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I'm like highkey wondering what you look like??

Right now I look like a teen mom with too many kids (I love them though you are all precious)

If I get 500 likes on this I’ll post one, granted if the gods are in my favor and the stars are aligned correctly I’ll look halfway decent but meh

If you need some visual beforehand though just imagine a white passing (I don’t know how the fuck people think I’m white with the hair I have but o-fucking-kay) black girl with two afro poofs on the side completely done with life

how to develop your style

I got a mail with this question and instead of working on some reviews for the client, I wrote quite a long answer for it. I thought that it might be helpful for someone so here it is:

Bear in mind that probably every artist will have a different answer to this and there’s no such thing as one correct recipe for finding a style. This is just my opinion based on my experience.

1st and the most important thing is to know your basics. Developing a style should come second after developing your skills. Eg. if you want to draw characters you should start with learning all about properly drawing human figure, anatomy, movement, expression, and so one. And you should learn it as much as you can from life and from photos, not from other artist’s works. If your base is strong, if you feel comfortable with your skill, then start to deriverate it into creating your own style. If you start playing with the figure without basics, you’ll end up with a developed style full of mistakes and at this point it will be hard to correct them. So if you want to draw something with your own style, first study it. Study as hard as you can. Remember that you’ll probably never be perfectly happy with your skill, I don’t think any artist is, and you’ll be learning to draw for your whole life. But you want to be at the point where you feel you know the subject, when you’re comfortable with it and ready to push it forward. When I decided years ago that I want to draw portraits, I started drawing them all the time. And it wasn’t just drawing, I was measuring, studying, checking all distances between elements until the point where I knew them by heart. And years after that, I made a decision that I don’t just want to draw perfect portraits, I wanted to make illustrations with characters and make them unique, make them my own. So having this base, I could start changing things, playing with features and actually making my own characters from elements I already knew how to draw. Now I have a different goal when it comes to what I want to draw, and even though I’ve been drawing for many years, I have to go back to step one. I have to study the thing I want to be good at, to later put it into my works and make a style out of it once again. And this cycle never ends but it definitely gets easier. It’s easier to simplify something complicated than build something elaborate from something simple. The same comes to drawing. It’s easier to simplify your style based on perfect skill than build a perfect skill from a simple style. That’s why so many artists who have a very simple style that might look like kindergarden drawing also have lots of amazing realistic drawings and studies in their archives if you start digging deeper. Of course, not all of them.Alternatively, your style will just gradually develop itself while you’re working on your skill.

2nd thing is to study what you like. If you have your base and you struggle with finding your own style but you can point out artists that you love, study them. But here is important thing: Don’t just copy their works. Study. Try to understand, do it consciously, write down things that you particularly love in their style, find out what is it that makes you love their style. This way you’ll have an understanding of what you like and you can make a decision what do you want to incorporate into your style. You can just pick some things and try them. If you like how someone uses colour in their works, break down their palette. Check it with colour theory, find out what is it that makes this particular palette speak to you, shift it, change it, pick colours that you love and then try it yourself. If you like someone’s linework, study it, draw like them, see how it works with your own hand, see if you’re comfortable with it, feel it and then try it in your own original work. And slowly, you’ll pick up things that feel good and they will become elements of your style.Honestly, it’s really hard to come up with something original that was never done before, so there’s nothing wrong about building your own thing based on other existing things, that’s how everyone does it, consciously or not.

And 3rd, don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you don’t have a style. You’ll always be the last person to notice that you actually have a style. I don’t know how it works, really, but just keep that in mind. I still feel that I don’t have a style, even though lots of people say that they can clearly see it. But there’s nothing wrong about it because it keeps you going forward, searching and pushing your limits. The moment you settle on something because you feel like this is it, you stop growing. And that’s the worst thing you can do. Stay curious, keep going forward, one foot in front of the other. Even if you’re going slow, if it’s forward, everything is fine.

