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CAN  U  BELIEVE  I  AM  SO  IN  LOVE         with  the   his  dark  materials  series.     i  wish  i  could  express  it  to  u  all  bc  it  actually  makes  my  heart  burst  and  i  feel  like  i  could  cry.    FUN  FACT  ;    it  was  the  first  fictional  series  i  ever  read.    my  parents  had  huge  problems  getting  me  interested  in  anything  that  was  not  non - fiction  reading    (   look  @  me  now  mum  lmao   )    and  a  family  friend  lent  me  the  series  in  one  huge  book  form  and  i  carried  it  around  primary  school  with  me  and  i  Loved  it.    i  loved  lyra.    she  was  my  favourite  character.    mrs  coulter  is  still  my  favourite  villain  /  kinda  redeemed  villain.    can  u  believe  books  like  percy  jackson  or  harry  potter  get  shit  from  religious  communities  for  their  content  when  there  are  books  out  there  like  hdm  where  a  beautiful  twelve - year  old  boy  with  two  missing  fingers  kills  god  with  a  sharp  knife  while  his  kickass  friend  and  light  of  my  life  manipulates  and  lies  her  way  through  to  finding  the  value  of  truth  and  Overthrowing  the  empire.    there  are  Gay  Angels  and  an  ex - nun  who  lives  as  a  scientist  and  the  magisterium   (  cough ,    the  church  )    rule  with  terrifying  absolution  and  mutilate  children  in  their  search  for  original  sin.    there’s  a  Huge  class  divide  and  the  gyptians    (   deep  Breaths   )    are  an  incredible  ethnic  group  that  lives  in  a  v  racist  and  radically  religious  world.    whose  children  are  being  stolen  by  the  authorities  and  nobody  cares.    just  disappear  off  the  face  of  the  earth  and  white  ppl  dont  care.    they  take  matters  into  their  own  hands  and  organise  a  fucking  arctic  rescue  force  even  tho  they  they  live  on  boats.    there’s  a  monumental  moment  where  someone  stands  up  and  asks  if  they’re  going  to  save  the  white  kids  as  well  and  the  speech  is  Amazing  and  they’re  just  an  incredible  people  who  take  in  lyra  the  skinny  runaway  white  kid  who  puts  them  in  danger  and  is  the  daughter  of  their  enemies  like  i  just  Love  this  series.

LONG  STORY  SHORT  :     i  may  have  slipped  and  brought  my  lyra  muse  back.

Boyfriend Rowoon

-you have accepted the fact that this giant will always be hovering over you and giving you bear hugs whether it’s in public or at the dorm with the boys, and you don’t even try to break free because it has never happened before and it will never happen once he’s gotten a hold of you. Forehead kisses, never letting go of your hands, and you sitting on his lap is an absolute must. 

 -The kid lives for couple coordinated outfits, he love wearing matching shoes and jackets, showing you off and everyone often says you guys are couple goals and he’s so fricken proud of that while your like ok its not that deep rowoon and hes just grinning at all the fan-site photos like omg we look cuteee. He’ll drag you often to public events because hello couple goals and yall attend seoul fashion week every year like its your religion. It’s casual to see many girls anywhere and everywhere checking him out even when you’e right next to him but you’re really chill and cool about it because you know he loves you wayyyyyy to much, it’s like he forgot that other people exist sometimes. 

-Selfies? A tradition to do everytime you meet. Selfie when your dressed up, selfies with you both look like shit, selfies in the bathroom, bedroom, public  candid selfies, cute couple selfies, creatively planned and well posed photoshoot type selfies, derp ugly selfies, cartoon filter selfies, etc.

-Is so cute because he’s always easily jealous when it comes to you not giving him attention when you’re out with other people and sometimes it gets annoying because rowoon chill i love you ok i wont leave you but he’s also super considerate about how your feelings at all times and gets worried about the smallest things like him having a female love interest in his new kdrama. “It’s just acting ok? Don’t feel hurt, you don’t have to watch it. She means nothing to me.” Whenever he does hurt you though, it kills him so much and he’s so emo for the rest of the day even when he’s working- lowkey he knows he shouldn’t be cold when hes around fans but it just comes out like that and he gets scolded alot by his manager however, he’ll just take the scolding because all he’s thinking is about calling you when he gets home (the type to leave like at least 2 texts and calls before giving up).

