like a gollum

I built a nap hole in my closet which is great and has no downside until someone comes into my room looking for me and I have to crawl out of my closet which is frankly impossible to do with dignity and without looking like a sleepy Gollum hissing “what does it wants who wakes us up”

I really like villainous characters and I really like heroic characters.  I would honestly find so much of the Discourse much less annoying if we could all be chill with there being really complex, interesting, dynamic characters on both sides rather than acting like a preference for the bad guys makings you a deep intellectual and liking the good guys makes you a dumb golden retriever… and by the same account a preference for the heroic characters doesn’t make you a wonderful person by default and ppl who like villains into gollum caricatures.

Summary of the 80s Voltron

  • Allura gets cut *Keith throws flowers at her*
  • LoWtoRE
  • Pidge sounding like a gollum “pWinCEss mY pREcIouS”
  • haggar u’ve looked better tbh /:
  • hAYYYYYYgar
  • keith: *long ass inner monolgue trying to convince himself he’s straight* shUT UPPPP 
  • ugly sobbing…by me
  • the white girl is dead!!! me: hmm yeah ok
  • lance……..ur so white
  • pidge is a fucking boss gremlin
  • keith man pain……….again
  • hunk the orange paladin
  • pidge and their fucking G R E N A D E
  • defeated….by wind

I get. 

Somewhere along the road it just turned into full-on shadowhunters dressing up as middle earth characters don’t ask me why Simon is Gollum I don’t know either

Simon totally forced Magnus into a Sauron costume there though

How to Give Your Story “Heart”

Here’s where things get fluffy. This is the moment you unleash your feelings, tap into your inner light, and weep onto the page, using your sparkling tears as ink. Ready?

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Edna would never allow us to do that. And that’s good, because contrary to conventional wisdom, that’s not how you give your story heart. We’re going to do it the real way.

So if it isn’t raw emotion, what is “heart”?

1) It’s what your character NEEDS (not wants).


3) It’s what you want to TEACH.

Those sound intimidating, I know. But if you don’t treat it like a mystical magic, it’s very doable.

So, what do those mean?

1) NEED =

Your character has flaws that are ruining their life and future, right? Flaws in their heads that only hurt themselves, flaws in their characters that hurt other people. Something is missing within them, something they don’t understand, something they need to learn. Once they realize their flaws, and learn the thing that will overcome those flaws, their lives will be saved.

Take Mr Fredrickson from Up. He’s so grumpy and stubbornly stuck in the past, he’s willing to leave a small child clinging to the porch of his flying house, rather than let him into his life.

He needs to learn that in order to live a fulfilling life again, he must let go of the past, and go have another adventure. Which Ellie helps him learn.

Great. Now I’m crying.


It’s what the story is really about. The journey going on below the action-y surface. It’s your character’s inner change from one kind of person to a (hopefully) better kind. The reader believes the story is about the tangible goal, and the actions taken to reach it — the surface. Yet inwardly, they’re processing the hero’s inner journey too. It’s sneakily hidden from them.

On the surface, Hamilton is about a revolution and the founding of a nation.

Underneath all that, it’s about a guy learning what a worthwhile legacy really is, and how to build one.


Storytelling is the most powerful teaching method ever devised. Scientifically speaking, teaching is the purpose of stories, whether we like it or not. This fact usually makes people react like Gollum when approached by nasty hobbitses.

“Moralizing, precious? We hates it!”

Which is a reflex aversion that I understand, and have shared in the past. Books and movies that teach something positive are scorned and mocked in the world of “high literature” too. But when I thought about what stories have done for me, and why they were capable of it, my opinion changed. 

Tangled saved my life. If I had never seen that movie, I would still be in a horrible cult-like situation which I’d been trapped in for twelve years.

Narnia helped me escape depression.

The Harry Potter books were my home and my friends when I didn’t have either.

And those are all stories with strong hearts.

Why wouldn’t I want to create stories that could possibly help someone, like I was helped? Why would I let “avoid teaching at all costs” become my ultimate goal? (When really, that’s another way of saying “be pretentious and egotistical”?)

Nope. I’m choosing to write things that people will call schmaltzy and childish – but maybe life saving for another kid.

(I said I wasn’t going to get emotional. Sorry Edna.)

So, how do you figure out the heart of your story?

Answer these questions:
— What does your character need to learn, to stop ruining their own life?
— What do YOU want to say?

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A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me (3)

[A/N: Last chapter for today! If you go to my page you’ll see that I’ve left a little question asking what you’d like to see in the following chapters! (I don’t want to spoil anything but the chapter after this one will have kind of Jughead POV scene or scenes)

I’m really enjoying writing this one but obviously I want you guys to enjoy it too and I want to write the kind of stuff that you want to see! I hope you enjoy this one guys! Also I love it when you guys leave comments, it really makes my day (read that as: I need constant validation to ensure that I am happy). 

