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Example of the clash between people’s external reads on Tony vs. The Truth.

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Parallels between Tyrion Lannister & Sansa Stark (requested by ablueflowergrew)

A picture of me on the Iron Throne… and you by my side.
    ~ Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

A very clear Game of Thrones AU in which the cleverest man in Westeros gets exactly what he wants.

((Given the season finale, I couldn’t not make this.))

Too Late - Jon Snow

You have been part of the Stark family’s life ever since you were a young girl. You became Sansa’s handmaiden and never once left her side; you were there through everything. Even now, you were at the Lady Stark’s side, riding to Castle Back to reunite with her half-brother Jon Snow. Only, this reunion wasn’t as you imagined it would be. (Words : 3301)

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Having lived in the North for most of your life, you thought you knew what cold was; but Winterfell wasn’t nearly as frigid as it was beyond. The ride to the wall, with winter’s doom on the horizon, was brutal. Since you had escaped the clutches of House Bolton, freeing Sansa from Ramsay’s evil ways, you expected everything forward to be easy. You were wrong.

You looked over at Sansa who was riding on her own white mare. Her face was grim, her jaw slightly shaking. Your heart broke at the sight; your lady, your friend, had been through too much for one day. Gently hitting your foot in the leg of your horse, you went to the front near Brienne. Her face was as equally hard, but with purpose. She wanted to protect Sansa as much as you did.

“Brienne,” you said, catching the warrior’s attention. Her light hair fell around her forehead as her gaze met yours. “I think it’d be best for Lady Sansa to rest. Today has been extremely difficult for her and she’s probably fatigued.” Brienne seemed to understand, gnawing on her bottom lip in thought.

“If Lady Sansa wants to stop and rest, we will stop and rest.” You nodded, letting your horse slow back to into pace with Sansa. Dark circles were under her eyes, her skin lacking it’s porcelain look. She needed to rest, even if it was for just a little while.

“My lady,” you said, getting her attention, “if I may suggest, you should rest for a bit.” Her blue eyes brightened slightly, persistence in her expression.

“Castle Black is less than a day’s ride ahead. Stopping now would only waste-” she coughed before she could finish her thought. You gave her a concerned look and your friend seemed to be won over. “Alright Y/N, but only if you ride ahead and tell Jon we are close by. He doesn’t like surprises, but you know that.” You nodded, your mind drifting to thoughts of Jon Snow. He was a close friend, since you had lived in Winterfell. You’d sit by him at feasts when Lady Catelyn wouldn’t allow him to sit with his half-siblings. You longed to see him once again.

“As you wish, my Lady,” Sansa gave you a weak smile before riding up to talk with Brienne. Soon enough, the four of you stopped in a small pocket of forest. Brienne started a fire as Podrick unpacked saddle bags. You still sat on your horse, Sansa telling you the directions further to The Wall. “I will tell him you’ll be arriving in the morning,” you said and Sansa grabbed you hand, giving it a squeeze.

“Thank you, Y/N,” she whispered and you nodded. You kicked your horse and set off at a faster pace, in the direction of Castle Black. Only having one rider, you were able to move faster without the fear of leaving someone in the snow. By the time the old castle came into view, your stallion was near breathless, it’s lungs heaving. You hopped off your horse, leading it to the gates. Soon a horn sounded, a man appearing at the ranks above the entrance.

“State your business!” The man yelled and you stepped forward.

“I come on behalf of Lady Sansa Stark, I wish to speak with Lord Commander Jon Snow.” The man took a step back, looking back over at another Brother of the Night’s Watch. The other man shrugged and yelled to open the gates. When you stepped inside, the men in the yard had their eyes glued on you. A taller, grey-haired man squinted at you; but before he could approach, someone grabbed your arm.

“You wanted to see Jon?” You nodded at the man. He had longer brown hair and a pointed nose that made him almost bird like. “He’s up there, we gotta be quiet though.” You raised your eyebrows, trying to pull your arm free. The man met your eye then, his gaze serious yet trusting. “Please, if you want to see him, don’t talk.”

He lead you up some stairs and as he did, you glanced down at the crowd below. The tall man was seemingly puzzled, looking down at a part of blood soaked snow and a sign that read ‘TRAITOR’ stuck in the ground.

“What happened?” you asked the man, but he only frowned. You were soon in one of the hallways of Castle Black, before the man knocked on the door in a specific pattern. He looked back down the hall, making sure no one was nearby. He knocked once more and the door opened it. A balding man with a near white beard opened the door.

“I thought you were going to get-” the man looked at you and stopped. “Edd, who is this?” The man holding your arm, Edd, let go of you and looked at the man.

“She speaks on behalf of Sansa Stark, Jon’s half sister. She’s lookin’ for Jon,” he added sadly. You glanced at Edd, noticing a frown. The man, still half hidden behind the door nodded. He opened the door, letting you enter.

“I’m Ser Davos, my lady,” he said, introducing himself. “I fear that your tidings have come too late.” He lead you inside the room, leaving Edd in the doorway. Your brows were furrowed as Davos showed you in; but you soon saw the source of the men’s sadness.

Jon’s pale body was laid on a wooden table and as you grew closer, his condition became more apparent. Tears welled in your eyes, spilling over your cheeks. Your shaking hands reached out to his arm, grabbing a hold on his cold hand. The chill sent shivers down your spine. He was dead cold, eyes shut in an internal sleep.

“W-What happened?” You choked out, your eyes never leaving Jon’s lifeless features. Ser Davos didn’t even have to speak, for your eyes landed on the stab wounds in his chest. The scene from outside danced in your mind; the men staring at the blood-soaked snow.

“There was a mutiny,” Edd said from the doorway, “lead by Alliser Thorne.” You let more tears fall from your eyes, an audible cry escaping your throat. You heard footsteps and left a tentative hand on your shoulder.

“I had my priestess companion perform a ceremony, tried to bring him back.” You turned to face the man at this, hope piercing your heart. “Nothing has changed quite yet. Edd is going to find Jon’s wildling friends, to avenge him. And if he does come back,” he said hopefully, “fight with him.” You looked back at Jon, moving your hand to his face.

Even in death, his handsome features remained. It had been years since you had seen him, but your feelings hadn’t changed. Your heart ached with those same feelings in that moment, but they turned sour; expired hope rotting away.

“If you don’t mind me askin’, why did Lady Sansa send a handmaiden?” You swallowed hard, hoping to get some words out but nothing came. Ser Davos sighed, but understood your silence. “You cared for him?” You nodded at this, trying to find the right words.

“He was my friend, as close as Lady Sansa,” you whispered. “I have admired him ever since I met him, loved him a moment after that.” You felt a sob shake through your body at your confession. Peeling your eyes away from Jon’s face for a moment, you found a stool to sit on. You sat, still close to his body. “Lady Sansa rides here tomorrow, a little after dawn,” you managed to say. Davos nodded, moving away from you to give you space with the dead. He walked over to a woman, dressed in red, whispering an explanation.

Your hands rested against the tabletop, as you looked at Jon. Every memory flooding back to you, every moment you spent with him. Your House fostered you to the Starks to be Sansa’s handmaiden on the young lady’s seventh nameday. You had been anxious about the Stark family, worried they wouldn’t like you. It was Jon you first met. Though not a true Stark, you knew if the family was anything like him, you’d get along just fine.

