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Any ideas for a pirate x mermaid plot?

  • “The last thing I remember is falling overboard, but I just woke up on an abandoned beach with a merperson cradling my head. Definitely a strange thing to wake up to.” AU
  • Character A is a pirate that frequently travels through dangerous waters, so they’ve employed the help of Character B, a merperson, to guide their ship through dangerous waters. In return, Character A gives Character B foreign shells/stories of Character A’s travels/beautiful jewelry/etc.
  • While taking a break from pirating, Character A likes to relax on their secret beach and relax with their best friend/casual lover, Character B the merperson. Cue lots of cute situations like Character B decorating Character A’s hair with shells and braids, and Character A telling Character B about all of their adventures.
  • “I love you, however, do not start kissing my neck with those needle teeth. I’m not in the mood for that.” AU
  • Character A is a pirate with an immense fear of water, and one day after falling off of their ship, they’re rescued by Character B, a merperson. Character B then goes on to teach Character A how to swim.
  • “How about this as a trade? You visit me personally, bring me jewelry and other nice things, flatter me with compliments, and then maybe I’ll grant you access to cross my waters. Sound good, pirate?” AU
  • While collecting fish with other merpeople, Character A accidentally runs straight into a human net and is hauled aboard a pirate ship. Taken captive as a “rare oddity”, Character A is utterly miserable with their new life. Character B works on the ship and is responsible for keeping Character A alive.
Fjern som venn
  • Clip opens with Sana listening to 2pac’s Dear Mama: the song is an ode to mothers. The following lyrics, I find, very fitting for Sana:
  • ‘Cause through the drama I can always depend on my mama
  • And when it seems that I’m hopeless
  • You say the words that can get me back in focus 
  • We see, once again, that Sana is very into science. This time, we can see scientific articles in the background of her Facebook instead of basketball ones.
  • I love playing “spot the NRK employee” on the social media pages. We can see about three during the whole clip but this guy, in particular, looks like a very cool artist (and he has an Instagram displaying his work).
  • While she smiles fondly at Yousef’s message (that contains alcohol), she’s surprised with a call to prayer which I think she sees as a confirmation that focusing on an atheist boy will distract her from her faith.

  • She mutes the call. (I’m not so sure but I had feelings Sana will struggle with her faith this season and maybe deviate from how she usually practices it a bit, in her struggles. Like maybe she’ll start missing prayers? I’m not sure though, it’s more of a “what if”. If that’s the case: the lingering on the muted call to prayer could be the start of her “straying”.)
  • She unfriends Yousef. Our hearts break.
  • The reference to biology, to me, is another reinforcing of her link with Isak. It immediately reminds us of him and his dynamic with her.
  • It’s funny how she talks about studying the immune system, seeing as it’s the system that protects your body against harm. I think it might be a nod to her trying to protect herself from heartbreak re: Yousef.

  • I have no idea if this next detail is purposeful but I spat my water when I noticed it: we see a display of A DOZEN EGGS which, frankly, reminded me of Yousef’s 12 kids
  • (a bit like the scene in the kitchen in s1 where Chris breaks an egg and just after we have Vilde confess that she thinks she might be pregnant…but we later learn she was never pregnant: broken egg/no children)

  • We get another example of how much mother trusts daughter. I feel like that trust is bound to be broken badly. What with how much we’re reminded of its existence.
  • It’s a common thread in growing up actually, when I think about it. You used to tell me all your secrets but we barely talk anymore.” You grow up and your mother is not your best friend anymore. You feel like your secrets are too big now to be shared. You feel like there are some things she could never understand. Maybe we’ll learn something about Sana’s parents’ relationship later in the story. Something that will surprise Sana (and us) and help renew her relationship with her mother. Relate again.
  • And then we get an interesting transition:
  • “Have you talked to the handsome Muslim boy?” No.
  • Because Yousef is not Muslim.
  • Because the handsome Muslim boy has yet to come.
  • “Remember There Isn’t Just One Person Out There For You”

Please remember.

