like a few days ago i was driving and i announced

There are currently heavy rains in our area (ie. our house might flood if it rains long enough) and we could barely even hear each other / the television so we turned it off. I was planning to ship orders tomorrow.

If ever the heavy rains do not stop by Saturday morning, I will ship items on Tuesday, September 1. Because Monday, August 31,  is a local holiday.

I have been busy because of school and several school-related responsibilities I may have imposed on myself without realizing (I feel like a mom sometimes haha) so I haven’t been replying to messages or comments. I’ll try to reply by Saturday afternoon.

I also haven’t been replying bc our home computer broke down a few days ago so I had to recover almost 1TB amount of files before fixing things. (The transfer took a few days bc the only extra hard drive wasn’t USB 3.0 for shame) That plus school work and exams and recovering files for projects o<-< Things have been really hectic this week. 

So for any payment deadlines that were supposed to be this week, I’m extending all current deadlines to next Friday, September 4. If you messaged regarding payment deadlines, refer to this post. I will probably message you the same thing :)) I have the tendency to extend deadlines whenever I’m caught busy with school work.

August-release items will be shipped soon and will probably arrive in the store mid to late September. I will try my best to update asap!

Drop a message if you have questions or concerns.
Please stay dry and keep safe!
- The Dog Den District -