like a painting

well, my girlfriend and i are doing a poth roleplay and pretty much Palette painted his face to just, well test his new face paints. this is how it turned out when i drew it!! rip hes so cute,, i love this bab

@nekophy by the way this is my first time drawing goth omfg

i haven’t spent much time painting this year, but i started thinking about one of revan’s heads and the hair style specifically and came to the conclusion kotor had the best bioware hairs

taehyung is the god of visuals, you can’t even disagree. he’s so beautiful to the point where sometimes i feel like he’s a painting

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Hey! This might be a controversial question, but I was hoping to hear your opinion. My friend wants to cosplay Garnet - only problem is she is white and wants to paint herself red. I don't think it's a good idea for my friend to do this, as she'll get a lot of hate for it. She doesn't think it's black-facing, but it kinda is? (We're not American, so we don't really have this cultural issue and it isn't talked about/seen very often.) Do you have any advice for me?

ah yeah thats kind of a difficult topic. Im not an expert in the area or anything but I would avoid doing body paint like that, that won’t end well even if your friend doesn’t have bad intentions. She can totally cosplay whoever she wants–i think it’s fine for people of any gender, race etc. to cosplay any character they like–but doing body paint for a character like Garnet is not going to be perceived well. If anyone else has thoughts on this please feel free to reply, like i said i am not an expert and don’t mean to offend anyone

 Matilda set the paint brush down and looked over her shoulder. “You know, if you are bored I have extra paint brushes. You are more then welcome to help me. “ She said with a smile “There is more then likely some free coffee in it for you” she added 


People like to paint me in a certain way, but I’m a hugely sex-positive person and I have nothing against anyone getting naked. For me personally I just don’t think it really would complement my music in any way or help me tell a story any better. It’s not like I have a problem with dancing around in undies—I think you can use that stuff in a hugely powerful way. It just hasn’t felt necessary for me.

Very slowly redecorating the Song house to be more christmas-y.. The music was changed to Snowcloak’s theme and the lights are dimmed down to 1 for now.

@cinnamon-suncat i want to put up some more stuff when the event comes around cus they’ll be giving new decorations but i don’t want to ruin all of the hard work aksdjbfds

I’M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still have to actually do the graduation ceremony but I am now 100% complete with all of my classes. My final critique went amazingly yesterday and I’ll post some pictures of that eventually. And my final research presentation today went pretty well. Now I basically get to kick back while everybody else goes through finals.


Wowee! it’s been 3 and half years since I got back into painting! and I have 52 canvases now!,I actually quit painting when I was younger and got back into it from an anime (believe it or not)(it was barakamon I know you were wondering),now this year I’ve decided to open my own shop! (I can’t wait!)

looking back on my progress from a few years back,I’m so proud of myself and so happy with how far I’ve come!

….I still can’t believe 52 canvases honestly…

a somewhat preemptive Art Summary™️ of 2016 which i am very excited to present!! its hard to believe ive only been doing digital for roughly a year and a quarter for how much i rely on it. 

I guess if i have to say something, its that its a bit discouraging how my anatomy has only barely improved in a year…but my painting/shading technique has come leaps!!

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do you use references for your art or is it all from imagination?

oh theres fucking definitely references for clothing/guns/settings for sure. tho probably not in the way you think. lol like im gunna be sittin there eyeballin’ where certain buildings are and the GPS coordinates of how they relate to each other in a made-up city of ludendorff :-P LOL. its much like painting from real life though, use certain images for references for how lighting hits shit, use other niche ref photos for how made-up guns from GTA look, for example. like a… digital plein air. you gotta use shit to stay true, but then mentally lump all that knowledge together under your own version of a story, and voila. set your scene, insert characters, mentally storyboard where they’re gunna be within the “shot”, how they portray shit, then you’re good. esp when you try and be ””cinematic”” about art, you gotta be precise with framing, how postures and poses tell a story, etc. 

anyway this is probably very longwinded for what you meant, but hopefully that helps! please god dont ever be afraid to use refs. jeez, yeah, have it open on a new monitor and cross ref for cloth folds, cross ref for hotel signs and technical details. (example: how light hits dull metal or whatever) just use your mind to tell your own story with the organic stuff. if that makes sense lol so… build a visual library, cross reference that shit to amalgamate your final ‘scene’ i guess. at least thats how i do it (or have been, lately. oh god lord knows ive been trying)

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Harry definitely paints his nails while he talks on the phone. He tries one color, does a whole hand, decides he doesn't like it and paints over it with his go-to black.

and he gets grumpy when his hand accidentally slips and he ends up with polish on his skin and the other person on the line is like “did i say something wrong”