like a heart transplant

so, you know those memes where its like “this is an italian heart” *pic of meatball* “this is a human heart” *pic of human heart*?
How weird would it be if it was real like just imagine a heart surgeon going in for the transplant and just “jerRY, I THINK THERES A PROBLEM!” “what” “theres just a meatball??? a pulsating meatball in his chest?!?” “oh, he must be italian, dont worry about it karen”

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10 and 17

10. how do you do your researches?
- internet? I do them quickly unfortunately, but I have to or I’ll get sucked in and forget what I was doing. But I wish I was more thorough. Like I did minor research for Lena’s heart transplant scar and care etc. 

17. favorite AU to write 
- MERMAIDS. I literally have a mermaid / sailor / pirate au for every fandom I’ve been involved in. 


I’ve watched enough TV to know that sometimes (its believed anyway) when you have a heart transplant, you feel and think like the person whose heart you got. Could this person be tending to charles’ “unfinished buissness” ? Getting revenge for him? Maybe thats why we’ll feel sorry for A, they’re just doing what Charles couldn’t.

What happens when “egalitarian” and “pro-logic” people go to school and learn stuff they didn’t know before?

“How come black people fought to vote? Sounds like some sjw shit to me. All voters matter! Why didn’t they fight for equality? What about white voters?”

“How come hospitals only treat and prevent illnesses? Why can’t I get a heart transplant because I feel like it? This is some sjw bull!”

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Mae sighed loudly as she toggled between the several open tabs on her laptop. Although a few had things like Facebook and other social channels, the majority consisted of medical research and articles. It wasn’t abnormal in the Tuck household; ever since Abigail had been diagnosed, she and Angus spent a great deal of time researching and understanding her heart condition in hopes that at he next doctor’s visit, they wouldn’t be entirely confused. 

But this time, Mae wasn’t just researching the condition. Every tab bore some variant of the words ‘donor child’. If the concept had been mentioned to her just a year before, Mae would have been absolutely horrified. But now, with Abigail in such a poor state, it didn’t sound so awful. At the last appointment, their doctor had mentioned that Abby would most likely need transplants of several organs– eventually her heart– including kidneys and liver. She would never suggest having a child for the purposed to use their heart– she was desperate, not heartless.

She chewed on the end of her pencil as she read another article arguing if the concept was ethical. What was unethical about it? All of the organs she was considering were ones you could live without one of— and the liver could regenerate! What was so wrong about that? Another sigh escaped and Mae leaned back from the laptop, rubbing her tired eyes.