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you say / sometimes you get so far into your own head that i worry you’re never going to come back / and i try to explain that the memories have strong teeth / & they drag you down by the ankles / it’s like finding wonderland / and then realizing every character is a person from your past you wanted to forget / maybe we all bleed red like the hero of the story / but they’re out here splitting throats just for fun / i keep my head down / respond to the wrong name / make myself the blush of a new moon / this is a tattered fairy tale / and i’m breaking up my crown / swallowing the jewels to keep myself rooted / the trees stay silent / they’ve seen this story play out a hundred times over / but the birds all have a lot to say / starry word riddles / keep your eyes closed to the river / stare too long and you’ll see the blood lost / bodies returned to the sea / wind as a banshee that never stops screaming / sometimes i get so far into my own head / and i lose my way out / beheaded and blood lust / birds laughing in the distance / water lapping up to take what’s left of me
—  MANIC WONDERLAND, angelea l.
From Fairy Tales to Reality

Originally posted by jonsnowsource

Request: anon asked “Hey could you please write a Jon Snow x reader after the battle of bastards. Like Jon saves the reader from Ramsey. Please make it super fluffy :D”

Warnings: cuss words, ramsay being disgusting, implied rape

Word Count: 1435


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Know whats unfair??

Princess Aurora is barely ever referred to as her real name. Like. Ever

Almost everyone I know just calls her Sleeping Beauty. Because that was the name of the fairy tale/movie.

I honestly referred to her as her name and the person i was talking to was like, “Who?”

LIKE. That’s so unfair to her.. What the hell.. 


Rajigaze Dec 16

Reita: Okay, shall we go to Christmas mail?

Uruha: Okay~

Reita: Ah! It says, “I want Uruha to read it!”

Uruha: Huh!?

Reita: Can you do it? I know you’re bad at this stuff.

Uruha: But it’s so long…

Reita: It ok  

Uruha: …It’s this one right

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah…what nice BGM for this

(*It’s Last Christmas)

Uruha: “Radio name, I love sweets. Reita-san, Uruha-san, good evening. Since the theme is Christmas, there’s something I want to ask you. Of course you ca…can’t have Christmas without cake”

Reita: Yes (laughing at Uru’s slip-up)

Uruha: “So, what is your go-to cake for Christmas? Is it the standard whipped cream cake that looks like fresh white snow? Maybe chocolate cake that goes perfect with red wine? Or is it the special Christmas cake, buuche dee N..oel …?? Kugurofu …the fairy tale-like….hekusen house…!?”

(Reita laughing cause Uru can’t pronounce shit)

Uruha: “By the way, for me, it would have to be buche de noel if I’m making it, or if I’m buying it it would be either buche de noel or chocolate cake. Also, Christmas Eve and Christmas day fall on a weekend this year. Everyone will be …kyakyaufufu –” THIS IS TOO HARD TO READ THERE’S TOO MUCH KATAKANA (giggles)

(*That last bit was supposed to be the sound of people partyin and havin a good ol time)

(Reita dying laughing)

Uruha: “Everyone will be having a happy time. But I’ll be spending it quietly at home alone. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas!”

(long pause)

Uruha: …Yeah

Reita: I have no idea what you were saying

Uruha: Yeah same

Reita: Like what’s ‘kugurofu’… (*trying 2 say kouglof)

Uruha: What’s buche de noel…

Reita: Idk….

Uruha: 'Hekusen’…they said it’s a special Christmas cake, so maybe we’re the only ones who don’t know what it is.

Reita: Yeah probably

(both laugh)

Reita: I don’t know what any of them are.

Uruha: But like red wine with chocolate cake sounds good.

Reita: Of course u would

Uruha: Ye

Reita: Well like obviously I know what chocolate cake is but 'kugurofu’ and like 'buche de noel’…

Uruha: And also 'hekusen house’…it’s a house?

(Reita bursts out laughing but like it is a house it’s a gingerbread house fuck off Reita)

Uruha: Eatin some kugurofu at the hekusen house

(Reita dying)

Uruha: Yeh u kno? Yesterday I went to the hekusen house and had me some kugurofu

Reita: Ur crazy man…

Uruha: (giggling) And then the buche de Noel came out and man…I lost it…

Reita: Really!! Oh cause you drank too much wine?

Uruha: Ah yes because I also had some rich chocolate cake that paired nicely with red wine…

Reita: (laughing) You’re an idiot.

Uruha: Ye that was my Christmas.