-Dates include getting coffee and walking together holding hands or even just lazying out on the couch watching movies and eating snacks with his shirt off and you in nothing but his tshirt, either way he’s up for anything as long as he’s with you. You’ll start to realize the chic and cool image rowoon is basically only on stage because with you he’s like a cute puppy who always needs to be near his owner and is super dirty sometimes like him not washing his hair rolling on the floor but it’ cool because you love him. THIS BOY ALSO A HOT ASS CHEF so nomatter how many times you’ve seen him shirtless in the kitchen cooking you something, it just never gets old and you’re like why is this kid so hot damn….

-Expect you to come to all of his events. “You’re coming to my show in Singapore right?” and you frown cuz Rowoon thats all the way in freaking Singapore, and he just looks at you smiling like “Here’s your plane ticket and you roll your eyes and groan because he does this every time but it’s not even about the fact that he’s spending his hard earned money on your plane tickets whenever he goes out the country- it’s just because you have your own life and schedule and can’t go see him whenever you want so you guys often argue about that even though you always end up going to support your silly boyfriend at the end because he’s always in a better mood when he sees you in the crowd, you’re his lucky charm. Basically even though you whine for him not to spoil you, he always shows up with gifts, or paying for this and that and sometimes when he’s busy he just leaves stuff on your front door and you are half thankful but also sad because he does so much stuff for you.

-Won’t talk alot about you or hardly at all on camera or on tv, but whenever he is asked, his face will always turn a bright red and look down like the cutest little shy bean ever. “Yeah she’s doing alright..” He’ll say with a soft smile, he doesn’t want to talk too much about you because he wants your life to be private and knowing how hard it must be for you to date an idol, it’s better to keep you a mystery so you don’t get hated on. However doesn’t try to hide you in public either like other idols when going on a date. Will walk freely in the night and day with you like you’re hips glued to him or something even when there are people taking pictures. He will look the coolest to you during moments like this because his full attentions is on you and will never accept pictures with others or autographs because he’s really serious about his personal time-but of course rejecting them in a nice way and always with a smile. Your friends also know about him and everyone around you talk about how you’re dating an idol and you sometimes feel like it would be a burden on him because you’re expected to bring him to parties and stuff or people will say he doesn’t care about you but he always comes every single time with you even when he’s tired from a schedule and everyone’s shooked af because they didn’t think he would care enough to come but he’s always super happy every time like yes I’m y/n boyfriend!

-He asked his staff members if you can work part time in the summer and that was how you ended up working as an intern with fnc, being a stylist for sf9. It was nice being almost everywhere with him but was also really weird because since your relationship was public, everyone treated you super duper well and you didn’t have to do intern chores like run for coffee. You used to be able to touch up the other member’s makeup but because of that one incident where Taeyang play-flirted with you to piss Rowoon off, you were only allowed to take care of Rowoon from then on because your boyfriend is petty af.

-Basically love you alot, is a cute puppy- is YOUR puppy and keep him smiling all the time. Don’t ever question your love for him because that’s what keeps him so bright and happy and just allow him to take care of you even though it’s a bit burdening, know he means well. 

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As a Muslim I agree with you, If you look for violence in Islam you will find it; AND if you look for peaceful things you will find that as well. Islam can be peaceful like any religion and it can be destructive like any other religion as well. But I've always wondered how people can lump people together, I wish we saw individuals doing atrocious attacks rather thinking it's us verses them.

First of all - I’m glad you agree and understand that it’s not a simple issue - thank you!

And again I’m going to come at you with a documentary recommendation. The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear by Adam Curtis gives a brilliant break down of how the dichotomy of us vs them and good vs evil has been used in recent history as a means of political control. Very interesting perspective.

A Love Like Religion

Can you do another Judas imagine but instead of it being like Norman it’s real life. You’re new to the gang and fall in love with judas and he lets you ride with him (smut if you do it please)

I’m sorry I had to close my requests, I just desperately need to catch up. This request is at least six months old and that’s just embarrassing. While I’m catching up, I’m just gonna post requests without responding to anymore of the messages in my inbox just to save time. So if I didn’t respond to your request in my inbox, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you. Just trying to save time. ANYWAYS, let’s get on with this.


