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i keep thinking about this scene from ep 107 and there is no heterosexual explanation the only acceptable explanation is Mukuro is Very Keenly Aware of Hiei’s Huge Crush On Kurama

i truly honest to godly don’t understand how someone can ship karamel when karolsen is right there like the CEO of chanel is on his knees giving away free purses and handbags but ur still walking into the walmart next door like Who does that

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If your Filia was made Viscount, do you have any ideas about what she'd do as the main authority in Kirkwall?


I have so many, I’m writing a new story about it lol

Well, first things first:

In a surprising twist of fate, Along with cleaning up Kirkwall, She’ll order the rebuilding the Chantry. 

This isn’t a simple good deed, however: Filia not only wants the Nobles to pay for it, this is the first step in her plan to get what she wants.

She doesn’t want to spend much of Cities Budget on this–So she’ll get The Nobles will Rebuild the Chantry via Charitable Donation. 

Consider: Whoever gets the build the Chantry gets to change the face of Kirkwall Forever. They pick the Architect, the design, ect…ect… it’s a vanity project of the highest degree and everyone wants to be the one who creates it. 

She’ll have Varric start the whispers and see where things goes from there. 

But we must keep in mind thst Filia knows them, and she suspects many Noble Families will come forth and try to be the main contributor (’Let me introduce you to the family architect!’)

And Perhaps, she thinks, they’ll find little ways to get into the new Viscount’s favor as she ponders about the Chanty’s new design and bend to her will more easily. 

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What's your life dream?

Man oh man, I would love to have my own promotion one day, one that just. Accepts any and everyone, a safe space to just enjoy the art form that is professional wrestling. I’ve made blueprints, looked at pricing, I have a journal full of what I would need, how much space I would need, location, names, the works, it’s something I want so badly. Wrestling saved my life and I want to create a space where it can hopefully save others like myself. I don’t want to give all my ideas away, but I have so many plans, just wait. You’ll see my name in big, shiny lights running the next big hit, the beginning to a new, more accepting world. 

Obviously, I would also love to have my own family at some point. Get married, have kids ( I want 4 lmao), and just? Have my business, my family, and my friends all at my side, so we can take over the world. But my love life is kinda second to the paragraph above, I can meet someone on the way of living my life, of making my dream a reality. 

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I think for me it's that a lot of people are taking Kit's troll comments as factual ammo against Sansa when we all know he's full of shit and trolling Sophie and the shippers.

LOL!! Yes, especially the kill, marry, betray game. I mean come on. I mean, if Jonsa is endgame what options did he have? 

Cersei: He could use all the three options. Kill, marry and betray and it wouldn’t have made any difference. 

D@ny: Dany he couldn’t use kill or betray if there is going to be a showdown between them at some point. 

Sansa: He couldn’t have said marry. That would be like giving away the plot. So he chose between Kill and betray. 

I for one would have been worried if he had said marry Sansa and kill/betray D. 

Kit is a troll. So is Sophie. It’s an established fact. 

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Got a promotion and a raise this week. Feeling excited and pleased that I’m doing good work, but also feeling guilty. like I want to give away all of my money because I make way more than I need to survive now and other people need it more than me

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Do you ever feel like you're giving too much away with TSC? I feel like I know a lot about the story and I'm just a casual follower. Is this a good method for book promotion? Or could it potentially steer people away from buying your book since they feel like they already know a lot about it?

95% of the questions people ask me literally have nothing to do with TSC. So no, I don’t feel like I’m giving too much away, because people aren’t asking the right questions to even give me the opportunity to do so. The answers I’m giving aren’t even mentioned within the novel. When people ask questions with plot specific answers, I tell them to read TSC to find out.

As a casual follower, you know a lot about The Savior’s reproductive process, the various realms’ cultures, what would happen if hypothetical things happened to hypothetical Saviors over the hypothetical years, etc. Did you really think that’s what TSC is about? The story of Saviors birthing Saviors? Oh, you :P

Anywho, no, I don’t think answering irrelevant questions about your novel would steer people away from buying it. It builds excitement and interest in the world. If it wasn’t a good method, I wouldn’t be doing it. And if some people truly believe I wrote a book about The Savior’s vagina and I’m spoiling all the vaginay details, that’s on them.

I had an anon a while ago asking for Hunk love and I was so busy I didn’t get to it until now! (And even now it’s kind of messy but !!! I love hunk!!!)


*On every planet, always

“Your dad would totally fire me if he walked in on this, you know.”

“And lose the greatest literal babysitter he’s ever hired? I don’t think so.”




Marinette strains her neck to look at Adrien petulantly; he looks over at her and cracks a grin. 

“You’re slipping, Mari!”

As his serious facade melts, Marinette is suddenly acutely aware of how warm he is against her. She’s not sure she likes the feeling as her blood runs cold and her heart clenches. I can’t do this, she reminds herself sourly, and tries to go back to relishing in her friend’s company.

  • Still Star-Crossed: Black female lead character
  • Still Star-Crossed: Enemies to friends to lovers
  • Still Star-Crossed: Arranged marriage
  • Still Star-Crossed: Handsome prince
  • Still Star-Crossed: Period drama
  • Still Star-Crossed: Shonda Rhimes
  • Me: Uh oh. Guess I found a new show to obsess over.
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #22
  • Phil: hey Dan
  • Dan: what
  • Phil: does your dimple have a family?
  • Pikeman: You lost the bet, Camp Campbell! Now we'll be taking your best camper!
  • Petrol: *Gestures wildly and passionately at Nurf*
  • Pikeman: *Sighs irritably* No, Petrol, we talked about this. 'Best' does not mean 'campers you happen to have a crush on'.