after he tried and tried Juvia finally returned his feelings.  
  • I think because Jellal had to keep an eye on Erza since she was responsible for some crimes, he slowly became more attracted to her without him noticing. Erza since she demonstrated she wanted to change when she met our Erza, she would show great kindness and awkwardness. If seven years pass maybe they even married and are now King Jellal and his Queen Erza.
  • I’m not sure about Gajevy, because Gajeel looked like a whimp in his Edolas version lmao, I bet Gajeel will fall for Levy first at a random meeting, and she will continuously reject him. Also Jet and Droy would also tell him to stay away and maybe beat him up, but he will continue to try to get her to like him with mushy love tactics that she would act tsundere too. At the end of course she falls for him but it will take time.
“I love you”

But can we imagine little first grader Farkle reading a fairytale and wants to know what it means to be in love.

So, he goes to his dad (who just fought with his wife and she threw her wedding ring at him, again.) and asks him “How do you know when you’re in love?”

And his dad explains how he fell in love with Jennifer. How he fell in love with the way that she didn’t care what anyone thought of her, but she still cried at night because it still hurt.

So, when her and Stuart got together he just held her and all he could smell is her strawberry shampoo and salty tears and he just wanted – needed – her to feel better because it made him physically sick when she cried.

Stuart also explained how when Jennifer smiled, it was like his whole day got brighter. And how when she cooked something – without burning it – she did this little dance that made her look like she didn’t grow up too fast, even though she did because she was “popular”.

He didn’t stop smiling as he explained how Jennifer was fearless until Farkle came along. How she never backed down from any fear until Farkle was in the face of any danger. And Stuart found that even more attractive that she was terrified because he can finally take care of her.

And he couldn’t stop the words from flowing out of his mouth when he says, “The way you can tell that you’re in love, son, is when you walk up to her, hands sweaty, heart beating so fast and ask her what she thinks love is. And she responds, we are. And you couldn’t have been more relieved.”

And as Stuart is talking, all he can think about is how horrible he feels to have fought with her, so he excuses himself and makes up with her.

Bonus: Your always right, Jenn. I should know that. You don’t need to be a genius to be right when you’ve got a heart of gold like you do. I can’t imagine my life without you, sweetheart. Please forgive me.

And so, after Stuart’s speech, Farkle goes to school the next day, the words haunting him.

He couldn’t even focus on SCHOOL, for goodness sake.

But when they’re being paired into coloring groups, he gets paired with this girl who looks like the sun is coming out of her smile.

She looks up at him, a shy but bright smile on her face, her cheeks painted pink, and brown hair cascading down her pink sweater.

“Hi, I’m Riley. Riley Matthews.” The girl says, biting her lip even though her front tooth is missing.

Farkle stares for a minute, then replies with a “Farkle. Farkle Minkus.”

“Farkle? That’s a weird name.”

And Farkle knows this. Other kids make fun of him for it and he really should’ve expected this.

And just when he’s about to look down and finally get some work done, the beautiful girl giggles and says, “I like weird, though.” and does this dance where she does jazz hands and jazz feet, and beautiful clumsiness and Farkle just can’t breath.

This is the first time ever another kid his age has been nice to him and it’s someone as beautiful as this Riley Matthews.

Farkle blushes and says, “Thanks. I like your, uh, dance moves.”

She giggles and is about to speak when Jacob, Farkle’s bully walks by.

“Hey, nerd.” Jacob teases.

Jacob always makes fun of Farkle because of his name and his smart brain.

And Farkle should be used to it by now, but it hurts.

Except, Riley, his beautiful new (can he say friend, please?) acquaintance says, “Hey! Don’t call him a nerd. That’s not nice!” to his bully. His scary bully who grew a foot before anyone else.

And when Jacob turns to Riley, that’s when Farkle knows what real fear is, because no one is going to hurt that beautiful angel.

“What did you say, shrimp?” Jacob asks Riley, Farkle’s Riley. Who Farkle should be protecting, but can’t help but stand there like a whimp.

“You heard me.” Riley glares. “Don’t be mean to people. It’s. Not. Nice.”

“I can do whatever I want, okay squirt?”

Except the beautiful angel needs everyone to be happy, even if it gets her in trouble. So, she walks up to Jacob and asks him, “Why are you so mean to people? Was someone not nice to you?” genuinely confused.

Jacob glares at her and mutters a “whatever” and walks away.

Farkle was amazed. No one has ever done that for him before.

“Thank you…” Farkle manages to stutter out.

Riley, who had a frown on her face before (which should never be there. Ever.) turns to Farkle and smiles at him like he pulled the sun out on a rainy day.

“Are you okay?” She wonders.

Mean people are so troublesome. But Riley always asks how they are too because that’s how she met her best friend Maya. She just wishes Jacob would’ve stayed longer, so maybe he can be nice (like Maya) and they’d all be best friends!

Farkle stares at Riley in amazement. She’s the one who fought his battle for him and she asks how he is?

“I’m okay now that I have you here… as my new… friend?” He’s terrified of her answer.

What if she likes Jacob better? He’s tougher.

But instead, his beautiful angel smiles and says, “The best of friends.” and turns to her coloring.

And Farkle blushes and just looks down at what she’s coloring.

It’s the solar system. Not many kids know what it is, but Farkle does because his dad teaches him everything. (Because duh, have you met his father?)

“You coloring the solar system?” Little Farkle mumbles shyly.

“Yeah,” The little girl looks up, “Pluto ‘s my favorite! It’s so tiny and itty bitty and cute!”

And Farkle can’t help but love the sparkle in her eyes as she talks about this tiny planet.

“Well, maybe by the time were big, we’ll be able to go there! Like the people on the moon!”

Riley gets the biggest smile on her tiny face and Farkle can’t help but feel accomplished. “Yeah! Would you go with me? Please Farkle!”

Farkle blushes and nods. “Of course, Riley. I’d go anywhere with you.”

Riley grins then says, “You. Me. Pluto. Let’s do this thing!”

And yeah. It’s safe to say, Farkle Minkus is in love.

Linkara in the CA movies

I don’t think i can accept the cannon that Linkara is the same in the movies as he is in the show proper. I can’t believe that a guy who fought the entity and Vice wouldn’t beat a whimp like Malachite. Sorry, but the entity and Vice laugh at this guy. Hell, Malachite should sense the magic in linkara and go, “Hey, want to kill those guys?” I know, i know, plot hole…but that is a weak excuse at best and poor storytelling at its worst.