like a panda with a mean face

  • simon, dreamily: I miss real food especially creamy delicious ice-cream on a hot day when your fingers get all sticky and-
  • raphael: chunky monkey is overrated
  • simon: first of all it's the best flavor in the world and you've personally offended me. I mean - it even has Chocolate bits in- wait. how did you know that was my favorite??
  • raphael: easy, I listen to you
  • simon: you do??
  • raphael, smirking: you used to play the drums in a band called rock solid panda, you talk in movie quotes and love bladerunner, you ramble and smile when you're scared or nervous, you're jewish and it's very important to you, when you're angry you fling your arms around a lot, your favorite blood type is O negative, you like wearing my clothes and make faces at yourself in the mirror when you're wearing them (a poor imitation of me), you get excited about two men kissing, you've watched The Graduate no less than 10 times, you frequently leave your phone in the other room by accident, you keep your eyes open when I'm leaning in to kiss you, you tell cheesy jokes about being dead, you sleep on the right side of the bed, your mother calls you monkey, you miss her more often than not and you actually think your star wars pick up lines are smooth
  • simon: ok but they worked on you
  • raphael: only because-
  • simon: hey...thank you *kisses him*
The King of Hell Walks into a Church

Relationship: Crowley X Niece!Reader, Winchesters X Sister

Words: 1,217

Summary: Due to the Winchesters’ incompetence, Crowley is stuck babysitting their little sister at Christmas Eve mass.

Warnings: None, really. Unless Crowley’s never ending sarcasm needs its own  warning.

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @winchesters-favorite-girl @deathtonormalcy56

A/N: This was written for the wonderful @cici0507‘s Heaven vs. Hell: Christmas Edition. I had Christmas Mass with a Hell character. First Crowley fic, too! AND this is the second one shot within like 10 days! What an accomplishment, right? I think I’m getting better at this whole writer thing.

Originally posted by f-uni

Heaving a great sigh, Crowley shook his head. He was the King of Hell, dammit! Demons groveled at his feet, sniveling and begging for forgiveness. How in the name of his kingdom had he been roped into babysitting?

Oh, right, it was because those two idiot Winchesters and the angel were too incompetent to accomplish their ridiculous hunt on time and take their little brat of a sister to the gathering of Bible thumping freaks.

At first, he’d refused. Or, at least, he’d tried to. But the moose had been annoyingly insistent, promising that it would only be a few hours at the most. Plus – even though he’d vehemently deny it were anyone to ask – the demon had a very, very small soft spot for the youngest Winchester.

And that was how the King of Hell found himself holding the door of a church open for a ten year old urchin on Christmas Eve.

Dear god, it sounded like a bad joke.

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☯ Just in Time pt. 2 // Jinhwan Two-Shot

Originally posted by ikonis

Title:  Just in Time pt. 2 (pt. 1)

Pairing: Jinhwan x Reader

Genre: Soulmate AU, Romance, Slight Angst

W/C: ~5,300

A/N: IT IS FINALLY DONE THIS TOOK ME FOREVER BECAUSE I JUST HAD SUCH A WRITERS BLOCK WITH THIS FIC. I know so many waited for this, it’s 3 am i am so tired please give it some love so i can go to sleep in peace and don’t mind grammatical errors, i’m too tired to deal with it right now. i will edit tomorrow i promise. 

of course i tag my beautiful @hwan-tastic and also @jinhwanists because i know i promised you a while ago i’d finish this. 

thank you for reading, ily.♥

- moyo

2 days had passed.  

134 missed calls, 269 texts and probably a hundred knocks at your door. All from Jinhwan. You hadn’t seen him ever since, it already felt like it had been weeks ago when you had met him for the first time. It was hurting so much and it was mostly your own fault for falling in love with him.  

You had spent your past 2 days crying until you had no tears left anymore. Was it stupid? Yes. Did it make you stop? No.  

Those 2 days didn’t make such a difference anymore, in a month all of this would be over anyway, right?

You couldn’t help but remember all those stories your mom had told you about soulmates, that person who was connected to you through a string of fate and once in your life you would be able to meet this person and spend your happiest memories with them. It was something that made your heart tingle in anticipation because you had thought one day, something as magical as that would happen to you, too.  

