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#10, kiss them, blind!jungkook x

010. kiss them w/ blind!jungkook

jungkook has many reasons why he loves you.

like… a lot. to the point where he’d write books on top of books on top of shelves to be placed upon, he’ll never be able to finish his list of reasons why. but here as he stands at the door of his work, he only knows he’s here because he can feel you pouting. he can’t quite see it, but he only imagines how it makes your lips drag down and at the way you squeeze his hand tells him just that.

“it’s not like i’m going away forever,” he snorts, giving your hand a small squeeze in return to let you know he knows, “i’ll be back before dinner,”

“…that’s basically the same thing,” your words mutter under your breath and you’re certain he can hear it because his other senses heighten more than others. his ears manage to catch all the syllables to your objection for him to leave you alone for so long and it seems like it’s one of those days. you know, days where you just want to be with him every second of the day and the contrast was drastic… but jungkook wouldn’t have it any other way.

either one, he loves you the same.

more than ever, he likes this. how you’re unwilling to let him go even when he tells you he has to or the cafe owner is going to get on his ass for not coming earlier. blind or not, it doesn’t dismiss proper working ethics and jungkook’s certain you know that more than anyone. he gives your hand a shake, chuckling when he can feel the weight of your hand following his.

“c’mon now, i’ve gotta go,” he reaches out and manages to stroke your cheek at the first try, “and you do too,”

there’s a brief moment of silence before jungkook feels his hand being let go of completely. it’s a quick shock to his heart, but it soon settles down at the absence of your touch. he’s able to feel your presence still lingering, only wondering when will your goodbye come but it comes faster than he imagines when there’s a kiss pressed to his cheek and a hushed i’ll come by as soon as you’re done and he’s laughing to himself.

then he blushes.

then on after, a good feeling inside of him imbues when he can hear your footsteps quickening to leave, as if you’re shy or embarrassed for openly doing such a thing. not to the public but… to him, who can’t even see you but it somehow feels like he can when you’re making him feel that way. it’s like he has everything in the world, even when he can’t see it.

that makes him smile and - “go in, you dork!”

“…if i don’t, will you give me one more kiss?”

“don’t hope on it!”

jungkook hopes on it.


“…you’ll get it later!”

told you.

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who are the anon blogs? and how come the other anon said they were bad, you said they were nice :^(

The anon blogs are literally the sweetest and most respectful people ever. They write for certain musical fandoms and people hate on them for so many dumb reasons— such as they hide their identity (like they don’t post face pics, give away their real names or say how old they are,etc.) and people hate that, they also write for certain characters that are canonly bad people, they also don’t like them cause they write smut?? People send them hate, death threats AND rape threats which is fucking ridiculous. None of those are reasons to send any of that shit and label them as horrible people that. They’re so supportive and have your back regardless of how much they know you— just as long as you show them kindness. I love them all and am basically one of them (✨) and it hurts to see people WHO DONT KNOW THEM share dumbass posts saying “if your an anon blog don’t interact” like?? I don’t go around posting “straight cis white people don’t interact”?? Anyway, yeah. Sorry for going off.

Cup oc Chret Cocoa
Others were doing this so I did as well. (I guess I shall give him some info)

Chret is mute so he can’t speak. He writes books and is pretty fast when running. when he blushes the blush lines are formed as two sticks that are two different sizes.

He can be very helpful to others to the point where he doesn’t care about himself, He also is quite clean and rude when he is tired (which is mostly through the main work days, Monday - Friday because he works longer on those days at the store (He works as a stocker in the back room because he can’t speak to customers, It can be very hard on his back)

he doesn’t like flirting, he will just give a dead stare and wave and walk away and just go on like that never happened.

That’s all I got for him rn so eh I tried.

no offense but like why does being lgbt/having lgbt characters and couples always have to be some ~big secret~ to be revealed in media???? can we not just have some god damn canon representation without any fuss, like. i’m tired of endlessly hoping and not knowing, of being baited and almost fucking used in a way??? like making me stick around waiting to see whether or not you’re gonna give us one god damn lgbt character (or, god forbid, multiple). trying to keep me “”hooked”” or whatever the fuck. it’s kinda gross and just playing into what the fans want w/out delivering is kinda sick. & even if the character(s) is revealed to be canon lgbt, why did it have to be such a big deal. why did i have to wait, why did my hopes have to be toyed with for so long…,idk i’m not super eloquent rn, but tbh i’m looking @ you rn dreamworks.

I had an anon a while ago asking for Hunk love and I was so busy I didn’t get to it until now! (And even now it’s kind of messy but !!! I love hunk!!!)


