like a kangaroo


Tank Girl. 

“Black and blue, the face of Tank Girl.” 

“The volatile Molatov girl.” 

“Tank Girl cover, c. 1995.” 

“One hour ahead of the posse.” 

“We all have friends at Bell’s end.” 

“Duck season?… Rabbit season?” 

“All new 21st Century Tank Girl cover, the cock rocket.” 

Aside from Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett is most known for his earliest crazy creation, Tank Girl, which started as a strip in a magazine called Deadline in 1988. Instantly, people fell in love, and it quickly became a comic series. 

Tank Girl is immensely popular, even to this day, for a reason. It’s a good look into Jamie’s art and how it influenced his later works. Crazy scenarios, fucked up characters, that eccentric, apocalyptic feel… Artists all over the world look to these comics as inspiration. 

The character Tank Girl is also immensely popular. She’s badass and weird and gross and vulgar and sexual and violent. She smokes, and fucks, and shoots, and has fun- She’s dating a bloody kangaroo for God’s sake! Tank Girl isn’t sweet or pretty or kind or gentle. She’s fucked up, in the best way possible. 

Tank Girl as a whole is such a bizarre and brilliant series, and the pictures here in Jamie’s artbook (including some fantastic parts of the comics) really show that. Really amazing, really raw and weird and beautiful. ❤️ 

pet names in languages you don’t speak are honestly the diciest thing, even in english it’s like. totally plausible that someone would affectionately refer to someone as a mouse. but also there are implications and a certain kind of person would absolutely take offense to being considered even a little bit mousey. and it takes a certain kind of person to not mind being called a snake, although as long as they have an eyepatch it’s probably fine. and different cultures have different attitudes about different animals and that’s not even getting into calling people flowers or the absolutely WEIRD SHIT that people sometimes end up calling each other SO. it’s just. complicated.

Name: Chupacabra

Area of Origin: Central and South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico

With a name derived from the Spanish words, chupar, “to suck” and cabra, “goat” the Chupacabra (literally “goat-sucker”) is a legendary cryptid found in the folklore of the Americas. The creature’s name comes from its reported habit of drinking the blood of farm animals, particularly that of goats. Sightings and/or reports of the creature began in the mid 1990s in Puerto Rico, where 8 sheep were discovered completely drained of blood on a local’s farm. The sheep had peculiar sets of three puncture wounds on their bodies. Once the case gained notoriety, other incidents (with some as early as the 1970s) were then attributed to be the Chupacabra’s doing. Physical descriptions over time have varied, though the creature is consistently described as possessing a row of sharp spines reaching from the neck to the base of its tail. Most commonly, it is described like that of a reptilian-like creature with leathery or scaly green-gray skin, and is said to be approximately 3 to 4 feet high. Sometimes it is believed to hop on its hind legs like that of a Kangaroo. It is has been described as possessing a pair of large, red eyes, sharing a somewhat similar appearance to the common “Grey Alien” and is believed by some to be extraterrestrial in origin.

Upon discovering that Centaurians have pouches for carrying their young (even though I have no idea how much the gog comics have in common with mcu) I can’t stop imagining Yondu trying to carry 8 years old scrawny Peter like a kangaroo so that he can keep an eye on him so he’s not wreaking havoc on the ship

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: We cannot know ourselves. Souls are not stones, they are rivers. Forgive yourself.

Taurus: The ability to spit dead in someone’s eye rarely comes in handy, but it’s sure as hell effective when it does. Appreciate your talents, however small.

Gemini: Bad friends may as well be emotional meat grinders. You’re better than emotion sausage.

Cancer: Sometimes making a rude gesture and telling the world to shove it is the right answer. Dont take too much pleasure in it though.

Leo: Hatred is like holding onto a hot coal to throw it at someone. Organized property damage is much more effective.

Virgo: I asked the stars how to be cool. They didn’t say anything but one of them put on some big sunglasses and another made finger guns at me. Point is, dont get too hung up on that.

Libra: The past is history, the future is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. Keep in mind there is nothing stopping the present from being full of dogshit.

Scorpio: Your desire to change the past is like a kangaroo, it cannot move backwards. This gives you the tactical advantage.

Sagittarius: The human brain is a sexual katamari. Anything, and I mean anything, can be incorporated. This is wonderful and terrifying.

Capricorn: A blessing is a blessing. In this day and age we recommend you take every scrap of holy energy you can.

Aquarius: You have two choices. Change it or wallow in it. Many things really shouldn’t be wallowed in.

Pisces: Our brains at night can be terrifying places. Luckily, comedy is the sawed-off shotgun of emotional defenses. All comedy is fear.

signs as haunted places in New Jersey

(I’m starting a series where I assign haunted places from each state to the signs. I’m starting with New Jersey because that’s where I’m from! Also the Red Mill is located in my hometown so I thought that was cool. Ok anyways)

Aries: The Pine Barrens, NJ- The Pine Barrens, also known as the Pinelands or the Pines, is a heavily forested area that covers more than 7 counties across the state of New Jersey. This area has been the site of many legends and is also the alleged home of the infamous Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil is described as a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a dog and the face of a horse, bat-like leathery wings, horns and a tail. There have been many sightings over the years, specifically in South Jersey, leading many to believe that the Jersey Devil actually exists or is at least a real animal. Some people believe that the vastness and remote nature of the 1 million acre Pine Barrens could allow a species to remain hidden over time. Other legends include the ghost of Captain Kidd, a pirate who supposedly hid his treasure in Barnegat Bay. Some locals say that they’ve seen his ghost wandering along the beach. There are two other ghosts who are actually known to be kind spirits. There is the ghost of a man named James Still, more popularly known as The Black Doctor, who was a man studying medicine in the 19th century who wasn’t permitted to do so because of his race. Undiscouraged, however, he went into seclusion in The Pine Barrens to study his textbooks and also learned herbal remedies. Some say he died from lynching after being discovered and others say he died of a heart attack. His ghost however is still said to come to the aid of injured or stranded travelers in The Pine Barrens. Lastly, there is a white stag that many have claimed to see. The stag supposedly is known to prevent disasters. If you see the white stag, it is supposed to bring good luck.

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