His name was Judas.

At least that’s what the other members of his gang told you. Was that his real name? Who knows. It seemed that no one knew what his actual name was. That just added the mystery that intrigued you so much. He was unpredictable and spontaneous. The danger that radiated off him attracted you to him. But you did a pretty good job hiding that.

Still, the idea of those women warming Judas’ bed at night made you uncomfortable and bitter. But you always won the next morning when he asked you to ride with him, giving those women a smug smile as you climbed onto the motorcycle behind him. Perhaps Judas just saw you as one of the boys and you still took that as a compliment even if it could never be more.

It would be a laid back night. Hit a club, have some drinks, get fucked up, just the usual. Things would be different for you tonight. It was exhausting and heartbreaking watching Judas sneak off with the next pretty girl that caught his eye. As much as you wanted that girl to be you, it was unrealistic to spend your life waiting for him to see you as more than a friend, partner, and member of his gang. You could have your fun too. And you felt you’d earned it at this point.

You were on your fourth jack and coke, your head spinning and your words slurring just a bit. You felt so light and so free, you stopped paying so much attention to Judas and the young woman he’d been talking to at the bar for the past few hours. She kept buying him more drinks and he kept getting drunker but you didn’t care. Your focus was on one of Judas’ boys, who had you cornered, his breath hot on your skin as his lips grazed your neck.

“Judas would kill me,” he mumbled, his hands tugging at the belt loops of your jeans.

You slipped your hands underneath his jacket, your mind clearing for a moment after hearing that statement, “Why’s that?”

He kissed down your neck, pushing your leather jacket off your shoulders, “Judas said no one touches you. But this can be our secret. Right, Y/N?”

You opened your eyes, searching for Judas at the bar. He was with the same woman, one hand holding his drink, the other rubbing up and down her thigh. But he seemed distracted and uninterested while she leaned in and whispered something in his ear.

You pushed yourself away from the corner, “Would you excuse me for a moment? I need to use the bathroom and then get us some more drinks. Just need five minutes.”

He nodded, though it seemed obvious to the both of you that nothing would be continuing that night. Lucky for you, it was a single person bathroom and you had some time to sober up a little without the overwhelming sounds of drunk women blabbering on and on and toilets flushing all at once and hand dryers going off. Judas keeping all the guys away from you didn’t make any sense at all. He could have all the fun he wanted with all those women but you couldn’t do the same?

You ignored the first knock on the bathroom door, assuming it was just a woman who had to pee. But a familiar voice spoke up that sent chills throughout your body, “Y/N. It’s me, open up.”

“Judas,” you muttered. You unlocked the door but turned back to the mirror covered in smeared fingerprints and cracks, keeping your head down, eyes on the sink. Judas opened the door, gliding into the room, shutting and locking the door behind him, “What’d you want?”

“What were you thinking?” Judas slurred, his hands squeezing your shoulders, “While I’m at it, what was he thinking? He knew better.”

“You don’t want any of them to touch me,” you remarked, “I don’t even know why I joined you. Why am I here? Am I just eye candy?”

Judas groaned, “No. Just didn’t want anyone but me…”

His voice trailed off as he pressed his chest against your back. You held your breath, peeking up at the mirror. He had his face buried in your hair, breathing in deeply, taking in your scent. He was wasted, that much was clear. Did he even realize it was you he was touching? Did he think you were the girl he’d been talking to at the bar?

“Judas,” you said, leaning back into him. His arms wrapped around your waist, hands moving back and forth across your stomach, “You make it hard to resist…we can’t.”

“You saying you don’t want me, Y/N?”

“I never said that.”

“So, tell me what you want.”

Judas pulled away for a moment to take your jacket off, hanging it on the hook on the door. His fingers slipped under your tank top, his hands warm against your freezing cold skin. You shivered under his touch, leaning against the sink. Your knuckles turned white as you squeezed the sides of the sink, your nails scratching the porcelain. The thought of admitting to Judas what you wanted made your heart race. Did you even know how to admit what you wanted from him? Would he know how to give it you?

“You,” you blurted out, causing Judas to pause, “I want you, Judas. I want you.”

