like a lil sprout


i can not even believe that we first spoke like 3 years ago wtf, we were both such tiny lil bean sprouts ?!! i remember 13 year old me having such a lowkey crush on u n being terrified lmao ! erm i can not WAIT to come spend the weekend w you i’m so excited !!!! u are such a nice person and i know i’m shit at replying to messages a lot of the time but i don’t mean it personally don’t u worry

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Hello lil sprout! I ver like your photos! What kind of camera do you use? Thank!

i use a canon rebel sl1, but the lense i use for pretty much all my photos I bought separately from the actual camera body! sleep well lil pea

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I followed your instagram and I'd just like to say you are lovely 🌼

thank u lil bean sprout so are you 🙌