Reita: Dude I just pulled up a picture of hekusen house and it’s really a house!!!!

Uruha: What!?

Reita: So I guess you break the house and then eat it?

Uruha: …Ohh, is it a house-shaped cake?

Reita: Ahh I see, so it’s like you’re demolishing the house as you eat it…

Uruha: Well…yeh I guess… [some other joke about kouglof idk]

Reita: So anyway back to the question…

Uruha: Which one do we like?

Reita: (laughs) UM I DON’T KNOW??

Uruha (in very sweet voice): I like chocolate cake.

Reita: Yeah I gotta go with kugurofu. I probably eat it once every three days.

(Awkward pause and giggling)

Reita: Ohhh so this is kugurofu (*looking at a pic now)

Uruha: Ohhhh oh oh

Reita: I’ve seen it before, I’ve never eaten it before tho (laughs) …what was the other thing again?

Uruha: Buche de noel

Reita: Buche de noel…Oh I think everyone knows of this one…especially girls know this one.

Uruha: Yeah cause girls eat it

Reita: But I don’t think guys – ohhh okay, it’s that one that looks like a log!

Uruha: Ahhhh!

Reita: Yeah!

Uruha: I didn’t know it had a name!

Reita: Yeah! Okay, so next time I go to the store I’m gonna be like 'yes could I please have this buche de noel’

Uruha: Yeah…buche de – oh 'bush’??

Reita: Huh?

Uruha: Like in the woods???

Reita: Huh? Does 'bush’ mean woods?

Uruha: I don’t know??

Reita: Oh like 'forest’???

Uruha: Oh really??

Reita: Man idk (laughs) I’m gonna shut up now

Uruha: But ur guess is probably more far off than mine

Reita: Yes it’s GEGEGE

(*He’s reusing his stupid joke from the previous mail don’t even worry about it)

Uruha: Well anyway…

Reita: Yeah..

Uruha: They said they’re spending Christmas alone….damn even though they know so much about cake they’re alone…

(Reita dies laughing)

Uruha: Yeh

Reita: But they still wish we will have a happy Christmas! I mean, some people who are lonely would wish everyone else is lonely too. I’m glad they’re not that kind of person.

(buzzer goes off)

Uruha: What a great mail

Reita: What a great mail


The Dreamy Town of Amalthea


“Yes Lily I think we have… once upon a dream…”

The dreamy town of Amalthea by @chibimayorlily is an absolutely fantastic town and I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it was to explore! What I particularly enjoyed about this fantastic town was exploring all  four of the houses each of which depict the story of a different Disney Princess, and being the huge Disney fan that I am, I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more!
Here in Amalthea you will meet Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast’s Belle, Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora and The Little Mermaid’s Ariel! Each of the homes have been so well thought out and put together that they excellently depict each of the four fairy tales, and despite the characters not being named after the stories, it’s in no way difficult to tell who’s house you are in!
If like me you’re a big Disney fan, I honestly couldn’t recommend this highly enough, and if you’re not well, all I will say is… Go and visit now!!! GO NOW!


“I had been obsessed with the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, ‘The Little Mermaid’, ever since I was a kid. And I fantasized about being one myself; I tied my feet together in the pool and practiced swimming like that from a very early age. The best thing about Splash’s success was little kid’s loving it. To this day, when they come up to me, they’re like, “Madison!” I’ve met hundreds of kids named Madison, and they all want to go swimming with me. I love that.” - Daryl Hannah

Fairy Tail = Fairy Tale

Guys fairy tales literally always end with the good guy winning every single time. “Happily ever after” is literally a textbook term in Mythology and Folklore, so I’m pretty sure Hiro may have taken that into consideration when naming the show.

Yes Hiro does come up with some pretty BS ways of the main characters always winning, and I’m aware a lot of people are gonna be like, “It was total BS! Fairy Tail is crap!”

Like yeah, sure, but it’s MY crap mk?

If a prince can take down a motherfucking dragon with just his sword with the mindset of love for his princess, then Erza can take down a motherfucking dragon with just her sword (which wendy enchanted) with the mindset of love for her guild


All the credit to @abovethesmokestacks for the banner and the beta-reading and the crap-ton of help and encouragement she provided while I wrote this.  We’ve spent so much time talking about Supernatural!Seb things it’s almost become an obsession.  (I believe @bakexprayxlove and @vesraen might have been interested in this too)

Sort of an RPF, but also sort of not??? It’s pretty much a merfolk fairy tale where the merman happens to look like and have the same name as everybody’s favorite Chubby Dumpling 

It’s pretty long, but I hope you enjoy!