We do not know what went down between Boy squad and balloon squad.

We do not know what went on between Yousef and Noora before Sana walked in.

This show is purposefully biased from the point of view of the main.

We do know that Noora doesn’t know Sana likes Yousef and just found out her best friend was keeping secrets from her.

Remember this time last season Isak had just seen Even kiss Sonja AND had a fight with Mahdi.

Thing look so so bad but we don’t know enough to start flinging accusations or hating on characters.

All the conflict and feelings you are feeling are valid, this is exactly how you are meant to be feeling, but senseless emotional outrage will help no one. Lets learn from the previous seasons and hope for the better instead of bemoaning the current turmoil.


Bucky x Reader
Warnings: none

“So is the rumor true?” Nat says sipping her tea, giving you a wink. She seems to be drinking with a smirk.

You looked at her confused, about to sip your coffee,“rumor? About who?”

“You and Bucky of course.”

You spit out the hot liquid and exclaimed,“ damn that’s hot!”

Wanda walked in laughing,“ you asked her about the rumor we heard Nat?”

You get a paper towel and bent down behind the counter, wiping the mess you made.

“You guys see (Y/n)? Or is she out making out with Bucky again,"you heard.

You stood up straight from behind the counter,” again? When was the first time.“

"Oh! There you are, Steve wants you. Don’t tell Bucky though. We don’t want our little grumpy cat to get all jelly,” Tony says.

“Why are you talking like that?” You asked.

“(Y/n) you haven’t answered my question,” Nat says putting her mug down.

“Are you and James Buchanan Barnes a couple?”

“A couple of friends,” you wink and pointed at them, your hands in forms of “guns.”

“Do not lie, (Y/n), tell the truth,"Wanda says.

"Wanda, you shouldn’t be asking me anything because you should know that I’m telling the truth,” you say while walking to the trash, throwing away your wet paper towels,“ you read minds don’t you remember?”

“Yeah, but I really want you and Bucky to be dating,” she says, grabbing an apple,“ I do not want to look in your brain and make myself sad if it is not true.”

“Well sorry to sink your ship Wan, but me and Bucky are -”

“Me and Bucky are what?”

You look at the door and see Bucky standing there with Sam.

“They wanna know if the rumors are true,” you say. Your face had a confused look to it when you saw Bucky giving you a mischievous smirk.

“Oh yeah, should we tell them now babe?” He says casually, walking towards you.

You stood there stiff.

Nat:“So it is true!”

Wanda:“Oh my goodness! I am so happy!”

Sam:“Oooh yeah Bucky get sooomee!!!”

Nat:“(Y/n) how can you keep such a secret like this from your best friends?”

You look at Bucky with a face that says “what the heck” and he just gives you a soft smile. You open your mouth to protest but Bucky quickly shuts you up by pressing his lips against yours.

You didn’t bother pulling away, I mean, you did have a crush on him for like, ever? But you didn’t like lying to your friends like this so you pull away and excused you two.

You dragged him to the patio where no one would hear your conversation.

“What the heck Buck?”


“Why would you pretend we’re together? I hate lying to them.”

You look at him with your bottom lip out and your eyebrows looking sad.

Bucky chuckled,“ you’re so cute.”

“I’m serious Buck.”

“Well I mean we’re not really lying to them.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s actually be a couple. Be my girlfriend.”

You scoffed,“ well I rather tell them the truth than you pretending to love me.”

“Who says I’m pretending?”

“I really do like you (Y/n). What do you say, go out with me?”

You stood there for a second, looking at Bucky’s puppy dog eyes, waiting for you to say yes.

“Look, I don’t know who started this rumor but I’m glad they did,” he says.

“What? Why?”

“Because it finally gave me a chance to ask you out.”

“You actually like me?”

You crinkled your nose, not believing that this was real, like some one actual likes you?

Bucky chuckled and boop your nose with his index finger.

“What do you say?”

You wrap your arms around his neck.


Bucky smiled wide and leans down, his nose giving your nose a little “boop”.

