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Pisces & Gemini
  • Gemini, walking w/ her friends, laughing:
  • Pisces, comes in between them & leans his head on Gemini's head, sighs:
  • Gemini, scrunches nose, laughs as she pats his cheek: Whaaaaat..., your so clingy. You could at least say hi to my friends
  • Pisces, pouts a little:
  • Pisces, in a 'gentleman from the late 1800's ' accent: Why hello there gentlemen and how do you do to you ma'dams. Please excuse my rudeness as of where I was simply stating my place rightfully near my lady. I do respect her dearest privacy and independence but it would seem to appear that one good fellow here seemed to have forgotten that Gemini is currently in relations with me. I do not own her, since I have, in the words of Beyoncé, 'put a ring on it', but I have invested countless hours of being a decent human being just for her and I would not like for all that effort to go to waste.
  • Pisces, glances at the fellow: Now please sir, back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up
  • Gemini, smiles: And this is why I like him so much

There’s a funny story behind this x’D

Me and stingybee365 where talking about how Dick van Dyke (and several other elderly famous people) looked so good at their age and eventually came to the conclusion that tea gives you eternal life. Long story short, new headcanon. Tea is the reason Shadow is immortal. xD

Also Shadowplier. because yes.

and now.. back to this faker to had a lot to say about me the other day SONIC WHAT’S GOOD?!


Because this guy here just doesn’t get enough appreciation for how awesome he is. Mild-mannered majordomo on the surface, EPIC SIR inside. (Dialing that flip phone LIKE A SIR.)

Taking out gargoyles LIKE A SIR. If you don’t slow your roll, he’ll drop you and probably shoot you in the face.

Taking out gangsters LIKE A SIR.

Owen appreciation post 1/?