Jon had always been kind to you, and you to him. When times rolled around where you missed your family, Jon came to and reminded you that you had  a new one.

“You’ll always be welcome here,” he had said, “we all love you.” You had hoped he’d take it a step further, telling you that he loved you a little more; but he didn’t. Although there were times when Jon showed his affection towards you. Once, he even got into a fight for you. Theon Greyjoy wouldn’t leave you alone so Jon punched him square in the jaw.

“I didn’t like the way he was talking to you,” he had said as you cleaned up his knuckles. “He deserved it, for treating you like that. You’re a lady and should be treated with respect.” You had stopped working, looking up into his eyes. That was the moment you almost said it. Where you almost told Jon Snow that you loved him.

“Thank you, Jon,” was all that you had said. After that, you couldn’t help but look at him differently. At feasts, you’d been found beside him, sitting as close to he as his little-

You looked around the room then, your movements sudden. You nearly stood up, but then you saw the familiar white fur of Jon’s direwolf. Ghost’s red eyes were on you, as if the large creature recognized you. You reached out and the wolf stood, trodding towards you.

“I missed you, you beast. Look how you’ve grown.” Ghost let out a huff, nuzzling your hand with his snout. You looked from Ghost to Jon, wondering if the wolf knew his partner was gone. In a way, he did. As you petted him, Ghost looked over at Jon and so did you. “I miss him too,” you whispered and Ghost let out another soft sound.

Your mind traveled back to the night Jon left. It sparked when Sansa was going on about Joffrey and how badly she wanted to marry him. It was endearing the way she spoke of him and you couldn’t help but realize that you left the same way about Jon.

“He’s good looking and a prince! What more could a young girl want, right Y/N?” You looked at her, letting your hands fall from her hair which you had been tidying up.

“A man that is kind, good, and brave. That is what every girl should want.” Sansa nodded, going on about the King’s son. She mentioned how excited she was to be leaving in the morning, off to King’s Landing. You realized then, your time was limited when it came to confessing to Jon. “Lady Sansa, may I be excused for a moment?” The girl let you go, and you trailed to Jon’s small room. As you grew closer to the door, you saw Benjen Stark leave his quarters. You turned to face the wall, looking at an antler that had been hung on the wall.

“We leave at dawn, nephew. I will see you then.” You looked over and had seen the man, that had said goodbye to his nephew, as he walked down the opposite end of the hall. You rushed over to Jon’s room before he could shut the door. The young man had seemed shocked at your sudden appearance.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” You had just shrugged a little, still trying to catch your breath. Jon had chuckled then before he gently grabbed your hand a pulled you inside.

“I have something to tell you,” you both had said at the same time. You remembered this moment, far more clear than the rest.

“You go first, my lady,” Jon said, but you shook your head.

“I think you should first,” you said, letting your nerves get the better of you. Jon smiled, but took the chance to speak.

“I’m heading off to the Night’s Watch in the morning.” Your breath caught, looking into Jon’s face. He must’ve noticed your sadness in that moment, because he had stepped closer to you, extending an arm. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” you had said, even though you weren’t. You were heartbroken. “I’m happy that your Uncle is letting you join The Watch. You’ve mentioned that you wanted to before.” You had thought he was only joking, but apparently you were mistaken.

“Yeah, it’s going to be interesting to say the least. I’m going to miss everyone; Robb, Arya, Rickon,” you swallowed hard, wondering he was going to say your name amongst his family’s. “And you, especially you,” you had given him a weak smile.

“I’ll miss you too, Jon.” You said quietly wishing you had gone first. He smiled, a true smile that you had only seen on rare occasions. You couldn’t stand to be alone with him, your impending tears starting in your eyes. “Well, I told Sansa I wouldn’t be long,” you lied; but Jon grabbed your hand. You had looked back into his brown eyes in that moment, holding his gaze.

“What did you want to say?” You shook your head and pulled your arm free.

“It was nothing,” you had said, “I’ll tell you in the morning if I get the chance.” With that, you had walked out of Jon’s room for the last time. The next morning, you didn’t tell him, you simply waved a sweet goodbye as he walked out of Winterfell.

Oh how you wished you had told him, because now it was far too late. Your eyes landed on his cold features, hoping beyond hope his eyes would open. You leaned forwards slightly, pressing a quick kiss to his forehead.

“It wasn’t nothing,” you whispered, “I was going to tell you how I loved you. I love you, Jon Snow.” More tears spilled down your cheeks, blurring your vision. Your head throbbed from crying at that point, till your felt dizzy. Your rested your head against your hands that were on the table. Before you could shed another tear, you drifted off into a dark sleep.

You woke with a jolt, trying to remember where you were. Though, you soon remembered when you gaze landed on Jon’s body. You let out a shaky breath, sitting up from your seat. Ser Davos still lingered in the room, with the red woman from the hours before. You couldn’t tell what time of day it was as you got up on shaky legs. Ghost was laying beside you, his red eyes peering up at you. You couldn’t imagine how you must look; your head still felt heavy and your eyes were probably a lighter shades than the direwolf’s.

“Ser Davos, what time is-” you were cut off by a loud gasp. You spun on your heels, staring at Jon’s now heaving chest. His pale skin seemed to flush back to life, his eyes open wide in fear. Darting over, you grabbed a cloak from off a different table. By the time you had turned back around, Jon was sitting up. He was shaking, looking at his own extended hands and his wounded chest. You felt new, different tears form in your eyes.

“What,” he voice was hoarse, “what happened.” He looked up then, his wide eyes landing on you. His brows furrowed, his mouth falling open slightly. “Y/N,” his voice trailed off, but you nodded. You walked back over to him, wrapping the cloak over his shoulders. He pulled it over himself, hiding his body as much as he could. He leaned close to you, resting his shoulder to your chest. You rubbed your hand over his covered back comfortingly.

“I’m here,” you whispered, “and so are you. You’re back, Jon.” He looked back up at you, his brown eyes still wide with shock. You free hand went to the side of his face, brushing your thumb over his cheek. “I’ve missed you,” you whispered, feeling the tears fall from your eyes.

“I missed you too,” he said lowly, his voice still weak. By now, Ser Davos and his red lady were staring at you and Jon, their eyes wide. You looked form them, back at Jon, wondering what the priestess had done to bring him back.

“What did you see?” The woman hissed, bringing Jon’s attention away from you. With his breathing still heavy and his eyes still wide, he shook his head.

“Nothing,” he said quietly, “there was nothing.” Your arm tightened around him that was on Jon’s back. He looked back up at you, his gaze weary. “There was nothing, Y/N,” you gave him a hard frown before hugging him close. Ser Davos watched as Melisandre stormed away, following after her in worry of what she would do.

You held Jon until he moved away a little, looking into your face. You held his gaze, flashing back to the night he left. Everything that you didn’t say lingered on your tongue, begging for you to take you chance because, Seven Hells, he came back from the dead!