Also see if you can find the Fall Out Boy lyrics in this chapter! (Hint: It’s not very subtle)]

Word Count: 1870

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

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Sickness [Batboys]

A/N: This got really out of control idk man this wasn’t my initial plan… but I still liked it in the end XD

Pairing: Batboys x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Just a bit of language

Word Count: 1618



Usually, you’d find any excuse to lie in bed in the morning, relaxing and escaping from responsibilities. However, this wasn’t the case. 

“Dick, please.“ you whined at your older brother, swatting his hand away when he tried to touch your forehead, though you were too weak to keep him away for long. 

”[F/N], you’re burning up.“ he stated worryingly, frowning at your pale face.

“I’m fine. I want to get up and walk.” you insisted in a scratchy voice. Lying in bed was proving to be very uncomfortable in your current condition. Everything was just not right to you and it was horrible. 

"But you’ll only make it worse.“ Dick stated, denying your request. 

"Please?” you asked softly, trying hard not to cough. 

"A no is a no.“ you heard Jason’s voice from the doorway, and instantly you groaned. You could probably win Dick’s heart, but you knew Jason would never let you leave no matter how many bribes you tried to make. 

"I hate you guys.” you muttered in defeat. 

"Nonsense, you love us.“ Dick claimed, grinning. 

"We’re only trying to help you [N/N].” Jason sighed, he himself checking your temperature and grimacing in disapproval. “Drake should be back any minute with the medicine. Where the fuck is the demon spawn?“ 

“Jason, watch your language.” Dick scolded, covering your ears, much to your annoyance. You were a teenager for heaven’s sake. 

"He claims he doesn’t want to be anywhere near me, he’s afraid he’d catch my sickness therefore throwing him off his game.“ you informed weakly. "And Dick, can you remove your hands?" 

"You’re kidding, right?” Jason rolled his eyes as Dick did as you requested. “His sister is bedridden and he’s scared of some sickness." 

"Hey, I am not that sick.” you protested. Your body betrayed you by making your throat itchy all the sudden, and you couldn’t help cough painfully afterwards.

Okay, so you were that sick. Your head was pounding, your entire body was burning up, your throat hurts like hell and whenever you coughed you found it hard to stop. Your coughing fits were so violent it pained you every time it happened. On top of that, you were unusually nauseous, preventing you from eating a single thing because it would just come out five minutes later.

“I’ll get some water.” Dick said in a concerned voice, rushing out of the room. You struggled to regain control of your body and shifted your position into a more comfortable one so it was less painful. 

You ended up turning to one side and curling your body slightly. You felt a hand rubbing your back soothingly, and surprisingly the little action helped.

“Don’t push yourself kid. You’ll only make it worse if you don’t rest up.” said Jason softly. Out of all his siblings, there was no doubt that Jason loved you the most. You never minded his foul language and loved his sense of humor. Many times you were his partner in teasing the fuck out of everyone. Of course, you weren’t as cruel as Jason, and nobody could stay mad at you for more than a day.

“Is death easier than this?” you groaned at him. He simply chuckled and shrugged.

“Hey, sorry I took so long.” Dick said as he entered the room holding a glass of water, Tim close behind him with a bag of what was undeniably medicine.

“You look really bad [F/N].” Tim commented as Jason helped you up so you could take the medicine. You swayed a bit because of the dizziness but managed to stand up right. 

“Here.” Tim opened the medicine and helped you take it. After that, you snuggled under your blanket and tried to have some rest.

You felt soft lips on the top of your head, stirring you awake. You opened your eyes and saw your father’s worried face.

"Hi dad.” you said in a cracked voice. You swallowed, wincing at the burning sensation.

“Hey… how are you feeling?” Bruce asked gently.

“Tired.” you mumbled, burying your face in your pillow. “Where’re the others?”

“They’re on patrol.” Bruce informed. You glanced outside and noticed that it was dark. How long had you been out? “Are you hungry?” You shook your head. “You haven’t eaten anything since this afternoon, are you sure? Alfred could make you chicken soup.”

“Dad, I don’t think my body will digest anything.” you stated. “Shouldn’t you be patrolling too?”

“The boys told me they’ll deal with it. I want to spend some time with you.” said Bruce.

“I’m not going to talk very much, and even if I do I sound like Gollum.” you chuckled weakly, swallowing the itch that threatened to emerge.

“I don’t mind.” He sat down on the edge of the bed and helped you sit upright. “If you want, I’ll tell you about my day.”

“I’d like that.”

Bruce stayed well into the night talking to you. He told you about the stack of work at Wayne Enterprise, the chaos of the paparazzi, the corrupted millionaires he had to meet and the update on the current case he and the boys were working on. He also informed that Stephanie and Cassandra briefly dropped by and even Barbara called. You were touched they were worried about you.

