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Hero Gone Wrong

Summary: Flirting with 40s!Bucky goes wrong when a drunk soldier thinks he’s doing the right thing…

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mention of alcohol, swearing

A/N: First time writing! Send requests or let me know if you’d like more.

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“Kitty you know how much I hate going out..” I said as the smell of old wood and bourbon filled my senses.

“Oh come on Y/N don’t be so stuck up! Don’t you wanna see all the soldiers in their uniforms before they’re shipped off?”

“I guess…” I trailed off looking down at my painted nails. Kitty scoffed and flipped her hair; turning around, she went off to find a man to attach to. She always liked to do this; drag me out to a bar all dolled up and find a soldier before they would be sent out. She thought since they would leave the next day it wouldn’t ruin her reputation.

The poor boys she was targeting tonight were those of the 107th. I could see one guy already wrapping his arm around her as she smiled at him with red painted lips.

With a sigh I brought myself over to the bar, asking the bartender for the strongest drink he could give me.

“What’s a pretty dame like you doing in a bar like this?” A smooth voice said. Turning to my right I made contact with the clearest blue eyes. The voice belonged to a soldier with dark hair and a charming smile.

“My friend brought me here. She’s more social than me I’m afraid.” I said nodding over to Kitty who had a crowd around her.

Mystery man scoffed lightly before answering, “Doesn’t seem like much of a friend to me. Seems more like she ditched you.”

I awkwardly nodded and sipped at my drink. He seemed to notice my discomfort and introduced himself.

“My names James Barnes by the way but, you can call me Bucky,” He said with a wink.

I blushed, “Y/N L/N.”

“Y/N… hmm pretty name for a pretty girl. I like it.”

“Thank you, so are you boys leaving tomorrow?”

“Yes unfortunately, if I had met you earlier I wouldn’t be leaving.”

I could practically feel my cheeks burning as I blushed yet again. I sent him a shy smile as I looked down at my glass. When I looked back up he still had the most charming smirk on his lips.

“Tell me Y/N, have you ever kissed a soldier?” He whispered.

I hadn’t noticed how close our faces were until I felt his breath on my lips. Before our lips could touch, Bucky was suddenly pulled away.

“Alright Barnes stop harassing the dame, I’m sure she doesn’t want your lips all over her. I’m sorry about that honey, just can’t seem to control this one.”

The man who rudely interrupted our moment seemed to be one of his commanding officers. He also seemed to think he did me a favor by butting in.
He was now leaning against the bar in between Bucky and I.

“Now don’t you think your hero deserves the kiss? Unlike this Brooklyn low life?” He said, already leaning in. As he got closer I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

I closed my eyes shut, preparing for the disgusting impact but it never came. I opened my eyes to see Bucky standing over the unconscious officer with his fists clenched. When he saw me looking he ran his fingers through his hair and sat back down on the bar stool.

“Sorry about him doll. Some men just have no respect.”

I giggled lightly, “Well I think this makes you my real hero.”

“Oh well then how bout that kiss?”

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also please wcif the pose? :3

naginatah replied to your photoset “C h r i s t m a s  P h o t o  C h a l l e n g e  2 0 1 6 C a n d y …”

Aww this is so cute! Scarlett looks adorable in that last picture <33

Awww thank you <3 I so love these prompts! Just cute fluffy things. Heheh, it’s my favorite kind to write, I have a whole bunch of the unpublished ones too, cuz I’m shy *____* 
Poses are here ^___^

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Unpopular opinion: birds are overrated let it rain snakes and worms

fuck puppies and kitties, snakes, birds AND worms are the best (not like fuck puppies and kitties but like pay more attention to the real cuties)


we lost her

Can I point out that HE KEPT THE NEKO MIMI THOUGH? (/v\)/////

Would Yuri be actually caring towards his fans? :)
Headcanon that Yuri is actually easily shy with his fanclub so he expresses his gratitude by little acts like there <333