“Jon,” you whispered, lightly brushing a few dark strands from his face, “I never told you what I wanted to tell you.” The corners of his mouth twitched upwards a little, making your heart flutter. He grabbed your hand, giving it a squeeze to silently urge you on. “I love you, more than I’ve ever loved anything or anyone else.”

Despite the fear that still lingered behind his eyes, his expression changed. Jon let out a breathy chuckle, entangling your fingers with his. “It took me coming back from death for you to finally say that,” he said with a soft smile. You smiled nervously, not knowing how to take his response. “The day I left I wanted to turn around,” he said, “run back to you and tell you that I never would leave you. Tell you that I loved you, that I still love you.” His thumb traced over your hand, making your own hand seem much smaller.

You leaned down to him, pressing a kiss to cheek, “I’ve waited so long. I thought I’d never, never get the chance to tell you.” Jon shook his head, his free hand covering himself a little more with his cloak. You smiled sadly at him as he brought your hand to his lips. He pressing a kiss to the back of your hand and you closed your eyes at the touch.

“I’d never leave without telling you,” he whispered, “not after the first time.” Your eyes opened again, meeting his gaze once more. “I’d hug you,” he said, “but…” He gestured to himself with his head and you let out a soft laugh. You walked over to a dresser in Jon’s room, grabbing a set of armor and clothes for him.

“You should get dressed,” you said, setting the clothes down beside him. He looked up at you, flinching as he moved. “Not just because you want a hug,” you teased, “ your sister will be arriving soon.” He lifted his head, meeting your gaze.

“Sansa?” You nodded and he smiled. “Have you heard from anyone else? Arya? Rickon?” You frowned and shook your head.

“No, I was with Sansa for it all.” Jon nodded, slowly standing with the cloak still covering him. “I’ll let you get changed,” you said, turning around to find Ser Davos. The energy had changed now, with Jon’s return. Knowing that you weren’t too late after all, filled you with hope. Maybe you’d soon hear from the rest of the Starks. With Jon back by your side, anything felt possible.

Game of Thrones Fic Rec: Sansa Stark

Powerful is Sansa Stark - a fighter and survivor, her ability for self preservation is unmatchable. Years of torment, yet Sansa has not broken. Her scars give her leverage, standing tall and strong in her conviction and actions. A true Lady of North, for she, like all Starks, knows winter is coming.

  • Sansa Stark x Jaime Lannister
    • The Eyes See True*: Tyrion’s escape plan for Jaime is successful, and he leaves Riverrun without having made a vow to return Catelyn Stark’s daughters. He arrives immediately after the Battle of Blackwater and learns the truth about Cersei much sooner. Joffrey and Sansa are still engaged. How will his presence change events?
    • The Lion and the Wolf*: What would happen if, instead of Tyrion, Sansa Stark is wed to the other brother? If she can win him, can Sansa use Jaime Lannister to influence his own family? Or, better, will he keep his oath and take her home? Jaime L./Sansa S.
  • Sansa Stark x Joffrey Baratheon
    • A Caged Songbird*: “I will be a silent, and dutiful wife,” Sansa spits. “I will be their pretty little songbird, and wear their ugly crown, and sit on their painful throne. I shall give him a babe, and my love, and I will wait until he thinks that he has won. And then I shall take his life.“ Shae goes still. "You … you plan to kill the King?” “No,” Sansa says. “I plan to kill my husband.”
    • Heart of a Lion: Good Joffrey! Got your attention? Basically this is ‘what if Robert had Joffrey fostered by Ned? The result is a somewhat decent Joffrey, who regards the Starks as his family, genuinely loves Sansa, is at odds with his mother who only wants (what she perceives as) what’s best for him. Despite this, all hell breaks loose anyways.
    • The Northern Lion: King Robert knew nothing good would come of his son inheriting the Iron Throne if he kept behaving the way he did. After the last straw of Prince Joffrey’s petulant and violent behavior, King Robert sends the unusual five year old to be a ward under House Stark. If anyone could fix the Future King of Westeros, it would be Eddard Stark.
    • The Thrill and the Hurting*: Sansa slips into shadows. She can play Joffrey’s games or perish on his horrific playground. She realizes she must invent a new persona to suit her mad king’s desires. Joffrey is plagued by unsettling flashbacks that may explain his gruesome hobbies. As the memories become more vivid, he must face a very dark secret he repressed during childhood. Now they play in shadows. Together.
  • Sansa Stark x Margaery Tyrell
    • Rose Fangs and Wolf Thorns*: “'Valar morgulis,’ they say,” Margaery murmured. “But we are not men, my Sansa. And we are survivors."Margaery marries Joffrey, and becomes Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Sansa remains.
  • Sansa Stark x Oberyn Martell
    • A Red Wolf Emerges*: There is a chance to escape the monstrous place she used to call home. There is a chance to break free from the vile animal that is her husband. A wolf gets away from the hold of the men who flay, and finds solace in a city full of snakes.
    • Vengeance is Ours*: Armed with a common vengeance, it would seem that now is the best time for the Wolves of Winterfell to be allied with the Vipers of Dorne. If this was what it took to see the realm renewed from the hold of the Lannisters, this is the gamble that Robb Stark would take, even if the price was to have his sister Sansa wedded to the Red Viper himself.
    • Revelations: "She has night terrors. It relaxes her to sleep where I am, and as I am needed at my desk most nights, she’s taken to sleeping in the armchair. An innocent notion, I assure you, King Robb.”
  • Sansa Stark x Petyr Baelish 
  • Sansa Stark x Podrick Payne
    • i love a maid as white as winter: She moves too quickly for him to react, but suddenly, her hand is on his chin and her lips are pressed against his cheek. The gesture fills him up like Arbor gold, a sip of summer in an instant, a sample of something more.
    • Game of Thrones: After the Trials*: Podrick suffers a hard life, bullied at school by Joffrey for things beyond his control, he suffers daily. Sansa also suffers at Joffrey’s hands, as his 'girlfriend’. When events spiral out of control, the two begin to discover their feelings for each other and begin to wonder if they can truly be together and see Joffrey brought to justice.
  • Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane (The Hound)
    • A Lightness*: Sandor never left during the Battle of the Blackwater. Stannis was defeated and killed. Robb returned to Winterfell to take back his home. He married Roslin Frey and there was no Red Wedding. Joffrey did not die at his wedding. Robb waited for the right opportunity to take Joffrey down. For Sansa, there was only waiting. Waiting for someone to take her from King’s Landing… waiting for the rest of her life to begin. (Complete)
    • A Song of Steel*: Sandor Clegane embarked on a quest to find his brother, but so far all he’s found is a lost little bird - and a big problem.
    • Always Find Me Here*: Joffrey makes them do it - again, and again, and again. (Complete)
    • Broken Wing*: Sansa is broken beyond repair. (Complete)
    • Come Morning Light*: “I lit a candle and I prayed for you,” Sandor rasped. “I prayed that you’d hate me and forget me, forget this face. And I’ve been praying it ever since. Get that in your pretty head, girl. I lit a fucking candle, and I prayed for you.” (Complete)
    • Cut if out and then Restart: After the Battle of Blackwater, Sandor takes Sansa to Riverrun and joins the Starks; Yet the road to redemption is never a simple one, nor is it an easy thing to change one’s fate. (Complete)
    • Her Liquor’s Top Shelf*: Sansa Stark has had an easy life as a normal teenager until she gets embroiled in the life of Sandor Clegane, a man who seemingly has a simple life himself of owning and running a bar. Clegane has a dark past, though, and he owes debts. When his old boss comes calling on those debts, Sandor can’t say no. Under the guise of being a nightclub owner, Renly Baratheon runs half of the city against the likes of the corrupt politician, Tywin Lannister. The balance of power is shifting, though. Jaime Lannister, who has broken the law under his badge, turns his eyes onto Sandor. Meanwhile, Renly turns his eyes onto Jaime and the entire Lannister family. What results is a war unleashed onto the very streets of Kingsland, pulling Sansa’s own family into its clutches and changing their lives forever—and no one more than herself and her sister, Arya Stark. (Complete)
    • The Hound and the Bird*: Sandor and Sansa try to fight their growing feelings for each other as King’s Landing descends into chaos. Together, they find soft moments in a harsh place.
    • Into the Wood*: A divergence after Blackwater. (Complete)
    • Kept*: Joffrey is still alive after his wedding to Margery Tyrell and Sansa is still his prisoner. But when his most loyal guard asks for a favour, he feels honour bound to grant it. (Complete)
    • Kindred*: It is said that two souls, whether kin or strangers, old or young, friend or foe, may be 'kindred’. These souls are thought to be bound in some way, their paths wound by Fate from the same thread. Many never realize this, but some choose to follow the thread, whatever may come. Until.
    • The Prophecy*: Prophecies of market charlatans might entertain idiots who have their heads full of dreams, but Sandor knows better. Love, lands, family. Why not as well tell him that he will soon sprout wings and fly into the sun, as longs as she is at it? (Complete)
    • Thunderstruck*: Straight-laced and a yuppie in the making, Sansa is dragged to a metal concert by Arya and Gendry where she captures the eye of the guitarist of the band Cannibal Star. Crude and lewd, Sandor is everything Sansa was certain she didn’t want. Even with this unlikely match, sparks fly and misadventures ensue as they try to get their two worlds to combine.
    • Wolves and Hounds Work Together*: Sandor decides to help Sansa and rescues Ned from being executed, swearing loyalty to the Starks. He is made Sansa’s sworn shield to protect her from any conflict due to the upcoming war, but what will happen when they spend too much time together?
  • Sansa Stark x Tyrion Lannister
    • A Shadow and a Wolf*: Tyrion Lannister weds Sansa Stark and everything goes as it happened in the show. However, just before Joffrey’s wedding, an unexpected event changes everything. The forced husband and wife will have to go beyond their family loyalties in order to survive and hope to win the game of thrones.
    • Desperate to Connect*: Sansa is in need of security since the last of her family has been butchered at the Red Wedding; but what if Baelish cannot come through with his promise? She develops a new strategy in the fight for her survival; one that will impact the lives of her and Tyrion Lannister forever.
    • Sins of the Father*: Joffrey never died at the Purple Wedding so Tyrion wasn’t put on trial for his death nor did he murder his father and lover. Sansa didn’t fall into the hands of Littlefinger - though she did fall into bed and babe with Tyrion. Spans their life until 318 and it wasn’t as clean as they thought it might be with an heir produced for Winterfell and Casterly Rock. Also, being Queen does not bode well for Margaery when she struggles to give Joffrey a son at first,monly daughters which he ends up neglecting, only for his eldest to become a sadistic murderess: his ideal child for the Iron Throne whole his only surviving son is the heir he never wanted.
    • UNDER THE SUMMER SUN*: Tyrion and Sansa escape together from the Purple Wedding in an intensely emotional, romantic and sexual voyage, also full of discovery and a little adventure. I love this couple.
    • Wolf in the Lion’s Den*: A tale of Sansa and Tyrion’s growing relationship after they have married. How will their relationship bud among the troubles that surround them?