*On every planet, always

“companion(s) - doggos there to lick your tears and make you smile”

i need more young yuuri and young viktor with their doggos ;v;

extra: (from my experience with my cousin’s poodle, I learned that)

doggos react when they see other doggos

doggos react when they see ball(os)

doggos react (sadly) when they don’t see owners :’(((

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wow your writing in the gods and monsters series is amazing! i've always loved greek myths and you bring them to life and add a different twist that makes it better than anything i've ever read about mythology!! if you have time, could you do a continuation of the Hades and Kore story? Kore/Persephone is one of my fav goddesses and i can't wait to see where you take her story!

(continuation of: x, x)

The first time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she is reckless and stubborn and feels like she has so little left to lose, only an overbearing mother she yearns to escape.

The first time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she fights and swims and survives. She is picked up on the shore and carried to safety in Hades’s arms.

The second time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she is reckless and stubborn and feels like she has everything to lose. She lets the water take her, and she drowns.

The second time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, it kills her.


Kore wakes up after falling unconscious while being carried by the King of the Underworld. Her skin is fully healed, no longer blistering and burning. She’s naked under the soft blankets, but she was naked when she dove into the river, so she’s not too worried about it.

“I didn’t know you were a goddess,” someone says, and she turns her head to see a little girl sitting by her bedside with black skin and grey eyes and hair. She’s glaring at her, “I wouldn’t have tried to kill you if I’d known. You shouldn’t touch my water – it’s not good for you. It will kill you. It does not care what you are.”

“It did not kill Achilles,” Kore says, pushing herself up so the blanket falls to her waist.

The young Lady Styx huffs and gets to her feet, pushing open the long wardrobe on the other side of the room. “It did, actually. What my river takes, it keeps.” Kore raises an eyebrow. Styx doesn’t explain further, only places a dark blue gown on the bed. “Hecate put some of her old things in here for you. She’s taller and thinner than you are. But you are a goddess. You can make it work.”

“I can,” Kore agrees, amused. She pushes herself out of bed, and her hair falls into her face.

Her hair has been a dark brown her whole life.

She strides over to the wardrobe and pulls it open, starring at herself in the mirror.

Her hair has turned pure, snowy white. The hair on her head of course, but the rest of it too. Her eyebrows, the light hair on her arms and legs, going down her navel, the hair between her legs – all of it white.

“You’re lucky nothing worse happened,” Styx scolds. “My river usually does much worse than that.”

Kore touches one of her new, pale eyebrows. “That is an excellent point, Lady Styx.”

With some clever magic, Kore pulls on the now perfectly fitting gown. Hecate doesn’t tend to bother with them, only dresses up if there’s some sort of celebration that requires her attendance – something that hasn’t happened in a long time, ever since she irritated Zeus and Poseidon to the point that they called for her head on a spike. The gown is old, even by their standards, but its beautifully crafted, stars plucked from the heavens and sewn into the bodice, waves from the seven seas curling around the long skirt. “This is very valuable,” she says, “Is Hecate sure she would like me to have it?”

Styx shrugs, “She said it was a young woman’s dress, and however she may look, she’s not a young woman any more. It’s my favorite dress of hers – I was quite cross that she gave it to you, but I did almost kill you. So I suppose that’s fair enough.”

“Ah,” Kore says, not quite sure how to respond to that. “I see.”

Styx grins at her and grabs her hand. The child goddess’s skin is freezing to the touch, but Kore doesn’t flinch back out of fear of being rude. “Come with me now. Hades wants to see you.”

The girl leads her through the twisting hallways to a polished wooden door. It’s not the throne room, where Kore thought that the girl would take her. She’s seen the grand inner chambers of Poseidon and Zeus’s homes before, of the lesser gods even, and Kore braces herself for something just as grandiose and intimidating.

Styx opens the door and pushes her inside before vanishing.

Kore blinks and looks around.

The room is smaller than she expected. It’s lined with shelves packed with scrolls, and mounted on the opposite wall is large map that’s constantly shifting and changing, and it take her almost a full minute of looking at it to realize it’s a map of the underworld.

“You’re looking better.”

Kore’s eyes snap down, and it’s only then that she notices the figure of Hades, King of the Underworld, hunched over his desk. His hair pulled in messy low ponytail, and there are dark bags under his eyes. He’s in a simple black chiffon, one no more presumptuous than any mortal noble would wear. He’s the most unassuming, unremarkable thing in already unassuming, unremarkable room.

Suddenly, she feels over-dressed.

“Thank you,” she says, not knowing what else to say. She feels – awkward, almost, in front of him, which isn’t something she’s ever felt with anyone. She wants to climb into his lap and rest her head against his shoulder. She wants to force him into some proper clothes for a king. She wants to put him to bed and make him sleep until he loses those bruises under his eyes.

She’s never wanted to do any of those things for anyone before. She doesn’t even know him.

Although – she knows he came for her. That he found an intruder into his realm and picked her up and soothed her, carried her to safety and washed her of the corrosive water of the Styx. He placed her in his palace and did not touch her as so many other men would have touched her.

