like a fanfic gone wrong

Well, they can try

This was inspired by a picture I found on Google of Lea and Sora tied to a pole while a crowd around them screamed for the ‘witches’ to be burned (Can’t find it now T_T).

Needless to say, Lea was quite amused. Sora was significantly less so.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Disney or Kingdom Hearts. I’m just borrowing them for my own purposes.

Well, They Can Try

… . .

Sora tugged at the ropes helplessly, glancing around nervously at the cheering crowd.

“Burn the witches!”

“Burn them!”

“Burn the witches!”

The snickering behind him wasn’t helping.

He turned his head to glare at the redhead. As much as he was able, at least. “This is all your fault,” he hissed.

Lea laughed as another person yelled out.

“Burn the witches! Nothing left!”

“Burn us?” The amusement and mischief in his voice gave away his grin, and sent a cold shiver down Sora’s spine. “Well, they can try.”


“This’ll be fun!”

“Lea, what are you doing?”

“I’m gonna control the fire and send it right back at them!”

“Lea, no.”

“Lea, yes!”

A torch was thrown on their platform, and Lea started cackling.

Then people started screaming and running as the fire rose into a ball above Lea’s hands, leaving the two Keyblade wielders free.

“Burn, baby!” Lea shouted.

Sora groaned helplessly as the redhead’s laughter rang out over the people’s terrified shouts.

“Next time, Riku’s taking him on the training trip.”

… . .

Just a little short fluffy fic about how Lea’s training is going, and what Sora and Riku have to deal with.

Unfortunately, Kairi actually isn’t much better.

Especially when she’s with Lea. They fuel each other on. (After she punched him in the face for kidnapping her as Axel, the two redheads became best of friends. The kind and amount of pranks they pulled are scary.)

You know, this is the shortest piece I’ve ever written. It’s weird how short it is. I expected it to be longer.

Meh, whatever.

Let me know what you thought!

Wings, out~!

So basically all my worries about Andrew coming in this episode, turned out to be true :-/