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in my professional opinion the biggest and most under-discussed mystery of wynonna earp is why that entirely real and living bear looked fake as shit on screen. like, how do you even do that?

What songs give you Autumn vibes? Walking down streets of blowing leaves/long conversations outside, feeling vaguely like it’s too cold the whole time/everyone’s wardrobe looking a little more like an old school Instagram filter/dogs all seem super stoked/pumpkins popping up all over/a friend dyes their hair a lot darker/it gets easier to sleep but easier to wake up early/even as an adult you can’t shake the back-to-school feeling/you buy a couple new notebooks/you start reading a good novel/you worry about winter/you question why raking is a thing/you stubbornly refuse to wear a jacket/movies get sad again/everything turns brown. I’m working on a Fall playlist.

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Nick suddenly remembering Tak' show is like someone who just found a super old crappy drawing of theirs. Like, "Oh yeah, we did that." lmao.

I KNOW RIGHT?! XD Makes me wonder if they’re gonna acknowledge Fanboy and Chum Chum and El Tigre next! (Even though both those shows weren’t THAT bad honestly) But just like an old drawing, with a little more love it could be great now. But hey. As it looks, it’s just a piece that shows how far you’ve come…for better or for worse hehe.

not sure if i’ll finish my piece for zk week this year in time (or if i like it enough to post lol) so have this super old doodle i found haha. maybe i’ll fix a zip folder with all my old zutara art some day  since i’m not reposting it, it’s wayyyy too much and too old :’)  

since we all need a laugh. here’s a collection of my dad’s thoughts during the USA/SWE game

“who was the header person? she’s gone now, right?” - about Abby Wambach

“who’s that one that scores that you like” - about Christen Press

“I wish they could all play” - after I said that Press is on the bench

“is she the super young one? how old is she? like 16?” - about Mallory Pugh

“oh, Long. isn’t she the one that wore a thong? that’s so funny. it rhymes” - about Allie Long

“man. she is so good.” - about Tobin Heath

“uh oh. uh OH. UH OH.” - literally every time one of the goals comes into view

“dang. she is all business.” - about Carli Lloyd

“do you think she knows how to smile?” - about Hope Solo

“she has short hair. that is so practical. someone get them a barber” - about Meghan Klingenberg

“how many times will she get knocked down?” - about Carli Lloyd

“the hate. it fuels her.” - about Hope Solo

“where’s the gay one with short blonde hair”- about Megan Rapinoe

“could she literally roll her eyes any harder? it’s kind of impressive” - about Allie Long

“if we rewind can we just. pretend that goal didn’t happen. turn the game off. go to sleep.” - after Sweden’s goal

“that is just sheer effort. look at her.” - about Tobin Heath trying to keep that ball in at the corner

“WHICH ONE IS THAT. I LOVE HER.” - after Alex Morgan’s goal

“she’s a little bulldog isn’t she? I like her” - about Crystal Dunn

“this is making my teeth hurt. I think I’m clenching my jaw” - my dad during a stressful set piece

“there she is. THERE’S MY GIRL!” - every time Crystal Dunn touches the ball

“she looks like she belongs. she looks so good. she looks like this isn’t her first Olympics. I’m so impressed.” - about Mallory Pugh

“she’s literally changed the dynamic of the game. she’s so fearless. she’s my favorite.” - about Crystal Dunn

“she has SO MUCH ENERGY” - about Crystal Dunn

*deadpan* “that is so funny.” - after I told the Press Release joke

“beautiful beautiful pass. I love it.” - after Christen Press’ service to Alex Morgan

“and there’s Crystal Dunn. good girl.” - after Crystal Dunn’s recovery from Sweden

“Sweden’s a bunch of pussies, huh?” - after one of the Swedish girls fell again

“OFFSIDES IS A STUPID RULE” - after Carli Lloyd’s goal was called offsides

“NEVERMIND” - after Sweden’s goal was called offsides

“you make a lot of inhuman noises during these games” - idk he said this a few times

“do you need a beer. a shot. I think we have whiskey” - before the penalty shootout

