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Almost done. 

Kaylee from Firefly

(Doesn’t really look like her though. grr… I’ll get it soon hopefully) Getting closer with that

So you know how Josh Whedon said the show was about “nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things”. So what I want to do eventually is draw each of the characters as they look into that blackness. And if anyone were to see all the colors and beauty of space it would definitely be Kaylee. So she gets a half smile and a nebula in the background :D 

Hopefully I will finish this one up eventually and I’ll probably space out the rest of the portraits between projects for the next few months. Thats the plan anyways. Let’s see how long my attention span is. 

janky-painted-butterfly asked:

Hi, I'm wondering if you know any shops to buy cute, pastelly/princessy tshirts? Thanks!

yeah sure! i’ll list here some of the cute stores i affiliate with then (discount code for all: amekori) but you should also check out sites like sheinside (or my favorite aliexpress lol), there are a lot of more simple but still cute pastel tees c:

☆ asiancute (pastel ones: clouds print tshirt $27, tennis club long tshirt $28)

fashionkawaii (peter pan collar blouse $30, pastel navy shirt $32, pastel straps tunic $36)

fashioncute (dolly tshirt $29, bunny print tshirt $25)

fashionstore (bat sleeves lace tshirt $20, sheep print tshirt $26, grunge pastel stars tshirt $30)

☆ harajukufashion (totoro blouse $25, sailor moon tshirt $33)

yumeni (pastel ‘no rain’ tee < i want this one myself seriously so cute $15, food tshirts $15, polka dot tee $15)

sorry if that’s not exactly what you asked for but hope it helped somehow! ; u ;


van gogh, la chambre à coucher, 1889