Judas kissed the back of your neck, smirking against your skin, “That’s all I needed to hear, Y/N.”

He pulled your tank top up over your head and he pushed all your hair over your shoulder to unclasp your bra. You glanced over your shoulder at the door, “What if…what if someone…”

“Door’s locked,” he said, running his fingers down your spine, “They can knock all they want. Ain’t makin’ this quick.”

You quickly turned back to the mirror, breathing heavily as Judas’ hands lowered to your hips. He wasn’t kidding when he said he wouldn’t make this quick. He moved agonizingly slow unbuttoning your jeans and pulling them down your legs. He lowered to his knees as he moved your pants to your ankles, allowing you to step out of them. His hands moved up your bare legs, smirking up at you from the dirty bathroom floor as he pulled his jacket off. He kissed your thigh as he tossed the jacket aside, his shirt soon following. Your entire body trembled, your mind clearer than ever. You knew how much he craved control and this was no different. He could have you any way he saw fir and he knew it. A part of you wanted this to be over quickly just so you could rid yourself of the ache he had created. You needed him and you weren’t sure how long you could wait before you lost your mind completely.

“You were gonna let one of my boys fuck you,” he said, his hand coming down on your ass with a hard slap. You cried out but the pain quickly subsided and you bit your lip to suppress a moan. Judas stood back up, grunting as he yanked your underwear off your hips, “You’re mine to fuck, Y/N. Don’t want anyone else putting their hands on you.”

Judas bent you over the sink, leaning over your body as his hand trailed between your legs, his fingers meeting your heat with eagerness. His fingers made slow, deep circles and you shut your eyes, fighting to keep still as you let out a moan. The music playing in the club was blasting, pounding in your ears. You could make as much noise as you wanted and no one would know what was happening but you didn’t want Judas knowing just how good he made you feel.

“Don’t hold back,” he said, his fingers suddenly plunging into you. Your jaw dropped as you threw your head back, nothing but a few squeaks and whines coming from you. Cursing under your breath, you started thrusting your hips against his fingers. You could smell the whiskey in his breath and that intoxicated you even more. You couldn’t take much more of this.

“If I’m yours to fuck, then do it,” you panted, “Fuck me.”

“Damn, Y/N,” Judas grunted. He backed away from you, unbuttoning his jeans, slapping his hands down on your hips, positioning you in front of him. You glanced at him through the mirror as he slowly slipped inside of you. He met your gaze, grinning as he slammed his hips against you, filling you completely. You moaned louder than you intended, the pleasure so overpowering, almost a little painful but in the most wonderful way.

Judas pulled away, turning you around and dragging you from the sink. He set the toilet lid down and sat down, setting you down on his lip. You sunk down onto him and he groaned, running his hands up your back. He was lost in it now, incapable of conscious thought as he took your breast in his mouth, teeth grazing your nipple as he thrust his hips against you. Bunching his short, wispy hair up in your hands, you whimpered and tears dotted your eyes as you rolled your hips, moving up and down his length. Nothing could’ve prepared you for this moment. You hadn’t even considered whether this was a good idea or not, whether this moment was what you’d had in mind. Of course, you’d always wanted to have this closeness with him but based on his roughness, the way he scratched down your back, left marks all over your neck and now your breasts, it seemed like he was in a completely different headspace. He just wanted to be the only one to have you. Maybe to show his dominance? To prove he was in charge? Or maybe it was just to see how easy you were. You weren’t entirely sure but in this moment, you couldn’t care less. In this moment, all you cared about were these rough, calloused hands all over you, leaving any kind of mark on your skin that he could. With the way he made you feel, you wanted everyone to see what he could do.

The ache in your body grew stronger and you leaned your head back, grinning and crying out in anticipation for what you knew was coming. Your toes curled and you found yourself lightly tugging on Judas’ hair, which he appeared to enjoy as he smirked, snarling under his breath and burying his face in your neck. Your walls squeezed him as you exploded, nearly blacking out over the intensity of your orgasm. Your entire body tensed up, curling into Judas’ arms. The way your walls tightened around him set him off and you felt him burst and fill you.

