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David Tennant - Christmas Tree Collection


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Vibrant and lively scenery keeps the mind entranced as you walk around this little town surrounded by sweets and happiness.


Behind the Scenes of Fear Her - Part Three

Excerpt from Jason Arnopp’s behind-the-scenes article from DWM #372

“The cat could have been re-cast,” laughs Euros [Lyn, director] in retrospect, of the ginger tom who appears - then disappears - in Fear Her.  “Famously, you can’t tame a cat. But we couldn’t get this cat to do anything. It has just been fed, so food couldn’t tempt it. In the end, it rolled on its back and had a snooze.”

“The poor cat ended up being guided along on a wire,” recalls Russell T. Davies, “which the Mill then painted out. One of those scenes that looks easy on paper, and turns into a nightmare! I seem to remember we had to go back and re-shoot. I couldn’t wait for the bloody thing to vanish in the end! But we were humane at all times!

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gif request meme // the vampire diaries + favourite familial relationship (requested by stefansalfatore)

How to take care of your spirit companion?

@starryskywitch asked: “In a recent ask you mentioned that spirits need to eat, could you explain how that works? And also maybe the basics of taking care of a spirit if you’d be so kind? C: “

I’ve been meaning to write a post on this for a long time. Then I saw someone did it already xD  ( @magic-for-the-masses ) But I still decided to go ahead and write my own.

I think a good way to look at this is by taking into account the pyramid of needs. By the way, I’m no psychologist, so I don’t know if this is severely outdated or not, but I think it’s a good basis. (For further reading into this, you can look up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.)

So the base is physiological needs. Food, water, warmth, rest. Or in the case of your spirit, whatever they need to drink/eat so they don’t starve, whatever weather and environment they need (if any is fine, okay. Mr.Dragon doesn’t *need* a lava river, but he’s definitely happy in one.), and time to rest. (I go deeper on what they eat here: )

But then you think “But Scholar! I *have* to build wards around me and my companion for them to be safe! That’s vital!” And yes, but not physiological. Apparently this person first stated there are basic needs, and then made subdivisions. The wards fall into safety needs. A secured astral place, or well, your own home, with wards and barriers around it. The security of knowing they won’t be eaten up by a bigger, badder spirit at any moment. Even if you’re not into witchcraft, you should learn methods of spiritual/psychic protection, in order to take better care of your spirits. (Stating this since I usually see spiritual protection being talked about in the context of witchcraft.)

After that there come the psychological needs: first, feeling loved and like you belong. Then, the self esteem.

If you’re skilled at spirit communication, and a demonstrative person, you’ll make them feel loved easily, if you actually like them. If you have trouble showing love, or communicating with spirits, someways to show them they’re loved are:

-Offerings, in every shape or form.

-Daydreaming about them. Thinking about them. Seeing something and go ‘I bet Betsy would like this.’ They can feel it. They know.

-If you have an altar dedicated to them, or part of an altar, keep it clean, neat, re-design it, play with it… It’s a space in your life you’ve dedicated to them. By taking care of it, you’re taking care of them.

Then, the self esteem. Feelings of accomplishment and prestige. For the accomplishment thing, it’s good to ‘assign them tasks’, or ask them for help with certain stuff. X spirit will act as your body guard. Y spirit will help you with your self esteem and pick cute outfits. J spirit will give your food extra flavor and help maintain a clean house. They get to do stuff with you and for you, and get praised in return (you should praise and thank them!), making them feel accomplished.

For the prestige thing… I’m not sure if what I’m thinking of falls in this category. In other pyramids, I’ve seen clothes and shelter listed in the basic needs. And it’s somewhat true. Clothes and shelter makes it so a person doesn’t die of hypothermia, for example. But just really basic sheltering and clothing fulfills that need. IMO, clothes and shelter give them prestige… In their own eyes. Those are things that can elevate their self esteem. A big house filled with toys made my kid spirits really happy. Changing their old, outdated clothes for new, modern clothes (and leather jackets!) makes them feel badass, and good about themselves. Even my cat spirit asked for clothes (and we designed it from scratch and came up with the most disgusting piece of cat clothing ever and we destroyed it and swore to never do that again).