You laughed bitterly, who would have known that it would end up like this. There was still so much you wanted to do with him, you hadn’t even held hands yet and it was already close to being over. It wasn’t fair at all.

“Y/N…” So lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t even noticed a presence in the room. Jinhwan was stepping forward, nothing but concern imprinted in his eyes. You didn’t know if you were extremely heartbroken to see him like this or just relieved since he was there.

You suddenly felt a haze of calmness surrounding you.  

“You stupid girl.” Jinhwan murmured before embracing you with his warmth. He didn’t let go for a while and you were thankful, closing your eyes and just inhaling his scent that was so tranquil, it automatically put you at peace.

"I’m sorry.” He apologized quietly. You didn’t say anything. You didn’t have the energy to explain to him why he shouldn’t do this and that it’d only make it harder to say goodbye in the end. Instead, you pushed away every possible thought and just enjoyed the warmth that went from his hand into your heart.  

“I’ll make you something, alright? Do you have something at home or should I go–”  

“No!” You desperately held onto his hand, “I mean you don’t need to get anything. I have everything at home.” Just stay with me for a bit longer.  

Jinhwan ended up kissing your forehead, seeing right through your secret desires. “I will just order something. How about a coffee until then?” You nodded with a smile, “I’d like that.”  

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Change [GrizzNom]

I honestly did not know what else to call this ficlet.

Anyway, new Grizznom fic for the masses. While my last fic was sort of cutesy and full of humor, this one’s a bit more on the heavy side. Thanks to everyone who reads my trash!


“I just don’t get, it Grizz. Why him? Of all people…”

Grizz nervously wrung his paws as he watched Panda pace back and forth, while Ice Bear sat quietly on the sofa with his arms crossed, a hard frown on his face.

“Look…Panda, can’t you just try to understand?”

Panda stopped to shoot him an angry glance. “I am trying to understand! Help me understand, because I don’t! I mean…how? When did this happen?”

“Well, I ran into him at Burger Boy a few months back. He didn’t look like he wanted to be bothered with me, but I just tried striking up a conversation with him. And I don’t know…I said something that made him laugh and we just talked for a while. We kinda started hanging out after that, and then…well…we just clicked.”

“Clicked?” Panda scoffed. Grizz only nodded. “So this is why you’ve been leaving the cave all the time and being vague about what you were doing?”

“Yeah,” Grizz responded softly, guilt evident in his tone. “Pan-Pan, I’m sorry, but I know how you guys feel about him and I just didn’t really know how to tell you yet.”

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drabble / fluffy & blushy;;

Youngjae | 1055 words
anon requested: Youngjae + “I wanted to say “I love you” for the first time without stuttering, but that failed.“

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EXO Reaction when they are jealous

I’m back people! Did you have a nice rest?! I hope you did, we love you all! Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Doesn’t hide the fact he dislikes th situation*

Kris: *He just stays there, hoping you’ll notice him one day* “I thought you loved me…”

Sehun: *Does faces to the other guys you are with* “She is mine you moron!*

Tao: *Makes you jealous with someone else* “Oh sweet Panda~”

Kai: *Teases you looking so damn hot so you stop looking at the other boy*

Xiumin: *Acts mean towards the guy* “Ice cream is nice, you guys want some too? Well… NO!”

Baekhyun: *GIF*

Luhan: “I’m really going to kill that guy” *Wolf transformation*

Chen: *Says nonsense to the guys* “And then she just laughed… and he hugged her…. She pushed him … I’m pretty sure she liked him”

Kyungsoo: *Gets angry while he watches you hugging some random guy* “I don’t approve of this”

Lay: *Outraged*

Suho: “What did I do to deserve this?” *Goes to cry with the members*

Is it just me or does Tigress seem to look friendlier and friendlier after each movie? 

Look at her in the first movie:’

Second/Holiday Special:

And now third?

Like not the character development, which is obvious. I mean the face shape and such. It’s..rounder? Looks happier, kind of ore appealing, in a strange way. Maybe it’s because she’s older, or just an character redesign thing. Just something I noticed.


Prompt: Please write what happens after the elevator omelia kiss?? Smut preferably! (:

Prompt: a very wet Amelia (due to heavy rain) knocks on Owens door and ends up staying at his place during the night.

