like a teen jesus

That feel when u female and u at church and the preacher man b all “dang these teenaged boys and their pornography destroying the moral fabric society!” And u just sitting there with like 3 tabs of smut on your phone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

here’s what I think about the TW sterek saltfest I currently see on my dash, without delving too much into the past issues of this type of thing:

they’re waaaay too late to use sterek as a marketing ploy, and this is a desperate grasping at straws that is going to lead to failure

1. stiles and derek have been off the show for a while. the current fans aren’t all that invested in them, considering TW having current fans as a possibility

2. sterek fandom as an entity has long memories, and sterek as a fandom adapted quickly to the idea that fandom has little to do with the show a loooong time before the characters were written off it.  I remember desperately waiting for season 3 to stop airing so fandom would stop complaining about the show every week and go back to creating fix-it stuff.

so, 3. this won’t bring those old-guard sterek fans back and make us watch it. we MAY pay just enough attention to write canon-divergent / modern aus around gifsets we see on the internet, BUT even without getting into BETRAYAL and HOW DARE THEY re: their continual treatment of the fans, it’s hard to really feel excited about it, because we were always there for the characters and not the show itself, and I sincerely doubt things have changed for the better in their treatment of said characters.

it’s more like “jesus christ can’t derek hale catch a break?”

Freeform has picked up a show called “Sirens” based on evil mermaids apparently and it’s a horror. And I’m here like, Jesus freeform you could have remade H2o with teen girls trying to hide their powers and their shenanigans and I would have been 100% on board. What a missed opportunity. Instead you give me evil mermaids 😑


send in requests because im running low on ideas at the moment


She’s the tear in my heart

I’m alive

A weak smile was plastered on your lips as Noah freaked out over the fact he got a study session with Zoe. Audrey gave you a sympathetic look while you sipped on your coffee, letting the liquid scald your mouth. It left a bitter taste on your tongue; that seemed to perfectly match the constricting feeling in your chest. You’ve completely and utterly lost your chance with Noah, now that Zoe was in the picture. She seemed to have caught Noah’s interest more than you. Even if you have known him for a much longer time and was there whenever he called. Out with the old, and in with the new. You watched sadly as Noah rushed off while calling out that he’d text you what happened later.

You laid your head on Audrey’s shoulder while she wrapped an arm around you. The mug burning your hands, but you couldn’t be bothered to set it down. The sensation didn’t at all match the uneasiness that clutched your stomach. I guess now it’ll be the Bicurious, Romantic, and the EX- Virgin. Study session always, a l w a y s led to something else.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You waved her off trying to pretend the aching in your chest was normal. Her hands rubbing your arms gently in an attempt to sooth you. You loved her for trying, but this was a pain you could only really conquer on your own. Who knows maybe you’ll fall in love again with someone who feels mutual. You almost felt like throwing up at the thought of having to hear Noah exclaim about how he finally got laid.


It had been hours since you last heard from the boy that made your heart pound. You found yourself laying on your bed, classic horror movies playing as you drowned in your thoughts. Clad in a large shirt and underwear considering being home alone meant pants were not allowed. A half diminished bowl of popcorn laid abandoned on your nightstand. Pillows seeming to become your best friend, covered in tear stains and cuddled in your arms.

Kudos to him for finally finding someone he genuinely liked. Maybe you two weren’t meant to be, hell maybe you were supposed to be the crazy friend that lived with fifty cats. You fought back a giggle at the thought of you living in an apartment always covered in cat hair and showing off pictures of them like they were your babies. Too bad you wouldn’t have a certain blue eyed beauty beside you in that journey. Of course he’d be there with his wife that unfortunately wouldn’t be you. You could almost see Audrey trying to set you up with anyone she came across. Bless her soul.

You quickly shook your head trying to get rid of the depressing future in front of you. Jesus, you sounded like a typical love sick teen. You almost wished this could be a romantic movie or book. Where you got the guy you loved and lived happily ever after. Even if you did get Noah, the Lakewood slasher would probably ruin it the moment it started. You bit back a snort at the thought, what start? The imaginary one that you hoped and prayed would come true? Yeah right. This wasn’t a fanfiction or fairy tale. You jolted as Audrey snapped her fingers in front of your face.

“You dead?” She joked as the killer on the screen slashed the girl that resembled you.

Rolling your eyes, you replied bitterly, “Oh, ha ha.”

Audrey gave a look before pausing the movie you didn’t even realized was nearly over. She shuffled to sit on her knees in front of you, adorned in shorts and a tank top. After the fiasco at Grindhouse, she had decided a girls night would be effective immediately. Tubs of empty ice cream cartons were left around the disastrous room. You sighed before turning to face her, pout forming on your lips.

“Stop pining after him, he’s an idiot to realize the gem he has in front of him.” She demanded.

Your gave her a desperate look. How were you supposed stop pining after a guy you have loved for years? It wasn’t like you had a switch that you could turn off. It was much harder than that. You sat up, holding the pillow in between your legs and squished it against your chest. A whine spilling past your lips as you rested your chin against the pillow.

“How? How do I just stop having feelings for one of my best friends?” You hissed out.