“Judas,” you whispered, placing a kiss on his shoulder. What had you just done? This wasn’t what you had planned. Of course, the alcohol still coursing through you wasn’t helping you and it wasn’t helping him either. That was all this was, just a drunken encounter. Judas wouldn’t remember this tomorrow but you knew you would remember this forever and that would just break your heart.

“Damn you’re good, Y/N,” Judas muttered. He lifted your head and kissed your lips, holding your face in his hands. He kissed you with every ounce of energy he had left. Pulling away finally, he helped you onto your feet, “I’ll leave first, you follow me out in five minutes.”

“What if someone is out there?” you asked, sitting on the floor on your knees, picking your clothes up.

“I’ll tell them you’re not feeling good and I’ll stand outside the door,” Judas replied, “No one’s gotta know what we just did. But damn, if they heard anything, we gave him a pretty good fuckin’ show, didn’t we?”

You smiled but only responded with a nod. Judas dressed quickly, shoved his feet into his boots and headed for the door with his leather jacket draped over his arm, “I’ll see you out there. We should probably head back after this.”

“Right,” you said, “It’s getting late. Just give me five minutes.”

Things resumed normally the next morning. Judas behaved as if you hadn’t had sex the night before. It killed you seeing him completely disregard what had happened. You tried to remind yourself that he was totally hammered that night and he probably didn’t remember the incident or didn’t remember that it was you he’d had sex with. But that would never make it any easier. Why couldn’t it mean just as much to Judas as it did to you?

Another week went by after that night. You kept it to yourself since there was never a time when you and Judas could be alone anyway. That was all you could do was just suffer in silence. It was hard to keep a straight face, to not burst into tears but you managed to keep it together.

“Let’s head out again tonight,” one of the girls suggested, glancing over at Judas, “Maybe to a different club. I know a great one we can all go to. It’ll be fun.”

Judas turned to look at you, as if looking for approval but you simply shrugged, “Ya know what, I think I’ll sit this one out. Still recovering from last week. Hard to keep up with you boys sometimes.”

“Well, that’s alright,” the girl said, wrapping her arms around Judas, “Can I ride with you then?”

You turned on your heel and headed for your room, the sight of that girl all over Judas making you sick to your stomach. Judas shook the girl off and hurriedly followed you. You ignored him, shutting your door in his face.

“Y/N, what the fuck?” Judas grumbled, “What’s the damn problem?”

“Nothing, just go,” you said, “Go to your club, get drunk and fuck someone else in a bathroom. Then you can rip someone else’s heart out and leave me be.”

Judas sighed, “That’s not what I was trying to do. If you’d open your damn door, I’d explain.”

You stomped towards the door and swung it open, “Explain what? How you think you can just claim me and tell the boys not to touch me? So you can have sex with me and then just toss me aside?”

“You think I was just gonna toss you aside?” Judas said, stepping into the room, “You think I just wanted to claim you as a plaything and that’s why I told my boys not to touch you? You think that little of me?”

“Then why?!”

Judas slammed the door behind him and clenched his jaw, “Because I like you alright?! I just…couldn’t tell you because I…I wasn’t sure you felt the same. All those women I slept with, they were just distractions. But that night, I saw you with…and I just…couldn’t hold back anymore.”

“So why did you act like nothing happened after that?” you inquired, “I was hoping that night was special to you. It was special to me. I’m in love with you for fuck’s sake, Judas. All I wanted was that kind of closeness and intimacy and I thought you were only out to break my heart.”

Judas started laughing, showing off a smile he rarely used, “I gotta be honest. I was kinda thinking you were doing the same thing. You’re in love with me?”

“I…yeah,” you murmured. Judas came towards you and grabbed your face, laying a kiss on you that you never expected. This one was different from the kisses he’d given you that night in the bathroom. He was tender and there was more heart in it. You rested your hands on Judas’ shoulders, licking your lips, “Think we have some time now that everyone’s gone?”

Judas smirked, grabbing onto your thighs and hoisting you up. As he carried you to the bed, he placed another soft kiss on your lips, “Got all the time in the world.”

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Is it me or is Sana's season a bit disappointing? I get that it's the last one, and Julie is trying to wrap up everyone's storylines, but I felt like compared to past seasons, I wasn't as invested or connected to her character, which is a shame since it had so much potential. I'm sad Skam is ending, but thanks for introducing me to such an awesome show!

