like a painting

When you realize you can’t paint and you neglected your beloved chemistry book…

how often do you think alexander sort of fibbed about his parents ? 

Thanks a lot to the people who support arts even if it is not fanarts (not art related to any fandom) just ocs or original arts ! Because supporting something you are not into it but to help the artist is the real care! So thank you guys ! ×3


Disney’s Twelve Basic Principles of Animation claims that the most important principle of animation is squash and stretch. In essence, squash and stretch is there to give more exaggerated movement to characters or objects. It is quite literally, the squashing and stretching of objects. Squash and Stretch can be used to show more force on impact or even to help show anticipation as well as show acceleration. It’s a principle that can be found in every animation ranging from the stylised to the realistic. It helps make animations feel more natural and appealing, and squash and stretch is actually an integral part of reality.

Honestly the best part of the movie.

(Redbubble) (My Star Wars art was removed last time, so maybe an limited run)