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.  Thrashing wildly against violent waves in the middle of the sea.  Weighed down with the saturation of your heavy overcoat and trousers without even the stars to guide you in which direction to go.  The barest hint of moonlight shone through the clouds, just enough that you could make out each salty crest that could be your death.  A part of you, behind the sputtering and flailing and quickly tiring muscles, wished it was pitch black instead.  At least then, maybe your brain would give up the damnable, desperate idea of hope.

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Final trailer!!! Oh! My! Gosh!!!


It seemed like it in other trailers, but this trailer makes it clear that they are making some changes to adhere closer to the original fairy tale. Namely:

  • Belle’s father is now caught picking a rose from the Beast’s garden, and is imprisoned as a “theif”
  • The Beast’s library isn’t just some remnant of his living in a castle, he’s actually well-read. 

The second (if it turns out to be the case and the Beast’s line in the trailer isn’t just his lying), as many will know, is a huge departure from the Disney original. The Beast being basically some bookish Tiger man is something found in various versions of the classic fairy tale

but was something swapped in the Disney version. Disney chose to make Belle the bookish one, and instead chose to the leave the Beast almost entirely uneducated. In fact, they chose to have him be illiterate, and in the Disney version, Belle reading to the Beast, and teaching him to read, has been a major iconic part of their journey towards each other. 

But here’s the thing, I don’t hate this change? I can see reasons to hate it. The Beast being illiterate added to the sense of his abandoned/mistreated past, the prevailing headcanon that he was openly neglected or abondoned by his royal family for one reason or another, and basically left to be raised by a castle staff who were not allowed to say no to him. The lack of love and lack of discipline, plus being turned into a monster as a child, leading to him growing up to be the person he is today. 

A family who cared about him would have tutors who insisted on teaching him things a prince (even one who isn’t set to inherit the thrown, as that’s never established - he might be tenth in line) should know. His being illiterate implies some angst. 

But, on the flip side, it does make sense that a royal would be educated. It makes more sense that they would be than that they wouldn’t be. And more that that, this is someone who’s been socially isolated in a castle with no peers since they were eleven years old. The Beast and Belle both having taken refuge in books when they felt like they couldn’t connect with the rest of the world is something for them to bond over. 

I’m of two minds. I simultaneously like the nod to the classic fairy tale, like the shared interest between characters, like the ways it makes sense for the character (nobility and isolated would lead to reading), and like the additional point of distinction between Gaston and the Beast. 

On the other hand, my main criticism of it would be (aside from it being a departure that I’m sure some Disney purists will be mad about), is that while adding one kind of distinction between the Beast and Gaston, it removes another? 

Both the Beast and Gaston are initially demanding of Belle, with no regard for her wants or her autonomy. To both Gaston and the Beast, Belle asserts herself and demands respect. Gaston responds by more aggressive pursuit and violence. The Beast responds by 1) rushing out to follow her and saving her life and 2) taking a step back to learn attempting to be kind, before eventually entirely respecting her freedom. Similarly, both Gaston and the Beast don’t know much about books and don’t share Belle’s interest. Gaston responds by mocking Belle’s interest and telling her she should take on his interests instead. The Beast responds by taking an interest in her interests, and trying to learn more about them. 

Basically the story is one of two assholes who the same woman stands up to, and the the point of distinction between them is their response to being called out on their bullshit. And the Beast already loving reading does undermine that parallel. 

BUT- The trailer goes out of its way to emphasize that this movie is about The Beast having to put in the work to Learn How To Love.

I and a million others have talked before about how the characterization of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as a story of a girl who ~changes~ a monster into a good person with ~the power of her love~ is a gross misreading of the story. The Beast loves Belle before she loves him. That’s not speculation, it’s textual canon. The instance their love is reciprocal, the spell breaks. Their love isn’t reciprocal until the end. Before then, Belle is a prisoner. The Beast saves her life, is kind to her, enjoys her company, gives her nice things, goes on a romantic date with her, and then he let’s her go. And says outright he has to let her go specifically because he loves her. The message is clear, none of the rest of that stuff can really be love without respect for the other person’s right to say no and walk away. Meanwhile, Belle can’t love him until after she’s been let go and willingly returned as a free agent, not a prisoner. The message again, is very clear. You can’t say yes to being in love unless you have the freedom to consent, which means the freedom to say no if you choose. She couldn’t love him while a prisoner. 

