like a ooc boss


Unhappy with the ending, the ASSes accused Sasuke of being so out-of-character, and I must say that I TOTALLY AGREE with them.

Because you know what, Sasuke was always being so OOC every time Sakura-fucking-Haruno was near him. Need an explanation? Ok, here we go:

  1. He blushed

Did the arrogant Sasuke easily blush? No.

There were only two people in his entire life that often made him go red. The first one is his big big big brother Itachi. And guess who the second one was?

Even when Kakashi recalled the memories of team 7 in chapter 675, he clearly remembered the red face of Sasuke when listening to Sakura’s dream. Why did Kishi have to make sure we all see his face turn red like this? Hmm, interesting… Sasuke was so OOC wasn’t he?

  1. He reacted

Did the introvert Sasuke often open up his feeling or intention to other people? No.

But there was this girl that made him answer every time she asked or called his name:

He told her about his darkest moment.

He got super angry when she was beaten.


He calmly told her his intention.

He managed to explain to her, even when everything was in chaos

He immediately replied to her and gently showed her that he cared


He called her name first, in every team 7 reunion. And these ones are my favorite moments:

- Ignored Naruto, only had eyes on Sakura. A little bit hesitation before replying to her.

- Didn’t know how to react coz’ she showed up too suddenly. No time for preparation. Better hide the creepy Rinnegan first.

Overall, don’t you see that he was so awkward being near her?

And that was OOC, indeed.

  1. He knew

ASSes claimed that Sasuke didn’t have feelings for Sakura, but Naruto did. Are you sure ASSes?

Sasuke noticed every tiny detail of her facial expressions. How about Naruto?

Even when they were not together for a long time, he still was clearly aware that she was a medic nin.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura were always together, but Naruto never had the ability to detect her sadness as Sasuke did.

  1. He touched

Did the self-centered Sasuke like physical contact? No.

But still there was someone…

He leaned on her after being bitten by Orochimaru. Their hands were intertwined. 

Even when he was exhausted, he could not take his eyes off her

And this is the biggest OOC Sasuke. When the spoiler of 685 was leaked, I still thought this was a fan art or something.

“OMG Really? Is that you Sasuke???” was my first thought.

And you know what? There’s a funny thing here:

Why didn’t Kaguya just throw Sasuke into that acid dimension?

She could have killed him easily by doing that, but nah, Kishi let Kaguya throw him into a HOT desert, so that he had more chance to expose his perfect bare chest, to be rescued by Sakura, then touched her injured arm and finally held her like this. Skin on skin! 

After that, he was even more OOC when he let her lean on him a little longer and talked to Obito like a boss. 

And the most OOCness of Sasuke is the gentle tap on her head. Every Naruto reader (not just SasuSaku shippers only) understands its big hidden meaning. 

  1. He smiled

Did the ice-cube Sasuke often genuinely smile at someone? No.

But there was an only exception. And his smile implied a lot of wonderful meanings which no words can express.

He smiled to cheer her up when she was insecure of her ability before the Chuunin exam.

“You have noticed first, right Sakura?”

He smiled in satisfaction when she got her confidence back.


He gently smiled to say goodbye to her, after listening to her confession.

“Thank you, Sakura”

He smiled with pride and a little amusement when he saw her monstrous strength after a long time not being together. A real turn on.

“Don’t get in my way, Naruto!!”

He tried to smile in sadness; his feet froze when she confessed again.

“You’re still damn annoying, Sakura”

And this time, he truly smiled in happiness with a promise to get back to her and bring her with him.

“Next time, for sure, Sakura!”

You know what, Sasuke’s gentle smile is for Sakura, and only Sakura, nuff said.

  1. Bonus: He remembered

He thought about team 7 as a family, with Sakura and her middle finger!

Seriously Sasuke??? Are you really that OOC ???


Sasuke tried to be cool and cruel all the time, yet he was only human, and he couldn’t resist this natural feeling for someone. And whenever he tried to hide his soft side, he was being so awkward, so OOC as the ASSes have mentioned.

Oh come on, ASSes, just answer this simple question:

Are you being OOC whenever the person you have feeling for is around you? 

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