like a kangaroo

i’m seeing some debates about whether it is right to punch a nazi, and without giving any value to it i would like everyone to know that there’s a card game in germany where when someone plays a nazi card you literally need to punch it and the last one to do it gets punished.

When Ali Andrew Li was born on Jan. 7, he was gently placed on his mother’s chest, where doctors cleaned and examined him and covered him with a warm blanket.

“I just loved it,” his mother, Salma Shabaik, a family physician who lives in Los Angeles, says. “It was really nice to have the baby right there beneath my eyes where I could feel him, touch him, kiss him.”

That was different than the birth of her son Elias two years ago; he was whisked away to a bassinet to be examined. And unlike Elias, who cried a lot after delivery, Shabaik says Ali stopped crying “within seconds” after being placed on her chest.

Kangaroo mother care has been widely used worldwide to care for premature babies, and it’s gaining popularity in caring for healthy full term babies like Ali as well. It is as it sounds: Like a kangaroo’s pouch, mothers hold their naked newborns on their bare chest for the first few hours of life.

Kangaroo Care Helps Preemies And Full Term Babies, Too

Photo: Morgan Walker for NPR

What if Andalites could use their tails for balance like kangaroos?? It would be completely awesome, that’s what.

There were RUMORS circulating about an Animorphs movie earlier today, and I have no idea if that is actually happening, but I got in the mood to draw some speculative Andalite behavior either way.  These big blue dummies will always be close to my heart <3

I wrote a book

The e-book of my novel is now available for anyone to purchase.

It’s called Party Panic, and it is the first in the Growing Around series of novels.

It’s aimed at ages 7 to 11 and it takes place in a world where kids rule. The roles of adults and children are reversed, but people still age normally. And it’s a much more optimistic take on the idea than projects with a similar premise. The world functions. Kids have very exotic pets, like kangaroos. Our main character’s house is built like a fun house with warped mirrors and a ball pit. The police force is boy scouts and girl scouts.

The story follows eight-year-old Sally Dunn, a typical kid in this world as she gets a party duty notice, as opposed to jury duty, and she has to balance her daily life while preparing for a party big enough for the entire town and deal with a budding stage fright problem.

I am planning to use the funds of this book to fund more to the product. Your purchase of the book will go to making comics, similar to these. I’ll be using it to fund graphic novels, merchandise, and yes, eventually animation. That’s the plan anyway. It’s a no harm no foul kind of situation. I’ve dabbled with the idea of crowdfunding before, but I never trusted myself. Handling other people’s money would cause an immense amount of stress. This is a happy medium between the two. If everything falls through, you still have the book. It’s what you’re paying for when you get the book.

So, get the book. Get the word out. And tell me what you think. This book has been in production since April, and I’m glad that it’s finally released. The cover is currently a work in progress, and when I have the finished version of that, the book will be available in print - both hardcover and paperback.

Devil Monkeys are seen all around the United States of America - from New Hampshire to Alaska. These primates are typically described as looking like monkeys but standing 5 feet tall and having pointed ears. They are sometimes reported as having kangaroo-like legs and jumping instead of walking. The first report of a Devil Monkey was in the 1950s and took place in Saltville, Virginia. A couple driving down the road reported a large creature chasing after their car and upon catching up with them, leaving long claw marks in the side of the vehicle. 

In 1903, during several nights in October, many prominent and respectable men in the community of Van Meter, Iowa, put their reputations on the line by claiming to see a strange creature in the sky. This creature was reportedly half-human and half-animal with gigantic bat-like wings. It also had a horn atop its head, could shoot a beam of light from its head and had a terrible smell that followed it. One witness even said that when on the ground, the beast hopped like a kangaroo. This creature was later called the Van Meter Visitor. Legend has it that the monster emerged from an old coal mine that is located just outside the town. 

anonymous asked:

As an Australian, I feel strangely personally offended by your disgust for kangaroos. Like, I agree, male Red kangaroos are huge and terrifying. But the only kangaroos most people see are sweet little Greys, who continue to graze happily as you walk past them, and stare at you calmly with their huge, dark, all-knowing eyes. Which, you know, can be kinda creepy. But c'mon, Dad. Don't be mean to kangaroos. We're not mean to your Deer friends just because Moose exist and are terrifying.

I understand your concerns, and I think that all animals deserve respect and safety. I should have been more specific about what kind of kangaroos I think will be there to meet me at the gates of my personal hell. Not all kangaroos are nightmare machines. Some are chubby jumping gals, and those are pretty good.

However, male red kangaroos are scary and I am scared of them, and if I ever saw one up close, I would black out and pee my pants and cry, in no particular order.

Kangaroo Rat

Cute long tailed desert dweller that typically comes out at night. Some species have large ears like the Kit Fox and others have different coloration. They’re typically about the size of a mouse or slightly bigger and fit the same role. They gather seeds during the twilight and night hours and dig burrows where they raise their young. 

Some sub species can grow as big as a domestic rat and they are all preyed upon by Hawks, Coyote, snakes, Gila Monsters and other animals in the Mojave. 

They get their name from their large back legs which they can use to run on all fours with or like a Kangaroo they can jump long distances with to escape predators. 

They roam the whole of the Mojave and are cute little buggers. 

Name: Jersey Devil, The Leeds Devil
Area of Origin: New Jersey, United States

The Jersey Devil is a legendary cryptid believed to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. It is described as being a winged bipedal, hooved creature. There are variations, but consistently it possesses a kangaroo-like body, the head of a goat, large bat wings and a forked tail. It has been reported to be extremely quick and often emits a “blood-curdling scream.” The Lenape Native Americans called the area it was reported to live “Popuessing” meaning place of the dragon. Lore of the creature’s origins have varied over the years, but a popular origin story begins with a woman named Mother Leeds. It is said that Mother Leeds had 12 children and that her 13th would be the devil incarnate. After giving birth to a seemingly normal child in 1735, Leeds’ baby changed form and mutated into a demon almost instantaneously; it sprouted wings and flew up the chimney. There have been many sightings around the surrounding areas and has become one of the most popular subjects in Cryptozoology.