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tatzelwyrm asked: revan or quinlan vos

“Sir, you seem troubled.”
“Quinlan Vos has that effect.”


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Yaaas, more Quinwan!

I haven’t actually rewatched the Quinlan and Obi-Wan bits in forever, so forgive me if everything isn’t perfect in this snippet.

Also I’ll leave it to your imaginations to decide who the two Clone baes of Quinlan’s are. I imagine they don’t actually get to get together often, what with Quinlan always oot and aboot, but when they do…HOOOO.

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      Would she answer the door? Freed felt horrible, imagining with what kind of thoughts he might have send her to sleep the previous night. His head was pulsating with pain - the alcohol’s fault without doubt - but he hardly cared. All that mattered was to keep his promise, and perhaps make a step into the right direction at last. Hopefully…

      As he waited his brows furrowed in thought, his outfit not consisting of his usual style he preferred to use in public though rather a casual yet somewhat elegant white shirt, black pants with a belt and his hair tied up into a pony tail. It was easier to keep his long strands neat this way. He had hurt her enough. He had been an insecure coward for too long. And he his intoxicated words had been sincere, each and every one of them.