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It occurred to me suddenly that Otabek is that kind of person who is extremely intelligent and well spoken and generally very chill but will occasionally just come out at random with the stupidest thought ever spoken aloud by a person and all you can do is stare at him until he finally changes the topic. But Yuri, Yuri is the perfect match to that and he will encourage a three hour, sincere conversation as if the original comment was completely valid. ~beloved

Never have tears pricked at my eyes so quickly, I adore my idiot son Otabek Altin

when Jungkook smiles: 💛🌼🌤☀️🌻💫🌻⚡️🌙⭐️🌟✨💛🌼🌤🌼💫✨🌙🌙☀️🌼🌤🌼💛✨🌙⚡️🌻💫☀️🌤🌼🌙⭐️🌟✨💛🌼🌙⭐️💛✨🌟💛⭐️✨🌤🌻💫⚡️💛🌻🌻🌟✨🌼🌤☀️💫🌟✨🌻🌻🌼💫🌟🌻✨✨⭐️⚡️💛🌤☀️🌼💫🌟🌟⭐️🌙💛💫🌻🌟🌙⚡️💛💛💛🌙✨🌟💫🌼💫🌙⭐️✨💫🌼🌤☀️🌻🌻

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Could you please write something with Cassian taking care of lots of little baby Illyrians. (There is a serious lack of Cassian with babies fics in the world.) Pretty please! -Chloe

awwwwww the thought of Cassian with babies just warms my cold dead heart like no other!!

But, I think I am more suited to the headcanon thing. My attempts at fic writing are just me pretending I can write. Trust me. So here’s some headcanons for you Chloe

-Cassian is the baby whisperer. He’s one of those guys that everyone hates because all the babies want him. When he is walking through the camps or in Velaris the babies instantly hold out their arms like “I WANT THE TALL ONE GIVE ME TO HIM”. And while he is so good at making them smile, the real skills are in how he calms them down. Babies fall asleep on him instantly. It is not uncommon to see Cassian walking around the Illyrian camp with a baby on his chest, supported in one massive hand. He just goes about his business and the moms don’t care because “Thank the Mother, she kept me awake the entire night screaming”

-Once those babies turn into toddlers, he chases them around and throws them up in the air to heights that would be alarming if it weren’t for the fact that everyone knows he will catch them. Every time someone is trying to talk to their Commander™ he is also partially playing chase or hide and seek while saying “Continue with your report General, I’m listening!”

-The flying is the best though. Tiny Illyrians will line up for a chance to soar with him. He takes them up and holds them out below him by the waist so they can let their tiny wings spread while he gives them directions. “Okay now we are going to turn right, you need to help me! Lower your right wing!”… “I’m barely holding on anymore! how are you already so good at this! Look at you go!”

Closure || 28/?

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H U G  S E Q U E N C E

After years of being jumped on and tackled, Trahearne instinctively speaks and holds out his hands when he sees Ive making a beeline for him, knowing that Ive needs some sort of anchor to approximate just how close he is.  Even if Trahearne has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Spotify decided to throw some of the songs on my playlists that I associate with these two dorks at me while I was sketching and oh god feels bye

I decided to upload an extra page this week because a) I had the line art done, b) it was adorable and I kept wanting to shade it, and c) my schedule might not allow for consistent uploads in coming weeks, depending.  Updates will waffle between 2-3 pages per week (schedule allowing) since it’s summer, but always T/R/S if there is an update. <3