Prompt: please write owen and amelia shower sex

WARNING: I mean… read the prompts, you know the drill.

She’s in my arms, pinned against the elevator wall, kissing me hungrily. She becomes breathless and pulls away, her head tilting and allowing me to attack her neck.

“Owen,” she says, huskily. I can tell she’s full of desire because the spot I’m kissing on her throat vibrated deeply against my lips as she said it. I hold her up, pinned against the wall of the elevator with my hands on the back of her thighs. I massage the flesh there, slowly and forcefully rubbing in and out and feeling the heat begin to rise from her sensitive area.

The blood is beginning to rush from my head down south, filling my yearning cock. She grabs my face with her hands, keeping it in her control as she attacks my lips, bruising them with her sucking before relieving them with her tongue. Her tongue is everywhere. It’s on my top lip, it runs the length of my bottom, it flicks into my mouth and grazes against my teeth making her moan. It’s dizzying and I have to steady us by resting one hand on the wall behind her shoulder, her legs tightening around my waist.

As soon as she brings her body closer to mine, my erection springs into life and makes itself known to her crotch. She moans as she feels it and as I begin to grind into her hips I can’t help but groan back. Breathing is becoming impossible and I’m so caught up in her intoxicating kisses, I don’t realise the elevator springs back into action until it dings for the next floor. I look to the numbers by the door, the red button being the source of the problem and realise she must have had her hand there a while and then pushed it. By mistake or on purpose, I’m not sure.

She gasps, shoving me away as the door begins to open, and jumps out of my embrace. It’s her floor. She walks away, silently apologising with her expression as she looks back to my bent over posture attempting to mask the hard-on between my legs.

I sit on my sofa, toying with the idea of calling her. I eventually summon up the courage to press the green button below her contact picture on my screen. I feel like a fifteen-year-old when it comes to her, and in fact, a fifteen-year-old girl at that. I lift the phone to my ear and wait hopefully as the dial tones begin. One… two… we all count when it really matters to us. Three… We all want to know how desperate they are to answer the call. Four… Come on Amelia.

“Hello?” her voice blasts into my ear over crowded background noise.

“You are such a tease,” I accuse down the phone, laughing as I lift the beer bottle to my lips.

“What? I am not,” she childishly reponds. Her voice sounds light and cheerful but I can barely hear it.

“Where are you?”

“I’m at Joe’s,” she says, “excuse me.” I hear her shuffling around the room, dodging people and excusing herself as she clearly brushes passed conversation after conversation. Suddenly a bell rings and there is silence. I know that bar well and I know she’s just exited the door.

“Are you leaving?” I ask.

“Maybe, why?” she replies.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over.” I try to keep it as casual as possible and I think it may have worked.

“To your new place? But I don’t know where that is…”

“You have google maps on your phone Amelia. You’re a neurosurgeon, use your noggin on your shoulders,” I joke. “I’ll text you the address, it’s walkable from Joe’s.”

“But I have so much work to do,” she whines.

“That’s alright, you can do it here,” I say.

“But you’re so hard to ignore,” she playfully accuses. I chuckle a little at her admission.

“So see you in a bit, yeah?” I ignore her whines and excuses, desperately wanting to see her face now that I’ve heard those delicious tones.

“Ugh,” she groans. “Fine, ok. But Owen?”


“Noggin? Really?”

“Oh hush yourself and get over here,” I order.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she insists. My eyebrows instinctively raise, my mind immediately going to the thought of her moaning those exact words in my ear later tonight.

The buzzer of my apartment goes off and I jog over to the door and answer it. “It’s about time, where’ve you been?”

“Argh, just let me up,” her annoyed voice rattles through the speaker. I buzz her up and unlock the door next to me, leaving it propped open as I go to the kitchen area to get her a drink and turn the oven on to warm up some food.

“What the hell Owen?” she asks me, dropping her bag to the floor by the door and kicking her heels off to the side. It’s like she’s been here a thousand times and this was how she usually returned from work- as if I forgot to leave a key for her or something.

“What?” I ask, baffled as to what could be troubling her so much.

