like a justin


The third-year photo theme was: Third Years!

And the second-year photo was: Badges!  

currently trying to figure out how to sell my soul to Kings in Couture by @forovnix?? any thoughts??

just a heads up, it looks like justin bieber and 2 chainz are releasing a song the same day as harry so we really, really need to work hard to get him to number 1

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Soo Chris Classen (selenas stylist) liked a pic of justin on a jelena acc And elie liked a pic of Justin!!! Intresting.....

Lol gtg

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Does Canada have 2 mainstream political parties like the us does and the rest are "alternative" so to speak. If so what are they?

It’s kinda different? Like they have the Liberals (Justin’s party) and the Conservatives which is the opposition party, but the other parties aren’t as marginalized as third parties are in the US. The other ones that I know of are the New Democratic Party (which is democratic socialist as far as I know) and the Green Party. I’m pretty sure there’s other ones but I’m not very familiar with them. (I’m not Canadian so)

i just woke up from a dream where i was scrolling my dash and there was a post that was like “i hope justin bieber is okay” and i was like damn did something happen to him? then there was a reply that was just like “Actually Justin Bieber isn’t okay. [KEEP READING]” and i was like ?!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO JB THAT YOU NEEDED A READMORE FOR IT

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Selena is trying to hurt Justin that's what she's doing she's gonna be all over Abel till she gets a rise out of Justin like he did her she's trying to win but right now all she's doing is loosing the love of her life with his act