The night was windless, the snow drifting straight down out of a cold black sky, yet the leaves of the heart tree were rustling his name. “Theon,” they seemed to whisper, “Theon.”

The old gods, he thought. They know me. They know my name. I was Theon of House Greyjoy. I was a ward of Eddard Stark, a friend and brother to his children. “Please.” He fell to his knees. “A sword, that’s all I ask. Let me die as Theon, not as Reek.” Tears trickled down his cheeks, impossibly warm. “I was ironborn. A son … a son of Pyke, of the islands.”

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You know what a great S7 Winterfell plot would’ve been. Sansa and Arya sitting down and discussing what happened to both of them. The troubles and horror they both faced.

Arya going mental at Ramsay and Joffrey for all the pain they’ve caused her sister but being proud of Sansa for being strong and standing up to those who harmed her like a true Stark. Realising that Sansa has changed from the spoiled, naive little girl into an intelligent, caring young woman.

Sansa cursing the Faceless Men for trying to rid Arya of her identity and for blinding and beating her. Hating on the Lannisters for capturing her at Harrenhal and driving her to create a list but being proud that Arya kept her humanity, that she was able to overcome her struggles and did not lose her Stark identity. 

Both sisters being proud that the boy they last saw lying broken on his bed has grown into an intelligent young man who is arguably the most powerful person in Westeros, someone who will have a major role in fighting the White Walkers. Both of them working together to assure Bran he’s more than a three-eyed raven, trying to bring him out of his state and back to the happy, loving boy they remembered.

About Time

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Pairings: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, maybe a little self hatred nothing major though. 

Request:  Could you maybe write a Bucky x Fat!Reader where everyone except reader knows about Bucky’s crush on her so when Tony is working on his arm (being the little shit he is) asks reader to help and Bucky gets all flustered and stuff? Thanks, Wolfling🐺❄️

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You knocked hesitantly on the door to Tony’s lab. You could see shadowy figures moving around behind the frosted glass panes so knew he was indeed inside. He’d asked FRIDAY to get you to report up to his lab as soon as possible which in Stark language meant he’d needed you there yesterday.

Working for Tony was possibly the best and at the same time worst job you’d ever had. Sure, being a lawyer in a usual firm had its terrible points, working for corporate firms who wanted nothing but to make money had never been your scene. Working for Tony Stark had seemed like a dream come true, he had money to burn so that wasn’t his issue. What he needed you to do was cope with the ever-expanding pile of HR complaints and civil lawsuits that the Avenger’s team racked up.

“Enter” Tony’s voice shouted out “but if you aren’t Y/N then you better be leaving again”

“It is me Mr Stark” you moved carefully into the Lab following Tony’s voice as you tried not to stand on anything that looked important or expensive.

“Ah Y/N my favourite person” Tony was beaming at you as you finally managed to find where he was. Stopping awkwardly because he wasn’t on his own. “Just ignore Frosty here” Tony said waving at a shirtless James Barnes who was sat on a metal workbench completely ignoring you. “Bionic man here is rusting away so we’re just getting him up and running again, you know oiling joints that sort of thing. It happens when your pushing 90”

“Alright” you agreed when Tony stared at you like he expected you to speak. “Mr Stark shall I come back when you’re not…” you motioned to Bucky’s arm “busy” you sounded pathetic and didn’t like how squeaky your voice had become.

