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Vanderwood is amazing and I absolutely love your interpretation of their character! I saw you were doing Vanderwood for now! -If you're uncomfortable with this I understand!- Vanderwoods reaction to an MC who has self harm scars on her thighs from when she was depressed and she's insecure? Like not being able to handle them even touching them and them seeing the scars makes her panic? -I'm kinda talking about myself at this point. I just really love your writing and it makes me feel better.-

✿ Obvious TW for cutting, self-harm, depression… everything that this ask implies.

  • The first time they see them is an accident, and is, more particularly, their fault.
  • Vanderwood is, characteristically, a fairly coordinated person. Good reflexes, well-balanced, doesn’t often fall-prey to the condition known as ‘butterfingers’… 
  • They aren’t particularly used to making a mess, so it is with a good amount of shame that they spill the spaghetti sauce they’re making all over your arms.
  • They flip. Their immediate concern is your safety - i.e. confirming that you aren’t burned - and their protective instinct completely overwhelms their ability to hear your protests as they practically pick you up and bring you over to the sink. They pull your sleeves up, turn on the cold water, and -
  • Pause, as rivulets of water spill over the faded scars sliced across your forearms.
  • You’re shaking, and you shove them away, breath short and expression pinched in panic. How can you deal with the obvious, soon to follow questions? How can you deal with the certainty of judgement, the knowledge that they’ll be aware of your dark history?
  • Your embarrassing weakness?
  • (broken goods. they’ll see you as broken goods and want nothing to deal with you and how can you deal with that - )
  • “Uh,” they say. “Okay, let me go… get you a new shirt. And some aloe. And I’ll let you - take care of that.”
  • The suddenness with which they flee the situation sends your head whirling.
  • Vanderwood, to your shock, asks no questions. They don’t even seem to want to acknowledge what they saw, simply bringing you something to cover up with and then leaving with startling abruptness. 
  • “Call me when you’re done,” they say. “Take what time you need.”
  • It’s a nerve-wracking experience, being left alone to your thoughts, but it also gives you a chance to compose yourself and catch your breath.
  • When they come back, they immediately set to remaking the tomato sauce, both apologizing for what they did and explaining the ways that they’ll make it even better than before.
  • It occurs to you that they’re babbling. Just… aimlessly filling up space with the sound of their voice.
  • Wow. wow. You have never seen them this awkward before, and it definitely does not feel great that your… past is being treated like a conversational redheaded stepchild. It gets you feeling gloomy, and you remain by the counter, staring at your hands as they babble.
  • After awhile, they seem to notice your mood, and they… stop. Take a breath. Then slowly, they put their hand on your shoulder and pull you towards them. 
  • “Hey, uh…” they clear their throat. “I’m sorry I’m a dick, and I’m sorry I saw something that you obviously want to keep private, so - I’m not gonna ask, and you can tell me about it when and if you feel like it… okay?”
  • They give you a slight pat on your shoulder as you nod, and they idly stir the sauce as you lean against them.
  • They make good on their word. Never again do they bring it up, and they’re incredibly sensitive to you wanting to avoid showing your skin. They help you successfully navigate out of going to the beach with the RFA, and they smoothly help you deflect questions about why you wear long-sleeved shirts in summer.
  • “Whenever you’re ready” is practically their mantra in the rare occasions when it comes up. They never touch your scars, and they never bring it up unless you do.
  • Curiously, though, you do notice them saying certain things in your earshot. Like when Zen who - (and bless his heart but this man has some Bad Opinions) - one day goes on about how tragic he finds women with scars to be, and how he personally couldn’t deal with ‘anything marring his body’. Vanderwood says he’s a fucking idiot, he doesn’t know a goddamn thing, and that what people find beautiful is all about perspective.
  • “After all,” they say, “Scars are just proof that someone survived something that hurt them very, very badly.”
  • Zen shuts up after that.
  • Whether you tell them or not doesn’t seem to matter to them. They’ll accept it if you do, they’ll accept it if you don’t, but they do seem to put more priority from then on about letting you know how happy they are that you’re around.

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*sneaks in* Promptio + O (for oral) *sneaks out*

*yawn* I always forget i live in the redheaded stepchild timezone now so it’s like…hours later when I’m awake to check my inbox. (Aka it is now 4am and I just woke up, so this is probably not my best work.)


Between the two of them Prompto is, hands down, the oral champion. This isn’t to say that Gladio is bad at it, certainly not, or that he doesnt like giving it because again, mot true. But there is simply no one in the world who can match Prompto in sheer enthusiasm.

Prompto will happily slide between Gladio’s legs and take his cock in his mouth for as long as he’s allowed. Not even as just for giving a blow job, but acting as an enthustic cock warmer too, just for his own amusement. The way it tastes, the feel of it stretching his mouth, the weight on his tongue and the back of of his throat, the heat and shape; there is nothing about having a cock in his mouth Prompto isn’t in love with. He loves giving long, slow, sloppy oral and having Gladio reduced to squirming and begging as he unhurried works him over. He’s always down for being put on his knees or having his face straddled to have his face and throat fucked as hard as Gladio will give it. He can give a good, tidy five minutes or less blow job in a pinch. There isn’t a time or a place that’s off limits and he rarely need any coaxing to go at it.