The peak of the pyramid is about self actualization and self fulfillment, including creative endeavors.

Some of my spirit companions, after watching me doing it for so long, got into tabletop roleplaying xD It’s a creative endeavor that makes them really happy. I just leave RPG books on my altar, and Mr.GuardianAngel learns the game and acts as the dungeon master for the other spirits. I wanted to tell this because it’s very endearing <3 And so you remember the spirits actually go and do things in their own.

But some ways you can directly involve yourself in fulfilling these last needs are:

-Watch informative videos and documentaries with them, on themes of their interest. For some time Mr.Dragon got really curious about how other humans were, and we watched videos of people reading their old diaries for like a week.

-If you write or draw, tell them they can influence your creation, and let them create with you.

-If they feel like they can write/draw on their own, let them, and show interest when they show it to you. My companions tell me about the stories they write/roleplay through tarot cards. I just pull all the cards I feel I need and through reading them I get to know the story.

-If you astral travel, travel with them to locations neither of you know (with safety measures please!) so you can learn together.

To anyone who has read this far, thanks for reading. I hope this is useful for you.

Teen Dad [Labor Story]

Teen Dad [Labor Story] 

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Birth

A/N: Many, including me, did not want Teen Dad to end, haha. A lot of people also wanted it to become a series, and I guess that’s happening! This should be part 1 of the labor story, and as usual, you have to let me know if you want a part 2, because, this series doesn’t continue unless you want it to! I hope you enjoy this continuation of Teen Dad! 

Ps. Also give me suggestions for baby names!

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Teen Dad
Teen Dad Two
Teen Dad Three [Finale 1 of 2]
Teen Dad Three [Finale 2 of 2]

You woke up at 3:15 in the morning to a wet bed. Three weeks ago, you hit your nine months, and any day now you would have the baby. I guess that day might be today.

“Pete, baby, wake up,” you whisper, shaking Peter slightly next to you to wake him up.
“Hm?” he said, still sounding asleep.
“Wake up.”
He rubbed his eyes and turns over to face you. He gives you a sleepy smile and put his hand out, looking for yours. I’m guessing he felt something wet, causing his eyebrows to furrow, his eyes were still closed.
“Did you pee yourself again?”
He sits up, rubbing his eyes and slapping his cheeks to wake himself up.
“Then why is it wet again love?”
“I think my water broke.”
His eyes are wide open now.
“What!? Are you sure!?”
“Yeah I’m pretty sure.”
He then suddenly gets up and runs around. Grabbing clothes and the hospital bags that you prepared earlier last month.
“I’ll wake up May,” he yelled, running out of your shared room at the moment.
“I’ll call the doctor,” you yell back.

You sat in the hospital bed. Smiling at the camera Peter was pointing at you. He likes to make little video diaries of important moments of his life. The fight against Captain America being the first one.

“We’re having the baby today guys!” He yelled, talking to the camera.

“I hope so,” you said, sighing with a smile plastered on your face, you were just so happy and excited.

“I hope so? What do you mean I hope so?”

“Labor takes a while sometimes Peter. We could have him today or tomorrow.”

Peter throws his head back and lets out a loud groan.

“I want him out today!”

“Well then give birth for me, would you?” you say with a bit of attitude. When this baby comes out, you’re going to end up having to take care of two kids. Peter, and him. You really do need to find a name for the baby already. You’re kind of getting sick of calling him, ‘him’.

He shakes his head vigorously, “no thank you, I’m good. Sorry.”

Your contractions were less than five minutes apart. You had your eyes closed, breathing slowly.

In, out, In, out, In, out

Peter did the same, trying to calm himself as well. It seems like he was in greater pain than you were.

His face was concentrated, eyes closed, hands on his knees as he is sitting on a chair next to you, breathing deeply and strongly.



“Are you having contractions too?”

“Huh? No– why would you say that?”

You turn back to look at your belly, “nothin’.”