So.  Surprise?  Surprise reunion \o/

When I think of an Even’s season, i’m, first and foremost, thinking of the important subject of mental illness. I cannot count the numbers of comment (most of the time coming from anonymous), belittling Even, this g o r g e o u s boy, to just being the bipolar character. How when he would appear in one scene, oh my god, if he was too happy, or appeared just a bit sad or tired, it was its bipolar disorder showing up. I am not myself, and yet, taking 1 minute of your time, putting yourself in their shoes, in whoever found representation in Even, how hurtful it truly is. They are human beings. They are not their symptoms, they have emotions like the rest of the world. Actually, thinking back at Even’s story, or well rather his past, how he litteraly locked his heart, locked any emotions to be spread in this world coming from him, when this boy has so much love to share. So much. That’s probably one of the thing that made me fall in love right away for him. Because he has suffered, learning what happened at Bakka, to the point where he even thought he wasn’t worthy to be part of this world anymore. Even, our Even ?!!! “ I know this…. I’ll hurt you and you’ll hate”, I ruin everything, when the boy sharing his life, considers him like his actual salvation “he’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” And yet, Even, despite being now at a good place in his life, still doubts he is good enough for Isak. So for this matter especially, to be shown what a gift this boy is, not just in Isak’s life, but in each one of his friends, past and present, the balloon squad, the boy squad, Sana and the girl squad. How pivotal he is now in each one if their lives. What an inspiration he is.

And this was supposed to be dealt with, let’s just rewind back in Season 3, all those clues being left between Sana & Even. Those two were meant to be connected, those two were meant to get a season. That one comment to give an example, “it’s like saying all muslims are terrorists”, to educate dear miss Emma, and the viewer as well, about generalization. How hurtful it can be. To be part of a minority and be judged for it, even worse get hate. Something Sana & Even both have endured, as a muslim girl and a bipolar pansexual boy. Those two beautiful characters would have taught the world so much together. They would also have been such a rock for each other. And they maybe even were by the past. After all, we never knew more of their story. So in my mind, they were. 

I will not cry about what could have been, even if that’s a lost cause, it might be, I’m still choosing to fight anyway. Because this is too important of an issue. And America, you know, won’t certainly do this to teach youth, no just offer drama upon drama, going through every caricatures you could think of. When Julie’s first will when she created Skam, was to give out a piece of reality, of what Norway’s different faces can go through, and to also offer this bit of hope. We all mess up at one point in our lives, and that’s okay, that doesn’t make of us bad friends, or bad people, only human beings. Even if Julie is still there to keep an eye of the American version, this won’t ever be Skam. Ever. 

Like I’m Livin’

Torn between the two men I love- one brother who left me, and the other who saved me. I had a choice to make, and either way three hearts would break.

Sequel to Like I’m Dyin’. Demon Dean, Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader Warnings: ANGST. FEELS. Smut, unprotected sex, canon divergence/AU, language, alcohol, character death, NSFW gif. Gifs aren’t mine, thanks artist peeps. WC: 7923 (I have issues) On AO3

A/N: For Angst Appreciation Day. Also for: @mamaredd123​ Shred Some Hearts Challenge- song “That’s Why They Make Jack Daniels” by Ronnie Dunn. Please listen to it if you can, the first verse is hyperlinked. @wheresthekillswitch​ & @emilywritesaboutdean​ Do it like Team Free Will Challenge- NSWF Gif. And @too-much-winchester​ 600 follower challenge- quote “I’m not supposed to be here. And you know it.”

Some memories never fade
Some broken hearts just stay that way
Some dreams just aren’t meant to be
But you keep, holdin’ on, long after she’s gone
That’s why they make Jack Daniels
Two fingers in a glass
It ain’t gonna make it any better
But, it won’t hurt as bad

It was impossible to get over the love of my life, especially once he’d become a demon… 

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trying to find the balance between loving people freely and not putting them on a pedestal. I gotta let humans be humans, but I can still hold onto the things that keep me warm inside and allow the joy of just loving someone to just fill up inside me all the time too!!!

it’s important to make sure no one feels pressured to take care of me. but I don’t have to fight it when loving someone just makes my heart warm.

That Awkward Moment
  • Friend: *Leaves on read for 5 minutes*
  • Friend: *Comes back with TodoMomo pics*
  • Also Me: *Cries internally because you know it really isn't gonna be canon* wHY CAN'T YOU LET MY LIL GAY HEART BE HAPPY AND DELUSIONAL.