Eventually, you fell back asleep. You didn’t know how long you’ve been out for, but when you woke up a second time it was still dark and your father had left.

Sighing, you turned to grab the glass of water on the table and almost screamed when you saw Damian standing in the shadows.

“Dami, you scared me!” you exclaimed in a pathetic voice, though it was an improvement from earlier.

The said boy stepped into the light. You could see he still had his Robin costume on.

“What are you doing here?”

Damian’s cheeks turned a little red and he averted his gaze. “I-I wanted to check on you.” he admitted shyly, “I was… concerned about your health. You are family and you should be a priority.”

You felt touched that Damian Wayne was worried about you. You knew he had a heart of gold under that tough facade of his, and you spent enough time with him to be able to ruffle his hair and embrace him without getting a limb chopped off, but he would always deny admittance to any form of affection. This was the first time he said anything like that out loud.

“Thank you Damian.” you smiled, “your concern means a lot to me.” Your throat began to feel itchy again, so you reached for that glass of water and chugged it all down in one go. However, you immediately regretted it when you felt it coming back out. You gagged and the water spilled out of your mouth and onto the floor.

“[F-F/N]!” Damian cried, rushing to your side.

You were leaning off the edge of the bed, trying to stop that nauseous feeling. The water almost choked you and you couldn’t stop coughing. It was getting increasingly difficult to breathe.

“I-It’s gonna be okay!” Damian exclaimed, sounding panicked. You figured he never had to deal with a sick person before, maybe only cuts, internal bleeding and all the injuries that came with his night job.

He climbed on the bed and softly patted your back, holding your hair up and keeping you from falling headfirst onto the puddle of water your body rejected.

Somewhere along the way Alfred and Bruce also appeared by your side. After your unattractive little mishap, you rested on the bed, breathing heavily. Your eyes were watery and you just wanted this to be over.

“Here [F/N].” Bruce helped you off the bed. You grimaced at the mess you made, a mess Alfred would have to clean.

You made your way to the bathroom with the help of Bruce and Damian and washed your mouth. You couldn’t get that disgusting taste out no matter how much you tried.

Damian helped you back to bed while Bruce went to get another glass of water.

“Sorry Alfred.” you whispered, looking down.

“It’s no problem Miss [F/N].” the kind butler reassured, “you had no control over your body. Compared to the mess your siblings make, this is nothing.”

You laughed and sighed, finally feeling better. Damian was still by your side, studying you carefully in case you needed anything.

“It’s okay Dami. You can go to sleep now, I’m fine.” you said to the younger boy.

“I don’t trust the others to take care of you.” Damian protested.

“Hey, I’m hurt.” Dick said as he entered the room, followed by Tim and Jason. You mentally groaned; all of them in one room? It was a recipe for disaster, and judging by the exasperated look on his face, Alfred knew it too.

“What are you three doing here?” Damian hissed, his eyes narrowing.

“I’m here for [F/N].” Jason snapped, crossing his arms. He didn’t want to be with his brothers, but it seemed he had no choice.

“She’s in perfectly capable hands.” Damian growled.

“Yeah it totally seemed that way when you panicked just then.” Tim countered. Damian’s cheeks turned a brilliant hue of red.

“I didn’t see you do anything Drake. You were most likely too engrossed in your useless technology to notice!”

“Okay that’s enough.” Dick said, stepping up. “We’re all here to help [F/N], not give her another headache.” You glanced at him gratefully.

“Says the walking headache.” Jason muttered under his breath.

“Hey! That’s mean!” Dick whined.

And so the arguments started again, making you bury your head in your hands because you know there was no way in hell anyone was getting anymore rest that night.

Second Love (pt. 02)

Pairing: Yoongi | Reader.
Genre: Angst, SummerLove AU, Fluff & (future) Smut
Word Count: 6.3K

A/N: thank you for all the support you’ve been giving to this story <3 The next part will be the final one ohh :’(

Pt. 01  |  Pt. 02  |  Pt. 03

Summer 2006

Since that night you were sure of one thing: you would stop thinking about Yoongi. You would stop liking him. You started ignoring him at the Gong’s farm, but that was an easy task, since he was the first that started ignoring you in Mr. and Mrs. Gong’s presence.

But unfortunately, Yoongi started going out with the boys again. You had to see him every night and when you arrived home you were exhausted from the effort it took you to ignore him. He was still staring at you every time your eyes accidentally landed on him and you were sure he was trying to drive you nuts. First he told you that you should get over him before you fell something deeper for him, and then he kept staring at you like that. He was contradicting himself. Maybe he didn’t hate you, but you were starting to hate him.

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