like a sir puppy


1D Hands ♡


“I’m sorry, sir. Your daughter wanted to play with this puppy, and I-” Madeleine freezes as her eyes connect with Theodore’s, and for one perfect moment neither of them utters a sound.

“What are you doing here?” Theo asks as he reaches out to help her up.

“M- My boyfr- My friend,” she stammers. “He wanted to talk to his boss about something. I- I’m so sorry. If I’d known you’d be here, I wouldn’t have-”

“No, it’s fine. Wow, you look… I mean, that dress is, uh… amazing. You look amazing.”

“Daddy! Daddy! DADDY!” Lila Grace tugs on his coat impatiently. “Can Maddie come over and play with me and Sully today? Pleaaaase, oh pleaaaase?!” she cries.

“Sully?” Theodore frowns. “Who is Sully?”

With a giggle, Lila smiles and says, “Our new dog, dad. Duh!”

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