I didn’t really like Sana’s season at all and I was really sad about it because sana is my favorite character. i felt like there could have been so much potential but it was put together really messily and was just a result of bad  writing in general. For one, the bus storyline was kind of dumb because we didn’t even get to see them at their russefeiring so i felt like it was pointless (and ik that it’s a huge part of sana but there could have been so much more focus on other things i feel like? particularly religion). then i didn’t really care for Yousef very much. I liked him a lot in the beginning but then he literally dropped off the face of the earth for like three weeks straight???? so (spoiler) when they went on a date at the end i wasn’t excited? like i thought it was cute but because it didn’t focus on him i thought it was kind of pointless to include at all. I also don’t appreciate how they used Even’s disorder as a plot point to induce drama. like why would they fucking mention his illness for the sake of drama and then never explain anything about it or show the balloon boys and even making up or anything? And the big plot twist in episode eight with william coming back? YEAH fuck that honestly.  when i saw that i stopped watching the show up until literally two nights ago because i was so finished with this season. you can’t just have the plot twist not even be about the main character in any way. i wish there’d have been some huge “OMG THIS HAPPENED” moment with sana but nope, it was noora again which annoyed me because we already HAD noora’s season and a bunch of stuff about william. And noora? all of her good qualities had disappeared this season. she ignored her friends for like two days straight when william came back without giving a shit that her friends were terrified for her. what even??? 

tldr; i’m annoyed and sana deserved better

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I really connected with Sana the most, I've always felt like an outsider on my friend group and like I needed to fit it, I'm a very closed person myself. I'm not Muslim nor religious in any way but I thought that the main topic this season wasn't just that, it was about finding you and feeling confortable in your own skin. I also understand that it was like that with the other characters but with Sana it felt more real and I really loved to see her grow and be more open was incredible. (1)

I also think is reasonable that Even caught more attention, he’s a great character designed to be lovable and the reason why many of us got to know the series so why are we fighting? The only thing I hated during this season was all the negativity towards Julie and the show. Let’s start thanking her for the show she created and for inspiring so many people who hopefully will try to be more educated about topics like mental health and religion or just be more respectful of others (2)


agree!!! i relate to sana the most as well!!!! and yeah, 99% of the hate towards julie was uncalled for (although she’s made a few questionable decisions this season ngl) but that doesnt erase the literal masterpiece julie created and how much of a talented woman she is for creating characters and a show that deeply changes people and makes ppl think !

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Is there a difference between "soul" and "spirit."?

Hello, Anon! So, I think it depends on who you ask, but if you want my opinion (and I’ll try to keep this short, ‘cause I could go on forever), then yes, I think there is a difference and here’s the breakdown of how I define those two things…

Soul: the massive energetic core of who we are. In my belief, this is kinda like a “powerhouse” connected to potentially multiple facets, be it “you” in multiple lifetimes and/or be it “you” living on different planes with severed consciousness, but a shared soul (I may talk about this theory in depth one day, but today is not that day).

Let’s just say that I consider the soul to be something that is… not entirely within us the way that religions like Christianity conceptualize it. For me, it’s more like I’m “plugged into” my soul, but not that it’s wholly manifested within this present form.

Spirit: the far more variable term between the two, in my opinion. It could refer to (1) the facet of the soul that remains after death in the event of trauma, etc preventing that facet from reconnecting with the “source” (the soul entire); (2) the “etheric consciousness,” if you will, of the present facet/life energy, which is what I theorize we “project” into the astral; OR (3) a simple poetic reference to the energy and “vibes” of a person.