“That is not walking distance!” she exclaimed. “It’s like… terrential rain out there and I had to walk for like a half hour through it. I mean, thank God I didn’t wear makeup today cos right now I would look like a panda. What the hell?!”

She emphasises her point by lifting her hands into the air, her face going through a million adorable expressions as she blames me for the weather. I bite my lip in amusement but as I walk over to her with a small bottle of sparkling water (lime, of course), I can see that she is indeed very wet. Not the kind of wet I was imagining either. Physically drenched from head to toe.

She peels her jacket off her shoulders and wrings out one of the arms for dramatic effect. Water falls to the floor in a quick shower, forming a puddle.

“Amelia…” I go to tell her off, frowning at her childish behaviour, but begin to feel sympathy as I notice her pale complexion dampened by rain. I take her jacket from her hands and put the glass bottle in it instead and close the door behind her. She takes a swig from the bottle and as she starts to look around the place from her spot by the entrance, I can see she starts to shake and shiver.

“Are you cold?”

“Come over here and hug me,” she challenges, holding her hands out. I narrow my eyes in suspicion. She’s not that easy, she wouldn’t let me have it that easy without an ulterior motive and that’s when I start to see the droplets of water falling from her soaking wet hair down to her shoulders.

“I’m not falling for that. I’m warm and dry,” I laugh at her attempts. “Come on.” I take her hand and lead her the short distance through to the bathroom.

“Owen,” she tries to protest, squirming a little. As she steps through the door she stops fighting, distracted by the gorgeous bathroom she is standing in. The dark, modern tiles have been newly cleaned today and are sparkling as they bounce the light off. The huge shower is a personal favourite of mine and actually led me to getting the place. It’s multiple shower heads in all directions with various settings make it a fantastic place to be, and running alongside the wall is a bench to enjoy the sauna setting. It’s exactly what she needs right now. I turn the water on, the heat up and wait for the steam to start billowing.

“Now, get out those wet clothes, throw them out to me and I’ll put them in the dryer, take a shower, enjoy… towels are in here,” I tell her, opening a cupboard to the side of me, “and I’ll have some clothes waiting for you the other side. And a hot chocolate. Sound good?”

She doesn’t say anything, her eyes soaking in every detail of the place and the shower but eventually meeting mine. She bites her lip and I can’t help looking down to it, loving the ache it causes in my lower abdomin. God, I want to kiss her when she does that. She knows I’m looking and turns the bite into a smile. She gently whispers “thank you” before walking a little closer to me, and standing on her tiptoes to place a soft peck on my cheek. She lingers at the taller height for a minute, watching my expression and my cheek flush. Her eyes are back to mine, drawing me in. She’s incredible. I need to leave the increasingly hot room before I’m tempted to ravish her there and then.

“Owen,” she calls out to me from the shower.

“Everything ok?” I call back.

“Can you come in here?”

I frown, knowing she’s in the shower, and wonder what she’s up to. I open the door, walk through the steam and struggle to see where she is. The air is thick from heat and I feel my pores immediately open up to adjust to the drastic change.

“I can’t work out how to turn it off,” she whines from inside the glass shower walls. I politely turn around and look at the ceiling, making sure I’m not tempted to check her out.

“Oh my God Amelia, how have you not fainted by now…? It’s so hot in here!”

“Yeah, well, that’s how cold and wet I was… Can you just come in and turn it off?”

“No, cos then I’ll get wet,” I reason. “You see the knob to the right of the temperature gauge?”

“Yeah, I can see a knob, standing with his back to me.”


“Yeah, sorry, knob right of gauge, tried that, it’s not budging. I think you’ve done it too tightly,” she says.

“No you have to push the button in the middle before moving it sideways otherwise it stays put…” I try instructing her.

“Oh my God!” I hear her voice exasperate and the shower door open. She grabs my hand from behind and tugs me in. I’m immediately drenched from every direction as the hot water hits me from all angles but I’m not in the least bit bothered because she grabs either side of my face and pulls it in for a kiss. She wastes no time in desperately searching my mouth for my tongue so I open my lips to grant her access. She challenges me, making me breathless with the ferociousness of her tongue’s pace.

