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Hey guys! i just graduated art school and job hunting right now, and all them jobs are in very expensive cities. i’d really like to save up and move there. i don’t really have another source of income because of visa reasons (i’m in the states, but i’m from australia), and i really appreciate any help you guys can give me! my laptop is also on its way out, so i’d really like to replace it as soon as possible. 

i’ll draw basically anything; all content is negotiable. shoot me an ask or an email if you’re not sure, or if there’s something you want but don’t see on the pricing board, i.e, sketch portraits, painted sketches, inventories, etc. i’m happy to drawing fanart, fan characters, etc.

i take paypal only, in USD!!

reblogs are very much appreciated!

thanks guys <3

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Hey, Sasha!! How are you today? Love the blog. I check it out almost everyday as I can. You're smart and knowledgeable with a slice of realizism and common sense. Don't let the haters say otherwise and keep doing your thing. Don't change a thing. I would like to make a comment on the so-called "Zerrie" tattoo (it's not Perrie, for god's sake); it's Liam. Common sense dictates Zayn does not love Perrie enough to get her tattooed on him. He loves Liam (you lose, Zerrie shippers).

Hi lovey. I’m good thanks for asking. Awww, thanks for your support. I will continue to reign as the resident Blue Meanie of the 1D fandom.

Artist’s rendering of me:

As for the infamous tattoo, I used to think the Girl!Liam theory was kinda farfetched. But now, in light of all the fuckery we’ve seen go down with Zerrie, it’s possible, imo.

I think a lot of people took a look at that tattoo and accepted that it’s Perrie, no questions asked. And I get that. That’s not an unreasonable reaction. But like all things with this fauxmance, upon closer inspection everything is shady as hell.

What we know about the tattoo:

  • Liam went with him (along with Louis) to go get it. But for whatever reason he bailed and went for a walk after they got to the tattoo parlor. Was he upset by Zayn getting Perrie on his arm? Was he upset because Girl!Liam was going to be passed off as Perrie? Hmmm…
  • The tattoo was not based on a picture of Perrie, which imo is the shadiest part of the whole deal. If you’re gonna get a tatt of an actual person, wouldn’t it be very helpful to bring the tattoo artist a pic of said person? Like…hello common sense? Zayn could have pulled up a pic of Perrie off the freakin’ internet on his phone since she was running around trying really hard to look like a tattoo that didn’t exist yet.

That wasn’t her usual style of dress either.

Perrie, May 5th 2013 (London)

Perrie, May 21st 2013 (London)

There was only a 3 degree (celcius) temperature difference between those two pix. But that’s none of my business… 

“ spoke exlcusively to the artist responsible for the tatt and John James Garancheski III (best name ever?) confirmed that Zayn came in with a image based on his girlfriend.

He said, “He wanted to do like a punk rock-ish…like a comic character. Like a girl that was kind of comic’d-up and had a little bit of a punk rock look to her.

"So we took a couple of images and put them together. He did a little sketch on a piece of paper for me. He was like ‘I’m kinda thinking something like that.’ I was like ‘Well, let me work on it.

Is it just me or did the tattoo artist say NOTHING that confirmed the image was based on Perrie as Sugarscape stated?? Ahhh, the power of suggestion. 

Zayn told The Sun, “It’s not a direct portrait but it’s all the things that I like about her.”

That sketchy quote (which is definitely made up imo) is very important. As we all know, The Sun is HJPR’s (1D’s PR team) official mouthpiece. And even The Sun says the tattoo is NOT a direct portrait.

  • Zayn was working on this tattoo since at least December 2012. So as some media outlets tried to spin it, he didn’t come up with the tattoo idea as an apology to Perrie for “cheating” on her January 2013 (another HJPR manufactured story).

  • So, with Zayn’s sketch and another mystery “image”, the tattoo artist came up with this sketch:

Ok, pump the brakes. Zayn was/is a wealthy man. He can afford the best tattoo artists. Why doesn’t this sketch look more like Perrie? Even a comic’d up version should look more like her, imo.

Even though this is a unicorn–this unicorn looks just like Tupac, know what I mean?

It does bear a passing resemblance to her. But funnily enough, it bears a passing resemblance to Liam as well. The button nose, full lips and shape of the face all feel Liam-esque to me. Did Zayn plan it that way? Is that why he didn’t use a picture of Perrie even though she was out there dressed like the tattoo he had in mind? It’s just not logical and Zayn is not stupid. Hmmm…  

So is it Perrie or is it Girl!Liam? You decide.