And that, in short, is what I feel the difference is. I don’t claim to be any expert on soul theory, so yes, I could be wrong, but so could anyone else with an opinion since it’s hardly something we can prove objectively. -shrug- I hope this gives you something to consider though! Maybe something to build your own theory off of. I’d suggest asking other people’s opinion to see if you notice any common threads of belief (do it for science, haha). <3

okay so i’m taking a women studies class and a class about gender/race/sexuality/class affects one’s power and privelege in the fall and they fufill a bunch of requirements but like….. my conservative sister and dad think i’m gonna be brainwashed which like… okay ur homophobic religion and idealogoy doesn’t do that??????????

anyways this reassures the fact that i cant come out to my family slnkdg (but guess who’s goin to sf pride lmaooo)

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This year my birthday was ruined by SJWs running out of class to yell at a christian party that visited my school. I've tried to re-live that birthday because I felt so shitty, I don't feel like I truly turned 16 yet, because it feels like my brithday never happened. Oh, my best friend also wished death upon me just because I told her to calm down.

what the fuck, i’d be really pissed if that happened to me like? freedom of speech and religion exists? let people have views and beliefs they want to have? *hugs* smh, these people are twats. *throws you a birthday party*

To all my Christian trans and nb siblings:

Happy Easter. I know that today is a mixed bag of emotions. So shout out to:

- the closeted trans guys and enbys trying their hardest to find a way to not wear a dress to church, especially if your parents are pressuring you into it
- anyone who has finally managed to grow out a decent amount of body hair and is trying to find a way not to shave their legs without being questioned
- closeted trans girls and enbys wishing they could wear a pretty Easter dress
- basically, everyone who is having to conform to cishet formal wear standards that don’t match how they identify. It sucks.
- to those of us who can’t find a queer-inclusive church but really want to attend services on Easter
- to those of us who go to service frequently, but can’t be out at church
- to those who have to attend family gatherings today and get deadnamed and called the wrong pronouns
- to those who have to attend family gatherings today and just want to watch the kids hunt eggs, not answer passive-aggressive questions about gender identity
- to those who are out in church and feel they have to constantly prove that they are just as much of a Christian as the other members of the congregation
- to those who can’t bring themselves to attend services today because of the hate and/or dysphoria that would accompany it

Easter is a beautiful reminder of Jesus’s love for us and the sacrifices He made. We should be able to have a mindful, happy day. It’s terrible when transphobia takes that from us. Remember that Jesus died and rose for everyone, including us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God celebrates us and supports us. Try your best to remember God’s love for you today, even if others don’t love you like they should. Draw your strength from that. Happy Easter.

The 2 Elements of an ORIGINAL STORY IDEA

If you’ve been doing this writing thing for more than one day, you’ve likely experienced the following worry: 

“What if my story idea ISN’T ORIGINAL?”

And if my experience is any indication, things spiraled downwards from there: “What if it’s cliche? What if there’s nothing new here?! It IS cliche. It ISN’T original. I’m a failure! ALL MY WRITING NEEDS TO BURN!”

Calm yourself. There’s a way to make sure that your story concept is unique.  

First, what IS a story concept? It’s the initial idea that made you want to write the thing. It’s the “What If” question that starts everything off. Later, it will be the promise that hooks the reader or audience, and makes them want to experience the story. 

So for example: What if Cinderella was a cyborg? What if a rat wanted to be a french chef? What if a fish had to venture across the ocean to find his son who’s captive in a dentist’s office aquarium?   

All great concepts. All of which seem to be comprised of two elements: something that we already know about, a set up that establishes expectations, and then something contrasting and surprising, which creates irony or surprise.  
So the first element of a successful story concept is FAMILIARITY. 

Establishing expectations? Something we already know about? Familiarity?! That sounds like the definition of UNorginal. 

Hear me out. 

What do readers do when foraging for a new novel at the bookstore? Certain readers gravitate to certain shelves. Some go to mysteries, some to crime, a whole lot to romance, and the rest to the other genres that are too numerous to list.

 Why is this? Because genres give them a pretty good idea about what they’re going to get. Readers already know the conventions of the genre. They’ve already put in the work of learning, accepting, and enjoying these conventions. 

Genres give both reader and writer something to go on right away. For the reader, genres are expectations for story events, setting, character, and more, which are automatically enjoyable to them. For a writer, it’s a set of expectations which can be flipped to create something remarkable and unique.  

It’s like telling a joke. Without a setup, there can’t be a punchline. 

The genres are the setup, the individual twist the author puts on that genre is the punchline. Or in other words, readers truly do want the same thing –only different.  

To illustrate this, let’s take a look at one of the most successful stories of all time.