Audrey went quiet at the remark and sighed. You knew she hadn’t thought about how, only that you needed to try to. You leaned forward resting your forehead on her shoulder as she ran her fingers through your hair. God, if only she was your biological sister. She was already your honorary one. Noah would be your honorary brother if you didn’t happen to be deeply in love with him.

“I mean who wouldn’t fall for him? He’s the hot dorky kid that seems to always brighten your day.” You chuckled dryly.

It was true. Noah Foster always seemed to be able to cheer you up whenever you were down. He’d either say something incredibly stupid and make him look like he regretted his entire life. Or he could be sweet and bring you something you loved like candy. Hell, just hearing him ramble about a new horror movie made your lips twitch into a smile. Almost everyone knew you loved Noah, except Noah himself.

You sighed as Audrey mumbled soothing words shaking you from your tragically wonderful thoughts. You both froze as a rather loud knock pounded against the door. Automatically, you sat up and gave Audrey a frightened look. The booming knock sounded again making you scramble out of bed. Fingers grasping a baseball bat you kept in your room ever since the killings started. You ignored Audrey’s hisses to come back as you padded down the stairs. Bat held in your grasp tightly as it shook slightly. Heart pounding louder than the knocks that echoed throughout the house. You swallowed harshly before swigging the door open, arms raised to fend off whoever would dare to try to scare you.

“Hey, hey!” Noah almost screamed out, hands coming up to protect his face.

“Noah? You nearly scared me to death.” You gasped out, dropping the bat to smack him on the arm.

He grimaced before stepping into your house, shutting the door behind him. Your eyebrows furrowing as he looked confused and distressed about something. His fingers running through his hair, a nervous habit he’d had for as long as you could remember. His toes bouncing as his lips seemed to be mouthing something. You crossed your arms feeling slightly flustered as his gaze flickered to your exposed legs.

“Just spit it out.” You mumbled.

Noah’s paced as his mind attempted to throw out a proper response. You felt yourself become more anxious while each second passed. You rubbed your upper arms nervously as Noah took a shaky breath.

“Zoe and I kissed-”

You felt your heart drop as the words spilled from his mouth. Oh, o h. He’d come here to tell you that he’s in love with her. You swallowed back the sobs that formed in your throat. Trying not to laugh hysterically at the idea that he came here to tell you he loved you. Tears burning your eyes while you bit down on your lower lip.

“And during that I realized she isn’t who I wanted. When I opened my eyes I didn’t see Zoe, I saw someone else that I wanted to be kissing.”

Your stomach squeezed uncomfortably. Teeth nibbling at the tough nails on your fingers. So he was telling you he had fallen for someone else. Someone that wasn’t Zoe or you. You weren’t sure if you were relieved or even more depressed. Yet another girl you’d have to compete against.

“It was you, Y/N.” He breathed out.

You sucked in a harsh breath as your eyes snapped to his in disbelief. This had to be a dream. He couldn’t possibly be saying you were the one he came to gush about. Your fingers fell from your lips as you stared at him. Eyes searching his worried ones to try to figure out if he was messing around with you.

“What?” You whispered.

“You. I realized the person I really wanted was you.”

His thumb swiping over your bottom lip, releasing it from it’s imprisonment of your teeth.  Fingers sliding into your messy hair as his thumb brushed against your jaw bone. Other palm holding your hip as he pulled you against him. You stumbled towards him, chest connecting with his. Your hands resting on his shoulders as you steadied yourself.

“What are you-”

You couldn’t finish your sentence as your words got caught in your throat. Breath hitching while his nose brushed against yours. Bright eyes staring into yours before fluttering close insyc with your own. Lips hesitantly meeting the others as grasps tightened. Fire sparking throughout your veins. Mouths moving against each others in a passionate kiss. Fingers sliding up his shoulders to bury themselves in the hair on his nape. He tasted like peppermint and popcorn. Making your tastebuds tingle. Every emotion and pent up feelings being poured out by just a simple human contact. You shivered as his thumb brushed against your cheek bone making goosebumps appear on your bare skin.

“Finally, Jesus Christ.”

You both jolted back in embarrassment as Audrey smirked at the pair of you. Her bag hauled over her shoulders as she patted your back before leaving. Startled and flushed, your gaze hesitantly met the pair of eyes staring at you. He let out a breathy laugh before pressing his lips against yours once again. Intended to never let you slip out of his fingers.

She’s a tear in my heart

i’m on fire.

“If I believe you, will that make it stop?

If I told you I need you, is that what you want?

I’m broken and bleeding, and begging for help.

And I’m asking you Jesus, show yourself.

I thought I met you once or twice,

but that was just because the dabs were nice

and opened up my mind.

Showing me that consciousness was primary in the universe and I had a revelation.

I’ll be your child if you insist.

I mean, if it was you who made my body you probably shouldn’t have made me atheist.”

     - If I Believe You // The 1975

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Robstar pls:(

I tried meh, masquerade ball idea ^^

I would like to thank not only god but jesus too that we got a true Derek and Stiles scene where we could watch them be friends who save each other’s lives and care and protect each other when they’re in danger. They’ve come so far from pretending they don’t care about each other to going on solo missions to rescue the other person and I am so happy about it…also that fucking bridal carry killed me.