ALRIGHT, so here’s what I can do!  I can draw you, your ocs, your fish, your favorite character from that anime you love, for like a bit of money!!!  How much money?  THIS MUCH MONEY

Colored portrait/fullbody- $5.00

Full body sketch-$4.00

Portrait sketch-$3.00


So you may be thinking to yourself.



you shoot me an ask or fanmail, then we discuss exactly what you want and blah blah, OR AND THE MORE PREFERED OPTION

You send me an e-mail at and tell em what you want and we can discuss prices and things like that.  all good things im sure.

you pay by going to the buy now button on my blog and selecting an option


Cause what if you think something is fullbody and I consider it a portrait or something?  It’ll make it easier for everyone and no one will hurt.

Also, if you dont want to buy a commision; sharing this post would be very much appreciated OuO

Thank you for your time!

Preference #24: He Teaches You how to do Something

Louis: “I’m bored,” you complain with a sigh. “Teach me something.” “Ummm…” Louis thinks for a second, playfully rubbing his chin. Suddenly, he darts away and returns with a small piano. “I’m going to teach you to play,” he declares. You giggle a bit, “This won’t turn out well, Louis. I’m just telling you that now.” Totally ignoring your warning, he sets the piano on a table and pulls up two chairs in front of it. “We’re going to play Mary Had a Little Lamb,” he grins. You roll your eyes. “OK, this key, then this one, yes, that’s it!” Louis squeals as you quickly master the easy song. “Now let’s do this one!” He starts playing a super complicated song. “Yeah, that’s not happening, Lou. Next time, OK?”

Zayn: “OK, OK… And done!” Zayn turns the paper around so you can see your portrait. “Oh, that’s beautiful, Zayn! Thank you!” You cheer, jumping on him in a huge hug. “Your turn, love,” he smiles. “My- oh no, no. That’s fine.” “C’mon! I’ll teach you!” He pleads. “Alright.” You sit down and he sits beside you, pulling up a new, pristine piece of paper. “Now uh, let’s do something easy,” he says. “Like that banana.” “A banana? Really?” “Yes! Banana’s are very artistic fruits,” Zayn mockingly states. “Whatever, Art-Master Zayn.” You begin to draw the banana. “No, no, no, no, (Y/N)! Feel the fruit. Feel its curves, convey its personality!” Zayn scolds and takes your hand in his, lightly sketching the shape of a banana. “Like that, OK?” He pulls his hand away from yours and motions for you to continue. “Does this ‘convey its personality?” You joke, once you finish. “Yes, you are a very natural artist, love,” Zayn murmurs, tapping your nose.

Niall: You entered your flat, greeted warmly by the sight of your boyfriend playing the guitar and the wonderful sound that accompanied it. Plopping down next to him on the sofa, you lightly clapped. “Oh, hi princess!” He grins. “Hi,” you smile back. “You’re so good at that,” you compliment, pointing to his guitar and making him blush. “I could teach you,” he offers. Your eyes light up and you eagerly nod. Niall pulls you up onto his lap, positioning your hands on the instrument. “OK, so first you move that hand there, right, good. OK, so then that one right there, yes! Good job!” He instructs, positioning your hands with his own. By the end of the day, you can play a little bit of “Little Things”.

Liam: “AND LET ME KISS YOU!” You scream out, finishing the song, only to be met by light applause. You gasp and peer your head out of the shower curtain, eyes met by Liam’s bright grin. “You’re a natural, (Y/N)! Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?” Heat rises to your cheeks, “I can’t, not really.” “Sure you can! Hey, finish your shower, then I can help you a little! yeah?” He suggests. You agree and quickly finish and get dressed. “OK, great. So I noticed that you’re really good at belting, but you need to use your breath a little better, so here,” he places your hand on your stomach. “You should be able to feel your stomach flatten as you run out of air.” You follow his advice and sing the song again. “Great! You should join us on tour,” Liam chuckles.

Harry: “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Slower!” Harry hollered as the eggs started splattering all over the counter. “Sorry,” you winced, examining the mess. “It’s OK, just do it like this, yeah?” Harry sighs, taking your hand in his warm one and rotating the whisk in large, slow circles. You found it kind of funny how your boyfriend was teaching you to cook. Like, weren’t girlfriends supposed to teach their boyfriends to do stuff like that? But nevertheless, Harold was adamant on teaching you to cook and thus, here you were, attempting to make a casserole. “Good work!” He complimented, high-fiving you. “Now what should we do about this mess?”