Her hands tug at my t-shirt, pulling it over my body and we break the kiss as I finish the job, flinging the material to the side. I pull her into me, once more attacking her mouth, her nipples beginning to harden as the skin-on-skin contact makes us both moan in pleasure. Her hands rest on my shoulders, rubbing down to my elbows and up to my neck, occasionally playing with the curls at the back.

My hands roam freely from her back down to her butt, it fitting perfectly into my palms as I squeeze. She groans into my mouth and responds by digging her teeth into my swollen lips. I encourage her behaviour by massaging her cheeks up, down and round, roughly teasing the skin with increased pressure from my fingertips. She starts to pant between kisses, desperately trying to keep up. As she breaks to catch her breath, I attack her neck and feel her gluttoral moans echoing within the depths of her throat through my lips. I keep my pace going, moving down to her breasts and taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking and flicking my tongue over it whilst one hand moves round to her clit.

Her head rolls back as my finger dips between her folds and finds the wet juices from her hot opening, spreading them up to her most sensitive area. It’s throbbing and as soon as I touch it, the moans almost turn into whines. I turn us around so her back is against the tiles and she gasps at the change of temperature from her hot skin to the cooler tiles. I take her wrists and clasp them together in one hand, lifting them above her head and pinning them there. She can’t move and as I look into her eyes, I see the darkened shades of her usually bright blue twinkle at the thought.

My other hand grabs the shower head that I know has a powerful massage setting, usually using it for my shoulders, having always been curious about its effect on a woman. She watches as the powerful thrusts of water hit the shower floor. I start by directing the flow onto her feet and she bites her lip just at the connection of water to her skin. As I work the water up her left leg, she holds her breath in anticipation as it reaches her mid thigh. I teasingly swipe it across to the right side and her teeth dig into her bottom lip as she watches.

I divert upwards, avoiding her centre completely, and cause the water to gush into her belly button. I see her whole body tense in response and as I make the harsh spitting droplets settle on her nipples, her panting begins once more and she squirms within her pinned position.

My erection is in full swing as I watch her writhe under the effects of the shower upon her breasts and I smile, knowing I can no longer keep the pleasure back from her. I quickly lower the head in between her legs and hold it steady as I make sure the pounding stream of water hits her clit. The volume of her gasp, and the ensuing moans, makes me groan with pain. I’m conflicted. I want to keep pleasuring her and watching as she delights in the sensations the hot water is causing but my hands are tied and I’m unable to release any pent up sexual frustration. My balls tighten significantly and my penis aches from the amount of blood pumping into it, caused by the image of her wet naked body being pleasured by water.

Her legs start to visibly shake and I can see her breasts rising and falling more dramatically as her breathing becomes laboured and erratic. Her body spasms as the orgasm hits her, her stomach tensing and her face frozen in ecstacy. It doesn’t relent and her silence as her body experiences things outside her control means I get to watch her temporarily enter another universe.

I can’t take it anymore, I’m too turned on and my dick is about to explode. I drop the shower head, pull my soaking wet bottoms down and lift her up from under her knees. I pin her to the wall with my body as I line up my throbbing tip with her moist opening. I ease into her, aware of how sensitive the area must be due to my impatience causing me to cut her orgasm short. She smiles as the feeling washes over her and my jaw clenches as her walls tightly wrap around the length of my cock. I’m already so deep within her that it only takes the tight clenching of her opening around the base of my shaft to release a primal desire to thrust. I hold her hips steady and pump into her, watching her breasts dance up and down in movement before taking her lips into mine, clumsily attempting to kiss her as my orgasm builds.

She reaches down to find the cord of the shower head and drags it into her posession. She points it between our bodies and now I understand everything she was going through. Both of us explode, the continuous and rhythmic patterns of the water stream being felt in both our inner cores and helping to keep the orgasms alive for longer than usual. I watch her hit a second wave and keep pumping my cock into her to help her ride it out this time.

Best. Orgasm. Ever.

“Hey, do you want some coffee or something?” I ask as I stroll around the apartment, clearing a couple of things up. She sits on the table, paperwork sprawled out in front of her and her laptop illuminating her face. Her damp hair is scrunched into a messy bun and her petite frame is being drowned by my large t-shirt and boxers. She looks perfect.