James Barnes made you beyond nervous. With that cold blue stare that seemed to pierce through your mind deep into your soul. He almost never spoke and when he did his voice rasped in a way that made your insides melt. He was a delectable man and he never even looked twice at you. Then again, why would he? You were nothing if not average, shaped nothing like the slender and exceptionally pretty women who hung around the Avengers attempting to land one of them.  

“No come here” Tony ordered pointing to the spot directly in front of him.

Bucky still wasn’t speaking but he had managed to look at you. You bit your lip but didn’t dare to disobey your boss so moved to stand in front of him.

“Sergeant Barnes if you would be so kind?” Tony pulled on the metal arm rotating and twitching at varying different joints.

You’d never seen the fusion of metal arm to Bucky’s skin before. He was normally very careful about covering the scar, even when he wore tank tops they were cut high enough that you couldn’t see the scaring. It was bad, skin badly fused and damaged.

Your eyes finally met his. He’d been watching you stare at him and you blushed instantly embarrassed to be caught staring.

“I know. Ugly huh?” he eventually said apparently ignoring Tony and whatever he was doing to his arm.

“What? No” you shook your head. “I just… I mean I was thinking… it must have hurt”

He actually looked surprised at that as Tony snorted. “Super serum pumped Soldiers don’t get hurt” he snarked out “Unlike us mortal people”

Bucky went back to looking tense and uncomfortable at Tony’s words just reverting to staring at nothing.

“Mr Stark, you wanted to see me?” you tried to get this strange surreal experience back onto a ground you knew. “If this is about the depositions from yesterday than they’ve already been filed”

“This isn’t about your work” Tony was grinning again “I hired you Y/N so it means I know you can do your job without me helicopter parenting over you”

“So…. What?”

“You had a date last night correct?”

Bucky’s knee twitched and you wondered just how much Tony was hurting him by fiddling with screws and such in his arm.

You had had a date last night, with another guy from Tony’s HR department. You’d gone to dinner and it hadn’t even taken you until the starter was delivered for you to know that this wasn’t going to go well. He’d talked about nothing but improving his standing at Stark Industries or the new Jaguar he was going to buy with his next pay check. You’d lasted until desert before it was either walk away very quickly or blow your brains out.

That didn’t explain though why your boss was so interested in your personal life all of a sudden. “I did” you agreed “But why?”

“Why do I care?” he asked “well Y/N I’m an inherently curious person its one of my many strong points. I like to know what my employees are doing especially if my favourite lawyer is about to jet off on a honeymoon and maternity leave and all that achingly normal… stuff”

“Ignoring the fact that you could be sued for that statement Mr Stark you can rest assured I’m not going anywhere. He was much more interested in dating you than he was me” Bucky’s jaw was now tense his teeth almost grating together and you couldn’t take it anymore. “Concentrate on what you’re doing Mr Stark, you’re hurting him”

Bucky’s eyes flew to yours once more and Tony just smirked “Oh Y/N trust me it isn’t me that’s hurting Frosty”

“Excuse me?” you stared confused at him then glance at Bucky. “Are you alright? Is he hurting you?”

“I’m fine” he paused then smiled at you “thank you”

That smile caused your stomach to drop down to your toes and your brain to stop working.

“Oh, you two are just so adorable” Tony clapped his hands together in one of those ways that he managed his mood changed instantly. “Frosty take Y/N back through to legal please. You’re done and I have work that’s actually important to you know, the world”

You couldn’t keep up with his mercurial mood swings at the best of times so instead of questioning him you simply moved back to the door. Bucky was moving easily behind you and leant forward to push the door of the lab open for you.

“Thank you” you whispered, cursing yourself for an idiot. Why couldn’t you say something to him, anything.

“You know that guy was a fucking idiot if he let you walk away from him”

You almost tripped over at his words, managing to look over at him. “What?”

“Well doll, if I was ever lucky enough to take someone like you out on a date I for sure wouldn’t be letting you slip away from me”

“Take me out?” you were utterly confused at this point. “Why would someone like you ever want to be seen with someone like me?”

“What?” now Bucky was the one who was looking confused. He stopped walking making you stop as well. “What are you talking about someone like me and you?”

“James” you were squirming in embarrassment as he stared down at you “come on, please don’t make me say it”

“Say what?” he still didn’t look like he knew what you were talking about. “I don’t understand”

Sighing you couldn’t look him in the face anymore as you indicated your body. “People who look like me don’t end up with people who look like you”

You heard him snort and the suddenly his hand was on your chin lifting your face up so you had no choice but to stare up into his eyes. “You are fucking gorgeous” he stated flatly no room for questions in his tone. One corner of his mouth lifted in a small smile. “When you told Tony to concentrate because you thought he was hurting me…”

“He said it wasn’t him that was hurting you”

“He was right It wasn’t him”

“I don’t understand”

“It’s you doll” his thumb stroked back and forth across your chin a few times. “Hearing about someone else being allowed to take you out on a date. That’s what hurts me. That’s what drives me crazy”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing right now. Was James Barnes actually admitting to liking you? That couldn’t be true.

“I don’t know what to say right now” you admitted to him “I never even thought… I mean”

He cut off your babbling by using the thumb still on your chin to press against your lips silencing the words spilling out. “I tell you what why don’t a give you a question you can answer?”


“Will you come out to dinner with me?”

Finally, you smiled nodding your head at him. “I will. Of course, I will”

You got another one of those heart stopping smiles from Bucky.

“Miss Y/L/N” FRIDAY’s voice filled the hallway “Mr Stark would like me to inform you that staff fraternisation is not allowed in his hallways as per your own rules. Please take your conversation with Sergeant Barnes elsewhere and Sergeant Barnes he says about fucking time”

The One Stark guy that deserves all the good things… In this life and the Next. He did his duty, no complaints, seeking no praise, no whining or bitching or scheming. House Stark would be very proud. His father and late siblings would be very proud. Fulfilled his vow to the very end and then some. Be the shield that guards the realm. We will never see his like again…..

Finally the Stark sister interaction we deserved to see

“I never would’ve survived what you survived”“You would. You’re the strongest person I know. ” Plus the reciting of Ned’s words about protecting and looking out for each other LIKE TRUE STARKS DO!!!

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anonymous asked:

Just venting I need to get this out:I firmly believe that there are Key 6, not 5, players in ASOIAF. And Sansa is one of them. GRRM has himself named Sansa as one of his key protagonists (there were 6 in total inc Sansa) and also that Sansa,Arya and Bran's journeys were paramount for him. I know this subject has been done to death &I'm really sorry for imposing on you but yeah to me,based on all this,Sansa is one of the Key 6. (you dont have to post it. Just venting. Thanks for reading)

Hi! Sorry to bother you again. I’m the Key 6 players anon. You don’t have to post my initial ask. I know the whole thing has been done to death. I was just venting and getting it out of my system. I hope I didn;t offend. Thanks for understanding.

Hi Anonny!

Oh gosh please DON’T apologize, you didn’t offend me at all in the slightest! I am just slow af and take forever to answer things and am generally The Worst… But my Ask is always open for venting! Especially venting about people who don’t ~recognize, respect, and appreciate~ the Noble and Poetic Land Mermaid that is Sansa Stark.