The contractions were getting stronger now. They were so painful, you were shaking.

Beads of sweat rolled down your forehead, your hair sticking to it as well. Your breathing was faster and you tried to hold back the tears.

Peter is so worried of you, he didn’t like seeing you like this, it hurts him seeing you like this.

“Should I call the nurse? Do you want an epidural? Those help right? To take the pain away?”

You shake your head no, “no, I don’t want it. I’m fine.” You managed to say.

“Are you sure? You seem to be in a lot of pain darling. I think you shoul–”

“No, I’–I’m fine.” The contraction finally ended, and you let out a deep breath.

“You are doing great love.” Peter says, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“All right, Ms. (Y/l/n), you are at 9 centimeters, one more and we’re going to start pushing.”

“One more? How long will that take? Oh my g– the baby is coming! oh my g– I need to call Aunt May! I need to call Ned too! I should tell Tony as well, oh my–.” Peter yells, grabbing his phone and running out the room to call everyone.

“Peter! Don’t leave now!” Peter quickly ran back inside, breathing as heavily as you are.

“Wow, I’m out of shape,” he says to himself while walking back towards you.

“Sorry love.”

“All right, we’re at 10 centimeters, it’s time Ms. (Y/l/n).”

You nod, Peter grabbing your hand with one hand, and holding your leg with the other.

“Take a deep breath, when I count to three I want you to hold it and push, okay?”

You nod, unable to speak.

“One, two , three, push.”

You take a deep breath and push as hard as you can. This was more painful than you thought.

You scream in pain a little, Peter hushing you.

“It’s okay darling, I’m right here. Just squeeze my hand.”

“One, two, three, push,” the doctor says again.

This time you pushed harder and squeezed Peter’s hand. And this time, he was the one to scream in pain, except ten times louder than you did.


“No no,” he said, his voice high and cracking, as he tried to hold the pain within him.

“Just a little bit more, we can almost see the head.”

Peter moves a little down and looks, and his eyes goes wide before going back to you.


“N– nothing,” he said, voice still cracking. Let’s just say it was a bit scary down there.

“A few more Ms. (Y/l/n). One, two, push!”

“Hey! You didn’t say three! I wasn’t ready,” Peter yelled, also shrieking in pain as you squeeze his hand harder.

You push with all your might, causing the baby’s head to pop out.

“The head’s out! One more big push sweetie! You’re doing great!”

Peter peeks again, this time smiling wide.

“Baby! His head is out! He has curly hair just like me!”

You laugh with happy tears, “really?”

He nods his head, the smile not leaving his face. He leans in to kiss your lips.

“One more one more! One, two, push!”

You took a very deep breath and pushed harder than the last time. Pain instantly left your body, and a loud cry filled the room. You had tears running down your face before knowing it and Peter was smiling big with tears of his own.

“Baby boy at 4:37pm,” the doctor called out.

The doctor placed the baby boy on your chest.

“Here Mr. Parker,” one of the nurses said, handing Peter a pair of scissors, “cut right here please.” Peter did what he is told and cutting the umbilical cord, baby Parker crying on your chest.

“Good job mommy,” Peter says, placing a kiss on your lips.

“Thanks daddy,” you said, letting out a breathy laugh.

“Hold on,” the doctor called out, catching you and Peter’s attention.

“There’s another one on its way.”


so i was watching dance videos on youtube, as one does on a hoppin friday night, and this was one of the recommended videos

thanks youtube robots for bringing into my life this video of kuroo tetsurou dancing to jason derulo’s seminal masterpiece ‘wiggle’ in 6-inch heels

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Okay but ,, what if allura has a video diary hing talking about Altea? ? Sort of like her life before ???I'd cry ?? Like a happier episode 7 of s3

i cant tell if that would be extremely sad, or extremely heart warming.

breaking my hiatus for

whatever the heck this concept is for the dream diary jam

mado works at ikea and uboa is her manager. pippi longstocking is there. its 1 am this is my thought process

stay employed and somehow venture deeper into the cursed ikea