It’s his favorite thing and long before Prompto gained any hands (and mouth) on experience he was doing research in preparation for one day giving what he hoped was great oral. That was the part that always appealed to him best in porn after all. Many videos and articles on proper technique, no small amount of gagging on his own fingers and misused fruit, and a dildo ordered online later he figured he had it down pat. The real thing is a bit different from deep throating a popsicle and Gladio is certainly…more girthy than anything he’d played with before but once he’d gotten used to that part there was no turning back.

Gladio considers himself blessed and is appreciative. He had always been, before Prompto, more of a yet straight to business kind of guy but he had sense learned to, ah, broaden his horizons and enjoy sex that only involves what he would have considered foreplay or obligatory lead up before. He’s even stepped up his own oral game in response. He can’t compete with Prompto when it comes to enjoyment of giving head or skill but he does love making Prompto feel good and being good at making Prompto feel good.

Keeping up with (The Kardashians) Drinking Game

1 drink

Kris cries
Kim cries
Khloe says something inappropriate
Kourtney says honey or not cute
Anyone says bible
Brody complains about Kris/Kim
Anyone imitates Bruce
Scott wears something ridiculous
Mason or Penelope do something adorable
Kendall or Kylie look too old for their age Kim is a buzzkill
Kourtney and Khloe are goofing around at a serious function
Kim or Kris feels left out
A family vacation
Someone’s hair color changes
You wonder what anyone of the guys do for a living
Anyone changes houses (I.e. Gets a new house or moves in with someone new) 
Kim is late Khloe feels like the redheaded stepchild
The episode ends with someone saying something cliche
Someone says doll/doll face.
Scott says something about his title as “the Lord”
Someone says rude.

2 drinks

Anyone undergoes a medical procedure
A pet is shown
Anyone says zsa zsa
Scott is responsible
Kourtney says something profound
Kim defends Kris
Anyone gets upset about something they brought upon themselves
Kim gives a little too much tough love
Bruce is the last to know something
Kendall and Kylie do something that reminds you how young they are
You feel bad for Bruce and the man (woman?) he’s become
Someone never comes to a family vacation
You think Brandon and Leah should be give sainthoods
Bruce gets offended
Khloe doesn’t want to show her emotions
Bruce and Kris look happy together


Rob is in an episode
A prank is played on Kris
Lamar resurfaces
Kourtney becomes pregnant
Kim starts a new relationship
Anyone gets married
Anyone gets divorced
Scott’s the only one who makes sense and no one listens
Kourtney cries
Any girl is shown playing a sport (not working out)
A famous guest star appears who you recognize
You long for the days of Season 1 when they were a little more relatable and a little more of a family

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this might just be me but in my opinion karen's treatment of sophia is very telling. theres not many examples of their interactions (coincidently, which is also strange) but compared to how karen speaks so highly of zayn & how affectionate she is towards him i don't think we've seen that w/ her and sophia which to me is a dead give away. not to say she treats her badly but in that video which i would qualify as candid (bc she sophia didnt look aware) it was like she was the redheaded stepchild.

A+.The only thing we can verify is what we see with our eyes. And we KNOW Karen Payne LOVES Zaynie.

She takes after her son.

Let Jo have Danny...

Seriously, let Jo have Danny. I would not want Lacey to have his ass back. Danny should be with Jo and her hypocritical ass, since the sun shines out of her ass. Never once, from I can remember, Danny has said that he wanted to protect Lacey, it was always Jo (If I’m wrong correct me). Lacey has no one to protect her; no friends, no family, no one. Though Jo has just about everyone Green Grove worried about her, and willing to protect her. I’m pretty sure Jo can stub her toe and the whole town would be in disarray. Hell, even Lacey would be upset and try to protect Jo, but would Jo do that for Lacey??? I doubt it!

It pisses me off how Lacey was cast aside like a redheaded stepchild. She gave up a lot just to be with Danny and help clear his name and yet she got nothing in return. Lacey deserves someone who will love her and think she is the center of their universe. She deserves someone who will protect her, because she is worth being protected like #PoorJo.

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Can you please not spoil Carol's death if it happens.. Because I know that Bethyler's will take joy in it ands press it all over tumblr and when it happens I want to see it for my self when it happens. Not find out about it on tumblr. I don't even follow this blog anymore bc I want to be spoiler free for awhile, but I know some asses will try to spread carols death everywhere and spoil it for people who would have rathered see it on the show Ya know

Then we wouldn’t be doing our jobs now would we? What good would it do us to withhold info? It’s not our job to worry about how one fandom treats another. We will likely get shit on also, but our job is to report the information that we get and not hide it in some dark room like a redheaded stepchild. -Prime