I didn’t write anything down during the shootout. it was pretty much either silence or screaming.
  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:It's been years and I still miss Forever so much. There was so much story to still be told and we only scratched the surface of Henry's 200 years of life. It still baffles me how the show had pretty decent ratings for it's time slot and it still got canceled, it had even better rating than some of the shows that ABC decided to keep. So why did you cancel it ABC??? (For karma's sake I'm glad Wicked bombed for them) I'm so sure that Forever would be one of their bigger shows by now if they'd kept it. Imagine if we had a second season, it would be going onto it's 3rd by now. I loved this show from the very first episode and I still miss it terribly. And how could it end on a cliffhanger like that??? It deserved so much more than 1 season. Please renew this amazing series someone.

hands-down fav bit of inquisition: you’ve had the holy living shit kicked out of you, fallen in a hole, had a mountain dropped on your head, and you’ve got to hike your half-dead ass up a mountain through a blizzard by yourself. a++ experience.

@hotmilkytea reblogged my Kraang Queen April pic again recently ( <3 ) and the flood of fresh notes reminded me I had some additional doodles for this thing lying around (also there were some extra illustrations for this AU idea if you missed ‘em!).

These were based on ideajams with @andrea-odown - a ‘what if the kraang reclaimed April/she reclaimed them and she became their ultimate weapon’ kinda thing. And had to fight the turtles. DRAMA. ANGST. Also cool kraangy suits and helmets!

I did start thumbnailing a short comic for something like that. But I failed at continuing it. I still like this AU though so maybe I’ll finish it some day.

i clicked on the notes on that tumblr maintenance post out of curiosity and jesus christ, the cringe
i think i must’ve missed the memo where you put all your Edgy Tumblr Hate and all your complaints at the staff in the replies of a random tumblr support post??


“Did you know that there existed different populations of ‘Stras? Two main ones are particularly noteworthy in our case: we will call them the ‘New’ one and the ‘Old’ one for practical reasons, the New one having appeared more recently as far as I know.

The difference is interesting: the Teostras of the New population often use the Supernova attack against their foes, whereas those of the Old population don’t. I’ll explain why. Actually, the reason is less related to their blast powder than to their Fire Aura. Because the uses of this Aura also change depending on the populations: in most cases, the Aura of the New one only surrounds the Teostra’s head, while the Aura of the Old one surrounds all of his body.

To simplify, it is a question of energy. It’s not that the New Teostras aren’t able to cover their bodies with the Aura, but they choose not to: they prefer to spend less energy and protect only their heads with it… Until they trigger the Supernova. You shouldn’t consider it as an usual blast explosion. It is, in fact, a huge and brutal Fire Aura that has been enabled for a very short time (you might be tempted to call it Super Aura from now on and I won’t stop you).

But this attack requires a lot, a lot of energy, which is why Teostras of the Old population don’t use it; they already spend a remarkable amount of energy in keeping their large Fire Aura on for a long time. Only few skilled individuals - yes, they exist - are able to modulate their power in order to do both… Ahem, such as myself. But that’s also because I got the chance to have half of my blood coming from the Old population and the other half from the New one, which is quite rare.

Personally, I know how to trigger a Supernova but I don’t like using it. It’s a Fire attack more than an explosion, and most of my life I’ve been fighting against Fire-resistant Monsters, making it rather useless. I chose to improve my skills with my blast powder and my sheer strength instead, and it has been working quite well so far.”


Voltron doodles

me: I’m coming to terms that it is day four of filming and there is nothing they can do about Carmilla’s hair. It is going to stay barely curled and there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s fine

me, 10 seconds later: but why the fuck wouldn’t they do her hair the same way–

teacher in psychology class: So here’s a bunch of attractive celebrity dudes, each of you has to pick one who you deem most attractive for marriage.

me: haha haha uh i guess i’d marry that super old dude, bc he looks like he has money and would also die soon, haha what do you mean you’d marry that young guy bc he looks good? 

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I suddenly don't feel comfortable anymore if I mention my weed around you, you're way too old now.

Pffff kid do you know just hOW many old people are stoners??