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Justin Trudeau - Sock Nerd

love this guy.

en route to the First Ministers’ meeting:

a few randoms:

meeting with Irleand’s PM (which took place on May 4th):

At a NATO Summit:

Pride flag raising:

and at Toronto Pride, which coincided with Eid:

love u, what a guy.

anonymous asked:

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you need to get some help, buddy. you can be better than this like, as a person. if not for everyone else’s sake, for yours. theres no reason to send someone you don’t know this sort of nasty message unless you’ve got some stuff you need to work on. 

Remember, YOUR actions as fans also represent BTS. Be kind to one another (Yes, ALL fandoms). I’m sure you don’t want them to be remembered by people in the U.S. as the “group with crazy, rude fans”, right? Of course you don’t. Be nice.

With BTS here in the States attending the BBMAs, not only are they representing themselves, but they are basically representing the music scene back in their home country, which is a lot of pressure. So to those other kpop fans who find joy in hating on other groups…FYI, this relates to you as well. Not only will the negative comments effect them, it will also do the same to your favorite groups. You don’t want your favorite groups to be stereotyped and to be known as the ones with rude fans, right? Of course not.

Be nice to one another (To ALL artists and their fans) and let’s have people remember them for the positives.


a short guide to Justin Oluransi

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