So perhaps she does know him. At least a little.

He rests his chin on his hand while he looks at her. “Hermes came with a message from your mother, demanding your return.” She doesn’t even have the time to panic before he continues, “I denied her. If she wishes to speak to me in person, I told her she is welcome to step into my realm herself.”

“She won’t do that,” Kore says, “She fears your realm. She fears how her power means nothing in your domain.”

Kore had never known her mother to fear anything – except the land of the dead. She’d grown up thinking Hades must be a hulking, formidable figure to pull fear from her mother’s breast, but that’s clearly not the case.

He smiles, and it’s the first hint of sharpness she’s seen from him. “I know. There will be consequences, of course. But those are my concern. You are a guest of my realm, Goddess of Spring. Walk where you please, and do as you please. No one will stop you.”

He’s already looking back down at his papers, eyebrows drawing together as he scratches out a series of numbers and rewrites them. It’s a clear dismissal, but Kore can’t bring herself to move.

She’s never met this man before. Yet he stands against her mother, yet he welcomes her to his realm, yet he permits unrestricted access to his home, yet he grants her every freedom he’s able.

“Thank you,” she says again. He gives an absent nod, already reaching for another scroll.

She leaves as quietly as she came.

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“It’s not pedophilia! It’s hebe/ephebe/whatever-philia!!”

Stop right there

If you need to make yourself sound “less dangerous” or “technically not a pedo”, re-evaluate why you want to defend your attraction to kids. Why do you defend your “right” to fantasize about molesting kids. Children don’t care what your technical terms are! You’re a fucking pedo to us!

“Your dad would totally fire me if he walked in on this, you know.”

“And lose the greatest literal babysitter he’s ever hired? I don’t think so.”




Marinette strains her neck to look at Adrien petulantly; he looks over at her and cracks a grin. 

“You’re slipping, Mari!”

As his serious facade melts, Marinette is suddenly acutely aware of how warm he is against her. She’s not sure she likes the feeling as her blood runs cold and her heart clenches. I can’t do this, she reminds herself sourly, and tries to go back to relishing in her friend’s company.

lance asks keith what his favorite animal is and keith just Lights Up and starts going on and on about hippos like did you know they can hold their breath up to seven minutes lance?? did you know they’re one of the most dangerous animals in africa?? they can live up to 40 years lance did you know that?? and lance just listens to him talk and talk and is reminded of how In Love he is with this boy, this boy that loves hippos,

Context: our party just broke out of their jail cells, took back their weapons, and have to get through a crowded mess hall full of prisoners
Bard: I walk in
Paladin: whoa whoa whoa you can’t do that. They’ll see our weapons and get suspicious
DM: roll charisma I guess
Bard: that’s a nat 20
DM: every single prisoner runs into the yard cheering for weapon Christmas.

  • Still Star-Crossed: Black female lead character
  • Still Star-Crossed: Enemies to friends to lovers
  • Still Star-Crossed: Arranged marriage
  • Still Star-Crossed: Handsome prince
  • Still Star-Crossed: Period drama
  • Still Star-Crossed: Shonda Rhimes
  • Me: Uh oh. Guess I found a new show to obsess over.
Ruby Rose and Hand-To-Hand

So I’ve seen people complain about Ruby not being skilled at Hand to hand, how it doesn’t make sense cause she should have the power if she wields her scythe and she should have the training too. But that’s not why she’s bad at hand to hand. 

In the latest ep, Oz criticizes, constructively, about Ruby throwing a punch wrong. So it means even her form is wrong. We also see multiple times between the trailer and her training how Ruby goes on the defensive when engaged in hand to hand, backing a way and blocking mostly. She flinches and is nervous. She’s scared, even when just sparring with someone. This is the source of the problem.

Ruby had Qrow teaching her, and we know he can fight hand to hand. Yang tried as well. When Yang did Ruby complained that she couldn’t do it and gushed about her scythe. She’s always been shown to be obsessed with weapons, especially Crescent Rose. Ruby’s problem isn’t that she can’t learn how to fight, she’s fine with a weapon. Her problem is that emotionally, she can’t handle hand to hand combat. 

Ruby relies on her scythe like a crutch. it acts like a placebo medication. When armed, even her moves which don’t directly involve Crescent Rose itself are fine, like kicking grimm away. Without it, she loses the ability to fight like flipping a switch. Even when on the offensive, even when determined, her skill level drops. She can’t even knock down a single mook. She lacks confidence, even saying she’s “not cut out for it” as if it was impossible for her to learn. For some reason Ruby believes that having a weapon is the only way she can fight, and that belief has limited her abilities, thereby making itself true. So Ruby isn’t bad at hand to hand because she can’t learn, she’s bad at hand to hand because she mentally doesn’t believe she’s able.