About the Off-Colors

Could they be a demonstration of Homeworld’s soil growing inhability to produce “perfect and functional gems” in mass? Regarding their existence as a group, i see 2 possibilities:

1) They are some of the “flawed” individuals that by probability HAD to come out “wrong” in a mass production, but were able to avoid being shattered and hide away on the subground, eventually finding others like them and forming a group in the abandoned kindergarden. This would explain them being “eons” old and knowing the underground tunels of Homeworld.

Originally posted by estufar

2) We know Gems started colonizing planets because Homeworld’s soil couldn’t sustain a production of gems as big as they were used to, which would eventually lead the race to extintion. Something had to be the warning sign of that situation, maybe the Off Colors are some of the las big lots or mass production lots that emerged when the giant kindergarden was still being used to full capacity, and presumably, they weren’t the only ones, just the ones that remain.

We know Peridot is a relatively young gem, she doesn’t know of Rose Quartz or the Crystal Gems, yet she was most likely born in homeworld and part of a series of Peridots who came out “flawed”, but “not flawed enought” to be discarded inmediately; they were given limb enhancers instead. This shows that Homeworld is somewhat desperate and running out of resources to produce gems, so they produce small series of some types of gems, like Peridots. I doubt she was born in a super kindergarden like the OC were.

So the OC were some of the last gems to be mass produced in Homeworld, they started coming out “useless”, scaped being shattered and became the sole survivors of that era, hiding away in the underground and eventually returning to one of the abandoned kindergardens.

The first one is actually most likely, but it’s fun to theorize. xD

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AU where conner and evan go on date with zoe and jared at the orchard. while conner and jared set up the picnic, zoe and evan talk about their boys and zoe learns that she was mentioned in his letter because she used to be evan's nap time buddy in like kindergarden or something cute like that

Enjoy! And yass fam thank you for requesting some Zoe/Jared I <3 them


“Any idea why Jared and Connor asked us here?” Zoe questioned as they drove towards the orchard. Evan shook his head, it was falling on deaf ears to both of them that this was a double date. “I mean Jared and Connor really only tolerate each other for us.” Zoe snorted.

Evan let out a soft laugh.

“Hey Evan, I never asked but why was I in that letter?” Zoe questioned. After Evan and Connor started dating, Evan thought it was only right to show Zoe the letter.

“I thought I liked you.” Evan answered honestly. “I think it’s because I just jept relating it to how nice you were to me and in like daycare or whatever we just to be nap buddies.” Evan smiled.

“I forgot about that!” Zoe laughed. “Then you had to go to kindergarten and abandoned me alone in daycare.” Zoe shook her head as she pulled into the orchard.

Both of them immediately noticed their boyfriends sitting on a blanket with a picnic basket. “Oh my god this is a double date!” Zoe smiled as she rushed from the car. Evan not too far behind. Zoe rushed over to Jared and threw herself in his arms. “We didn’t even realize this was a date.” Zoe giggled as she pulled away.

“You didn’t?” Connor questioned his boyfriend. Evan shook his head as he leaned in and kissed Connor’s cheek sweetly. They were more for sweet PDA like hand holding, and soft cheek kisses, or hugs. 

“You guys are the best!” Zoe told her brother and boyfriend. She flipped open the picnic basket and passed out the plates. Mac and cheese, fruit, sandwiches, ice tea, lemon aid. They really did think to pack everything.

“Honestly I think Jared is the best boyfriend.” Zoe told Evan as she popped a grape in her mouth. Evan snorted.

“Um…no, Connor is.” Evan laughed. 

Zoe shook her head in disgust. “No way, I live with him, he’s terrible.” Zoe stuck her tongue out at her brother.

“I’ve been friends with Jared for years! He’s unbearable!” Evan laughed. 

Jared and Connor just sat back, watching their significant other’s bicker about who was the better boyfriend. God they loved their foolish lovers.

“I’m the best by the way.” Connor told Jared.

“No way Murphy, I got you beat in every category especially looks!”


