like a version six

reasons to watch 6teen:

  • it’s like a teenage version of Friends
  • three of the six main characters are POC
  • seriously, one is Asian, another is Hispanic, and the other is black
  • one character has been established as Jewish
  • they hang out in a mall 24/7… literally. they barely go home
  • a lot of people make it out to be a kids’ show, but it’s really not and that’s beautiful
  • this cartoon acknowledges that gay people do indeed exist… isn’t that amazing???
  • i’m pretty sure one of them is a stoner
  • one of them is a trashy fuckboy, but he’ll become your son the trashy fuckboy
  • this show has an episode devoted to the girls in the group getting their period. bruh.

((feel free to add more reasons, btw))

antivanruffles, you called?

give me all the Dragon Age/1920s detective AUs

fluffytone  asked:

I loved the pregnancy scenario so much! Could i request a scenario of Yurio P and his s/o with their smol son or daughter and they are just like their father? A grumpy cinnamon punk kitten? (They also got his beautiful blond hair❤)

This is probably one of my favorite requests I’ve received. I had so much fun writing this and ugh I’m super proud of it !!!!! I left the name of the child open for your imagination, since I have no idea what Yuri would name his kid. I really hope you like! This is sort of a sequel to this request. Thank you for the request; I really love it! <3

“Eat your vegetables hun,” you say to encourage your daughter who hasn’t touched the cooked carrots on her plate. “You need them to grow big and strong. You don’t want to be weak when you go skating with dad, do you?”

“But I don’t want to,” she mumbles, crossing her arms over her small torso, covering the tiger face that adorns the front of her black shirt. You wish she wasn’t so stubborn, but she’s just like her father. A female, six-year-old version of the Russian Punk. “They don’t taste good. I want something else!”

You sigh and go back to eating, not in the mood for your daughter’s antics. You glance at Yuri, silently begging him to help you out here. It’s enough that she takes after him in every aspect. It blows your mind that you carried her for nine months, only to have her come out looking and acting exactly like her father. She has his face shape, his green eyes, that beautiful blond hair that grown long enough to reach her waist, and his rebellious personality. She’s the splitting image of Yuri, but she has your nose, at least.

Yuri catches your pleading gaze and nods, understanding what needs to be done. Your daughter will always listen to him. It pisses you off somewhat that she favors him over you and only gives you attitude, but you love her either way. Sometimes you feel like you’re waging war against the two of them, both of them being so edgy and cold at times. At the end of the day, though, you cherish your little family with all of your heart.

“Sweetheart, you need to eat your vegetables,” Yuri reiterates, pointing his fork across the table at your daughter. “If you don’t, mom and I will be very upset.”

“You won’t be able to come skating with your dad anymore; you could get hurt from lack of nutrients,” you add. Your daughter’s face scrunches up in anger.

“Dammit!” the little blonde yells, pounding her fists on the table and making the water inside of her glass spill a bit.

Your silverware clatters deafeningly against your plate as you drop your silverware. Your gaze snaps beside you to Yuri, who is stifling laughter with a fist to his mouth. He glances at your shocked expression, your eyes wide and jaw clenched.

“Where did she learn to say that, Yuri?” you ask slowly, your anger making itself obvious in your voice. You turn your head to look at Yuri, who has an amused smile on his face. The passive aggressive smile on your face makes Yuri’s skin crawl; he gets scared of you when you’re mad. His laughter dies down and he clears his throat, a scared expression replacing the smile that was there.

“No idea,” he mutters, going back to eating his own food. “It might have been Viktor and Katsudon. They’ve been watching her skate, too, you know.” Yuri doesn’t look at you, and you know he’s guilty. You just sigh and decide to let it go; it’s not the worst word he’s said in front of your child, so you’re grateful she isn’t repeating those words.

You tell your daughter not to say that word again and to finish her food, which she finally complies. Yuri takes her into the living room to watch television while you clean up and do the dishes. You’re just grateful to be able to get a moment to yourself. You love your daughter with all of your heart, but she can be a handful.

Ever since she was young, she’s been defiant and strong and proud. It makes you happy that she won’t grow up to be someone who is easily manipulated or pushed around, but you just wish she wouldn’t favor her father over you. You know it’s only a phase and that she’ll grow out of it, but you want to cherish these moments. She won’t be small forever. She’s bound to grow up at some point.

With a sigh, you put the remainder of dishes away and head to the living room to enjoy the rest of the evening with your little family. You enter the darkened living room to find Yuri and your daughter curled up on the sofa together, the light from the television illuminating them. Yuri has his legs sprawled out across the cushions with his head resting against the back of the couch with his eyes closed; the smaller of the two is curled up in his lap, resting against his chest and appearing to be dozing off.

You grab the remote and turn down the volume of the television so it doesn’t disturb the peace that’s made its way into your home. You stand and admire your two favorite people for a moment before Yuri’s eyes flutter open. He looks at your with tired eyes and sticks his arm out towards you.

“I was watching that,” he mutters, voice already deep from grogginess. “Make it up to me. Come here.” You chuckle and comply with his request.