“I’m ok thanks,” she dismisses, too immersed in her work. I sit down on the sofa, take out a book and begin reading. We sit, silent in each other’s company but happy to be the opposite side of a room from one another. It’s like it’s happened a thousand times and this was just another night in the Hunt-Shepherd household.

It’s 2.30am, I apologise for any mistakes- I’m a bit delirious right now…

MONSTRA’S TOP 50 SONGS OF 2015 [spotify playlist]

01. Hotline Bling - Drake  // 02. The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala // 03. Ch-Ching - Chairlift // 04. Kill V. Maim - Grimes // 05. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars // 06. The Blacker The Berry - Kendrick Lamar // 07. Should Have Known Better - Sufjan Stevens // 08. Multi-Love - Unknown Mortal Orchestra // 09. Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddamn Thirsty Crow - Father John Misty // 10. Gunga Din - The Libertines // 11. Pretty Pimpin - Kurt Vile // 12. Daffodils - Mark Ronson ft. Kevin Parker // 13. A New Wave - Sleater-Kinney // 14. Bad Believer - St. Vincent // 15. Cream On Chrome - Ratatat // 16. Blue - Marina and The Diamonds // 17. Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna // 18. Zond - Pond // 19. Boys Latin - Panda Bear // 20. Franks Katus - Dungen // 21. Maps - Maroon 5 // 22. FloriDada - Animal Collective // 23. Living My Life - Deerhunter // 24. Chili Town - Hinds // 25. Who Wears the Pants? - Soko // 26. Real - Years & Years // 27. Sparks - Beach House // 28. Continental Shelf - Viet Cong // 29. What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber // 30. Only One - Kanye West // 31. Can’t Feel My Face - The Weeknd // 32. Magnets - Disclosure ft. Lorde // 33. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko // 34. You’re a Germ - Wolf Alice // 35. Clearest Blue - CHVRCHES // 36. Black Magic - Little Mix // 37. Mountain At My Gates - Foals // 38. Trying - Bully // 39. World Pleasure - Peace // 40. Break - Party Nails // 41. Borders - M.I.A. // 42. Can’t Get Enough Of Myself - Santigold ft. B.C. // 43. Bird Of Prey - Natalie Prass // 44. Lonesome Street - Blur // 45. Anesthetized Lesson - GUM // 46. Empty Nesters - Toro Y Moi // 47. You’re So Cool - Nicole Dollanganger // 48. never - jennylee // 49. Dark Issues - Mourn // 50. Handsome - The Vaccines 

Just The Two Of Us

“I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight. I didn’t mean to fall in love tonight. You’re looking like you fell in love tonight. Could we pretend that we’re in love?”

You were staring down at the photograph in your hand remembering that night. He was in socks and his boxers, the hotel bathrobe on his shoulders as he smiled at the camera. You felt your cheeks heat up with just the thought of that night, feeling warm and happy again…

The music was blasting, Biggie was on after Nirvana, and you were dancing around the room in your underwear feeling high and free. Jung Kook came out of the bathroom in big, cheesy yellow glasses and the hotel bathrobe over his body. He jumped on the bed with you and together you two create chaos.

“Kookie, smile!” You said as you snapped the photo on the polaroid.

“Y/N, you know how much I love spending time with you, right?” he kneeled down next to you as you admired the photo.

“Hmmm!” You mumbled.

“And you know how much you mean to me?” he whispered, bringing his lips to your neck. “This, right here, is what I will miss.”

When you thought about that night you remembered how distance only made it worse. You tried really hard to let the feelings go and you thought maybe if he stopped being him the feelings would eventually just die. You were wrong always when it came to him.

His lips met yours and you smiled with how soft they were. This felt so wrong yet so right and you did not want to stop. Neither did he. Jung Kook wrapped his arms under you and you straddled his waist as he kissed you over and over again. What about his girlfriend? What about her? Weren’t you just second best?

You stared at the next photo in your hand. Kook had his eyes closed, collar bones out, and a small grin on his face, your hand was in the picture as you were pushing some hair out of his face. What does this make you two? What did that night mean to him? You wanted to know if it meant a lot to him as much as it meant to you. You sighed to yourself just as your phone began to ring. “Incoming call, Kookie”.

