like a lil sprout

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!!!!! mandrake viktor being clingy and riding on yuuri's shoulders or on top of his head and sometimes he falls asleep and it looks like yuuri's growing a lil sprout and sometimes he gets bored and slides down and starts fiddling with his clothes ( like the collars or the tie) and when it's cold outside and yuuri's wearing his scarf around he'll cling to the ends and swing around while yuuri tries to get to class / focus on his work !!!!

It’s a miracle how viktor manages to hang on to yuuri’s head without falling off. Thanks for all the cute ideas, so many ideas and things to be drawn, yet such little time ahhhhh


  • Is still v nervous and shy around u
  • Loves it when u give him kisses (esp. on the cheek)*
  • *Runs into a corner after u kiss him
  • Does aegyo for only u
  • Embarrasses himself in front of u a lot 
  • Wants to sing u a new song everyday
  • Takes time to serenade u 
  • Composes music w u
  • Loves going to concerts
  • Puts his hair into a tiny ponytail (so it looks like a lil sprout)
  • Plays his instruments quietly to himself (but then u tell him u love it when he plays loudly and he becomes v !!!)
  • Turns red/blushes easily
  • Takes u on sweet treat dates 
  • Calls u every two hours; just to know how u are and what ur doing
  • Hangs around in the library w u
  • Owns a pup (that both of u call ur child)
  • Brings u flowers
  • Gets flustered when u compliment him
  • Is never mean/rude to u
  • Doesn’t mind sitting in silence w u
  • Has the cutest morning voice (that high key makes u swoon)
  • Helps u paint ur nails
  • Confides to u about his dreams and aspirations


I feel like these would be songs that Jihoon would plainly enjoy in general; you two would probably be sitting out on a balcony (when the sun is perfectly setting), holding hands and wrapped up in a quilted blanket; not saying a word - letting body language indicate the feelings you have for each other. [Personally] I think that being in a relationship w him would be one of those relationships where you don’t have to say anything at all and the s/o would connect with those vibes (ya know!!! he’s such an underrated cutie pie ok ok ok).

  1. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
  2. T-Shirt - Shontelle
  3. California King Bed - Rihanna
  4. XO - Emblem3
  5. Love Like Woe - The Ready Set


Suga  (BTS)

Jimin (BTS)


Jin (BTS)

Dokyeom/DK (SVT)

Vernon (SVT)

Hoshi (SVT)

Wonwoo (SVT)

Joshua (SVT)

Sometimes I think ppl forget how powerful Armands mental powers are??? Like you could see him across a room and forget any last lover/darling you had because he has you looking upon him and has you WANTING him. He can make a vampire unable to move or speak for a long period of time if he so wishes for them to just Shut The Fuck Up. He can create an illusion for the other to imagine the two of them in a field of flowers rather than just sitting in an airplane in reality. He can sense and speak into another’s mind from blocks away in a city. Ancients who can penetrate the minds of others cant even TRY to read his thoughts. Like…this tiny lil bean sprout is packing serious power and people underestimate it because he’s young and looks too sweet/pure. Which is a common thing in the books and leaves everyone surprised when he finally gets tired of their shit and unleashes.

Tried to draw the monster from my new kindle?? I sorta just smooshed a bunch of things i thought were cool into one thing haha

they’re like this tree spider? like at first they’re a baby spider that has lil sprouts on its head, then it grows into smth more like the big version, but the spider legs are roots, and whenever they grow old enough they can just plop down and become more like a normal tree.

the one the protagonist finds is one that’s already settled down. The tree spider is agender bc they’re a tree, and also kinda asexual because again, tree, but they are very curious about the protag’s arousal and are like really into seeing what happens next and stuff!

they’re just both fascinated by each other, it’s adorable.