You giggle and push your lips against his.

“Woah, they really are together,” Tony says, surprised, but also saw it coming.

“How come Buck never told me?” Steve says pouting.

“Woah he is getting all the way in there isn’t he?” Pietro says walking towards the glass door, when seeing everyone around it.

You both pull away, gasping for air and you smile at each other.

“Finally,” you whisper.

Bucky puts his arms around your shoulders and pull you close into a tight hug,“ oh, I’m so happy, I’ve been waiting for this day.”

Your heart fluttered. You never thought that Bucky every felt this way about you.

As you turn your head to the side you see the whole team pressed against the window.

“Look,” you pointed.

“What the fu-”


A/N: hello, it’s been a while kind of, I’m trying to get back to writing. I’ll do my best :) feedback is always wanted hehe

On one hand I will surely die if I don’t collect all of Link’s outfits in Breath of the Wild.

On the other hand I am a grown adult who doesn’t need a bunch of action figures in my apartment.

On my third hand (some people have three hands, be cool) it’s not like it would be difficult to pick them up and put them somewhere if other adults came over to visit.

And yet somehow it would be creepier to hide them, like, what if someone uses the bathroom and then looks under the sink for a fresh towel or something and sees a plastic box filled with a bunch of tiny androgynous elf boys??

What are adults supposed do with their Amiibos, this is a real problem.

Ok but consider part 2

Michael Mell singing ‘Adored By Him,’ by Dodie as he watches his longtime crush and best friend dating Christine.

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hi I was wondering if there was any where either of them have hickeys or marks. thanks so much!!



*not smutty - all the rest are ;)

new: hickeys tag!

1. you must be really fucking stupid bc KramerGate™ is like my best friend & that’s not a secret we harass each other daily on here
2. Are you Mr Piss Anon? nice to meet you!

Who Do You Like? // Jack Maynard

​Can you write an imagine where you have a huge crush on Jack but he doesn’t know and you’re filming a Q&A for his channel and he asks you who you like?

Y/S/N = Your Ship Name 

“Hello, what’s up everybody and welcome back to my channel! For this video, I’m going to be answering a lot of your questions with the help of my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Y/N.” Jack motions for me to join his video and I do so, waving to the camera.

“I’m so popular on this channel” I say joking, bumping my shoulder on Jack.

“Maybe even more than me,” he replies laughing. “So, I’ve hand selected some questions from twitter via the hashtag #ask(Y/S/N) and we got lots of lovely replies from you all. Shall we dive into it?” he asks, looking at me.

“We shall” I say smiling at him.

After about an hour of answering a bunch of questions and getting enough footage for his video, we finally answer the last couple of questions.

“Okay Y/N, I think this one is directed to you, otherwise it would be very awkward for me to answer it. ‘If you could date anyone from the ‘buttercream squad’, who would you choose?’’”

Instantly, I felt my face heat up. It caught me off guard as I definitely was not expecting that question. “None, they’re all like my brothers and I love them all the same” I say smiling to the camera.

“Now that’s a straight up lie, I can tell when you’re not being honest Y/N” Jack smirks, and I curse him in my head for knowing me too well.

“What? I’m not lying. Can we please just end the video here?” I say, hinting to Jack that I feel slightly uncomfortable and he does what I ask. He does his outro and I feel myself slightly relaxing.

As he goes to pack up his equipment’s, I excuse myself out of the room and go to the kitchen for a glass of water.

“So who is it?” Jack suddenly appears behind me and I almost drop to the floor.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that” I say, growing annoyed with him.

“Y/N, come on. Tell me, please” he pouts.

“Let it go” I sigh. I’m not going to admit to my best friend my feelings for him just yet.

“Please!” he begs.

“No” I say sternly.

“What kind of best friend keeps a secret like this to themselves? I can help you if you really like whoever it is”

“What if he doesn’t like me back?”

“Now that’s just crazy. I’m telling you Y/N, any person on earth would be the luckiest if they had you” he says which makes me laugh. “I’m serious Y/N, you’re beautiful inside out.” I felt my heart skip a beat.