Yeah, the Key Players debate does continue to be a kind of ~weird bone of contention~ in the fandom for some reason. I think (and like to hope) that a lot of the time when people talk about or make fanart for the Five Key Players, that they aren’t excluding Sansa or leaving her out maliciously. I think they might just be going off of, or wanting to acknowledge, the five main characters GRRM listed in his original outline for the series in 1993.

But you’re right, I have definitely seen people who insist that Sansa is not a main character or key player in the story, which simply isn’t true. GRRM even identified her as a main character himself in 2016:

I’d thought the whole story could be told in three books, and that it would take me three years to write them, a year per book. That picture was taken just a few weeks after I blew my first (bot not my last, oh no) deadline on the series. Ah, how innocent I was… little did that guy in the picture imagine that he would be spending most of the next two decades in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros with Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, Sansa, Jon Snow, Bran, and all the rest. (x)

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Theon washing his face in seawater like a Greyjoy, after taking control over the ironmen, after pledging allegiance to Yara once again thus demonstrating his loyalty like a true Stark, the all scene happening with a stunning sunset on the sea: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Dreams Shatter Like Ice

Synopsis: The Battle for the Dawn is happening outside Winterfell. Jon and Daenerys are both fighting for the living, but the battle doesn’t go exactly as they would have hoped.


Jon was fighting hard against the army of the dead, slashing wights and White Walkers alike. When he was in battle, it was as if Jon was an entirely different person, bloodthirsty and unstoppable. But that did not stop him from watching as the dragons battled each other in the sky above him; Daenerys on Drogon and the Night King on Viserion. It was a dance between orange and blue flame. A battle of good against evil.

Jon could not stay focused on the wights attacking him while he knew that Daenerys was fighting her way through the battle as well. For days now, he had been consumed with a feeling of dread, and not just the usual dread of the Night King and his army. No, this was different and tied to the woman who had claimed his heart. 

He had begged Daenerys to stay at Winterfell along with Sansa, but he knew there was no point. The Dragon Queen would fight off the monsters to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves and those she loved alike. She would sacrifice her life so that others could have a better one. He couldn’t really argue with her, no matter how much he wanted to, because how many times had he done the exact same thing?

Besides that, Daenerys did not really believe that anyone could hurt her as long as she was atop Drogon, although she was the only one who believed that. Jon, Tyrion, Jorah, Missandei, and everyone else who loved her feared for her safety in these battles. What could anyone do to them? she asked. This was before Viserion had died, but Jon knew the queen still believed herself beyond death’s grasp.

In this moment, he wished she were right.

Jon watched as Drogon suffered a blow from the Night King. It was a spear in the shoulder; the same kind of spear that killed his brother who was enslaved to the Night King now. Jon saw the beast fall from the sky and Daenerys holding on as best she could. He saw Drogon hit the ground and skid through the snow, and he saw his queen thrown from her mount. Without thinking, Jon ran towards her.

- - - - -


Daenerys could barely breathe as she rolled onto her back, a hand protectively going to her stomach. She lifted her head to look behind her, and even with blurred vision, she could see Drogon splayed out in the snow, hear his pained screams.

She turned back around and tried to stand, but failed. Daenerys could see a figure stalking towards her. She blinked, and blinked again, trying to get her vision to focus. When the figure became clear, her heart skipped a beat.

The Night King.

With one hand still on her stomach, she grabbed the dragonglass dagger hidden in her furs. The Night King had a sword unsheathed in his hand. It was not made of ice as the other White Walkers’ weapons were; he must have picked this one up off of the battlefield.

Suddenly Daenerys wished she was a true warrior, like Brienne of Tarth or Arya Stark or even little Lyanna Mormont. They would be able to fight, maybe even kill the Night King. Jon and Arya tried to teach her some self-defense, but in the end, it would be no use. All she could do is try to run somewhere safe, but where was that? There was no such thing as safety anymore.

The Night King simply stood in front of her, almost taunting her. His icy blue eyes bore into hers. In them she could see the death and destruction he promised to unleash upon Westeros. His stare sent a shiver down her spine. He frightened her, yes, but more than that, she wanted to live. She wanted to live to sit on the Iron Throne. For Jon. For their baby. For the future they could all have. 

With all the courage she could muster, Daenerys took a shaky breath and stood.

- - - - -


Jon saw Daenerys stand, dagger in hand, facing the Night King, and stopped dead in his tracks. She looked so small with the Night King looming over her. This was what his nightmares were filled with. He snapped out of his trance when he saw the hand Daenerys placed on her stomach. Jon began running faster than he ever thought he could. He ran towards the woman who loved his heart of ice and fire and the child neither of them allowed themselves to hope for.

- - - - -


Every step the Night King took forward, Daenerys took back. She looked back at Drogon, who was seriously injured and hadn’t moved since he fell from the sky. I’m all alone, she thought. Adrenaline, or maybe dragon fire, began pumping through her veins as the Night King lifted his sword and its tip touched her stomach. It was just as her brother Viserys had done, and Drogo had killed him for it.

But there was no one to protect her now. No one to kill the Night King for her. Only her. The dragonglass dagger was heavy in her hand. Realistically, there was nothing she could do. Daenerys wasn’t a fighter; one thrust from the Night King and her life—and more importantly, her child’s life—was over.

The Night King pushed a step forward and Daenerys took a step back. He kept his sword on her stomach, promising death to her child, and pushed them towards Drogon’s fallen body. After a few moments of this, the Night King finally lifted his sword and swung. Daenerys spun and narrowly dodged his blow. She used this momentum to turn and run towards her injured dragon. The Night King continued to stalk her in a painfully slow, predatory walk.

It was difficult for her to run, pregnant and in the snow. Everything about this situation had damned her. She should have listened to Jon; she should have stayed in Winterfell. Not for herself, but for their unborn child. For him. Gods she was stubborn, and it was about to get her killed.

She couldn’t entirely regret it though. Together, Daenerys and Drogon had saved many of the living from certain death, including Ser Jorah and even the Kingslayer. 

Daenerys looked behind her and saw that the Night King had raised his sword again. This time when he slashed, he struck flesh. She fell into the snow, blood staining her left shoulder blade.

She laid on her side, left forearm covering her face. She felt icy fingers grasp her wrist and pull her up. In that same moment, Daenerys thrust her dragonglass dagger into the Night King’s heart. 

He looked as stunned as Daenerys felt. He looked down at his chest and let go of the queen’s wrist. She fell back into the snow, waiting for the Night King to crumple into pieces of ice as the other White Walkers had… but he didn’t. He simply took the dagger out of his heart and dropped it on the ground.

- - - - -


Jon’s heart nearly stopped for the second time in his life when he saw the Night King take the dagger out of his chest. Before he could move, before he could scream her name, before he could even think, the Night King picked Daenerys up by the collar of her furs.

She struggled under his grip, fighting to get free. She had one hand on the Night King’s and the other trying to protect the baby. Their baby. Even from this great distance, Jon knew she was crying.