(mostly about the first zone, and some early things you see once you get the explore the whole world) (spoilers, probably, read it only if you have completed at least the first zone (part 1) AND you fixed your tablet (part 2))

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people saying “dont stare at the sun” sound like kindergarden teachers. what are you going to tell me not to eat before swimming too???

Imagine when Steven gets put before the Diamonds, and he’s just really annoyed and apathetic the whole time

Aquamarine: My diamonds, I present to you, Rose Quartz

BD: You’re brought the traitor right to us?

Steven: Eh… kinda sorta

BD: Aquamarine, what does she mean by that?

Steven: Hoo boy, that’s a bit of a story. Buckle up kids, this is gonna take a minute. Especially you, noodle neck. I know you got a bad habit of not listening.


*One ‘birds and the bees talk later, explaining that women are kinda like kindergardens, and men the injector drills*

Steven: You know, it occurred to me. For people so intent on conquering Earth, you guys know way too little about the people living there

BD: Why would we waste our time learning of inferior species?

Steven: Makes these explanations easier after you loose


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yousef being on dinner at bakkoush's with rest of his squad and sana starts to tease him about his "12 kids" bc children kind of started as a topic and papa bakkoush tells him that he will need to have a lot of patience with the kids and sana says something like "yousef works at kindergarden, he's good with kids" and yousef without thinking says "i'm sure we will somehow handle our kids" and is looking at sana the whole time and and everyone starts staring at him, especially sana's parents


sana would be blushing so haRD and elias and the rest would be trying their hardest not to laugh but its so silent that they can’t hold it and they just all start laughing and sana literally looks at yousef and if looks could kill the boy would be dead. sana’s parents would end up laughing with them but being like “yes im sure you two would be great parents” and sana just wants to hide 

send me cute yousana / the balloon squad / the bakkoush siblings headcanons !! 

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[1] For the author game: "I entered the café that Tommy had suggested - promised, really - that I'd find her. Looking around at the patrons I realized that one would have to be dead and senseless to miss her - the aura around her shone so brightly, though her face held the resigned recognition of her necessity in the situation. Walking up to her my hands trembled.

[2] “Excuse me?” I said, trying to keep my chill. “What.” she said, voice like a melody from an faraway memory. “What’s it like? Being a fandom goddess, I mean.” As the words left my mouth I could practically feel the resignition in her sigh. “Like running a fucking kindergarden,” she said, fingers still cliking on her keyboard, eyes still locked on her screen, “a kindergarden set on fire.” ~ Friendly Anon 

Oh my god. I actually laughed out loud. You are spot on, friendly anon, SPOT ON.

today in Nonsensical Dreams For The Future: I’m hired as one direction’s PR manager, but only for a very specific sect of their fans – the Twenty-Something Women. we have a series of meetings. at every meeting, a tray of bagels and schmear is provided. over and over, i explain to british-irish boy band one direction that twenty-something women have discretionary income and few monetary responsibilities and are probably a little depressed. “remember when you all lived in the same building?” i say. "it’s like that, but all the time, and you’re all boyfriends.” “boyfriends to who?” niall asks. “the world,” i say, “and who said you could have a bagel?”. the bagels are all for me. at the beginning of each meeting, i make them repeat the rules out loud to me like a class of kindergardeners. “what’s rule number one?” “we don’t do racism,” they repeat back to me. “what’s rule number two?” “we say we’re sorry for doing racism”. “what’s rule number three?” “friendship is important and tender and permanent and we’re not embarrassed at all by our feelings or possible intimacy” (liam has trouble remembering this one). at the end harry leads us all through a series of sun salutations, and we each get to slap one other meeting participant of our choosing. the pay is a million dollars.

anyway if yall wanna know the type of child rose/kanaya’s baby Lilith is. she actually loves affection and being touchy but is pretty guarded about it, e.g. everyone knows shes crying, there are tears in her eyes, but she’s not gonna admit it when they confront her.. also is a total troublemaker, but in a subtle way, like that kindergardener who addresses their teacher by first name. also brings a real broadsword home one day from fifth grade and her moms are freaked the fuck out. actually her naming process sums her up pretty well