like a little puppy dog


this is Ellie a two year old pit mix who needs a home! please someone in the dfw area help me get her adopted
i love her so much she deserves the world and i wish i could keep her desperately but i can’t because im not allowed to have another dog
she’s great with people and loves other dogs, is house trained, and all around the sweetest angel
i need her to go to a good home she doesn’t deserve to go back to a shelter
please help spread the word, her forever home could be someone who follows you!
ive been crying all day about this and i just want her to be loved

a sunkissed child

Box of Puppies

Prompt:  ooh ooh, maybe prinxiety where roman discovers that virgil is scared of dogs? like virgil KNOWS that this tiny little puppy isn’t going to hurt him but all he can think about still are it’s claws and fangs and what about allergies or ticks or- and roman calms him down and helps him? - anon

Pairing: Prinxiety (can be platonic or romantic)

Notes: Anon, I took a slightly different approach to the why of Virgil’s fear, but I hope you enjoy anyway :) 

He was expecting the disagreement. That was sort of Anxiety’s thing: Roman would make a (fabulous) suggestion, Logic would make sure it was realistically feasible, Patton would praise him and start fluffing things up with cutesy additions of his own–and Virgil would come in and rain on everyone’s parade by pointing out all the flaws. That was the standard. It was how they worked

But when Roman suggested they make a video of each of them reacting to a box of puppies (what? it was a thing!), Anxiety hadn’t rolled his eyes or called them all saps or complained the whole idea was cliche. Instead, his eyes had widened a little, and there had been a subtle increase in the pallor of his skin. He’d cleared his throat awkwardly and mumbled something about ‘fine, whatever,’ and then he’d disappeared, sinking out of Thomas’s apartment before anyone could react. 

Roman blinked, then looked at the others, finding that the expressions on their faces mirrored the confusion he felt. 

“What on earth was that all about?” Thomas asked. 

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  • ban ryu: you know, studies have shown that owners and their pets often look similar.
  • ji dwi: bullshit. sun woo looks nothing like me.
  • yeo wool: han sung doesn't look like me either.

A sea lion and spotted mop have a territorial dispute

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I met my aunties new puppy, Roxi, the other day, she’s so sweet and constantly on hyper mode. She’s very bitey and loves to play - I can’t wait for her to meet Millie.


Precision Obedience Workshop notes

with “my puppy’s fear period started in it” notes

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Blind Side - Chapter 2

Intro | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

You sat on the balcony of your Manhattan apartment, a glass of chilled rosé in your hand. It was a warm summer night, and you had come out to watch the sun set. Not your usual cup of tea, but you had to do something. It had been a week since your encounter in his office, and you still couldn’t get Mr. Thomas W. Hiddleston off your mind.

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Look at these vicious, violent hounds

My Bloody Sweetheart (Part 4 (Final))

Originally posted by helvonasche

Summary: The reader is safe thanks to Dean…she thinks…

My Bloody Sweetheart Masterlist

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,900ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: Demon Dean, you’re something alright…

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