You carefully crawl onto the couch and wedge yourself into the small space between the back of the couch and Yuri’s legs. You lay so your head is on his shoulder and put and arm around his waist. You take in the peaceful look on your daughter’s sleeping face for a moment and let out a content sigh.

“I think we did alright,” Yuri says quietly, his hand finding your back and rubbing small circles there. “She’s the greatest gift we ever got, huh?”

“Yeah,” you mumble, allowing your eyes to close. You feel more relaxed than you have in quite a long time. “I love you guys. I lot. My two kittens.” Yuri chuckles at that. He continues rubbing your back, slowly lulling you to sleep.

“We love you, too.”

whoops my hand slipped and this is a thing i made over the week haha. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to posting it until now because I’ve been pretty busy, and probably will continue to be for just a bit longer. Sorry! I’ve also fallen a bit behind with the general state of affairs in the fandom, so I’m kinda just desperately hoping no huge thing was announced or discovered while I was making this.

First time making a height chart for anything! at least now i kinda of have a ref of everyone lined up together. oh gosh i’m rambling. Anyways, it’s great to be actually posting stuff again! and if you haven’t checked out Bendy and the Ink Machine by theMeatly you totally should. Remember that you are strong and brave and we’re all so proud of how far you’ve come!


C R O W  C L U B

Crows after dark: emerald-studded eyes, talons out. Bring your own leather. (listen / spotify)

A gritty, leatherclad playlist for a heist in modern times.

Somewhat a part of my SoC modern heist series.

soc college AU

I’ve been thinking about this for the past several hours and I haven’t really worked out a potential plot for this universe or anything practical at all but

Kaz- is a business major but hates people (but does, however, love money), is the leader of the biggest and most exclusive frat on campus but hates parties, is a 4.0 student but hates doing schoolwork. he listens to mcr all the time and lives off dry cereal and spite, but that’s probably just college

Inej- pre-law. wants to become a prosecutor and put people who deserve it in prison. befriends(?) kaz despite this. she and nina are roommates, because they DEFINITELY are, and the two of them go on adventures and pull pranks on their floor all the time. she’s very kind but everyone on campus knows she always has the Latest Scoop

Nina- pre-med student who eats to make up for her complete lack of sleep, and then sleeps in until 4 pm on weekends. also a linguistics minor who’s in every theater production the college puts on and generally a secret overachiever. often ends up recruited to do first aid at/after kaz’s frat parties

Matthias- i just have the overwhelming feeling that he’d study history; some really specific thing like pre-500s anglo-Saxon classic literature. idk. he transferred to the university in the middle of junior year. He’s actually a responsible student (unlike most everyone else), but he’s down with the occasional party, so long as there’s alcohol. on the hockey team, because Ice and Fighting

Jesper- undeclared. he kind of just takes whichever classes he wants to and has no idea how he’s going to graduate at this point. member of kaz’s frat, which obviously doesn’t help anything. technically he’s kaz’s roommate but kaz does not want any other people in his room when he is working (which is always) so Jesper mostly bunks with Wylan and Kuwei.

Wylan- his father wants him to be a business/econ major, but his father doesn’t need to know that he’s studying music and chem. makes some money giving inexpensive music lessons to younger kids that live in the area. wasn’t planning on joining a frat bc does he seem like a frat boy but he had his Motivations (his father hates it. and Jesper was Very Convincing during rush week)

Kuwei- exchange student; everyone thinks he’s mysterious and brooding for some reason. Majoring in chem. rooms with Wylan as a result. nobody’s totally sure what administrative failure led to the exchange student ending up living in the most notorious frat house on campus but he’s totally down with it. pretty much a member of the frat within about a week and everyone forgets he doesn’t even go to this school

the frat in question is kappa omicron rho, or kappa ohm to the lazy sorts on campus (and it’s those letters because κοράκια). it has the best, wildest, most potentially dangerous parties and rumor has it nobody in the frat’s ever failed a class. faked grades are suspect. also kaz. Kaz is highly suspect.
  • Looks like a comedy and is a comedy: As You Like It, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night
  • Looks like a comedy but is actually kind of a tragedy: Merchant of Venice, Taming of the Shrew, possibly Much Ado About Nothing
  • Looks like a tragedy and is a tragedy: Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, Coriolanus
  • Looks vaguely tragic but might be a comedy: Cymbeline, the puppet show version of Titus Andronicus

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Mother's Day if Bakugou called his S/O "momma" (it's a southern pet name) and if he'd give any gifts. And would he be shy, flirtatious, etc.? Sorry to bother you, I've just been obsessed with your blog lately! You're doing wonderful! ❤️❤️

Ah thank you so much. I hope you like these, it’s not the easiest subject for me so it may come out looking weird. Also I misread this and started writing something else so I’ve just left that on the beginning as like a little bonus material.