“What about you?” I ask.

“What do you mean?”

“Would you call yourself lucky if you had me?” I say before I can stop myself.

“Hell fucking yeah” he responds without hesitating. “Wait, is it me? Who you like?”

I can’t lie myself out of this one. I’ve already dug myself a hole, might as well tell him. Right?

I try using my words to respond but no words came out. So instead I nod. Then Jack smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. He takes a step closer towards me, closing the gap between us. He looks at my lips, I can tell he’s asking permission so I wrap my arms around his neck and lean in to kiss him for the first time.

He placed his hands on my back pulling me in closer. “Well, I like you too. And have for a really. Long. Time.” He says with emphasis on each word. My heart beats so fast, I feel like it’s about to burst.

“Maybe I should’ve told you sooner then.” I respond laughing, pulling Jack onto the couch with me. That night, he forgets all about editing his video.

hope you enjoyed it. i have so many good prompts in my ask right now so expect lots more imagines coming your way!

A Different Perspective: Part II

Part 1  A week later…..

I found Lucien on the steps of the house of wind. “What are you doing?

“I’m trying to figure out which ward or spell stops me from being able to winnow into this blasted palace.”

I almost chuckled, the last flight had not gone well for my friends. Cassian had decided to have a little fun with Lucien and dropped them into a freefall. When Lucien tightened his grip around Cassian he brushed up against a wing. What neither of them expected was the more intimate physical reaction an Illyrian has when their wings are touched. Two days later and neither one of them can look the other in the face. “And here I thought you enjoyed being flown by Cassian.”

Lucien drawled, “Oh yes, it has been my life’s ambition to be flown bridal style on a daily basis. My mother would be so proud.”

I chuckled, “Mind if I help? I’m getting a little tired myself of crash landing on the balcony.”

There were hundreds of glamour’s, wards and spells on this palace in the sky, all interwoven. At Hybern, I just burned through all of them, I was finding it was much harder to pick out a single weave. Part of me wondered if I should ask Helion for private lessons.

“Have you always been able to see wards and spells?  Or is that an added enhancement of your eye?”

Lucien paused at my question, “At some level I have always been able to sense spells, wards, and glamour. Breaking them on the other hand has been difficult. The first time I broke a spell was that day in Hybern. I used my fire to burn through the spell holding me.”

Part truth and part lie. I was tired of keeping this secret from my friend. Here alone seemed like the best place to let him know. “Not the sun?”

Lucien looked at me, I could not tell if he was shocked or constipated. “How did you know?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I used Helion’s power to burn through Hybern’s snarl of wards, not Beron’s.”

I returned to my work analyzing the snarl of magic around us. I knew my friend needed a moment to piece together what I was implying. 

“Feyre, wha- what does Helion’s power feel like?”

“It depends. Like the sun, it can be warming or wrathful, cold. When I’m especially happy, I feel warmth and I glow.” I released my glamour, though not as bright as it is during an especially blissful or happy moment, since the war ended there has always been a slight glow to my skin. “When I’m vengeful, I’m not sure if it is Kallias’s power or Helion’s power, but I feel a cold wrath.”

A sadness fell upon Lucien. I raised a brow to my friend. “When I was young, maybe twelve or thirteen, my mother and I were in her private gardens with Eris. I loved those private moments with my mother, she seemed to come alive. She said something that made me happy and I felt this warmth in me. My powers were just beginning to manifest and I was confused by the shock on her and Eris’s faces. That was until I looked at my hands and found them to be glowing. I never really thought about it or what it meant. My mother spent every day after that teaching me to conceal my powers. She always told me that they could be used against me.”

I didn’t know what to say, ‘I’m sorry’ seemed too generic, so I let silence reign supreme.

“Does he know?”

I nodded, “Yes, he figured it out last week.”

Lucien chuckled, “So that is why he was quieter than normal, and not a single offer to bed anyone.”