“What about…” you moaned under him. Feeling the heat between your legs grow deeper with excitement.

“What about her?” He asked. “I don’t love her.”

“Then what about me?” you whispered as he gripped your thighs in place and looked you in the eyes.

“Let’s pretend that we’re in love.” He kissed you before crawling inside of you and you gripped his arms.

But I am in love with you…

You try not to let it show, everything you want from him and you knew he saw it. You stared at his name wondering what he wanted this time. He was all you could think about and you wondered if he ever thought about you. Did he? Now was the time for answers.

“Kookie?” you answered the phone.

Y/N. I need to tell you something. When can I see you?” he asked.

You had your polaroid in one hand and your other hand was pushing some hair out of his face. He laid beside you, both of you exhausted yet relieved from the recent events. He gave you a small grin as you snapped the photo, the room dark around him. You looked back at the photo before putting your polaroid and photos away. He quickly brought your body on top of his and you were looking down at him.

“We have to leave soon,” he whispered.

“Do we have to?” you asked.

“What else is there to do? We have lives out in the world, you know,” he said.

“Living sucks,” you sighed.

“Living sucks only if you’re not actually living,” he kissed your nose.

“Are you living?” you asked.

“I am now.”

You walked to your usual hangout place, the skate park by the school, walking with your head low and hands in your pockets. Kook was waiting on some tubes kicking his feet back and forth. You sat next to him and he looked up and looked at you with a smile on his face.

“I broke up with her,” he said suddenly and you looked up at him, a look of relief flashing over your face.

“Why?” you asked feeling like an idiot afterwards.

“I tried, I really did but I just…I couldn’t, especially after that night,” he sighed.

“Oh,” you said, looking down. A moment of silence came over you two before he slipped his hand in yours immediately warming your body up.

I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight. I didn’t mean to fall in love…you’re looking like you fell in love tonight,” He whispered in your ear. You looked up and met his eyes, and you smiled.

-Admin Panda AKA @jesusagrees 

your daughter


- “c’mon Luke” you groan impatiently, shrugging your coat closer to you.  “I’m almost done” he mumbles buttoning the last button on Ellie’s coat.  he smiles at the bubbly child and puts a blue beanie on her head to match yours. 

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In Dreams

The silence was what woke Tigress. Over the past week, carpenters and various artisans had been arriving at the Jade Palace at dawn to continue the repairs, and the sounds of the construction work could be heard even down in the village. From the look of the light glowing through the paper walls of her room, Tigress estimated that she had risen a little late, past daybreak, and yet there was no sound. She opened her window and looked out.

The Palace was deserted. There were no carpenters, no masons, no Masters…and no damage. The Jade Palace was in perfect condition.

Considering that the previous day the roof had been leaning to one side and several walls had been missing, this was a matter of extreme concern. Tigress jumped across her room and into the hallway, knocking heavily on the door opposite hers before entering.

“Po, get up, there’s something wrong…”
The room was empty.

It contained, for the first time in years, nothing but a futon and a small chest, completely lacking in the posters, scrolls, and knick-knacks the panda had collected. Even the paint splatters on the floor were gone.

Something like dread turned her stomach to stone, and she jumped – actually jumped – when the gong sounded. Behind her, the others opened their doors and stood at attention.

“Good morning, Master,” they said in perfect synchronicity. Tigress turned around to see five pairs of eyes on her. The Five and Po had been getting up at odd hours the entire week, since training had been put off in favor of repairing the Palace and restoring its relics and artifacts. Nobody had been greeting Shifu at the sound of the gong because they were usually gone by that time.

“Something the matter, Tigress,” said Shifu testily. Tigress gestured to the eerily empty room.

“Much, Master. Where is Po?”


Tigress clenched her fists to stop her paws from shaking.

Po. Do you know where he is? His room is empty.”
The others looked at her with wide eyes, as if they had no idea what she was talking about. Shifu’s ears lowered, and he limped forward. Tigress suddenly noticed that his robe was brown again, the green embroidery missing.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Tigress, but it stops now. End this foolishness. Come,”

He said roughly, gesturing to the others as he turned back around. They hesitantly began to follow him, but Viper slithered over to Tigress.