Bakugou + Mama Baks:

  • Nope. No cute nicknames on his side. He’s always called her mom, even when he was small. But that suits her to the ground because she never really wanted to be a momma/mummy/mama anyway.
  • As for actual Mother’s Day they both think that’s a load of horse shit as well. When he was around 4 he declared that he wasn’t ever celebrating a day that wasn’t just for /his/ mom.
  • He has his own version of mothers day like once every six months. He’ll make her her favourite dinner or take her to the movies on his own money. He knows what she likes and knows that she deserves to be treated well.

Bakugou + S/O:

  • Once again nope to the cute nickname. Half the time he forgets to even call you mom around the kid so you’re own child is going to end up using your name.
  • The penny doesn’t drop that he’s supposed to get you something on Mother’s Day while the child still isn’t old enough. Thank god for Uncle Kirishima coming in clutch with a box you know is far too well wrapped to be from Bakugou but you thank him anyway. Kirishima has now named himself your god-husband.
  • He might not be great at this whole holiday thing but he really does make up for all the pictures he takes. A habit he got from his mother, he takes so many pictures so you never have to miss a moment. One year he’s definitely going to make you a photo album with all his best shots. 

TVD Movie AU: Six Mornings After || There’s a loooot more to goody-goody Stefan than meets the eye. 

The notoriously difficult phonology of the Polish language has always caused much trouble and confusion for neighbouring nations. But what are the absolute hardest words?

Germans look at Polish and see incomprehensible series of consonants. While to the east, Polish sounds so strange to Russians that they even have a verb for Poles speaking their language: pshekat. To top it off, Czechs think Poles sound like Czech children with a speech defect.

The most troublesome feature of Polish orthography is what linguists call complex consonant clusters ‒  series of consonants without any vowels. They occur in many languages, including English; for example, in the word ‘shrug’ the letters shr form a consonant cluster. But while English usually draws the line at three consonants, Polish sometimes joins as many as five consonants, a phenomenon called the Polish syllable structure, which is allegedly surpassed only by Georgian in terms of complexity.

Here are some outstandingly difficult examples of this damning syllable structure for you to have a crack at. Good luck!

1. Żółć

This word is comprised purely of Polish letters ‒ Latin letters that were modified with Polish diacritic signs. In terms of pronunciation, English-speakers still stand a chance, but they would need to know the sound every letter stands for… (Incidentally, this all-Polish word means ‘bile’. Could the choleric Polish temperament result from their impossible language?)

2. Szczęście

If you think happiness is hard to find, try pronouncing it in Polish! The Polish word for ‘happiness’ consists of a sequence of two Polish digraphs (sz, cz), a nasal e sound, the Polish diacritic ś, another digraph (ci), and a final e (which is probably the only sound you’ll be able to pronounce on your first go).

3. Pszczyna

With a name like this, this town in Southern Poland certainly stands out on the map. But despite looking rather daunting, Pszczyna features only three consonants one after the other (the digraphs sz and cz stand for one sound each). But we’re just getting started in terms of difficulty…

4. Następstw

The final letter sequence in the Polish word for ‘consequence’ features a headache-inducing cluster of four consonants, but don’t worry. You’re not likely to encounter ‘następstw’ too often since it is the genitive plural (and thus not infrequently used) form of the word ‘następstwo’. What’s genitive plural, you ask? In Polish, words like adjectives and nouns have six or seven versions depending on their grammatical function in a sentence. But never mind that now.

5. Źdźbło

We’re sorry. We know ‘źdźbło’ looks really awful. But no worries, it’s actually only four sounds, not five: Ź, DŹ, B, Ł. Surely, that’s slightly helpful news? Either way, this terribly difficult word means ‘a tiny leaf of grass’.  

6. Bezwzględny

Here we have five consonants AND five sounds to be pronounced. Fittingly, it means ‘ruthless’.

7. Szymankowszczyzna

Now that you’re an expert, the name of this small village shouldn’t pose too much difficulty (the longest consonant cluster is a mere three consonants long). You will be reassured to learn that it is one the longest place names in Poland and most places you’ll visit are actually easier to pronounce.

8. Szczebrzeszyn

Another town, Szczebrzeszyn is famous for being the beginning of the most famous Polish tongue-twister. Ready?

W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie

It means ‘In Szczebrzeszyn, a beetle buzzes in the reed’. No? Try again!

9. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz :)

This name appears in the cult Polish movie How I Unleashed World War II when a Polish prisoner pretends to be thus named in order to thwart the Nazi officer who has to keep track of prisoners’ identities. His reaction is probably illustrative of most foreigners’ frustration with the devilish Polish phonology.

BONUS: Try putting them all together! Apologies in advance..

The ruthless Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz went from Szczebrzeszyn to Szymankowszczyzna and then Pszczyna. And though he was sometimes overwhelmed with bile, oblivious of the consequences, he eventually found happiness in a tiny leaf of grass.


Bezwzględny Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz wyruszył ze Szczebrzeszyna przez Szymankowszczyznę do Pszczyny. I choć nieraz zalewała go żółć, niepomny następstw znalazł ostatecznie szczęście w źdźble trawy.


imagine your fav character somehow had a spell put on them so they’re stuck as a 6 year old for a whole week, and you have to take care of them.