He shook his head, “How long as the infamous Feyre Cursebreaker known?”

“You’re taking this exceedingly well, even for a fox like yourself.” I smiled at my friend, we had been through so much together, “I’ve known since the High Lord meeting, Helion visited our suite-” 

Lucien’s eyes were the size of saucers, “not like that, we were planning a war with an ally. Helion was talking about what your mother went through during the war and I slowly came to the realization that he was your father. You have the same nose, smile, even your laughs are the same.”

I placed a hand on his shoulder. I knew that this was a bigger deal to him then he was letting me see.

“Just let me know what you need, if you want to blissfully ignore it for the rest of your life, if you want me to go with you, or if you just want to invite Helion to dinner. Actually dinner maybe a good idea, I think we need his help figuring out which spell inhibits us from winnowing in.”

“Let’s invite him to dinner next week and let’s not tell him that I know. I think we should have a little fun with it.”

I could not help but laugh, “You are most definitely Helion’s son.”

So let me see if I got this right:

Marinette is Ladybug
Adrien is Cat Noir
Marinette likes Adrien
Cat Noir likes Ladybug
Neither of them know each other’s secret identities.
They’re best friends as superheroes
They interact a lot as students
They’re both lovable characters
*breaths in heavily*

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Blind Spot

this is my remix fic that i’ve done for Week 4 of @thinkoutsidethelovesquare ​. i was assigned to @chatchevalier and i decided to remix her lovesquare fic look both ways (because it was so so precious) and turn it into an Adrinino fic!

make sure to read the original fic on tumblr and on ao3 and give it some likes, reblogs, comments, and kudos. 

hope you like it lauren! i really adored the fic and i hope you don’t mind the new pairing <3

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Blind Spot
Pairing: Adrinino (Adrien x Nino), featuring Ladybug!Nino
Summary: Sometimes you don’t have time to check all of your blind spots and prevent the worst from happening. There are going to be moments where you realize that someone was in the locker room with you when you let your guard down. But if you’re lucky, you’ll find that it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to you when you realize your best friend has been by your side this whole time.

Blind Spot

Of all the people in the entirety of Paris that could’ve found out Nino’s secret, it simply had to be someone he knew. And of course, in fate’s sick, twisted attempt at making matters worse, it had to be none other than Adrien. After all, there was nothing quite like having the biggest secret of your life busted by your best friend — the person you were supposed to tell everything to.

Needless today, Nino was pretty sure that he was thoroughly screwed.

He and Chat Noir had just parted ways after today’s latest akuma fight. The school janitor had finally snapped after Chloe — because it was always Chloe — dumped her entire visual arts project on the floor and walked away from it without a thought. She left the glittery mess for him to clean up on his own, haughtily stating that “it’s his job to clean up around here. I shouldn’t have to do it for him.”

It was a nasty villain that had taken almost two class periods to defeat, but the one saving grace was that they’d managed to contain him within the school building for the entire fight, minimizing the amount of damage he could’ve potentially caused. However, they’d cut their time rather close because by the time the fight was over and the akuma was purified, the time on Nino’s transformation was running dangerously low. To make matters worse, he couldn’t avoid being cornered by his classmates as they crowded around him, eagerly waiting for the chance to talk to Ladybug.

He managed to pose for a some of selfies and answer a couple of questions before his earrings started beeping in his ears again, alerting him that he had less than a minute to get out of here and find a place to detransform.

Nino covered his earrings with this hands. “Ah, sorry, guys. Can’t talk anymore. Gotta split real quick before things get awkward. But make sure you get to class on time, and always keep an eye out for anything fishy, cool?” He saluted them with a smile, swung out of the courtyard with his yoyo, and booked it toward the locker room that he was sure would be completely empty what with everyone in the building still congregated downstairs.

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Saw the birb fandom trying their hand at this meme and had to try it for myself, with my own little twist for my personal fav OT3

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Does anybody else know about how the rq series ends? Or is it like TOP secret?

My agent knows, I know, my best friend Morgan knows.