like a father like a daugther


If @nekophy and @angexci accept my skellegirl gonna be a daugther of palette and goth…she have the best thing of both of them…golette have the power of both and your personality is in the middle of both but she like to stay with goth more than palette because she see how your fathers been and goth’s personality make her sad and she tried to confort him and cheer up -like palette do but in her manners-…i hope that both of you like my draw owo (i don’t speak english but i hope i made me understand…sorry qwq)

More punny Raven
  • Raven: Come on now Yang. Aren't you happy to see your mother?
  • Yang: After 12 years of wondering where you were and not finding any real clues and nearly dying once because I was looking for you, no.
  • Raven: Why must you be so 'bittern' to me.
  • Yang: Well I...Did you just make a bird pun?
  • Raven: Maybe.
  • Yang: ...
  • Raven: What? You don't think you got your love of puns from no where? 'Owl' let that slide for now since your father and uncle probably did not tell you much about me.
  • Yang: Omfg
  • Raven: 'Heron' out its just going to be you and me, got it.
  • Yang: ...You know 'toucan' play at this game.
  • Raven: That's my girl.
If You Only Knew

Author’s Note: Ok, this is my first attempt to do a reader insert and english isn’t my first language, so if anything sounds wrong tell me. To clear things up, the reader is supose to be Tony’s daugther and, obsviously, I ignored some of the events of AoU (You know what I’m talking about).

Word Count: 786

(Y/N) = Your Name

 (Y/N) was tired.

 She was tired of people telling her what to do, tired of people asking her questions about her father, tired of the prying eyes upon her, tired of people judging her like they knew her.

 - What’s wrong iron girl? – Asked Natasha approaching (Y/N), who was sitting on the couch with a not so amused expression. The brunette opened her mouth to say something, but she tough for a moment and closed it before any word was spoken. How do you explain something like this in just one sentence?

 - It’s nothing. – The Widow didn’t seem to buy it, ‘cause the next second she was sitting in (Y/N)’s side.

 - Nothing doesn’t make you wrinkle your forehead. – Touché. Of course you couldn’t just try lie for the best liar you knew. The statement wasn’t an insult either. Natasha was trained to be like this, and it was amazing how good she was at it. (Y/N) on the other hand… Well, in fact, she could lie. Pretty well to be honest. Better than Steve. Better than most people she knew. Enough to make everyone around believe that she was alright. Or so she had thought. – You know you can trust me right? – It was something (Y/N) never thought she could do when she first met Black Widow. You couldn’t really blame her. Natasha came into her life as an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and that fact always made the Stark, both of them to be honest, have a suspicious attitude towards her. Now, years after that not so good first encounter the both of them grew closer and (Y/N) knew she could count on Natasha.

 - It’s complicated. – The Stark girl gave in sinking into the couch. The redhead chuckled.

 - What in your life is not complicated? – The girl cracked her finger pointing to the woman in front of her.

 - I’m just tired.

 - Cap has been pushing you too much? – There was concern in her voice, but also a little bit of mischief. (Y/N) pushed it aside.

 - No, not that kind of tired. – Romanoff’s face went serious and she waited for the girl to talk again. – I’m just tired of getting my hopes up. I’m tired of trying to please everyone. I’m… tired. – Something about the look on (Y/N)’s face made Natasha realize that something was really wrong with her. Then she remembered.

 - This has something to do with your little argument with Pietro?

 - Yes. – (Y/N) was silent for a moment, looking at the ceiling. – And no.

 - Ok, no you got me confused. – (Y/N) sat facing her friend.

 - It’s just that he, like what seems like everyone else in the whole world, think he knows me and my family and that they have the right to judge us and say what we think or how we feel and… I’m tired. I’m sick and tired of it. – Natasha noticed that the girl teary eyes, tears that she knew (Y/N) wasn’t going to let fall. – They think our life is easy and that we don’t have problems and keep blaming us for things we haven’t done like they knew the truth but they don’t. They don’t know how it feels. Pietro just reminded me of how people see us. How they want to people to see us. – On the screen pointed by (Y/N) it was displaying one of the many local news talking about Tony, his daughter and the incident in Sokovia.

 - Just ignore it, you know you’re better than that. – The redhead tried to cheer the girl up.

 - That’s the problem: I can’t. I can’t just ignore it when people keep reminding me of that. When they insist in making me something I’m not. When they look at me and my father like we’re guilty of everything bad that happened in the world and forget about how much blood and tears my family has been giving to make the world a better place. – A weight was lifted from (Y/N)’s shoulders, her chest felt lighter, but the ache was still there, her faithful companion. Before Natasha could say something Sam came in looking for (Y/N). The girl gave the redhead a resigned look before leaving with Falcon leaving a very preoccupied Black Widow

 - I would feel guilt if I didn’t knew who she was. – His voice startled Natasha, but she wasn’t surprised by his attitude. It was Pietro, and he didn’t exactly measure his actions or words. She got up, starting to leave the room.

 - Well, you should.

 - I said something wrong about her? Was I wrong about something? – The kid frowned, curious.

 - Oh boy, if you only knew.