So anyway, the journey of the Beast being the one who has to learn to love has always been inseparable from a journey about learning to respect others and learning to respect consent. And this trailer’s added emphasis on that is really promising to me. 

Especially when combined with the whispered, “I will escape I promise”. In the animated movie, we get the sense that Belle intends to keep her word initially, and only changes her mind and tries to run after the Beast mistreats her. Belle’s intention to escape injustice immediately in this version further demonstrates that she never had any strategy of trying to “save the beast with kindness” or change him. That she always thought he was out of line, and always intended to do something about it. 

That thrills me.

Also! Confirmation that this movie is taking the route of the musical in at least one choice: when the last petal falls, the castle staff will become truly inanimate. As if the ticking clock of the rose petals (nice job Disney, that wasn’t in the fairy tale and it has always been a great addition) wasn’t already high stakes enough.

Also interesting: we see Cogsworth and Lumiere telling Belle that will happen when the last petal falls. In the animated film, while Belle knows the castle is enchanted, we get no indication anyone has explained the nature of the enchantment or rose to her. I do wonder: Does this mean they will tell her what breaks the curse? That’s a lot of pressure to put on one girl. I always appreciated that, while deceptive, there was no “you HAVE to love him or we’ll be cursed forever!” pressure put directly onto Belle in the animated film.

I love that we still get the shot of Belle considering just getting on the horse and riding away after the Beast saved her life. Stolkholm syndrome my ass. But I also love how it’s followed by Belle’s “You have to help me, you have to stand”. It’s just? So sweet?

The sets look amazing. The dancing looks gorgeous. 

I have one last question though:

What is this? Some magic map?

Does it, perhaps, relate to the idea of “adventure in the great wide somewhere”?


Ever wonder where the phrase “Prince Charming” came from?

Trivia: The name “Prince Charming” is essentially the nineteenth century equivalent of “All your base are belong to us.”

Early English translations of French and German fairy tales were sloppy, to say the least.  So phrases like “The Charming Prince” were sometimes mistranslated into things like “Prince Charming” and it stuck.

However the term was popularized, not by actual fairy tales, but the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, the novel in which a young man sells his soul for eternal youth.  In the novel Sybil Vane calls Dorian her “Prince Charming” as a nickname and it’s the first time outside of badly translated fairy tales that the term was used.   And since then it’s become a fixture of pop culture.  

I’ll skip kissing in the rain and walking on the streets of Paris,
but let’s dance on the bed in the morning
- pajamas on and huge smiles on our faces
I don’t want grand gestures or you standing outside my door with a boom box over your head
if it means I get lazy evenings on a tattered couch, spilling popcorn on your lap and laughing over cheap wine


when I think of moments I’d like to share with you,
they’re as simple as my hand resting on your chest when I wake up
and the rhythm of your breathing on my cheek
- just me being alive next to you.
there are no images of roses scattered on the floor and boat rides on sunsets,
no fancy dinners and food with names we can’t pronounce

no, I don’t see a fairy tale romance
and a love story worth making movies about

but I do see tiny moments,
just tiny, infinite moments
you and me.

You and me.

—  Tiny Moments // Genefe Navilon

Summary: You and TJ are soulmates but you have to hide it

TJ Hammond x Reader

Soulmate au: Soulmates name is written on your wrist

Originally posted by sierrarose2232

When you were younger you had no idea who your soulmate was. Everyday you would look down at the name written on your wrist, Thomas James Hammond. You always thought that sounded like a fancy name.

You dreamed of fairy tale castles, a handsome prince, a knight in shining armour to whisk you away. That wasn’t what you got.

After meeting your soulmate, your dream was to become a reporter. You had managed to get a summer internship at a local news agents and you were shadowing one of the head reporters on all her articles, most of which were covering the upcoming elections.

That was when you realised who your soulmate was. Bud Hammond was running for office, and his son Thomas James or ‘TJ’ was your soulmate.

You didn’t tell anyone, what would they say? What would you say? You had no clue what to do with the fact that your soulmate was most probably the next president’s son. You figured that, in time, the universe would bring the two of you together. If not, you always knew where to find him.

After your internship they offered you a part time job which you eagerly accepted, though you were young you began to establish a name for yourself. In fact, you were doing so well you decided not to go to college and focus on your already growing career.

Two years into your job as an established journalist you got a knock on the door, it was two men in pristine suits who told you that you were needed at the White House.

