like a dumbass

the first person to ever actually cook must’ve freaked the fuck out like yeah yeah heating meat before eating it makes it tastier and you don’t shit yourself as much but like this dumbass fucking trips and drops their meat in the ocean or something and their sad about the wasted meat so grog -the ancient equivalent of the guy that’ll eat spaghetti off the ground- jumps in after it and then he takes a bite of it and is just like holy nutmeg dude you gotta try this

kyokaens  asked:

8 (fictional characters) n 18!!!

8. top 5 fictional characters
oh boy here we go we all know this list changes ever so often but atm

  1. Genji
  2. Zenyatta
  3. Jyushimatsu
  4. Dipper
  5. Hide 

18. phobia
i have this rly stupid fear of dying naked?????????? like, whenevr i take a bath im super extra careful not to slip like a dumbass and crack my skull open bc the setting would be so stupid ill go kms again in hell or smth

A black character: * has those grey morals white people are always nutting over, has Deep Issues and enough Tiny Expressions to fill a book*

the yts: :/ wow he’s :/ he’s really toxic and violent, isn’t he? i :/ i’m very uncomfortable with how he raised his voice to my pure, white angel uwu

A white demon: *is an actual demon, kills people, blinked once*

the yts: !! this ! he’s so pure! did you see how he blinked ? ohmygod give this man an oscar already! look at how his eyes closed for one second and opened the next!! do you know!! do you know what that means!!

Don’t give your Valentine flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Instead, give them a shirt of Mithril, to protect them in an upcoming war and later on protect their sole heir.


☆ Kuroo Tetsurou || Haikyuu!! Season 2
Happy Birthday to my precious dumbass @kurooa! ♡