Her fear combined with his awakened something primal in him. This was a ferocity he had never known before. All he knew is that he had to protect his wife and the child they created in love.

Everything happened in slow motion, but also all in an instant. Jon took all of one step before the Night King plunged his sword into Daenerys’s heart.

- - - - -



Unbelievable pain.

That’s all Daenerys could think about as she fell to the ground.

She felt the freezing cold snow against her back. It was almost a comfort in contrast to the burning in her chest.

With all the strength that she could muster, she placed her left hand on her heart; it came away slick with blood.

She placed her right hand on top of her stomach, an apology to her baby.

She couldn’t take full breaths. 

As the tears left her eyes and her lungs stopped working, she thought of her brother. Of Drogo. Of Tyrion and Missandei and Grey Worm. Of Jon. Of her dragons. Of the two children that would never be. Of everything she had given up and lost and everything she would never have. 

She shed one last tear as she closed her eyes, her chest stopped moving, and the fire of Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, burnt out.

- - - - -


Jon ran faster than his direwolf as the Night King drew his sword out of Daenerys’s heart. He tossed the blade to the side and walked away from the fallen queen, towards Drogon.

Moments later, he threw himself on his knees beside her, tears already stinging his eyes.

Blood. So much blood, especially for someone her size. Her white furs had turned bright red. Targaryens had always promised Fire and Blood, but it wasn’t supposed to be her blood. Never her.

Daenerys still had her hand over her stomach, as if she could protect the baby from the death that awaited her. Jon placed his hand over hers and screamed. Screamed all his rage and sorrow and despair. He placed his head down, tears streaming down his face and soaking their joined hands.

Jon felt a hand on his shoulder. He whipped his head around to find the Red Priestess Melisandre standing behind him. She looked at him and then down at the fallen queen, pale as the snow beneath her.

At first, he was confused. Why is she here? he thought to himself. It took a moment before the thought dawned on him. “Bring them back,” Jon pleaded. He knew Melisandre could do it, she had brought him back from the dead after all.

She shook her head. “Only death can pay for life,” Melisandre said. “Only one can live. You must choose.”

“Please,” Jon begged. “I’ll give my life for them.” 

Melisandre shook her head again. “That is not what the Lord wants. He—”

“I don’t care what He wants! Please, bring them back to me,” Jon’s voice cracked as he pleaded with the priestess. Before she could respond, he heard Drogon’s pained screech.

Jon turned to see the Night King place a hand on the beast.

He could feel the blood of the dragon boiling within him, an anger that he hadn’t felt since he saw Viserion fall from the sky. He picked up the sword, stained with the blood of the woman he loved, and stood.

His anger was like a physical thing. It must have been as it set the sword ablaze with fire as he’d seen Berric Dondarrion do a dozen times. Only this fire was brighter, hotter, purer. He looked down at the sword and Daenerys’s lifeless body. He looked at Melisandre, his plea in his eyes, then up at the Night King with fury.

“Lightbringer,” Melisandre said with awe. “The Prince who was Promised.”

Jon ignored her. Without thinking, he began walking towards the evil creature who had taken everything from him.

- - - - -


His rage could not be contained. Jon marched towards the Night King, who stood by Daenerys’s mount watching him. This was the duel that they were both waiting for ever since they first laid eyes on each other at Hardhome.

The Night King unsheathed his ice sword and Jon raised his flaming one.

They clashed.

Fire against ice. Light against darkness. Life against death.

Jon and the Night King were matched blow for blow. They were equal in skill, but unlike the Night King, Jon had something to fight for. 

He fought for those who had been taken away from him. He fought with the pain of having Daenerys, their child, and their future ripped from him. He fought for those who were still living and the hope that they could live to see a better world. He fought for Arya and Bran and Sansa and Sam and Davos and Tormund and Tyrion and everyone else. He fought for life.

He let out a battle cry and knocked the Night King’s sword from his grip. Jon’s furious stare met blue eyes. There was a ghost of a smirk on the creature’s face, all his icy features would allow. He could see the challenge, the game he would try to play. But Jon wouldn’t fall for it. For Daenerys, for their child, for all those still living, he drove the flaming sword into the Night King’s heart.

For a moment, Jon thought that this wouldn’t kill him either. But the Night King’s blue eyes faded and he exploded in a flurry of ice and flame.

Jon was knocked backwards, the wind taken from his lungs. He struggled to catch his breath as he rolled over. He saw Drogon barely lift his head towards where Daenerys’s body was and scream. Jon turned to find a fire burning where the queen had been.

- - - - -


He ran towards the blaze, unable to comprehend how or why. Others began to gather around the fire since the army of the dead fell along with the Night King. Although Jon’s focus was on the fire, he could see that some of the people he cared for had made it out alive, like Arya, Davos, and Tormund.

Jon fell to his hands and knees before the flames. What had Melisandre done? He had asked her to give Daenerys and the baby their lives back, not cement their deaths.

He kept his head down, not wanting to see his queen’s ruined body. He shook with rage and sadness. Life had won the Great War, but what was the point of his life now without Daenerys? 

Jon didn’t hear her approach, but Arya appeared next to him. He only knew she was there from the small gasp that escaped her lips. She knelt by his side and placed a hand on his back.

“Jon, look,” she said.

Jon first looked at Arya. He could see shock and awe on her face. Confused, he finally looked towards the flames.

Standing in the center of the fire was a silhouette of a woman. He knew that body, had spent precious time memorizing every line and curve. It must be a trick of the flames, Jon thought. He didn’t dare let himself believe that it could be her.

But there she was, standing amidst the flame with her arms across her torso. Jon tried to stand and reach for her. He tried to say her name but all he could manage was to stretch his arm towards her.

When Daenerys stepped through the flames, he realized that she didn’t just have her hands around her torso; she had a child in her arms. Their child. She smiled at Jon, and he finally felt like he could breathe again.

- - - - -  


She wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. One moment, she was lying in the snow. The next, she was in complete and utter darkness. There was nothing for a long time. Nothing, until the flames began to beckon to her. Daenerys followed the flames, and the next thing she knew, she was standing amongst them with her child in her arms.

It should have been impossible, but Jon had told her of how Melisandre brought him back from the dead. Perhaps she had done the same for Daenerys, except this time, the cost was her own life; when she emerged from the darkness, she saw the Red Priestess’s crumpled body engulfed in the fire.

When Daenerys stepped out of the burning flames, she smiled down at Jon. He took a shuddering breath filled with relief. She took another step forward and Jon stood, quickly removing his furs and placing them around her shoulders. He kissed her fiercely, and she could feel tears forming in her eyes.

When they broke apart, Jon had his hands on either side of her face, teary his eyes searching hers. She could see him questioning what he saw before him.

“I’m alright,” Daenerys assured him, “we’re alright.” With that, she looked down at the baby in her arms. Jon looked at their child and let out a choked laugh. Or maybe a sob, she wasn’t entirely sure. But she was entirely sure that these two people were all she needed to be happy for the rest of the second chance at life she had been granted.