It was a very nerve wracking experience considering neither of them answered your questions and you weren’t allowed to bring anything to record your visit or tell anyone where you were going.

When you arrived they escorted you through the White House and into a large office where in front of you was more security guards and behind a desk was President Bud Hammond. “Please sit,” he gestured to the chair in front of the desk.

Hesitantly you took a seat and President Hammond dismissed the bodyguards who reluctantly left. “Is it true?” he asked.

“Is..what true?” you asked unsure.

“Let me see your wrist,” he half asked, half demanded. Soulmate marks were a very personal matter but you didn’t want to piss off the president so you showed him your mark, the name of his son on your wrist.

He sighed, “Listen, Y/N. I’m sure you’re a very nice person but we don’t want this getting out.”

“Don’t want what getting out?” you asked, very confused as to what was happening.

“You and my son are soulmates. But my son is a smart boy, destined for great things. No offence to you but you’re from a small town, you don’t come from a rich family and you didn’t go to college. That’s not the image we’re trying to sell of the first family. Plus, with your budding career as a journalist we have to take in the possibility that you could use this against us as blackmail for information that should not be released to the public.”

“What information are you not releasing to the public,” you asked quickly, your journalistic instincts taking over.

“None of your business,” he narrowed his eyes.

You sighed, “Why are you keeping us apart. We’re soulmates, surely that’s illegal.”

“If you’ve met and formed a bond, just because I know doesn’t mean I have a legal obligation to bring you together. TJ has no idea who you are or that you’re here, and it’ll stay that way.”

“I’ll have you know that you should trust me. I’ve known about TJ for the past three years and I haven’t said anything, I wouldn’t in the future either,” you told him, keeping up a glaring eye contact. “But thanks for the vote of confidence.”

You stood up, “I’ll be going home now. Please don’t send anymore men in suits to my door.”

You did as you were told, you never told anyone TJ was your soulmate. Not even after his family left the White House, not when you became one of the most well known journalists and you could have used it as something to get you higher. You didn’t because you didn’t want to, didn’t need to.

Just as you always thought, the universe has a plan and you and TJ were definitely destined to meet. You were out at a bar enjoying a promotion, your friends were drunk out of their mind at the table whilst you sat at the bar sipping on a scotch.

“A shot, please,” you heard a male voice next to you, you turned to you right and saw none other than TJ Hammond. Your soulmate was less than a meter away from you and you were frozen solid.

Unfortunately, he noticed your staring. He gave you a quick, fake smile and downed his shot, “You recognise me, huh?”

You nodded, unable to speak.

“I don’t get a lot of this anymore but you look pretty star struck,” he chuckled, “You want a photo or something.”

You shook your head, “Y-you’re TJ. TJ Hammond.”

He nodded slowly, “Yes that’s me.”

“TJ Hammond.”


“As in Thomas James Hammond.”

“This is getting creepy.”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you blurted out and he froze. “I’m your soulmate.”

TJ reached over and grabbed your wrist and pulled back the sleeve, sure enough his name was on there, just as your name was on his. “Oh my god,” he breathed. “Why didn’t you find me sooner? Clearly you knew who I was.”

You shrugged, “I didn’t want to force that on you, I figured we’d meet eventually. Plus your dad kind of threatened me not to.”

TJ clenched his jaw, “Of course,” he huffed out air through his nose then looked at you. Really looked at you.  He took in the colour of your eyes, your hair, the curve of your face and the light smile that played on your face.

“We have a lot of time to catch up on,” he grinned.

You smiled widely at him, “Yes we do,” you agreed.

“This place blows, I’ll show you a place cooler than here,” he said, taking your hand and pulling you from the bar. He paused when he got to the door and you crashed into him, “Aren’t those your friends?” he asked, pointing to the booth with your friends in it.

You shrugged, “They’ll live without me for one night, I just found my soulmate,” you smiled and a large smile spread across TJ’s face. It had been only a few minutes but he already could feel himself falling in love with you.


A/N- It’s a bit short I know but I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think of it, requests are open xx


Anime: Wolf Children

Plot: Hana is a 19-year-old student who falls in a “fairy-tale like” love with a “wolf man”. Over the course of the 13-year story Hana gives birth to two children—older sister named Yuki (“snow”) who was born on a snowy day, and a younger brother named Ame (“rain”) who was born on a rainy day. At first the family quietly lives in city trying to hide their wolf heritage, but when the “wolf man” suddenly dies Hana makes the decision to move to a rural town, far from their previous city life.