like a hoss

Excellent news.

you’re an equestrian if you’ve ever reached into your pockets for your phone and ended up with a handful of sugar cubes. not even “you might be an equestrian,” you just are. who the fuck else does things like that. you’d probably left the barn four hours ago and i bet it was in public too, you sugar-cube-hoarding weirdo.

Post-Ep Houseguest Rankings

1)Dominique & Christmas ~ @CBS Where Are My Queens???? For Shame.
2) Kevin & Alex ~ They Gave Her A Good Edit IDK I Like Her, And I Love Our Father.
3) Elena ~ She Is T O O Beautiful. My God.
4) Mark ~ ?Cute?Not Much Else…
5) Raven ~ She’s Cute, But She Should Stay Out Of The Kitchen.
6) Ramses ~ Problematic Fave? More Likely Than You’d Think.
7) Josh ~ He’s Shaping Up Nicely…
8) Guy Who Looks Old But Isn’t….. ~ What’s His Name Again?
9) Paul ~ Annoying But The Devil You Know And All That…..
10) Jason ~ I Can’t Unsee That He Looks Like Hoss Cartwright, He Broke Christmas, And He’s A Homophobe. Canceled(And I Liked Him For A Minute Too… He Was High On The List Before He Said What He Said. Bitch B Y E)
11) Cody ~ We All Know Why We Hate Him.
12)Jessica ~ UGGHHH Girl Would You Stop. This Paranoia About Alex And Cody And Taking It Out On Alex Is Just Ugly. Like Her Hair. And Her Laughing At Cody And Jason’s Disgusting Comments.
I Think That’s All Of Em…. Did I Remember All Of Em????

EDIT: I FORGOT THE OTHER GIRL THAT’S ON THE BLOCK Jillian ~ She Doesn’t Do Anything And I Forgot She Existed. I’m Confident She Will Be Thoroughly Forgotten By This Time Next Week.

yo so in Tiger Mask W, the four kings of Tiger’s Den are:

  • A shooter
  • A pocket powerhouse
  • A high-flying big man
  • A classic hoss

Like, damn. It’s kinda hard to root against that particular combination, here.

Also if that reveal from Haruna means what I think it means, I kind of hate this latest development

juli4n0liver  asked:

do you like the grim adventures of billy and mandy?

Oh man, I miss that show.  I always thought the premise of the Grim Reaper being forced to be the plaything of two children was always a brilliant concept.  I also liked the characters they added later in the series, like Hoss Delgado (clearly a parody of Snake Plissken), Fred Fredburger, and my personal favorite:

10/2011: “Tells the worst jokes: Me”

Hammer and Bicks agree with you, Captain.

Surprisingly, Tazer and Kaner tied for the honor of biggest momma’s boy with 4 votes each:
Sharpy, Tazer, Crow and Bicks
Stalberg, Ben Smith, Duncs and Hossa.


12/31/14 NHL Winter Classic Practice Day: Blackhawks practice

god i’m all about better equitation in eventing but i get soooooooo offended by eq riders “critiquing” eventers for riding exactly the way that their sport calls for, like why not just say that you can’t critique eventing photos if you obviously can’t recognize what safe working equitation looks like???