“Are you okay?”
Tigress clenched her jaw, looking again into Po’s empty room. Her lungs felt like they couldn’t draw enough air, and despite her efforts her paws shook visibly. Something was extremely wrong. She stepped over Viper and wove through the others, bolting down the corridor on all fours before opening the door at the end of the hallway; upon seeing it empty, she cracked the doorframe in her fist. Behind her, Shifu called out, but for the first time in her life she ignored him.

Tigress exited the barracks and jumped down the stairs, running as fast as she could to the village. The Palace grounds were emptier than they had been in weeks, completely absent of construction workers and volunteers. There was no debris, no piles of wood or stone or recovered objects, and though the damage to the Palace had been heartbreaking, the sudden absence of it chilled Tigress to her core. She dodged boulders and skipped stairs, her heart pounding as she made it to the Palace terrace.

Lei Lei had not been in her room. She, Bao, and Grandma Panda had been staying in the barracks for the past week, but when Tigress had opened the door the room was as empty as Po’s. Fear pulsed through her heart with every beat, and it was enough to make her feet slip dangerously. She leapt onto the terrace and made for the stairs, but a moving figure caught her eye. She turned, and skid to a halt.

Master Oogway was walking across the other side of the terrace, heading for the entrance to the Hall of Heroes.

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anonymous asked:

You've changed, man. It used to be all about the music, but now? Now, I don't even know. First it was the occasional groupie, maybe some pot, and I was cool with that, you know. But now, it's all about the money, the drugs, the women, the men, the sheep, and that one panda. It's like I don't even know who you are anymore. I can't be a part of this downward spiral anymore. I'm out.

Woah, woah, woah- first of all, that panda came on to me. Okay?  And the sheep thing was totally innocent, I couldn’t sleep, room service sent several up, I was counting, we fell asleep, and that maid just misunderstood what she saw in the morning.

And what about you, man? I mean, I don’t even recognize you. With your sunglasses and your grey face. You used to be different! You used to have a nose! Did you lose that in a back alley paper-rock-scissors tournament, too? Do you owe people noses? Is that why you keep trying to steal noses off of kids’ faces? How deep do the lies go, man? Where does it end?

5SOS. Grand Piano PT 2

PT 1 is here. I highly recommend getting comy. This is hella long. I was going to add a part about March in at the end, but this is long enough. There won’t be a part 3, but instead seperate stories regarding the unfinished business (Emmeline, March and Daphne, etc.) Don’t worry. I HAVE A PLAN. So enjoy. It took a very long time to write, I hope it’s okay.

Clutching a cookbook that was more neon Post-It notes than it was pages, Penelope darted up the stairs to her bedroom, Emmeline clad in her tight workout gear behind her, talking a mile a minute about the new receptionist at the gym with a mean case of resting bitch face and snarltooth. Penny was making a sharp turn into her room when further down the hall, Miles hissed at the girls like an alley cat, waving them to come over to where he was standing in his doorway. 

“What’s up?” Penelope lazily leaned against the frame and asked, her brother’s attention elsewhere.

“Daphne came over upset. She didn’t even ring the doorbell.” Eagerly, Miles filled his older sister in. “Something’s going on. We’re listening.” He said referring to Taylor who was on the other end of his bedroom, rifling through a top drawer for a sweater to borrow.

“Don’t.” Smacking her glossed lips at him, Penelope tried. “Give them privacy.” She only then realized that March’s door was open, vulnerable to any interested ears. 

“That’s what I said.” With a sing-song sound, Taylor piped in.

“Oh, Penny…Oh, Taylor, so beautiful, but so dull, an open door is an open invitation.” Emmeline informed the two, already standing as close as she could to March’s door without being spotted. She adjusted her chest beneath her red sports bra, as bright as it was tight, and made herself comfortable against the wall. A baby picture of Penelope in a diaper on the beach with both her parents hanging framed above her head. 

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“All I’m saying is red pandas are the cutest little shits in the entire world. Have you seen their little faces? They do this thing with their paws, like—” Jamie then proceeded to imitate the animal in question with a soft giggle “Like, come on. What’s cuter than that? I want a red panda. And I should not leave my house this high. I promise I had a point here.”