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just got back from holiday travels and i decided to take some pictures of one of my favorite scary crumbly hotels in hollywood. and that’s saying something, as there really are countless scary and crumbly motels in hollywood.

what i don’t understand about this hotel is how the giant wall and sign are sort of reminiscent of a time when the future was clearly to be found in either outer space or science fiction. but the buildings inside look sort of like norman bates’ mom’s final resting place in ‘psycho’.

i don’t know if it has any great architectural merit or significance, but i love it for it’s off-putting strangeness. and i don’t know if they actually have guests, as i didn’t see much evidence of anyone coming or going while i was being a creepy architecture voyeur.

in other news: i hope you had a wonderful holiday(s), regardless of whatever holidays you chose or chose not to celebrate. and if you’re somewhere egregiously cold i hope you don’t resent those of us in southern california who are suffering through an exceedingly warm and sunny winter.

we suffer with dignity and restraint.



anonymous asked:

I kind of want Tony to casually drop into conversation that fact that he and Steve are not actually friends and have Steve be like "Yes, we are! What are you taking about?" And Tony's just like "I've seen how you treat your friends Steve. You would go to the end of the earth for them. And you never treated me that way. It's pretty clear now that we are not friends"

Like, yo, lemme jump off this ask and go on a terribly worded sidebar about something only tangentially related but if you read my blog you should know heavily influences how I think about Steve, Tony, and the Avengers: I do think Steve and Tony trusted each other and relied on each other to have his back and I buy that they got along whenever they interacted. I totally buy that they were friends, even, but I will never buy the ‘Avengers as family’ narrative for the MCU and I don’t buy that Steve and Tony were very close. 

Cause like, anon has a point. You don’t think every once in awhile Tony doesn’t go back through every time he ever talked to Steve and just thinks ‘god, I was an idiot?’ Like all those anti-tony peeps that were mocking tony for being delusional when he said ‘so was i’ to steve? They were mocking him for daring to compare himself to bucky but their point actually still kinda stands. Tony read Steve wrong and Steve failed Tony, badly, in a lot of ways. 

In fact, what stands out to me is that Tony and Steve seem to know each other almost entirely in terms of their superhero identities and not as the actual person underneath the cowl/helmet. Tony talks to and about Steve as basically ‘What would Cap do?’ and Steve doesn’t really seem to have any idea of who Tony is at all but he knows Iron Man. And look, yes, Tony is Iron Man, that doesn’t change the fact that he acts differently in the suit, that the suit makes him more confident and focused, and like think about the fact that maybe Steve is more familiar with that emotionless faceplate and maybe Tony’s a little too used to seeing Steve in uniform.. 

I just. I do not buy the Avengers as Tony’s family, and especially not more than Steve’s (and especially not since most of the avengers are gone) because that requires me to headcanon out the wazoo and that’s not something I’m interested in headcanoning about. They were great as a team when they wanted to be and they seem to get along fairly well but family? These people have fought each other in all three movies they’ve now been together and they fall apart at the slightest bit of conflict every time. They physically abuse each other, they mistrust each other, they let other people get into their heads about each other, they NEVER talk enough. Now, to their credit, they get back together and fight back, but that’s less down to them being a team than them being an collection of individuals who do superheroic good. The movies haven’t given me ‘Avengers as family,’ they’ve given me ‘Avengers as coworkers and teammates’ (and ‘Avengers as immature yokels who can’t get their shit together’). That is a whooole lot of telling and not showing there, most obvious in CACW.

What I do buy is that the Avengers as a concept and as a team and as a hope for the future were important to Tony, getting into specifically CACW stuff where he fought so hard for them. I think he invested a lot into them, into what they do, and that they were necessary. I think that when he says he doesn’t want to see Steve gone, he really means it. Of course he does. No one wants to see Steve locked up. But Clint’s not wrong when he calls Tony a futurist, and Tony is the only one (besides Thor?) who thinks that something is coming from outer space. So yes, like YES, he totally wants to keep this team together, he even likes these people, and he kinda belongs here, but also they are very very necessary for the future, and I feel like that part of the narrative kinda gets left out of the picture some. 

Like, sorry I jumped off your post Anon, but I can see Tony coming to that conclusion even though I think it’d be clouded by bitterness because they were friends, or at the very least comrades of a sort. I think it’d be easier on Tony to just go ‘alright, I admit it I was wrong, I got this wrong, again, big surprise, and we were never friends’ meanwhile Steve consoles himself with the fact that they were friends because Steve is hella lonely and cherishes every bridge he’s built and even when he’s the one who decides to burn them, he’s like “I can rebuild.” (Cause that’s the phone, guys. “I can rebuild!” Tony just shoves that fucker in a drawer.)

My Power Rangers The Movie Theory

Since the release of the Rita picture, and now the Rangers’ picture, there have been some theories as to what will happen in the movie.

One theory that’s gaining a lot of traction is that Rita was once the green ranger, and something happened where she had a falling out and becomes the evil Rita we all know. A redditor made a side by side comparison of Elizabeth Banks on set in costume and the pink ranger from the top picture above tinted green, to show the similar designs in both costumes.

The two costumes definitely have some similarities, but I’m not buying the story idea. I now have my own theory that seems more plausible.

When Elizabeth Banks announced that she was playing Rita, she quoted the famous Rita line from the introduction of the old show.

This makes me think that they are sticking with that story for this new movie. Or she said it to be cute, who knows.

Now about the costumes looking similar. When the rangers’ look was revealed the EW article, who exclusively broke the story, stated that the rangers “will don translucent extraterrestrial armor that crystallizes around their bodies”, meaning the suits are alien tech. From what I remember, Rita operates in outer space as well, so my theory is that this alien tech was given to both the rangers and Rita, maybe like the Venom symbiotic from Spiderman or actual aliens hooking them up. Whichever be the case, both sides get suits. The suits form to their host reflective of what kind of person they are. The rangers are a team to fight evil, so they get a unified, sleek look. Rita is evil, so her outfit forms into something out of an old Disney film as pictured above. Then, as was the TV show, Rita wants to create her own ranger, a green ranger is what she decides on, and what color is her new outfit? She gives her suit to Tommy, which forms into a suit more in line with the rangers (but he’s evil at first, do I hear a special chest piece making an appearance?) and Rita dons more traditional clothes we’d expect her to wear, satisfying old school fans, and new fans don’t really care because this is new to them. Then the whole green ranger saga happens, yada yada.

So that’s my theory. To me, it seems much more likely to happen, would line up more with the old show, while still using this alien tech they are apparently going with.


Peculiar Galaxies
These types of galaxies have no particular “normal” or common shape to them. A lot of times, they’ll have jets bursting out from the center, weird arms, or just flat out strange formations. Many times, peculiar galaxies are also a mix of 2 (or more) normal galaxies that collided at some point.

In the future, Andromeda and The Milky Way, both regular spiral galaxies, will collide. They’ll likely form a peculiar galaxy similar to the Mice Galaxies in the second image.