With space ships, interplanetary travel, sentient robots, and aliens running amok, Star Wars LOOKS to be the kind of story that requires the audience to expend lots of mental energy to comprehend and believe. At first glance, it seems that imaginations are going to have to stretch a great deal, and there won’t be anything familiar to ground us – this SEEMS like an uncomfortably new, unwelcoming world. But I doubt if anyone has ever felt uncomfortable or unwelcome while watching Star Wars. And the reason for this can be summed up with one ellipsis-ended sentence:

Suddenly, all is clear. This isn’t the hard-to-imagine future, this is the PAST. We’re not being asked to imagine and believe a totally new world; we’re being taken to the realm of “far, far away”, a place we’ve known since childhood. Isn’t “a long time ago” just another way of saying “once upon a time”? Yes, it is, so we know where we are now. We are in a fairy tale, a myth.  

The familiarity of fairy tales sets us at ease and sets our expectations in place. Expectations which Star Wars meets with flying colors: A farmboy who must become a knight. A princess imploring for aide. A mystical wise-old-man mentor. Sword fights between good and evil. A magic that operates like religion. A dark lord and a dark side. Star Wars was built upon something we already know, something timeless, something we’ve always enjoyed. 

And once those well-known expectations were set, Star Wars was free to add the unexpected and create one of those most memorable story worlds ever.
Think of a story you love, and you’ll probably be able to identify the something-already-known aspect of it.  

How about Harry Potter? 

When we hear “boarding school”, mental images and probabilities are instantly conjured in our minds. We picture classrooms, dormitories, a campus with very old buildings, kids in uniforms, a giant place for meals, living through a schoolyear with a bunch of kids your age, etc. Even if we don’t know much about boarding school, we all know what regular school is like (even us homeschoolers over here *waves*) and our expectations for that are nearly identical from person to person.  

So what does this prove?

It proves that one half of your story’s concept must be grounded in something we already know, and know well. These are the expectations you are going to establish for your reader, before the second element of your concept upends everything and creates something wholly unique. 

You need FAMILIARITY. You need to ground your concept in something WELL-KNOWN. Only then will you be able to create something ORIGINAL. 

Where can familiarity be found?  

1. Genre Conventions 

2. Occupations 

3. Well-known stories  

The possibilities are not limited to these categories, of course. Familiar subjects can be found within many other areas. However, Familiar elements seem to share certain qualities … 

Provides a rough timeline

⦁ Conjures imagery

⦁ Sets expectations for events, characters, opposition, etc

⦁ Has natural potential for conflict 

⦁ Serves as a goal-oriented backdrop for the plot

To see how this works, let’s look at Harry Potter again: 

Familiarity: Going to boarding school. (An occupation)

Timeline: A school year (which Voldy always lets Harry complete before trying to kill him again, bless him.)

Story Expectations: When we hear “school”, we know what we’re going to get.

Imagery: Boarding school conjures tons of possibilities. 

Conflict Potential: It’s a thousand kids living in one castle with a handful of adults – there’s going to be conflict. 

Goal-Oriented: School is inherently goal directed. You want to graduate. And in the case of boarding school, you want to win the house cup. 

But of course, this familiar environment is only HALF of the concept for Harry Potter. The other half, of course, is WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY. Which brings us to the 2nd element of a successful story concept, which will be the subject of the next post.

When I was kid, my father said
Hell was a great feast.
He said the people at the table
had these long arms with no elbows,
and they were trying to feed themselves
and they were starving.
He said Heaven was a great feast, too.
He said the people at the table
had these long arms with no elbows,
and they were feeding each other
and they were full.
I think this was supposed to be
a story about selfishness or about
how Hell is self-inflicted, but I think
it’s a story of short-sightedness. I think
it’s about how circumstances do not define us,
but we’ve got to look past our elbowless arms,
or we’re going to keep starving
our way through this.
—  A SHOT IN THE DARK, by Ashe Vernon

Shout out to the dumb boys who yanked my scarf off in the hallways and then laughed when I dropped all my books. Shout out to the guy who thought it was funny to go behind me during class and pull my bra strap to hear it snap then got defensive when I brought my fist out. Shout out to the guys who would say ‘that shit around your head is ugly you think you’re pretty?’ ‘let’s get married so I can see ur hair’ shout out to you because I love wearing hijab 100000x more because of you jerks