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Jon/Sansa - Ned/Cat parallel that just hit me over the head like a brick

you guys remember way back when in season one when Catelyn goes to find Ned in the godswood to tell him about the raven from King’s Landing?

the first thing she says to him in that scene was:

“All these years, and I still feel like an outsider when I come here.”

to which Ned responds with:

“You have five northern children. You’re not an outsider.”

now Cat’s recurring theme, especially prominent in the books, is her being worried about not being enough of a Stark! she keeps telling herself things like, ‘you must be a Stark for true now’ when shit goes down and she’s telling herself to be strong, etc.

guess who also worries about not being a true Stark? yup, Jon

and then like 6 seasons later, he and Sansa have an echo of this conversation, after a raven comes to Winterfell, and what’s the most interesting (to me anyway) part of this parallel, that in that particular conversation, Jon wasn’t a parallel to Ned, but rather to Catelyn, and Sansa with her reasurrance, to Ned!

I love the whole Jon/Sansa being Ned/Cat 2.0, but damn a parallel between Jon and Cat, just heck yeah!

also, also! both character have been/will be brought back from the dead! book-wise anyway, omg, just gimme all of them!

Avengers Chatroom: Vibranium

Requested By Anon

Pairings: Steve x f!Reader

Scenario: Tony decides to play matchmaker.

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Steve.

Steve: What is it, Tony?

Tony: No hello? I am shocked.

Steve: You’ve been bugging me the whole week.

Tony: And I will continue to do so until you tell Y/N how you feel about her.


Tony: I have to sit and watch you two have eye sex all the damn time.

Tony: You undress her. In front of everyone. With your eyes!

Tony: I fear for my innocence.

Tony: Who knows when you and her will pounce on each other?! In front of me!

Tony: I am living in fear.

Tony: I can’t take it anymore.

Tony: The team can’t take it anymore! No one can!

Tony: Nothing to say? Because I’m right? I’m always right.

Steve: I don’t have time for this.

Tony: Too busy daydreaming about Y/N?

Steve: I don’t like Y/N. Can you drop this?

Tony: What are you? 12? It’s so obvious. Just tell her already!

Tony: Or I will take matters into my own hands!

Steve: What are you going to do?!

Tony: Last chance! Tell her or else!

Steve: I doubt she even likes me!

Tony: You jump out of planes without a parachute. You’re scared of rejection?

Tony: You know what, enough talk. I warned you.

Tony has added Y/N.

Tony: Y/N I have something to tell you.

Steve: Don’t you dare!

Tony: Bucky likes you. So does Sam.

Steve: What?

Y/N: Eh? No they don’t.

Tony: Yes, they do. Oh and Steve? You missed out :) I did give you a chance.

Y/N: What did Steve miss out on?

Steve: Nothing.

Tony has added Bucky, Sam.

Bucky: Hey Doll.

Sam: Hey beautiful.

Y/N: Hey guys.

Sam: What are you doing tonight?

Bucky: We could go out.

Steve: Actually Y/N has to help me with some mission stuff.

Y/N: No I don’t?

Steve: Yes you do.

Y/N: Can it wait?

Steve: No.

Bucky: C’mon, Steve. Let Y/N go out with me.

Steve: Maybe another time.

Sam: Ditch the old guy. We’ll take you on the best date ever.

Y/N: Am I dreaming? A date? With the two of you?

Bucky: I must be dreaming because I’ve never seen someone so breathtaking before.

Steve: Don’t you have work to do, Buck?

Nat has joined the chat.

Nat: Why is Y/N blushing so much?

Nat: Ah, I see.

Steve: She’s blushing?

Y/N: No I’m not!

Sam: Cutie <3

Nat: She’s as red as my hair.

Bucky: Do we make you flustered, Doll?

Tony: If you want, you can borrow my private jet for your date.

Sam: That would be great.

Steve: She didn’t agree to go on a date with either of you!

Tony: Quiet.

Bucky: Did you receive my flowers, doll? They should have delivered by now.

Y/N: Yes, they’re beautiful! I don’t know where to put them. So many!

Steve: Trash them.

Y/N: No! Why would you say that?!

Steve: Well… You go on so many missions. Who will look after them?

Nat: I think if I roll my eyes any harder they’ll fall out.

Sam: Y/N, can I have directions?

Y/N: To where?

Sam: Your heart.

Y/N: That is so cheesy! But cute.

Steve: Okay you know what? I am banning you from flirting with her. Same for you Bucky!

Y/N: Are you my dad? You can’t do that.

Steve: I’m the captain. My orders. It’ll throw you off your game. You can’t be distracted on missions.

Tony: Honestly, what

Sam: Why should we listen to you?

Bucky: Yeah?

Steve: Because I like her!

Steve: I like you, Y/N. A lot. I should have told you sooner.

Y/N: I like you too, Steve!


Sam: Damn I thought he’d never confess.

Steve: Wait what?

Bucky: Tony made us flirt with Y/N so you’d finally tell her how you felt.

Tony: And my plan worked. I am a genius.

Clark has joined the chat.

Clark: Hello, I am Clark. A journalist for the Yearly Comet. Is it true that you are dating Captain America, Miss Y/L/N?

Y/N: … Tony you need to update the chatrooms. This can’t keep happening.

Nat: And your stalker is back. Let me assassinate him, Y/N.

Y/N: No!

Nat: I’m joking…

Bucky: We could make it look like an accident.

Clark: New headline: The Black Widow threatens innocent journalist. The Winter Soldier is back to murdering people.

Sam: Man shut the hell up.

Clark: What can you say about your latest debacle? Must be a shame. The Falcon, thwarted by a cat.

Clark: Mr. Rogers, what do you have to say? Are you in a relationship with Miss Y/L/N?

Nat: Don’t tell him anything.

Clark: Miss Y/L/N is quite the beauty. If you aren’t dating her then is it okay for someone else to snatch her up? Say, me?

Steve: You know I was trying my best to contain my temper.

Steve: But no more.

Steve: Y/N. You. Me. Tonight. Dinner. I’ll pick you up at 5.

Clark: I’ve been told I am quite strong, like steel. You don’t scare me.

Steve: You know what’s stronger than steel? Vibranium.

Steve has left the chat.

Nat: Where is he going?

Y/N: I have no idea.

Bucky: I know. I’m going to go help him.

Sam: Me too.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clark: Seems like he’s standing down. Mr. Stark, is it true that you stalk your ex, Pepper Potts, on social media at 3 in the morning while listening to ‘I Will Always Love You’?

Tony: Who told you that?!

Clark: I’ve been informed that you are friends with Loki. Were you his accomplice during the New York incident, Miss Y/L/N?

Clark has been disconnected.

Steve has joined the chat.

Steve: He won’t be bothering any of us anymore. I’ll see you tonight, Y/N.

Steve has left the chat.

Y/N: … What did he do to Clark?

Tony: Does it matter?

Y/N: No. I just don’t want my future husband to go to jail.

Nat: He would never ruin his chances.

Y/N: Well, I have to go get ready. Bye!

Nat: I’ll help.

Nat has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Tony has left the chat.

Clint has joined the chat.

Clint: Why is Steve’s shield in someone’s car? The car is ruined. And why is it in a river?! Am I the only one who watches the news here?!

Clint has left the chat.

Clark has joined the chat.


Clark: Oh they all left.

Clark has left the chat.